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Canada cheap viagra You would think the owner of a team that hasn’t won anything in ages and knows that he presides over a hostile fans base would think twice about taking to the microphone to address a sold out crowd on what was supposed be a night of celebration and have it turn into a fiasco.  No this is not about Freddy or Jeffy Skill Sets as even as clueless as they both are they know and the Mets P.R. Canada cheap viagra staff is savvy enough to know that the club owners are not very popular with the fan base, canada cheap viagra so you wonder what was the P.R. Canada cheap viagra staff of the Golden State Warriors thinking by letting team owner Joe Lacob speak during Chris Mullin Night in Oakland.

Canada cheap viagra The Warriors fans it seems hates ownership and it may be unfair to Lacob who is the new owner and is trying to fix what previous owner Chris Cohan broke, canada cheap viagra like firing the iconic Mullin as the teams GM but Lacob, canada cheap viagra as the video shows, canada cheap viagra looks totally shocked at the response he received from the fans and was totally unprepared on how to deal with the hostile crowd. Canada cheap viagra Instead of just sticking to the script and getting on with the unveiling of Mullin’s retired jersey in the rafters, canada cheap viagra Lacob looks like he’s ready to piss his pants, canada cheap viagra if it weren’t for the great job that Mullin and Rick Barry do in supporting Lacob, canada cheap viagra I’m sure there would have been a puddle at center court.

Canada cheap viagra After watching that video I wondered if Mets fans would do the same to the Skill Sets. Canada cheap viagra They wouldn’t because I doubt we would get the chance. Canada cheap viagra The Skill Sets know they are personas non grata with the Mets fans and as inept as we all think they are they’re not that out of touch that they don’t understand the shit storm of a reaction they would get if they tried to make a speech at Citi Field.

Canada cheap viagra It’s a shame that Mullin’s night was marred by this display of fan revolt but there is also something refreshing about a fan base that sells out an arena game after game letting an owner have it for not putting a winning team on the court.

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Cialis tablets foreign For as bad as the NY Football Giants season has been, cialis tablets foreign yesterday took some of the sting out of the painful failure, cialis tablets foreign as team owner John Mara, cialis tablets foreign stepped up big time by calling out his coaches and players for a lack of mental and physical toughness and lack of effort. Cialis tablets foreign WOW, cialis tablets foreign how strong are those words? Sure the cynic in me says, cialis tablets foreign “John Mara needs to sell his Private Seat Licenses, cialis tablets foreign so this is all a business move” but the Mara family have owned this team since it’s inception in 1925 and Giants have been one of the top teams in the NFL this decade and watching and listening to him he looked legitimately pissed off. 

Cialis tablets foreign The way John Mara handled the day after the season is the way an owner of a team that not only disappoints but embarrasses themselves by quitting, cialis tablets foreign and make no mistake the NY Football Giants quit, cialis tablets foreign should. Cialis tablets foreign He stood up like a man and articulated that, cialis tablets foreign yes his team suffered injuries but they were not an excuse for not showing up the last half of the season. Cialis tablets foreign He acted swiftly by axing way over his head offensive coordinator Bill Sheridan and put every player and coach on notice that if you don’t or  you can’t give him what he wants, cialis tablets foreign then he will go out and find personnel that will. Cialis tablets foreign As a Giants fan, cialis tablets foreign I appreciate Mara’s words and action very much.

Cialis tablets foreign Contrast John Mara’s words and actions to the stumbling, cialis tablets foreign fumbling, cialis tablets foreign mumble-oid of an owner like Jeffey Skill Sets who acted mealy mouthed and clueless in his season post-mortem of the season to forget. Cialis tablets foreign There is a reason why the Mets brand is laughed at through out baseball and it starts at the top.

Cialis tablets foreign Speaking of our favorite baseball team, cialis tablets foreign I brought out my pinstripe uni top for toady’s Bay Day celebration. Cialis tablets foreign In fact my co-workers have wished me happy Bay Day when I reported for duty. Cialis tablets foreign I’ve become a charity case, cialis tablets foreign as even the Highlander fans have stop teasing me and feel sorry for me. Cialis tablets foreign I hate being a charity case or a baby face, cialis tablets foreign I’d rather be a heel.

Cialis tablets foreign There are rumors that the Mets could trade Rogers Castillo for Mike Lowell. Cialis tablets foreign What would the Bosox want with Rogers Castillo when they have Dustin Pedroia and Marco Scutaro? Lowell would be a nice fit for the Mets, cialis tablets foreign as he’s a respected vet with 2 World Series rings ( as you know I’m a major proponent of bringing in winners to this team)  I just wonder if he can play some 1st base and spell David Wright sat 3rd base.

Cialis tablets foreign From reading some of the stories, cialis tablets foreign if Carlos Delgado can stand up straight, cialis tablets foreign the Mets would love to bring him back for a 1 year incentive laden deal. Cialis tablets foreign That’s why it seems the Mike Lowell talk is interesting as a platoon of Lowell/ Delgado could be what the Mets are looking at for 1st base in 2010.

Cialis tablets foreign The details of the Jason Bay contract are as follows:

Cialis tablets foreign $8.5 mil bonus and $6.5 mil salary for 2010

Cialis tablets foreign $16mil for the next 3 years + 4th yr option

Cialis tablets foreign Full No Trade Clause.

Cialis tablets foreign Not a killer contract, cialis tablets foreign now the question is this. Cialis tablets foreign I have a MILLEDGE 44 pro uni top. Cialis tablets foreign Do I go and have the MILLEDGE taken off and add BAY? Your thoughts please?

Cialis tablets foreign Waiting on the Bay presser. Cialis tablets foreign I’ll be commenting on Twitter during the presser.

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Order viagra prescription I did not see last nights Mets-Brewski game as I was attending the Staten Island Highlanders-Aberdeen Iron Birds game that was delayed 1 hour due to daily rain event here in NYC, order viagra prescription but before the game I was a guest on Mike Silva’ NY Baseball Digest radio program, order viagra prescription where Mike and I discussed the state of the Mets and what direction we felt this team should take. Order viagra prescription We both agreed that Mets fans have to relax a bit with their yelping for Omar Minaya to make a knee jerk trade as it’s not about trading, order viagra prescription in fact this would be the worst time to make a deal of top prospects for a D-list of players that some fans think will lift this team. Order viagra prescription But one of the things we discussed was a Tweet I read from ESPN1050 that the had info that Jerry Manuel was told by the front office to knock off the rhetoric about injuries and calling out the front office to make a deal that has added gasoline to the fans/media bon fire this by the way I brought up yesterday and I agree with management telling Manuel to zip it.

Order viagra prescription Well it seems J-Man has gotten the message loud and clear as he closed the doors to his clubhouse after the game (another suggestion I brought up) and from the sound of it, order viagra prescription reversed his sermon and told his team to stop looking for outside help and look at each other. Order viagra prescription Manuel tried to stem the tide of individualism that seems to have crept into his clubhouse and from this vantage point it looks like Manuel’ job is on the line. Order viagra prescription Not for this season but for next.

Order viagra prescription I don’t think it’s the fact that the team is losing but the way they lose that has them being mocked and laughed at throughout baseball and has caused embarassment to all who root for the Mets. Order viagra prescription The Mets players are lucky I’m not the team owner because I would have closed the club house door with a handful of player release forms in my hand and tell the players that the forms are loaded and “I’m not afraid to use them”

Order viagra prescription The last time the Mets had a month like this June was back in September 2003 when the Walking Cadaver Art Howe was in charge and “battling” all the way to a 7-19 record. Order viagra prescription That was the Met team with such notables as Jason “Goggles” Phillips, order viagra prescription Vane Wilson, order viagra prescription Tsuyoshi Shinjo, order viagra prescription Danny Garcia and The Brothers Glavine. Order viagra prescription Another fact that gave me a “WOW” moment was that Pedro Feliciano is the only player to play for both losing Mets squads. Order viagra prescription Felicano has been a Met for 6 years AMAZING!!

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