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Viagra online mexico Some quick thoughts on the Mets :

Viagra online mexico Got to give Jon Ruach a break last night on that home run to Eric Chanvez. Viagra online mexico He got ahead two strikes and then threw a good waste pitch up and away but Chavez got his hands up and hit the opposite way for the game winning home run. Viagra online mexico It’s a tired cliché but never the less sometimes you have to give the hitter credit.

Viagra online mexico How about Tim McFullofshit saying that last year that wouldn’t have been a home run in Citi Field because the foul pole is in a different spot. Viagra online mexico Add that to his inability to pronounce Kirk Nieuwenhuis name properly  he called him Nieuwen-house, viagra online mexico Nieuwen-hurs and Nieuwen-hiss.

Viagra online mexico I don’t think there is a fan base in all of baseball that enjoys having their team play on a National broadcast. Viagra online mexico Every fan has that “ah fuck” moment whenever they hear “Hi I’m Joe this is Tim” from the Fox broadcast booth. Viagra online mexico What’s a bit different this year is Joe Buck has been cured of his vocal cord aliment but now suffers from a chronic case of Can’t Shut The Fuck Up. Viagra online mexico Oh a great move by bringing in Charlie Sheen and Todd Zelie to the booth. Viagra online mexico Here’s all you need to know about Charlie Sheen his own father can’t stand him.

Viagra online mexico While most on Twitter were killing Terry Collins about his bullpen strategy last night, viagra online mexico we weren’t privy to the news that El Pollo Loco had hurt himself in warmups, viagra online mexico thus leaving the club with 5 relievers and it seems that the combo of Bobby Parnell and Tim Byrdak would share the closing role last night. Viagra online mexico It also answers why Chris Young stayed in the game after walking Teixeria and Special Ed Swisher but TC pressed his luck with Young facing Ibanez.

Viagra online mexico So far all season no one has said anything good or bad about the right field play of Lucas Duda but last night he misplayed Swisher’s fly ball into a double the critics come out in full force. Viagra online mexico Bunch of assholes

Viagra online mexico Go get ‘em Dickster.

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Online cheap viagra Lot’s of talk about the Mets giving the Highlanders the thumbs down on their proposal to bring the Scranton/Wilkes Barre Highlanders to Newark NJ for one season as the clubs stadium gets a much needed overhaul. Online cheap viagra  The Mets are being made out to be the villians here when they did nothing wrong. Online cheap viagra As per the agreement with MLB before either the Mets or Highlanders try to do something like this they issue of territorial rights has to be addressed. Online cheap viagra The Bronx Bastards did just that and the Mets said no.

Online cheap viagra The outcry you hear most is that the Mets are being petty and by not allowing the Highlanders to let their Triple A team play in Newark is not in best interests of the City of Newark or baseball fans. Online cheap viagra That is pure out and out bullshit. Online cheap viagra I’ve been in Newark many more times that the folks who are crying about this so called injustice and I can tell you no Highlanders fans from Basking Ridge, online cheap viagra or Bernardsville are coming into Brick City to see the Triple A Highlanders. Online cheap viagra  I’ve been to Riverfront Stadium in the past and found it to be a nice ballpark but in recent years the park has not been kept up and lacking in any positive atmosphere to the point I really have no desire to go from Staten Island to Newark (about a 20-30 min ride) to watch a ball game. Online cheap viagra In fact the same conditions can be found in the Ball Park at St. Online cheap viagra George where the SI Highlanders play. Online cheap viagra The Newark Bears have fallen on hard times and it has nothing to do with the city but with poor management and the fractured economy as well.

Online cheap viagra Throughout this whole Mets bashing argument there has been no mention of the fans of Scranton/Wilkes Barre, online cheap viagra who I doubt will make the trip to Newark to watch their team play. Online cheap viagra I would guess there are colleges that have baseball fields in the Scranton area that could be converted into a temporary home for the Triple A Highlanders like what was done back in 1999 for the SI Highlanders, online cheap viagra turning the College of Staten Island baseball field into a temporary home until the St. Online cheap viagra George park was built. Online cheap viagra  

Online cheap viagra As Mets fans, online cheap viagra we all know that is the shoe was on the other foot, online cheap viagra Highlander President Randy Levine would have to told Freddy Skill Sets to kiss his ass. Online cheap viagra That’s the Highlander way. Online cheap viagra So now that it’s Freddy who gives the Highlanders his ass to kiss, online cheap viagra he’s a bad guy. Online cheap viagra As much as I’ve killed the Skill Sets over the years here, online cheap viagra I’ve got their broke ass backs on this one.

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Buy and purchase viagra online So it just happens that Jeffey Wilpon en route to St Lonesome to watch some of his prized farm hands with GM in training John Ricco in tow, buy and purchase viagra online makes a pit stop in Atlanta maybe to watch his team play but most likely to buy a pair of high class kicks, buy and purchase viagra online but anyway while he was in town taking in the ball game, buy and purchase viagra online his manager for the next month, buy and purchase viagra online Jerry Manuel felt this was as good as time as ever to show Jeffey Skill Sets where is daddy’s hard earn cash is going. Buy and purchase viagra online First J-Man inserted Luis Castillo and Jeff Francoeur in the lineup, buy and purchase viagra online because I don’t know if you’ve heard (come closer to the screen because this info needs to be kept on the downlow) the Mets still think they are in contention for the post season shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t let the rest of the NL know shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Buy and purchase viagra online Pat Misch made every Mets fan who wondered why he wasn’t given the call up earlier the answer to that query by getting pounded harder than an British Heavyweight . Buy and purchase viagra online But just as Jeffey Skill Sets and Executive in Training Ricco were ready to leave, buy and purchase viagra online Manuel sent a note to them to hang in for another inning or two as he had a really big surprise for them. Buy and purchase viagra online So Jeffey grabbed another cotton candy and went back to his seat.

Buy and purchase viagra online So now it’s the bottom of the seventh inning and the Mets down five runs and Jeffey on his eighth Coca-Cola is getting antsy as he’s seen enough of this listless team and all he can think about is watching Nickelodeon on the TV of the St. Buy and purchase viagra online Lonesome Motel 6 when all of a sudden the visitor’s bullpen gate opens and on the big screen at the Ted this video appears and the crowd let’s out a collective gasp:

Buy and purchase viagra online “One singular sensation, buy and purchase viagra online every little step he takes……………….

Buy and purchase viagra online IT’S…..IT’S……OLLIE PEREZ…………………

Buy and purchase viagra online Welllllllll Jeffey drops his Coke, buy and purchase viagra online Cotton Candy and his Mets Build A Bear. Buy and purchase viagra online Ricco drops his Baseball General Managing for Dummies book and both men stare at the Mets manager as he stands on the top step of the dugout laughing his lame duck ass off.

Buy and purchase viagra online For the first time in a month Ollie Perez takes off his Mets Snuggie to enter a game and throw live pitches. Buy and purchase viagra online Oh and did Ollie ever throw a live pitch to Brian McCann. Buy and purchase viagra online McCann just missed the first offering by OP, buy and purchase viagra online I guess he was still startled by the Resurrection but he made sure he got a hold of the next pitch and launched it over the right field wall for a home run. Buy and purchase viagra online Ahhhhh so good to see Ollie hasn’t lost a step in his month layoff; if he’s anything, buy and purchase viagra online he is consistent. Buy and purchase viagra online Of Perez’ 29 pitches 14 were K’s not bad. Buy and purchase viagra online With only 17 home games left in this scintillating Mets season we can only hope that J-Man uses OP in a few of those games as Perez is such a fan fave we all want to express our feeling for him.           

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Cialis india I wonder if Theo Epstein in the privacy of his domicile, cialis india switches his Extra Innings package over to SNY to root for the Mets ? The Mets right now are playing the way Epstein had hoped his Red Sox would when he ran all his statistical analysis that told him pitching and defense is the way to go. Cialis india Right now the Mets are fueled on that formula.

Cialis india When you compare the Mets up the middle versus the Red Sox up the middle the only position the Mets lose out on is second base. Cialis india Even with a healthy Mike Cameron would you take him over Angel Pagan? Forget a healthy Beltran (I won’t link to the Munchkin’s story but he thinks that the Beltran contract is bad for the Mets, cialis india this from a guy who has been mailing it in for the past ten years, cialis india who stopped attending the events he writes about, cialis india and treats his colleagues like shit. Cialis india If anything Mike Lupica has been stealing from Mort Zuckerman for years ) and the catchers spot, cialis india Theo would be beaming if he had the tandem of Barajas/Blanco behind the plate.

Cialis india With all the fun and frolic over the last week or so of Mets baseball, cialis india when was the last time we saw a Braves team this bad? Maybe back when Ted Turner started they games on TBS at 7:35PM ? I have never seen a Bobby Cox team play so badly, cialis india I ain’t complaining, cialis india just a bit taken back.

Cialis india I agree with Christopher Guy of Mets Minor League Blog, cialis india it’s time to bring up Dillon Gee and let him start over John Maine.  Not only is Maine hurting physically but these interviews with him are painful to watch, cialis india the guy is a mess physically and emotionally . Cialis india Put him on the 15 day DL and send him to St Lonesome to get his game and head in order and as for the spot on the 40 man roster for Gee, cialis india I think it safe to say the Mets can put Kelvin Escobar on the 60 day DL to free up a spot.

Cialis india I am really starting to worry about David Wright. Cialis india Forget the home runs he’s not hitting doubles either and the one thing he was doing, cialis india getting on base via walks, cialis india has dried up as well.  Maybe it time to move him to the 2 hole with Castillo leading off (if the Reyes in the 3rd spot continues) some kind of shake up with Wright is needed as a lot of Mets fan are starting to feel he’s not the go to guy on this team anymore.

Cialis india Mets management should do everyone a favor and call tonight’s game now. Cialis india Not only is raining but it’s cold and the forecast for tonight is for rain and 50 degrees. Cialis india Folks have to go to work and school tomorrow and if it was a comfortable night you wouldn’t mind but to be cold and wet, cialis india I don’t think so. Cialis india So if you do play the game tonight, cialis india be prepared for the national audience to see 25, cialis india000 or so empty seats at $iti Field.

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There is nothing more deflating than working all day and rushing home to watch your favorite sports team play in a big game and then see them get their ass handed to them. Viagra fast The good thing about last nights Mets loss to the Fish was it was in March instead of the customary Marlins mauling in September.


Another positive was watching Johan Santana, viagra fast who I may add is a much more relaxed and animated Johan Santana in year two of his Mets career (Santana was running around the clubhouse before the game yelling “You got your tickets for tonight”? “get your tickets” kind of a T.O. Viagra fast Get your popcorn ready scenario) showing that his arm is sound and his command is close as well and he is right on track for April 6 in Cinncy


The uneasy part of the night was watching the train wreck that is Tim Redding take a beating. Viagra fast After the inning I envisioned Sandy Alomar jumpping out of the dugout with water and stool for Redding and Old School Dan Warthen, viagra fast with Vaseline covered Q-Tips in his mouth, viagra fast rubbing Redding’s eyes with a cold compress and J-Man in a fedora and a towel around his neck trying to will his pitcher through another inning but Redding never responded and that point Manuel should have just thrown in the towel. Viagra fast Forget the 5th spot in the rotation Redding will be lucky if he breaks camp with the Mets as I’m sure they can finagle around keeping him in extended spring training due to the toe surgery he had in the off season. Viagra fast J- Man made a claim early in the spring that he doesn’t mange by how much money a player makes well Tim Redding will test that salvo soon.



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