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Effects of viagra These late inning collapses are wearing me out, effects of viagra and I’m sure the manager and players feel the same way. Effects of viagra So how do the Mets stop this rash of late inning chokes? Beat’s the shit out of me.  Is Pedro Beato feeling the effects of the tendonitis in his right bicep that landed him on the DL? Is Izzy feeling the fatigue from back to back appearances? Is Dale Thayer feeling the effects of being Dale Thayer? What’s a manager to do? Maybe TC can go with Bobby Parnell and Manny Acosta a bit more but really so far this season it doesn’t matter who is in that bullpen, effects of viagra after a solid start the back end of the pen has become a problem and moving the pieces around isn’t solving anything. Effects of viagra   

Effects of viagra Jason Bay sounds like a guy who has given up. After reading these quotes it seems he asking Terry Collins to take him out of the everyday lineup:

Effects of viagra  The underachieving Mets left fielder has been around long enough to realize every manager has a breaking point. Effects of viagra Bay knows he needs to start hitting — or prepare for the possibility he will relinquish his everyday spot in the Mets’ lineup.

Effects of viagra “That’s the reality of the situation we’re in, effects of viagra” Bay told The Post. Effects of viagra “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that is not an option. Effects of viagra I’m pretty aware of what’s going on.”

Effects of viagra “It’s a results business, effects of viagra and this is a place where team-wise you need to win and you need to perform, effects of viagra” Bay said. Effects of viagra “Regardless of who you are, effects of viagra you get enough chances and it’s like ‘OK, effects of viagra let’s go [in a different direction].’ That’s out of my control.”

Effects of viagra Watching Bay’s AB’s last night you can see he has absolutely no confidence in himself as a hitter. Effects of viagra In the 4th inning he was HBP in his knee and never made an attempt to get out of the balls way. Effects of viagra I guess he felt taking one for the team was the least he could do. Effects of viagra In the 6th, effects of viagra after getting ahead 2-0, effects of viagra Bay missed on two fastballs, effects of viagra fouling them off. Effects of viagra He then took another ball to get the count to 3-2. Effects of viagra He fouled off another pitch he was late on and then took a called third strike. Effects of viagra As the ump called strike three, effects of viagra Bay just looked at him calmly and asked where it was, effects of viagra the ump told him and Bay just shrugged his shoulders, effects of viagra got his glove and went to LF. Effects of viagra It’s time for an intervention, effects of viagra either platoon Bay or talk to him and his agent about going to Buffalo or St Lonesome to work out his problems at the plate. Effects of viagra He will not be released and he has zero trade value so this would be the best thing for the team and for Bay. Effects of viagra Lucas Duda is ripping up Triple A pitching, effects of viagra he deserves a shot at the LF job.

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Don’t sleep in the subway, does generic cialis work darling

Does generic cialis work Don’t stand in the pouring rain
Don’t sleep in the subway, does generic cialis work darling
The night is long
Forget your foolish pride
Nothing is wrong
Now, does generic cialis work you’re beside me again

Does generic cialis work So here we are arriving yet again for another Subway Series that has surpassed his expiration date a while ago.  As Mets fans, does generic cialis work we have to endure anther three days of watching Luis Castillo drop a pop up and Rogers Clemens take off Mike Piazza’ head because we live in a city where the main stream media, does generic cialis work both print and electronic have thrown in the towel on creativity and substance.

Does generic cialis work In reading some of these stories this morning about both teams you’d think the Highlanders were having some kind of special season, does generic cialis work maybe they are in a negative kind of way. Does generic cialis work The Mets on the other hand are mocked because they have suffered a series of injuries that have forced the club to go with players summoned from their Triple A team in Buffalo. Does generic cialis work Why this is supposed to be embarrassing is beyond my comprehension, does generic cialis work shouldn’t it be a positive that the club has lost Johan Santana and then Chris Young to shoulder surgery, does generic cialis work Ike Davis to a sprained ankle, does generic cialis work David Wright to a stress fracture in his back, does generic cialis work Pedro Beato to tendonitis, does generic cialis work and Angel Pagan to the chic aliment of sore oblique muscle and still play winning baseball (17-11) after a horrendous start of the season?  So the players that have been brought in to replace the injured have stepped up in such a way that the team is playing as good as any team in baseball. Does generic cialis work Isn’t the mark of a good team that they have guys who step up when other guys go down with injury?   

Does generic cialis work It’s ok to say that Terry Collins is doing a fine job as manager. Does generic cialis work It’s ok to say that slowly but surely Sandy Alderson is changing the culture of the organization. Does generic cialis work It’s ok to go to Citi Field and root for this team.

Does generic cialis work Are there any Mets fans who feel the Highlanders are “rivals” to the Mets? Because they’re not. Does generic cialis work The Highlanders are more of a nuisance than anything and their fans a very good source of comedy relief. Does generic cialis work Yesterday after the Mets win, does generic cialis work I left the radio when the Sports Bloviator came on. Does generic cialis work I was in the midst of writing up a bunch of paper work so I left him on. Does generic cialis work Boy, does generic cialis work am I glad I did. Does generic cialis work When he went to the phones, does generic cialis work he took calls from Highlander fans in a rage over Joe Girardi taking out Bartolo Colon and replacing him with Mariano Rivera. Does generic cialis work  I cannot believe I just typed that last sentence and Francesa couldn’t believe these callers were saying these words of blasphemy. Does generic cialis work  

Does generic cialis work It’s the same attitude many Highlander fans have with Derek Jeter. Does generic cialis work Mets fans have a higher regard for Frank Taveras than the Highlander fan has for El Capitan. Does generic cialis work Why? Beats me, does generic cialis work some things just can’t be explained.

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As much as the Mets tried to give the Pirates last night’s game they couldn’t as the Pirates are well, cyalis levitra sales viagra the Pirates.  Watching the Pirates and realizing their seventeen years of sucking at baseball, cyalis levitra sales viagra The Beatles Let It Be plays in my head with a few changes in the lyrics:

When i find myself in times of trouble

Mother Payson

 comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom, cyalis levitra sales viagra

  be grateful  you are not a Pirates fan

Jon Niese stepped up big last night putting forth an effort that could force the Mets to keep reusing Ollie Perez MRI showing his tendonitis over and over again (would anyone object to seeing OP on the 60 day DL? I didn’t think so) Niese had great velocity and command of his fastball and his curve his is out and out nasty.  In fact he went with his fastball early in the game then mixed his break ball and off speed pitches in a nice blend later in the game as his 95 pitches were spilt in an outstanding 67/28 K/B. Cyalis levitra sales viagra The other impressive part of Niese game last night besides zero walks was his mound demeanor which was calm, cyalis levitra sales viagra cool and collected. Cyalis levitra sales viagra I know this start was against the Pirates not exactly a NL powerhouse but it was still had to be a big confidence boost to Niese.


Forget Gary Sheffield, cyalis levitra sales viagra Ryan Church better not turn his back to the north of the state as the F-Mart buzz is getting louder.

Still no sign of Brain Stokes. Cyalis levitra sales viagra I’m starting to wonder is there really a Brian Stokes or is he a figment of my imagination?

Com’on  Koos you got to pay the IRS man, cyalis levitra sales viagra Hopefully Koosman won’t be in jail when the 69 celebration takes place.

I want to like Ed Coleman I really do. Cyalis levitra sales viagra I’ve met him and he is a great guy but he gives you NOTHING during his Mets reports on WFAN. Cyalis levitra sales viagra This morning he was on with Richard Neer and Neer asked about rumors that JJ Putz has had some arm trouble and all Coleman could say was “I don’t know about that” How can you be around the team everyday and not know if Putz and the Mets are hiding something here. Cyalis levitra sales viagra Com’on Ed put a little effort in the job will ya.

J-Man is hit with a one game suspension for bumping inept umpire Bill Welke. Cyalis levitra sales viagra If Manuel gets a game off, cyalis levitra sales viagra Welke should get at least a 5 game seat for that embarassing wrong call of interference. Sandy Alomar Sr. Cyalis levitra sales viagra runs the Mets today 



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