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Viagra discount codes So did you stay up for the whole game last night? I lasted as long as Matt Harvey, viagra discount codes after the 7th inning I went to bed since it was 12:30 AM and I had to wake up at 5AM it seemed like a good time for nap before getting ready for the day ahead. Viagra discount codes  The Met win in 16 innings ended about 90 minutes before I hit the shower to ready myself to take on the world where I heard Marc Ernay break the news to me on 1010 WINS that the Mets had won in 16 innings.  This may not be a Mets team that will contend for a post season spot but there is no doubt they are the most resilient Mets team we’ve seen in a long time and it’s that resiliency that could get Terry Collins a contract extension.

Viagra discount codes I go back and forth on Collins. Viagra discount codes I don’t think he’s a very good tactician especially late in games and he and Dan Warthen have no set bullpen assignments which makes the relievers nuts. Viagra discount codes But he has the players ear and respect in the clubhouse and he’s surprisingly good with the media and if you think that’s no big deal go speak to Mr. Viagra discount codes John Tortorella of Vancouver B.C. Viagra discount codes about his tenure as NY Rangers head coach.

Viagra discount codes What will be interesting to watch is if this Mets team does the opposite of Mets teams of the past few seasons and finishes strong in the second half is that enough to give Collins a contract extension?

Viagra discount codes Sandy Alderson has said that wins and losses will not be the determining factor in bringing Collins back in 2014, viagra discount codes if in Alderson’s eyes the club has made progress on the field that would weigh in favor of an extension of Collins contract. Viagra discount codes  So if the team keeps playing as well as it has and keeps bouncing back from defeats that in seasons past would have had a negative effect on them for a week or two, viagra discount codes then it would be quite difficult not to bring Collins back for at least another season.

Viagra discount codes Collins should also hope that Tony LaRussa is enjoying retirement because if he’s not and itching to get back into the game, viagra discount codes things could get very interesting around here comes the off season.

Viagra discount codes About last night’s game, viagra discount codes it seems that Matt Harvey may be experiencing  the same lofty fan expectations that Dwight Gooden had to endure, viagra discount codes every start has to be a near no hitter with a dozen or so strikeouts and zero base on balls and of course a complete game shutout. Viagra discount codes Gooden talks about this in his book how he would hold a team to five hits or so with a couple of walks and five or six strikeouts in seven innings and have fans and media feel let down. Viagra discount codes Are we approaching that train of thought with Matt Harvey?

Viagra discount codes Harvey threw 40 % of his total pitches (121) in the first two innings of this game, viagra discount codes dividing his 50 pitches in half each inning. Viagra discount codes His K/BB break down in the first two innings was 33/17. Viagra discount codes He made one bad pitch, viagra discount codes leaving a fastball up to Buster Posey on a 3-1 count that Posey turned on and deposited into the left field stands for a two run home run and just one walk, viagra discount codes to Andres Torres in the 2nd where ball four was a strike as home plate ump Adam Hamari was inconsistent in his calls all night. Viagra discount codes What more can you expect from your Ace?

Viagra discount codes And let’s not go after Collins for letting Harvey start the 7th inning, viagra discount codes he was still throwing his fastball in the mid to upper 90’s and he was throwing strikes and showed no sign of fatigue. Viagra discount codes After pitching in the heat and humidity in his last few starts, viagra discount codes the cool San Francisco evening air looked to rejuvenate Harvey if anything.

Viagra discount codes My only concern with Harvey is his off the field rise of stardom. Viagra discount codes I don’t begrudge Harvey of any of the fruits of his fame; I just worry about too much, viagra discount codes too fast. Viagra discount codes On the mound Harvey is in control and takes care of business so well that he’s not just a Mets phenom but a baseball one as well. Viagra discount codes I just worry about the off field Harvey interfering with the on field Harvey. Viagra discount codes I hope my worry is much ado about nothing.

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Viagra femele Mike Silva at NY Baseball Digest has an outstanding piece on his site this morning on Carlos Beltran and his time as a Met and his comments on Mets fans needing to “get over 2006”.

Viagra femele I have to say it took me a while to appreciate Beltran and his contribution during his tenure. Viagra femele I think the turning point in the relationship came when Beltran went to Colorado to have surgery on his knee after the club, viagra femele namely Omar Minaya and Tony Bernazzard handled his medical care piss poorly. Viagra femele  Beltran was furious when the club made it seem he went rogue and receive an unauthorized procedure on his knee. Viagra femele When the truth came out it was Minaya and the team who were disingenuous.

Viagra femele What soured me with Beltran at the beginning of his Mets career was the double dealing he did behind the Mets back by offering himself to the Highlanders at a discount after the Mets made their substantial offer. Viagra femele It pissed me off because I saw Bobby Bonilla all over again. Viagra femele Bonilla, viagra femele after getting the best offer out there from the Mets during his first free agent foray, viagra femele took that offer to the Phillies to see if they would match it or go higher. Viagra femele By all rights, viagra femele Bonilla was within his right to find the best deal possible and it was in my right as a Mets fan to call him a greedy prick.

Viagra femele The other problem Beltran had was not wanting to be the out front guy in the clubhouse. Viagra femele Some guys thrive in that spot, viagra femele some guys, viagra femele it’s just not their personality. Viagra femele  Beltran to his credit produce as well or better than any position player the Mets ever employed but his personality as seen through the media left something to be desired. Viagra femele But in listening to players in the clubhouse, viagra femele where the opinions count, viagra femele Beltran was not just respected but revered.

Viagra femele As for Beltran telling Mets fans to move on from 2006, viagra femele it shows the major difference in how fans are more of the fabric of a team than the players. Viagra femele  Can I get over Beltran watching a wicked curveball break over home plate for strike three thus curtailing the Mets from getting to the World Series?  No, viagra femele and I shouldn’t. Viagra femele  I’m a Mets fan, viagra femele I can’t be traded or released or designated for assignment. Viagra femele I could leave as a free agent but the thought never entered my mind. Viagra femele I’m here for life. Viagra femele Players come and players go but fans are here forever. Viagra femele I still hold a grudge against Yogi Berra for not using George Stone properly in the 1973 World Series, viagra femele costing the Mets a  championship, viagra femele what makes Carlos Beltran think he’s  so special to escape my scorn?

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Purchasing viagra in canada God almighty I’m so sick and tired of this and it seems I’m not the only one. Purchasing viagra in canada Bob Ojeda it seems took an ax and gave Jerry Manuel 40 whacks. Purchasing viagra in canada The night before when asked about the Toxic Ollie situation, purchasing viagra in canada Ojeda gave a great reply by saying he fought through three work stoppages to get guys like Ollie Perez the right to make a decision to either go to the minors or not because of tenure. Purchasing viagra in canada Ojeda then said that he will keep his opinion on what Ollie is doing to himself which to me says while he defends OP’s deciosn to invoke his refusal to go to Buffalo, purchasing viagra in canada he would love to ring his neck for being a selfish prick.

Purchasing viagra in canada Mike Silva over at NY Baseball Digest has a post about the Mets players not taking losing personally and how they get this from the manager and management, purchasing viagra in canada here is my comment that I posted on Mike’s site:

Purchasing viagra in canada  The players are taking their queue from management as the owner has not countered the claims that the team has money trouble. Purchasing viagra in canada When players see Ollie Perez come back just as bad as when he left and know the only reason he’s here is the money he’s due. Purchasing viagra in canada Same with Castillo. Purchasing viagra in canada Now the team has 3 catchers on the roster as no one will pull the plug on Rod Barajas with either a trade or his release. Purchasing viagra in canada Same with Jeff Francouer. Purchasing viagra in canada Then you have Alex Cora who for all his “leadership” qualities produces next to nothing on the field.

Purchasing viagra in canada Same reason Jerry Manuel still has a job the Wilpons would rather lose and pay a manager than try to win with a new manager while paying his replacement.

Purchasing viagra in canada  The fans are on to this con set by the Wilpon’s no wonder they were friends with someone like Bernie Maddoff.

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Purchasing viagra in canada Even when this team wins, purchasing viagra in canada we don’t enjoy it as Mets fans are preoccupied with the awful in game moves by Jerry Manuel. Purchasing viagra in canada Now it seems he is losing the clubhouse, purchasing viagra in canada especially after Grandstand Cora took Mike Pelfrey to task for his jovial behavior in the clubhouse. Purchasing viagra in canada That should be the managers’ job in fact why not just make Grandstand the bench player/manager since he so full of piss and vinegar? The guy should do something to earn his $2mil a year than to just be a grouch. Purchasing viagra in canada Oh and speaking of Grandstand Cora, purchasing viagra in canada it seems as per Kevin Kernan that Johan Santana and Frankie Rodriguez were sharing a smile as well in the clubhouse but Grandstand Cora must have had his hearing aid off:

Purchasing viagra in canada After Tuesday’s loss to the Diamondbacks, purchasing viagra in canada Rodriguez and Johan Santana were seen laughing in a corner of the clubhouse. Purchasing viagra in canada A few minutes later Mike Pelfrey was joking with a group of reporters. Purchasing viagra in canada Alex Cora yelled in the direction of Pelfrey’s locker and reporters to “show some respect.”

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Purchasing viagra in canada I just want the Skill Sets to be honest with us about whether or not they have the coin to compete for big ticket items. Purchasing viagra in canada If they can’t, purchasing viagra in canada it’s no disgrace; in fact it may be to the Mets advantage. Purchasing viagra in canada Just think, purchasing viagra in canada how happy was the fan base when we saw the home grown infield this season? How great is it to watch Ike Davis and Jon Niese and Josh Thole?  The franchise is 323 games BELOW .500 since its inception so losing is not a deterrent for Mets fans but indifference; lack of a plan and deceit from ownership will not be tolerated. Purchasing viagra in canada So com’on Skill Sets free your conscience, purchasing viagra in canada the truth shall set you free.      

Purchasing viagra in canada So now what, purchasing viagra in canada well there are reports today that the Mets are looking to move Jeff Francouer. Purchasing viagra in canada That’s a good start. Purchasing viagra in canada Next should be sending Rod Barajas somewhere and letting Josh Thole catch when RA Dickey, purchasing viagra in canada Jon Niese and who ever the fifth starter is and then give Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey to Henry Blanco. Purchasing viagra in canada Let Chris Carter be the 4th outfielder, purchasing viagra in canada I know his arm is atrocious but his bat is wasting away on the bench. Purchasing viagra in canada I love defense but I’m willing to sacrifice some of it for offense. Purchasing viagra in canada Then it’s time for the obvious move, purchasing viagra in canada relieve Jerry Manuel of his position as manager. Purchasing viagra in canada It doesn’t make sense to bring in a big name manager right now, purchasing viagra in canada give the job to Ken Oberkfell or Tim Teufel as interim managers but if Omar Minaya is more than a figurehead he needs to go into the clubhouse along with Jeffey Skill Sets and let the team know it’s time for a change and jobs are on the line no matter what kind of contract you have. Purchasing viagra in canada      

Purchasing viagra in canada Awwwww who am I kidding this will never happen, purchasing viagra in canada I’m so fucking delusional, purchasing viagra in canada   forget that motto of Prevention and Recovery that real motto of the New York Mets is “Same Shit, purchasing viagra in canada Different Day”

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Gnc viagra Not much to say today other than to thank the New York Football Giants for ending the NFL season for us Giants fans last night with that embarrassing display. Gnc viagra For the first time in his Giants Head Coaching tenure, gnc viagra Tom Coughlin looked lost on the sidelines as he teams playoff hopes went down the drain. Gnc viagra Not to worry Giants fans help on the offensive side is on the way as Charlie Weiss will be back in E. Gnc viagra Rutherford as the OC.

Gnc viagra Big tip of the Blue Mets Cap to Shannon Shark at Met Police for the first released pictures of the new, gnc viagra old, gnc viagra same Mets pinstriped jersey that looks exactly as the one I bought three years ago that hangs in my closet.

Gnc viagra Hopefully some time today I will see this jersey up close and personnel as the plan was to up and out by 9AM for Christmas shopping but my daughter has decided to engage in a marathon sleeping session so our attack of the Paramus Mall is on hold.

Gnc viagra Oh well, gnc viagra with the football season done here in NY , gnc viagra I guess all we can look forward to is the big Elmer Dessens press conference to announce his re-signing .

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