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Cialis trazodone As I’ve stated on this site more than a few times, cialis trazodone I’m not a big fan of Mike Piazza. Cialis trazodone I acknowledge that he is an very talent hitter, cialis trazodone not just a great hitting catcher but one of the best right handed hitters of his era.  I’ve defended him against the witch hunt against him that kept from being a first ballot Hall of Famer and hope that someday the Mets retire his number 31.  After reading Piazza’s autobiography, cialis trazodone Long Shot (Simon & Shuster) I still believe he is a hall of famer player and that his 31 should be emblazoned on the Citi Field outfield wall and I’ve reinforced my feeling that Piazza is a self-centered, cialis trazodone what’s in it for me kind of guy.

Cialis trazodone The book itself is a pretty good read and may have been a better read for me if I didn’t read it right after devouring Terry Francona’s book which was outstanding. Cialis trazodone But I give a lot of credit to Lonnie Wheeler who co-wrote the book with Piazza for putting the pieces of Piazza’s life and career together into this book.

Cialis trazodone Piazza destroys the myth about his relationship with Tommy Lasorda and how that relationship gave him the career he had. Cialis trazodone It’s no myth, cialis trazodone it’s the etched in stone truth. Cialis trazodone The other revelation in this book is that Mike’s dad Vince was a typical overbearing Little League stage dad who was all in Mike’s business and the Dodgers baseball business as well. Cialis trazodone What’s sad about the relationship that Vince Piazza had with Tommy Lasorda and all the meddling both of them did with getting Mike a shot to make the big leagues is it overshadows the hard work and perseverance that Mike put in to get to the big leagues and have the great career he had.    

Cialis trazodone Mike doesn’t seem to get that every time he had a problem with a minor league manager or coach and ran to daddy or his Dutch Uncle Tommy, cialis trazodone it left a black mark on his reputation.  Again to his credit Piazza let his bat do most of the talking as he rose up the ranks of the Dodger chain. Cialis trazodone The trip to the top though left Piazza bitter towards the organization as not many of the Dodgers minor league staff thought he was worthy of the prominent spot he had in the origination.

Cialis trazodone Piazza in some chapters enjoyed his time with the Mets and in some chapters he didn’t. Cialis trazodone He loved New York City and Mets fans as he was taken aback by the passion of the Mets fan base after playing in front of the laid back LA crowd. Cialis trazodone But had some differences with ownership and with of all people Mets P.R. Cialis trazodone man Jay Horowitz, cialis trazodone who is beloved by everyone in the Mets org. Cialis trazodone Same as he blamed Vin Scully for turning Dodgers fans against him. Cialis trazodone Talk about delusional!

Cialis trazodone Piazza speaks unabashedly about his deep commitment to his Catholic faith but he also lists all the D-List Hollywood bimbos he bedded during his baseball career.  He speaks of the deep friendship he enjoyed with Erick Karos, cialis trazodone Todd Zeile John Franco and Al Leiter. Cialis trazodone But only Franco and Leiter attended his wedding, cialis trazodone in fact it was at his wedding that Piazza realized that he burned a lot of bridges with teammates as his wife side of the church was filled with friends and his side was quite sparse.

Cialis trazodone Of course Piazza goes in to detail about his feud with Roger Clemens and the fact that he never confronted Clemens about his attempt to decapitate him. Cialis trazodone Piazza talked tough about confronting Clemens but when he had the chance at the 2004 All Star Game when he and Clemens, cialis trazodone NL teammates met in private and Piazza had his chance to level Clemens did nothing. Cialis trazodone In fact Piazza talks about getting even with every pitcher who hit him with a pitch but the only one he went after was Guillermo Mota who mocked him by saying “how come you didn’t go after Clemens like you went after me”?

Cialis trazodone There is of course the chapter on supplements and what Piazza took and didn’t take which I read fast because I’m tired of reading and talking about PED’s.

Cialis trazodone As I said, cialis trazodone Long Shot is an enjoyable read especially for Mets fans as the best part of the book is Piazza going into detail about the 1999 and 2000 seasons, cialis trazodone his relationship with Bobby Valentine and his emotions following the 9/11 attacks and his home run against the Braves in the first game back after the attack.

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Viagra effects on women Mets news? What Mets news? This is what happens during the MLB post season as the Commissioner’s office like for it teams not participating in the post season to lay low on news of their own. Viagra effects on women Sure it looks like the Cleveland Indians get a pass by hiring Terry Francona as their manger and knowing the kinship the Skill Sets have with The Used Car Salesman they have carte blanch as well. Viagra effects on women But with the Skill Sets looking to re-finance their massive debt of the team via its 65 % share of SNY we will have to wait a while to see if David Wright will be a Met for at least then next 6 years and if R.A. Viagra effects on women Dickey will receive his Cy Young Award as a NY Met as well.

Viagra effects on women So until then here are some random observations:

Viagra effects on women After listening to Sandy Alderson on with Mike Francesa earlier this week, viagra effects on women it safe to say that Alderson is looking to add power, viagra effects on women power and more power to his lineup. Viagra effects on women I would love to see him swing a deal with Toronto to add C J.P. Viagra effects on women Arencibia and CF Colby Rasmus to the Mets. Viagra effects on women I bet the price wouldn’t be that prohibitive to get both. Viagra effects on women  You fill two big holes with both players and I bet it wouldn’t take Jon Niese to get them either. Viagra effects on women Maybe Mejia, viagra effects on women Familia and Duda ?

Viagra effects on women I’m pretty bummed that the two teams I’ve wanted to make it to the World Series, viagra effects on women the Oakland A’s and SF Giants are both in big time trouble in a 2-0 hole in both their series. Viagra effects on women  Got to tip your Mets cap to the Reds for bouncing back after their Ace Johnny Cueto came out of game one with back spasms after one hitter. Viagra effects on women  Reliever Sam LeCure stepped up big time with a 1.2 relief stint that allowed Matt Laos to get up and warmed up to go 4 solid innings as to not tax the Reds relief corps. Viagra effects on women This is what I mean about teams like the Mets who accept failure and teams like the Reds that do what it takes to win.

Viagra effects on women I can’t believe some folks are still talking about the infield fly rule call in the Braves-Cards knockout game. Viagra effects on women The Braves are using Sam Holbrook’s bad judgment as a crutch for dropping this game. Viagra effects on women Did Holbrook make the wrong call? No. Viagra effects on women Did he stretch the interpretation of the infield fly rule? Yes. Viagra effects on women The infield fly rule is all about the umpire’s judgment and in Holbrooks judgment as bad as it may have been, viagra effects on women Cards shortstop Pete Kozma was able to get in position to make a routine play on the fly ball hit by Anderlin Simons. Viagra effects on women The rule is in place to protect the runner from deception of a fielder dropping a routine fly ball in an attempt to get a double play, viagra effects on women as the rule states batter is out, viagra effects on women runners advance at their own risk. Viagra effects on women In the Braves case the runners Dan Uggla on 2nd and David Ross on 1st both advanced at that risk as the ball dropped between Kozma and LF’er Matt Holliday. Viagra effects on women So the Cardinals got the worst end of the play, viagra effects on women not the Braves. Viagra effects on women  By the way once the infield fly rule is called it doesn’t matter which fielder makes the catch so again it would have been a more favorable outcome for the Cardinals if Matt Holliday made the catch since he was coming in on the ball which would have prevented Uggla from advancing to 3rd base. Viagra effects on women I love baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra effects on women This kills me but I have to give the Highlanders and C.C. Viagra effects on women Sabathia their due this morning. Viagra effects on women Sabathia put on a clinic on how to pound the ball low in the strike zone.

Viagra effects on women  

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Cialis once daily First thing I read this morning pissed me off to the point I had to fire off an angry Tweet to the author, cialis once daily Rob Parker of See when you lack the creativity gene, cialis once daily you end up writing shit like this. Cialis once daily What the Mets have to do with the current mess on Yawkey Way is more than puzzling, cialis once daily in fact even with all the happy horseshit going on in Flushing, cialis once daily the Mets are in much better shape than the Old Town Team.

Cialis once daily Speaking of that piece in the Boston Globe yesterday, cialis once daily the worst part of the story wasn’t that the team disintegrated down the stretch to where the majority of the players flat out quit, cialis once daily the worst part was the ownership taking personal pot shots at Terry Francona and the admitting that they had no idea how bad the situation was with the club. Cialis once daily The attacks on Francona were as vile as could be bringing up his marital problems and use of pain killers for his destroyed knees, cialis once daily but to bring up the fact that Francona was concerned about his son and son in law, cialis once daily stationed in Afghanistan as a reason he wasn’t focused on his job, cialis once daily just showed the lack of class that trio possesses.

Cialis once daily As angry as I was this morning, cialis once daily when I clicked on Metstradamus to check on todays, cialis once daily Hall of Hate matchup between the #1 seed The Wilpons vs. Cialis once daily play in winner Matt Cain, cialis once daily I was greeted by one of the great paragraph’s I’ve seen on any Mets blog in a long, cialis once daily long time:

Cialis once daily Oh, cialis once daily come on. Cialis once daily I really gotta explain it to you? If I have to explain to you why you should hate Mets owner Fred Wilpon and his son Kim Kardashian, cialis once daily then this is obviously your first visit to any Mets blog, cialis once daily ever. Cialis once daily This is the Wilpons’ first appearance on the hate list vote and they debut as a one seed. Cialis once daily Honestly, cialis once daily the Wilpons can hang out in the clubhouse eating chicken, cialis once daily drinking beer, cialis once daily and playing MLB The Show on Playstation, cialis once daily and win this vote by a hefty margin.

Cialis once daily O-o-o-o-o MY GOD!!!!!! Fred Wilpon and his son Kim Kardashian, cialis once dailyO-o-o-o My God!!!!!! My side still hurts from that one, cialis once daily

Cialis once daily Great news today on Gary Carter’s health Keep Fighting Kid.

Cialis once daily The Cleveland Indians are trying to figure out what to do with centerfielder Grady Sizemore and RHP Fausto Carmona as both have expensive option up coming. Cialis once daily Sizemore has been racked with injuries the last three seasons and last week underwent knee surgery, cialis once daily has a club option for $9mil that will not be picked up but the $500K buyout most likely will. Cialis once daily I would take a flyer on Sizemore if I were the Mets and sign him to an incentive laden deal along with signing David DeJesus to patrol centerfield for the club. Cialis once daily As for Carmona, cialis once daily he’s a Mike Pelfrey clone so that would be a NO!

Cialis once daily The Pirates are in the same boat with LHP Paul Maholm who the Bucs owe $9.75M but have $750K buyout. Cialis once daily Maholm would look nice in a Mets uni but is the price prohibitive?

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Generic cialis The best move Omar Minaya made yesterday was standing on the sidelines and doing nothing but take phone calls. Generic cialis Could the Mets use a Jason Bay or Manny Ramirez, generic cialis (forget Jr. Generic cialis Griffey) of course but Minaya felt the price was too high player wise and he has realized it’s time to let the farmhands grow up to be Mets. Generic cialis I think a lot of fans feel the same way. Generic cialis It’s funny that when a player comes up through the teams farm system the fans seem to be more tolerant of mistakes and of lesser play than they are of guys who sign here for big free agent  money like Carlos Beltran or a money driven trade like Carlos Delgado and Johan Santana. Generic cialis So let Jon Niese, generic cialis Dan Murphy, generic cialis Eddie Kunz and the Teen Aged Hitting Machine come up and make their  debut in a pennant race. Generic cialis It may not pay off this year but it could pay huge dividends down the road. Generic cialis Mets management has finally come around to the mind set of build a team that will contend for a few years instead of the one and done approach the Skill Sets have been famous for during the reign. Generic cialis The Phillies and Marlins did nothing to have us take notice so with two months of baseball left let the race begin.

Generic cialis  

Generic cialis I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Remy yesterday in Hyannis. Generic cialis He was appearing at a restaurant there for a local Cape Cod radio station and I ask him about Manny being traded and he was hoping that Manny would not be delt. Generic cialis I asked about clubhouse reaction to the latest Manny Being Manny episode and Remy felt they have all seen this before so it’s nothing new it’s more management being disrespected than anything that fueld this deal. Generic cialis After Manny said that the Sox didn’t deserve him that set off the front office who felt the team has been around over 100 years and they will still be around another 100 years Manny or no Manny. Generic cialis I think the players were relived as well that Manny is gone even if his bat can not be replaced but his lack of hustle and desire and his disrespect for Terry Francona had become a major issue. 

Generic cialis Go get’em tonight Petey!!!!!!!!!!!!

Generic cialis As much as I love being here on vacation I MISS THE METS!!!!!!! I miss watching and listening to Gary, generic cialis Keith and Ron and I almost miss Yalloff and Mazzilli (I said ALMOST)

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