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Paypal viagra Well, paypal viagra Freddy Skill Sets came pretty close to being truthful with the fan base when he was interviewed by Brain Costa of the WSJ. Paypal viagra Fred was in Arizona (wow Bolt goes to Phoenix?) for the quarterly owners meeting.  When asked about his financial struggle and the toll it is taking on him, paypal viagra the Mets organization and its fan base, paypal viagra Freddy Sez:

Paypal viagra “How could anybody deny that it’s been a challenging time?” Wilpon said. Paypal viagra “But I came from nothing. Paypal viagra I meet the challenges. Paypal viagra So does Saul and Jeff and our whole family. Paypal viagra We’re meeting the challenges and I think we’ll be fine.”

Paypal viagra “I think we’ll be fine”? Really?  How so Freddy ? What’ch ya keepin’ on the down low from us? The new minority shares are a band aid on a gaping wound but you know what, paypal viagra maybe the Skill Sets luck is changing as his Guardian Angel, paypal viagra Bud Selig is staying on for 2 more years as baseball czar and Wilpon enabler and as always has Freddy’s back:

Paypal viagra “He’s been a great owner, paypal viagra” Selig said. Paypal viagra “Loves his team. Paypal viagra He’s everything you’d want in a local owner. Paypal viagra He’s had some economic problems, paypal viagra not caused by himself, paypal viagra and I have a lot of faith in him that he’s working his way through them.”

Paypal viagra And he’s oh, paypal viagra so good, paypal viagra

Paypal viagra And he’s oh, paypal viagra so fine, paypal viagra

Paypal viagra And he’s oh, paypal viagra so healthy, paypal viagra

Paypal viagra In his body and his mind.

Paypal viagra He’s a well respected man about town, paypal viagra

Paypal viagra Doing the best things so conservatively.

Paypal viagra Then Freddy was asked about Jose Reyes and his thoughts on Reyes:

Paypal viagra “Reyes was 17 years old when I met him, paypal viagra” Wilpon said. Paypal viagra “He spoke pretty good English at that time, paypal viagra too. Paypal viagra He said to me, paypal viagra ‘Can you give me some advice?’ I said, paypal viagra ‘Yeah, paypal viagra never wipe that smile off your face.'”

Paypal viagra Humm, paypal viagra “never wipe that smile off your face” looks like Freddy eats at Wo Hop like I do. Paypal viagra Thankfully for Reyes’ sake Freddy didn’t hit him up with “Kid, paypal viagra I know a guy who can make you rich beyond belief”

Paypal viagra Here is a nice picture on a rainy, paypal viagra windy, paypal viagra cold New York afternoon

Paypal viagra Years before we would get to the 50th Anniversary of the NY Mets, paypal viagra Dana Brand was all pumped up about putting together a symposium at Hofstra University where he taught, paypal viagra on the history of the Mets. Paypal viagra As you all know Dana passed away last year but his dream of having a conference at Hofstra will become a reality on April 26-28. Please check out all the details here and hopefully we can all meet up at Hofstra that weekend and celebrate not just the legacy of the NY Mets but of Dana Brand as well.

Paypal viagra Steve Popper, paypal viagra the Mets beat writer for the Bergen Record is leaving the Mets beat and will become the Records man at MSG following the NY Knickerbockers. Not only is this a big loss for Mets fans but a huge loss for Mets bloggers like myself and other bloggers who have had the privilege of meeting Steve at various team functions. Paypal viagra Many of the beat writers and media folk won’t even give us a response to a hello but Popper (as well as Adam Rubin and Kevin Kernan ) has always been friendly to us and has been gracious in sharing his thoughts with us about the Mets. Paypal viagra Good luck Steve and thanks.

Paypal viagra  

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Remember this? Mex’s power nap!

Discount viagra online I don’t know if it’s the calm before the storm or a sign that the Mets will remain dormant in winter time news but there is absolutely  nothing baseball wise coming out a of Flushing. Discount viagra online I can get pushing the new uni and all the pomp and circumstance for this season 50th Anniversary but for the love of Casey Stengel is there any baseball news of substance coming from the front office?

Discount viagra online Here’s what we’re stuck with today as “Mets news”

Discount viagra online Lenny Dykstra fucked up his life and now is in rehab and when he gets out he will be a new man and yada yada yada. Discount viagra online You know what, discount viagra online Frank Cashen should be given more credit than he ever has for when you look back at the Mets of the 80’s for all their on field success there were a lot of them who couldn’t handle the fame, discount viagra online fortune and everything that goes with it (I thank you all-Freddie Mercury) . Discount viagra online With all the celebrations of the ’86 Mets maybe we should reflect more on this bunch as failures, discount viagra online who if they had any kind of self-control would have won multiple championships.

Discount viagra online Adam Rubin writes about the Skill Sets asking for a non-jury trial when their case against the Madoff trustees goes to trial next March. Discount viagra online  The judge in the case however ruled in favor of Piccard so the case will be heard by a jury. Discount viagra online I agree with Michael Kline who feels the Skill Sets will be hurt by a jury trial as this case is complex and a jury of 12 laypeople may not get the whole understanding of the facts to make a fair judgment. Discount viagra online  A jury trial will hurt the Skill Sets for sure.

Discount viagra online Please Sandy gives us something to chew on, discount viagra online a bone, discount viagra online anything………………………..

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Buying cialis  

Buying cialis  

Buying cialis Just a few loose ends from yesterday’s press conference:

Buying cialis The date for Banner Day will be announced shortly. Buying cialis It will not be between games of a double header (I guess that’s too old school) but after the completion of a game most likely a weekend game.

Buying cialis There is a website dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Mets, buying cialis, buying cialis where you can enter a contest to win Mets season tickets by submitting your Mets memories

Buying cialis Old Timers Day as we know it will not be on the schedule instead the Mets Alumni will be out in full force throughout the season. Buying cialis If you have ever attended a game and came in through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda while members of the Alumni were on hand you know how special it is to meet and greet the former Mets.

Buying cialis The team is putting together a 5 for 50 ticket plan where you can buy a ticket for 5 games for $50 bucks. Buying cialis Get it? $50 for 5 tickets for the 50th Anniversary

Buying cialis Big thank you to Danielle and Shannon for inviting me to yesterday’s festivities, buying cialis it was nice to see Shannon running around on her healed up ankle but the sight of the day was Ike Davis pushing Jay Horowitz around in his wheelchair as he recovers from a broken ankle.

Buying cialis I have a ton of real work to get to today so this post will be it for now. Buying cialis Enjoy my soft and fuzzy side for today. Buying cialis Tomorrow I’ll get to real baseball stuff with the Mets which means my snarl should be back.

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Cream female viagra It was quite the day at Citi Field today as the organization announced plans for the celebration of its 50th Anniversary. Cream female viagra  I was fortunate to have been invited to the festivities of the day and as I left Citi Field I felt invigorated about being a Mets fan.

Cream female viagra I’ve all but given up trying to explain to non-Mets fans why it is I love this team so much. Cream female viagra It’s like looking at one of those pictures where if you stare at it a 3D figure pops off the page or when you look at a cloud formation and see a horse or George Washington’s face and the person with you says they don’t see a thing, cream female viagra when I see a Mets uniform or a collage of events like the video we saw at today’s press conference it’s makes you want to shout I SEE IT!  I SEE IT! I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!

Cream female viagra Hard to imagine it is 50 years since Joan Payson brought National League baseball back to NYC. Cream female viagra What’s even harder for me to believe that I’ve been attending Mets games for the past 47 of those years. Cream female viagra  When  I saw David Wright come out in the retro home uni, cream female viagra  ivory colored with blue pinstripes and Mets in blue with orange trim and WRIGHT 5 on his back and Lucas Duda standing tall in the classy road gray with NEW YORK in old English style letters  (Ike Davis wore the snow-white uni with the same blue and orange Mets and NO BLACK SHADOW!!!!!!) all I could think of was Jack Fisher handing me a peach between games of a double header in 1965, cream female viagra weekend series at Shea when the Dodgers and Giants would come to town with Koufax and Mays, cream female viagra listening to my father talk about “this Seaver kid” in 1967, cream female viagra relatives and family friends who were Brooklyn Dodger s fans happy in 1968 that Gil Hodges was coming back to the Mets to be their manager, cream female viagra being 10 years old and shocked to find out that Yogi Berra played for the Yankees???? WOW! Crying when Jimmy Quals broke up Tom Seaver’s perfect game and brought to tears again nine years later when Seaver was shipped out to Cincinnati, cream female viagra the euphoria of 1969 and 1986 and the heartbreak of the 2000 World Series and 2007 NLCS. Cream female viagra The Mets are a microcosm of life, cream female viagra great times, cream female viagra tough times, cream female viagra and puzzling times.

Cream female viagra As I said Mets bloggers were invited to the presser and I was pleased to sit with Ed Marcus, cream female viagra Greg Prince and Matt Cerrone but there was one blogger at event today who in the words of Yogi “made this day necessary” and that’s Shannon of The Mets Police. Shannon through his site pushed management to bring back Banner Day and to drop the black jerseys and caps (I am thrilled to report that the black cap with the blue bill is gone for good) and for that we Traditionalist Mets fans are forever grateful.

Cream female viagra With so much gloom and doom coming from the fan base so far this offseason it was nice to be a part of a positive Mets day.

Cream female viagra Now for the hold on to your Mets cap part of the post, cream female viagra I got to meet David Howard today and it was a very pleasant experience (no, cream female viagra I’m not going soft here I’m just being honest) we shook hands and spoke  and had a few laughs and we even talked about our kids, cream female viagra see on the kick off of the Mets Golden Anniversary it’s all good.

Cream female viagra  

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50 mg cialis Rumors were flying again yesterday that Jose Reyes signed with the Flamboyant Fish but those rumors seem premature but it looks like the Mets are going forward in the post-Reyes era by letting it known that #Imwith28 will be given the 2nd base job and team with Ruben Tejeda to secure the middle infield. 50 mg cialis In the name of the father…… The major problem with #Imwith28 is his two best spots on defense are filled by I Like Ike at 1B and D-Wright at 3rd. 50 mg cialis Too bad #Imwith28 wasn’t a catcher, 50 mg cialis hummmmm there’s an idea.

50 mg cialis Chris Jaffe informs us this morning that today is the 25th Anniversary of Freddy Skill Sets becoming the sole owner of the New York Mets buying the rest of Nelson (make mine a) Doubleday controlling interest. 50 mg cialis In his column, 50 mg cialis Jaffe, 50 mg cialis informs us that the Mets have played just a tad over .500 ball since Freddy’s takeover (2, 50 mg cialis017-1, 50 mg cialis962 1962? Oh the irony) but have an overall losing record since 1989. 50 mg cialis Enjoy your Monday.

50 mg cialis You load sixteen tons, 50 mg cialis  what do you get?

50 mg cialis  Another day older and deeper in debt

50 mg cialis   Saint Peter don’t you call me cause I can’t go

50 mg cialis    I owe my soul to the company store

50 mg cialis  

50 mg cialis Look, 50 mg cialis I’m a fan of the New York Football Giants and you’re a fan of the NY Jets and we’re both upset today after how our teams fared yesterday but my question to you today is would you be surprised if the Patriots won the Super Bowl? I wouldn’t unless of course their played the Giants in the big game ‘cause the G-Men got the Pats number. 50 mg cialis Oh and how about BB HC of NEP telling the J-E-T-S defense to felaite him? Oh my!

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Levitra viagra The Mets have announced today that they are expanding the Fanwalk where you can purchase a brick with this years 50th Anniversary patch on it. Levitra viagra I have a brick from when the Mets first offered them for the Fanwalk, levitra viagra in fact when you purchase a Fanwalk brick you get one on either the first or third base side outside of Citi Field and you get one for your home, levitra viagra mine is on the mantle of the fireplace in my dining room so when family and friends who are Highlander fans they must stare at it while having dinner.

Levitra viagra Here is the release put out by the Mets on how who can purchase your Fanwalk Brick:



“Citi Field Fanwalk: Mets 50th Anniversary” Bricks Are On Sale Now


Purchase Includes Brick Replica, levitra viagra Net Proceeds to Benefit Mets Foundation;

Mets 2011 Season Ticket and Plan Holders to Receive 15% Discount


Levitra viagra FLUSHING, levitra viagra N.Y., levitra viagra November 2 – The New York Mets today announced the expansion of the Citi Field Fanwalk to include a new offering of bricks in honor of the franchise’s 50th anniversary to be installed for the 2012 season along the first and third base sides of the ballpark outside the Hodges VIP and Seaver VIP entrances. Levitra viagra Citi Field Fanwalk: Mets 50th Anniversary commemorative bricks will provide fans the opportunity to recognize their families, levitra viagra friends, levitra viagra and favorite Mets memories since the franchise first began play in 1962.

Levitra viagra  

Levitra viagra Bricks are on sale now at or by phone at 877-NYM-WALK (696-9255).

Levitra viagra  

Levitra viagra The first two editions of Citi Field Fanwalk bricks sold out with fans purchasing more than 24, levitra viagra000 bricks.  The first offering of bricks directly outside the Jackie Robinson Rotunda was installed prior to the inaugural season at the new Mets home in 2009. Levitra viagra  The Fanwalk was extended down the first base and third base lines the following year with Citi Field Fanwalk: Amazin’ Moments bricks commemorating great moments in Mets history.

Levitra viagra  

Levitra viagra Fans will be able to purchase bricks in three sizes:

  • 8” x 8” brick engraved with the Mets 50th anniversary logo or Mets script logo and four lines of text for $395
  • 8” x 8” brick with six lines of text for $340
  • 4” x 8” brick with three lines of text for $195

Levitra viagra  

Levitra viagra Each Citi Field Fanwalk: Mets 50th Anniversary brick includes a complimentary replica, levitra viagra with additional copies and display cases available for purchase.  All brick engravings will be text only, levitra viagra and each proposed message is subject to the approval of the Mets.  Corporate logos and slogans are not permitted.

Levitra viagra  

Levitra viagra Mets 2011 Season Ticket and Plan Holders will receive a 15% discount on Fanwalk bricks.

Levitra viagra  

Levitra viagra A portion of each brick purchase is tax deductible and net proceeds will be donated to the Mets Foundation, levitra viagra which will distribute the funds to area charities.  A registered 501(c) 3 charity, levitra viagra the Mets Foundation takes no portion of the funds raised to offset internal costs. Levitra viagra The Mets pay 100% of the Foundation’s overhead to ensure that the entirety of a donation is directed toward helping others.

Levitra viagra  

Levitra viagra The Mets will reveal the design for their 50th anniversary logo and plans for the season-long celebration in the coming weeks.

Levitra viagra  

Levitra viagra  

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Buying cialis online So Jose Reyes is nominated for the Hank Aaron Award which honors the best offensive player in both leagues. To vote for Reyes go here and remember if Reyes wins it means more leverage in his contract talk with the Mets. Buying cialis online You’ve been warned!

Buying cialis online MLB Trade Rumors has a list of players slated for free agency due to injury or plain old ineffectiveness. Buying cialis online Two names on the list have future Mets written all over them, buying cialis online RHP Jonathan (Guns Of) Broxton  and RHP Joel Zumaya.

Buying cialis online Toby Hyde has a detailed look at the Catcher position in the Mets farm system and as you can see, buying cialis online it’s slim pickins’ not only at the minor league level but with the big team as well. Buying cialis online Josh Thole may be pretty good with a bat but his quite inadequate behind the plate. Buying cialis online Ronnie Paulino I think looks better defensively than he really is because of how bad Thole is. Buying cialis online So what to do? Trying to find a good receiving backstop is very tough and trading for one will be difficult, buying cialis online a guy like Chris Iannetta would look nice in a Mets retro 50th Anniversary uniform but are the Rockies willing to deal him away? Hell I’d even go for Braves backup David Ross at this point. Buying cialis online Omar Santos anyone?

Buying cialis online The more I watch these post season games the more I side with letting Jose Reyes go elsewhere and invest in pitching, buying cialis online pitching and even more pitching.

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Viagra without prescription Before I get started here let me first send out best wishes and speedy recovery to Mets VP of Media Relations, viagra without prescription Jay Horowitz and to Director of Media Relations, viagra without prescription Shannon Forde who are both hobbling around on injured ankles. Viagra without prescription Jay seems to have it the worst as he scheduled to have surgery Monday on his broken ankle, viagra without prescription so hopefully both Jay and Shannon get better soon.

Viagra without prescription Time for a little self- promotion, viagra without prescription first for all you who are football fans reading this site, viagra without prescription I co-host a football podcast on Blog Talk Radio called NY FOOTBALL BLOGS LIVE with Frankie “The Sports Guy” Maniscalo. Viagra without prescription Last night we had running back Chris Ogbonnaya  of the Houston Texans as a guest. Viagra without prescription Tonight I will be co- hosting another episode of NY FOOTBALL BLOGS LIVE at 9PM ET with Anthony DiMoro of Viagra without prescription Our guest will be Green Bay Packers blogger, viagra without prescription J.C. Viagra without prescription Lombardi of

Viagra without prescription Last night, viagra without prescription I was also a guest on Baseball Bloggers Alliance President, viagra without prescription Daniel Shoptaw’ Cardinal 70 podcast. Viagra without prescription Daniel and I spoke about the Mets and the upcoming 10th Anniversary of September 11th and about how I became a Mets fan.

Viagra without prescription Also on the podcast front, viagra without prescription the folks over at Mets Kult of Personality had the pleasure of interviewing former Mets pitcher Gary Gentry last night on their show.  Gentry in his rookie season of 1969, viagra without prescription got the win in Game 3 of the NLCS and a win in Game 3 of the World Series. Viagra without prescription Both games were saved by Nolan Ryan and the World Series win was a nice tidy 5-0 shutout where Gentry and Ryan out dueled Jim Palmer.

Viagra without prescription I’m already overwhelmed with the coverage of the 10th Anniversary of the attack of September 11th 2001, viagra without prescription maybe its because every day for me is a remembrance of 9-11, viagra without prescription since I work four blocks from Ground Zero. Viagra without prescription I also see the U.S. Viagra without prescription Coast Guard ships equipped with machine guns escorting the SI Ferry I ride to and from work, viagra without prescription and the NYPD Hercules Task Force, viagra without prescription decked out in their full fighting regalia guarding the Subway stations. Viagra without prescription I see the Angel’s Corner in the Grasmere section of Staten Island just off Hylan Blvd where the residents of Staten Island who were murdered that day are memorialized. Viagra without prescription  I see the people who have moved downtown and in Tribeca, viagra without prescription young people, viagra without prescription young couples with young children who give me hope that maybe this city, viagra without prescription this part of town, viagra without prescription after ten years is back and as vibrant as ever. Viagra without prescription   There is nothing better than walking down Greenwich St on a late summer afternoon with the restaurants busy and kids from Stuyvesant High School and Manhattan Community College filling the streets laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Viagra without prescription Sunday will be a very solemn day in NYC as the people who lost friends and loved ones will meet at the sight of their murder but instead of having their time to reflect and mourn, viagra without prescription they will be inundated by gas bag politicians who will give speeches and make sad faces and make believe they actually give a shit about them and those they lost. Viagra without prescription In the days after the attack, viagra without prescription the country pulled together and showed the pride and guts that makes the United States the great country it is, viagra without prescription but ten years later, viagra without prescription that’s all gone. Viagra without prescription  It’s all about prepackaged, viagra without prescription over made up, viagra without prescription and uniformed media whores going on every cable news channel to tell you that they are the person to lead this country to glory when all they are style without  substance.

Viagra without prescription Think about it, viagra without prescription in the ten years since the attacks, viagra without prescription the U.S. Viagra without prescription Government has spent trillions on two wars we should have never had been involved in nor could win and even if we did win what was the prize, viagra without prescription while schools are still underfunded, viagra without prescription a health care system that would ensure all Americans the right to have medical coverage is mocked and torn apart which wouldn’t be so bad if the critics had a another plan, viagra without prescription which they don’t, viagra without prescription we’re told that Social Security is a bad thing as is raising taxes on the richest 1 % of Americans. Viagra without prescription But it is still ok to fuck over the working class American who does more in an hour than some ass hat Congressman or Senator does in a full term of office.

Viagra without prescription Yes they will all be here downtown on Sunday in their dark suits with speeches in hand, viagra without prescription especially the Dwarf Emperor of NYC who defied the law that said all you get is two terms in office and you move on but that law did not pertain to a man with billions. Viagra without prescription He will praise the FDNY, viagra without prescription the same FDNY that he wanted to close the firehouses they work in and are at the ready to leave at a moments notice into situations most would run away from. Viagra without prescription He will then talk about the heroism of the NYPD the same NYPD that he decided had too many member’s and needed to be cut.    

Viagra without prescription Yes they will all be there, viagra without prescription gas bags of every size, viagra without prescription shape and political party trying to outdo each other in the grief and outrage of the day. Viagra without prescription Me? I’ll go get a slice a pizza and hang out on  Greenwich St and marvel at the people of NYC who deal with terrorist attacks and threats, viagra without prescription earthquakes, viagra without prescription hurricanes, viagra without prescription blizzards, viagra without prescription heat waves and phony do nothing politicians by never giving up and never backing down. Viagra without prescription That’s the American way.

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Generic viagra india Here is today’s stream of (un) consciences in no particular order of importance or relevancy:

Generic viagra india Why send Lucas Duda to the Instructional League to work on playing right field when he can just be left there for the next 45 games of the season. Generic viagra india  While we’re at it, generic viagra india let Mike Baxter play some 1st base and even a little centerfield as well. Generic viagra india I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Mets are not going to the post season….shhhhhhhhhh……keep it on the downlow…….

Generic viagra india It’s been a pleasure watching the maturation of Jon Niese as a pitcher and a player this season. Generic viagra india Niese seems to be over his problems of fatigue and injury. Generic viagra india His BB is down as his K/BB ratio is up to 3:1. Generic viagra india He’s kept the ball in the park as well with his HR rate lower than last year but his hits to innings pitched is still high. Generic viagra india He has become one of the young leaders of this team as he handled the disappointment of a loss due to the two errors of neophyte shortstop Ruben Tejeda like a seasoned pro.

Generic viagra india Terry Collins has stopped with giving pep talks and is focused on watching who gives all and who gives none down the stretch of the season. Generic viagra india Good move, generic viagra india I’m going to do the same thing, generic viagra india no more rally cries for Mets fans to support this team. Generic viagra india If you can’t see the positive change this season in this organization, generic viagra india you’re not worth preaching to anyway.

Generic viagra india When it comes to the 10th Anniversary of the attack of September 11th, generic viagra india the last thing I’m concerned with is what time the Mets are playing and what kind of caps they’ll wear. Generic viagra india Quite frankly, generic viagra india the day should be a day of remembrance and reflection on the tragic events of that day and how that day has changed our lives forever. Generic viagra india  

Generic viagra india The news that ESPN 710 in Los Angeles will be broadcast New York Jets games this season made we wonder if the Dodgers and Giants ever broadcast games back to New York when the left after the 1957 season?

Generic viagra india Jerry Reese is lucky he’s not the GM of the Mets or Highlanders as the outcry of his non-moves and letting key Giants players leave would be off the charts hysterical. Generic viagra india Can you imagine the screaming headlines if Sandy Alderson or Pee Wee Cashman, generic viagra india after two seasons of not making the playoffs and losing a game in embarrassing manner to your biggest arch rival, generic viagra india stood pat while big time free agents signed with other teams?  Football may be the number one sport in America but baseball still rules the roost in NYC.

Generic viagra india If you are not following Giants VP of Communications, generic viagra india Pat Hanlon on Twitter (@giantspathanlon) you are missing out. Generic viagra india Hanlon is the loyalist of loyal Mara employees and will take on all critics of Big Blue. Generic viagra india Rex Ryan gets a lot of pub for his outlandish behavior but he’s a wallflower compared to Giants Pat.

Generic viagra india By the way, generic viagra india all the Giants fans that are ready to leap off the George Washington Bridge thinking this season will be a disaster calm the fuck down. Generic viagra india Let the season play out before you leap off the bridge.

Generic viagra india Congrats to David Wright as he passed Ed Kranepool as the All-Time Mets leader in Total Bases. Generic viagra india See, generic viagra india I can take the high road sometimes.

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