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Cialis on sale Happy Brithday to Dennis Ribant, cialis on sale one of my favorite Mets and the best starting pitcher the Mets had until of course Tom Seaver. Checkout this very interesting bio from SABR on Ribant 

Cialis on sale Thinking out loud:

Cialis on sale Matt Harvey went into a real damage control yesterday after his cringe worthy interview/infomercial on the Dan Patrick Show. Cialis on sale  Good for Harvey and his advisors to get him to go back on the DP show and make amends. Cialis on sale  I know what Qualcomm is, cialis on sale a digital wireless telecommunication company but for the life of me, cialis on sale I still don’t know what it is that Harvey is a spokesman for?

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Cialis on sale As for Matt Harvey going the rehab route instead of Tommy John surgery, cialis on sale the only people who are chastising Harvey for forgoing an operation are folks who never had surgery. Cialis on sale Harvey received diagnosis from two of the best orthopedic surgeons in the country in the Mets Dr. Cialis on sale David Altcheck and Dr. Cialis on sale James Andrews, cialis on sale if either doctor felt the tear of the ligament was bad enough to be surgically repaired; Harvey would be readying himself for surgery. Cialis on sale  

Cialis on sale I’m not a fan of Ruben Tejada’s but I do feel very bad for him. Cialis on sale Tejada has carried the self-inflicted label as a lazy, cialis on sale overweight, cialis on sale under achiever who was given a put up or shut up ultimatum by the front office. Cialis on sale So as he tries to show he has the play hard gene, cialis on sale he breaks his leg. Cialis on sale That sucks. Cialis on sale I think this seals it for Tejada, cialis on sale he will not be the Mets starting shortstop next April.

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Cialis on sale Good article in the NY Times about the Mets ready to finish in 4th place in the NL East for the 5th straight season. Cialis on sale There are some great quotes from Ed Kranepool and Ron Swoboda but it’s this one from Terry Collins that tells you all you need to know about the mindset of this organization:

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Cialis on sale Manager Terry Collins said beating out the Phillies would be a “great accomplishment with all the things we’ve went through.” His players did not disagree, cialis on sale although it was clear that the constant fourth-place finishes was not the foremost thing on their minds.

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Cialis on sale Really? Finishing in 3rd place is a great accomplishment? This is a winner’s mentality? I guess Collins has never heard of the Bill Parcells line of “The don’t give out medals for trying” Terry Collins would make a great kids soccer coach. Cialis on sale  

Cialis on sale I would love nothing more than to see Troy Tulowitzki playing shortstop for the Mets, cialis on sale but I don’t see how it can happen since it seems as though the Rockies want young ready for the big leagues position players, cialis on sale a commodity the Mets lack.

Cialis on sale Sure it’s noble of David Wright wants to play again this season but why? Is it for his satisfaction? Is it to show the young wet behind the big league ears teammates that you never give up on a season? Is it a bit of both? That’s what I think; it’s a bit of both. Cialis on sale Hopefully he won’t blowout the hammy busting down to first base.

Cialis on sale Any Mets fan complaining about SF Giants fans coming into Citi Field and putting their feet up, cialis on sale knocking over a lamp or  two and spilling drinks on the carpet while cheering on their team are too young to remember what it was like to root for the 80’s Mets. Cialis on sale The disgust for Giants fans behavior is the same disgust the rest of baseball had for the Mets and Mets fans back then. Cialis on sale Winning does that. Cialis on sale    

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Canadian pharmacy viagra Carlos Beltran, canadian pharmacy viagra another former Mets fan lighting rod returns to Flushing for the first time since he was traded to the Giants last summer and his return has stirred Mets fans passions. Canadian pharmacy viagra I never could understand the ire of Mets fans toward Beltran. Canadian pharmacy viagra Yes I know that called 3rd strike from Adam Wainright (tonight’s Cards starting pitcher by the way) has stuck in many a Mets fan craw but what the critics forget is Beltran  made a major contribution in that series hitting at .296/.387/.667 clip with 3 HR’s. Canadian pharmacy viagra It just added to his outstanding season, canadian pharmacy viagra one of the best season ever by a Mets player where Beltran bashed 41 HR’s drove in 144 runs and complied a robust .982 OPS, canadian pharmacy viagra good for a 4th place finish in the MVP voting plus a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Award as well.

Canadian pharmacy viagra I’ve always felt Beltran’s disconnect with the Mets fan base was due to his mistrust of the front office that was in place during the bulk of Beltran’s tenure as a Met. Canadian pharmacy viagra It’s quite interesting that the front office had Latino‘s in top management positions, canadian pharmacy viagra yet they did not mesh well with two of the best players on the team Beltran and Carlos Delgado, canadian pharmacy viagra both men who are held in high esteem in the Latin community. Canadian pharmacy viagra Beltran never had a great relationship with Omar Minaya as proven with the botched medical care the Mets GM presided over when Beltran had to go on his own to Colorado to see a specialist to deal with his deep bone bruise in his knee and Beltran has said on many occasions that he never felt respected by the club. Canadian pharmacy viagra It wasn’t until Terry Collins took over as manager of the Mets that Beltran felt comfortable and respected as a Met.  I have no doubt that Beltran’s Mets career would be looked at in a much more positive light if Terry Collins was his manager from day one.

Canadian pharmacy viagra Beltran was never a problem or embarrassment to this organization. Canadian pharmacy viagra The P.R. Canadian pharmacy viagra debacle of the missed trip to Walter Reed Hospital was handled terribly by the Mets.  That and the medical mess ups really made Beltran become withdrawn. Canadian pharmacy viagra The Mets should have been in front of the missed trip to Walter Reed by explaining  that Beltran’s return to Puerto Rico to open a school he helped build was scheduled long before the Walter Reed trip was planned. Canadian pharmacy viagra A player should have the confront knowing that the organization has his back and would have a simple explanation instead of adding to the cluster fuck the Walter Reed trip became. Canadian pharmacy viagra Never would something like this happen today with this administration running the Mets.

Canadian pharmacy viagra Mets fans hold a grudge as well against Beltran because of the rumor that his agent Scott Boras called the Highlanders while negotiating with the Mets, canadian pharmacy viagra offering Beltran’s service to the Bronx Bastards for less money. Canadian pharmacy viagra  It irked me too. Canadian pharmacy viagra But when you look at the seven year career Beltran had with the Mets he had one of the greatest careers of any Met in history.

Canadian pharmacy viagra If fans want to boo Beltran tonight that’s their prerogative but before they do I would hope they look at Beltran’s career numbers with the Mets and remember that he also would buy a suit for every minor leaguer who came up to the team so they had clothes to wear on the road and that he had David Wright and Jose Reyes join him at his home in the winter to workout with him when he first joined the club. Canadian pharmacy viagra Unfortunately to the narrow minded, canadian pharmacy viagra none that means anything and for that you can’t blame Beltran.

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Canadian pharmacy viagra  

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Get online viagra The NY NL Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance is proud to cast its vote for the 2010 Stan Musial Award given to the leagues Most Valuable Player. Get online viagra The Chapters vote is as follows:

Get online viagra 1st Place-Joey Votto

Get online viagra 2nd Place-Albert Pujols

Get online viagra 3rd Place-Carlos Gonzalez

Get online viagra 4th Place-Troy Tulowitzki

Get online viagra 5th Place-Adrian Gonzalez

Get online viagra 6th Place-Matt Holliday

Get online viagra 7th Place-Ryan Zimmerman

Get online viagra 8th Place-Dan Uggla

Get online viagra 9th Place-Ryan Howard

Get online viagra 10th Place-Aubry Huff

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Viagra generic availability india On behalf of the NY NL Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, viagra generic availability india I would like to disclose our vote for NL Walter Johnson Award for the outstanding pitcher in the NL for the 2010 season:

Viagra generic availability india 1st place- Roy Halladay

Viagra generic availability india 2nd place- Adam Wainright

Viagra generic availability india 3rd place- Ubaldo Jimenez

Viagra generic availability india 4th place- Josh Johnson

Viagra generic availability india 5th place-Tim Hudson

Viagra generic availability india

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As I was channel surfing last night I stumbled upon the US-PR WBC game on the MLB Network and I nearly passed out when I saw D-Wright sliding head first into home plate for Team America. Cream female viagra  I figured Wright, cream female viagra the Mets and Mets fans had dodged a bullet when Wright taking in knee to the head was ok but now here comes the separated shoulder and 6 months on the DL but Wright jumped up clapping his hands and was in fine shape. Cream female viagra  So relieved , cream female viagra I went back to Rangers-Canadians on MSG.

After a thrilling Rangers victory in a shootout of the Habs (and a jump to 6th place in the East, cream female viagra I so want the Devils in the first round just to kick Fat Marty’s ass) I flip back over to the classic which is now in the 9th inning just in time to see D-Wright take Fernando Cabrera’ slider that was down and away-a pretty good pitch-the other way (J-Man’s hitting drill comes thru again) for a well placed single to win the game for USA. Cream female viagra

As happy as I was for Wright it was still a bit unnerving to see Derek Jeter and Jimmy Rollins grabbing Wright and hugging him during the celebration. Cream female viagra I bet Jeter wishes his third baseman was hot like ours


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