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Ladies viagra Take out that Mets jacket.  Bend the brim of your Mets cap. Ladies viagra Start putting some cash away to buy tickets to the 2011 season, ladies viagra my fellow Mets fans  WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!

Ladies viagra Our suffering summer has been replaced by a spectacular autumn. Ladies viagra This has been the best October the Mets have had in 24 years. Ladies viagra  First the Highlanders and Phuck Phaces went down in flames. Ladies viagra  Then the cretins of the Mall of the South Bronx have been exposed by Mrs. Ladies viagra Cliff Lee who was subjected to taunts, ladies viagra thrown objects and general fan disobedience to the point that Pee Wee Cashman better rethink putting all his eggs in a Cliff Lee free agent basket. Ladies viagra Then the news today that CC Sabathia’s knees have given up holding up all that girth to the point his meniscus ripped, ladies viagra you had to wonder if the baseball gods decided that we Mets fans have had enough penance and are now due a reward.

Ladies viagra The adults of the Skill Sets family have taken to bring back credibility, ladies viagra accountability and authority by naming Sandy Alderson as the new GM of the New York Mets. Ladies viagra The pride in Flushing has returned.

Ladies viagra Maybe I’m going a bit overboard on the Alderson hiring but I can’t hide my giddiness. Ladies viagra Sandy Alderson was the name that first popped into my head when it was a fait accompli that Omar Minaya was done as the baseball boss. Ladies viagra It just made so much sense to hire Alderson, ladies viagra the man had everything that was needed to bring back the respect this organization has lacked for years.

Ladies viagra There is a segment of Mets fans who wanted the young hipster type of GM and I’d have had no problem with that but in Alderson you get the Mr. Ladies viagra Myiagi of baseball execs. Ladies viagra Alderson was baseball analytical before baseball analytical was cool. Ladies viagra Billy Beane, ladies viagra Theo Epstein and Paul DePodesta (a name to keep an eye on Mets fans as he could be brought in to the Alderson Cabinet) all learned the trade from Alderson.

Ladies viagra This hiring also sends word to fan base that the days of Little Jeffey meddling in adult decisions are over. Ladies viagra A man of Alderson’ resume and stature in baseball did not take this job to have a no nothing like Jeffey lurk over his shoulder. Ladies viagra This is Freddy and Uncle Saul putting Jeffey in the time out chair.

Ladies viagra It looks as if Friday will be the day that Alderson will enjoy his day in the sun at Citi Field for his inaugural presser and I can’t wait to hear what his plan of attack is. Ladies viagra It’s nice to have a guy in charge that has a plan, ladies viagra we haven’t had that around here since the days of Frank Cashen.

Ladies viagra The biggest decision Alderson will have will be to name a manager. Ladies viagra A majority of Mets fans want Wally Backman to get the job and I would count myself as a Backman supporter. Ladies viagra  From reading this post from Mike Silva’ NY Baseball Digest, ladies viagra Backman could be exactly the guy Alderson is looking for. Ladies viagra Backman has no problem being a manager that carries out the organizational orders from the GM. Ladies viagra From reading the quotes in Silva’s post, ladies viagra Backman to me, ladies viagra looks like a strong choice for manager.

Ladies viagra That discussion will be now on the front burner and I have a ton of faith that whoever Alderson picks he will do his due diligence on that choice. Ladies viagra It’s so nice to have someone in charge that makes me feel optimistic that the Mets will be back as one the best teams in baseball.

Ladies viagra By Friday the weather in NYC will be what it should be; autumnal so it would be nice is all Mets fans wear their Mets jackets or sweatshirts to celebrate the new day dawning in Flushing as the Alderson Era begins.

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Viagra cost I wonder if Theo Epstein in the privacy of his domicile, viagra cost switches his Extra Innings package over to SNY to root for the Mets ? The Mets right now are playing the way Epstein had hoped his Red Sox would when he ran all his statistical analysis that told him pitching and defense is the way to go. Viagra cost Right now the Mets are fueled on that formula.

Viagra cost When you compare the Mets up the middle versus the Red Sox up the middle the only position the Mets lose out on is second base. Viagra cost Even with a healthy Mike Cameron would you take him over Angel Pagan? Forget a healthy Beltran (I won’t link to the Munchkin’s story but he thinks that the Beltran contract is bad for the Mets, viagra cost this from a guy who has been mailing it in for the past ten years, viagra cost who stopped attending the events he writes about, viagra cost and treats his colleagues like shit. Viagra cost If anything Mike Lupica has been stealing from Mort Zuckerman for years ) and the catchers spot, viagra cost Theo would be beaming if he had the tandem of Barajas/Blanco behind the plate.

Viagra cost With all the fun and frolic over the last week or so of Mets baseball, viagra cost when was the last time we saw a Braves team this bad? Maybe back when Ted Turner started they games on TBS at 7:35PM ? I have never seen a Bobby Cox team play so badly, viagra cost I ain’t complaining, viagra cost just a bit taken back.

Viagra cost I agree with Christopher Guy of Mets Minor League Blog, viagra cost it’s time to bring up Dillon Gee and let him start over John Maine.  Not only is Maine hurting physically but these interviews with him are painful to watch, viagra cost the guy is a mess physically and emotionally . Viagra cost Put him on the 15 day DL and send him to St Lonesome to get his game and head in order and as for the spot on the 40 man roster for Gee, viagra cost I think it safe to say the Mets can put Kelvin Escobar on the 60 day DL to free up a spot.

Viagra cost I am really starting to worry about David Wright. Viagra cost Forget the home runs he’s not hitting doubles either and the one thing he was doing, viagra cost getting on base via walks, viagra cost has dried up as well.  Maybe it time to move him to the 2 hole with Castillo leading off (if the Reyes in the 3rd spot continues) some kind of shake up with Wright is needed as a lot of Mets fan are starting to feel he’s not the go to guy on this team anymore.

Viagra cost Mets management should do everyone a favor and call tonight’s game now. Viagra cost Not only is raining but it’s cold and the forecast for tonight is for rain and 50 degrees. Viagra cost Folks have to go to work and school tomorrow and if it was a comfortable night you wouldn’t mind but to be cold and wet, viagra cost I don’t think so. Viagra cost So if you do play the game tonight, viagra cost be prepared for the national audience to see 25, viagra cost000 or so empty seats at $iti Field.

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Viagra online stores Some fellas look at the eyes
Some fellas look at the nose
Some fellas look at the size
Some fellas look at the clothes
I don’t care if her eyes are red
I don’t care if her nose is long
I don’t care if she’s underfed
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Viagra online stores I should be a happy Mets fan this morning, viagra online stores with the news that Jason Bay will sign up to man left field for my favorite baseball team. Viagra online stores What’s not to like about Bay ? Big time power hitter from the right side of the plate, viagra online stores he stepped in to a situation in Boston, viagra online stores as crazy a baseball town as NYC and he took the place of one of the greatest right handed hitters to ever pick up a bat in Manny Ramirez and excelled. Viagra online stores I was  at Fenway Park for Bay’s first game as a Red Sox and his hitting and attitude won over the hearts of Royal Rooters that weekend. Viagra online stores  So why am I not on the phone pleading with the Mets ticket office to please, viagra online stores PLEASE, viagra online stores sell me a season ticket, viagra online stores I don’t care if a handrail or giant piece of Plexiglas impairs my vision of the field, viagra online stores I JUST WANT TO BE AT $ITI FIELD IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!   Well, viagra online stores because Jason Bay can’t pitch.

Viagra online stores It’s not just that Bay is not a pitcher and the Mets need about three starting pitchers to even think of contending for an NL Pennant , viagra online stores I still look at the Mets as Bay’s last resort.  You have to feel, viagra online stores the Red Sox were his first choice to re-enlist with and his agent made a 4yr/$60mil offer to which Theo Epstein said “Do I know you”? That’s Cold Hearted Theo, viagra online stores “Come back when you settle for as 2yr plus and option and maybe I’ll dance with you”. Viagra online stores The Highlanders would seem to be choice two, viagra online stores put it seems that the heirs to the Highlander fortune, viagra online stores Hal and Hank A/K/A The Fortunate Son’s, viagra online stores feel as though we won the World Series so now it’s time for us to set up our bank accounts because there will be a mucho disposable dinero flowing in the Bronx this summer and the Fortunate Sons want to bring back Bags O Cash to their Tampa lair. Viagra online stores Then there is the Seattle Mariners , viagra online storeswhich for Bay would have worked out the best for the Boy from BC. Viagra online stores  Mrs. Viagra online stores Bay is from the Pacific Northwest so the thought of playing house close to where he grew up with many millions in his pocket had to be very pleasing to the Bay’s. Viagra online stores Problem is new Mariners GM Jack Z felt, viagra online stores sure we’d love to have you here but not for some ridiculous sum of $16 mil a year. Viagra online stores Instead Jack Z went for bat shit crazy Milton Bradley who came to the Emerald City with his pockets full of cash, viagra online stores letting the M’s save money for something important like pitching. Viagra online stores Did you know that Jack Z was once part of the Mets front office?

Viagra online stores So the way I look at it, viagra online stores Jason Bay had no other choice but to play for the Mets. Viagra online stores But I still feel the Mets were that last fat kid picked when you would choose up sides in the school yard. Viagra online stores I just hope that at the Bay presser he doesn’t start waxing poetic about being back in the Mets organization , viagra online storesin fact I’d have a better appreciation for Bay if he didn’t have a presser but I’m sure Jeffey and Jay Horowitz are at King Kullen right now ordering the cold cuts.

Viagra online stores Look you have to give Omar his props as he obtained a power hitting corner outfielder at his terms. Viagra online stores For all the venom tossed at Omar’s way this winter once in a while you can give him a pat on the back. Viagra online stores Beisdes, viagra online stores Jeffey Skill Sets and Dave The Shyster would just the money on a house in the Hamptons.

Viagra online stores Now is not the time for the Mets front office to take any bows, viagra online stores there work is far from done. Viagra online stores Now try to make a deal with the Reds and Royals for Aaron Harang, viagra online stores Bronson Arroyo or Gil Meche . Viagra online stores Get two of those three and I’ll bring a marble rye to the presser. Viagra online stores  

Viagra online stores           

Viagra online stores  

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Viagra with no prescription I know we all bleed Orange and Blue around here and you’re probably saying to yourself “why should I read “The Yankee Years” (Doubleday) by Joe Torre and TomVerduuci? Well if you’re a baseball fan and if you really want to feel better about being a Mets fan you’ll read this book.

Viagra with no prescription Verducci does the writing here and that’s what makes this a first rate book. Viagra with no prescription St Joseph of Torre adds in lots of inside the Highlander clubhouse stuff and the book does come off a bit like a tell all jilted lover story but the real big contributors to this book are bullpen catcher Mike Borzello, viagra with no prescription who is not afraid to let his feelings known like when he tells how the Derek Jeter-Alex Rodriguez War of the Roses spilt the team, viagra with no prescription David Cone and Mike Mussina who come off as straight shooters.

Viagra with no prescription The book reveals how the Steinbren-ian way of just buying talent bothered Brian Cashman as the more he dealt with Billy Beane, viagra with no prescription Theo Epstein and Mark Shapiro, viagra with no prescription he wanted to run the Highlanders in the same new school manor.

Viagra with no prescription Verducci also delves in the PED Revolution with Rick Helling comeing off as the voice in the forest pertaining to steroids and how they were rampant through baseball and needed to be controlled and both ownership and the MLBPA told him to “Sit down and shut up”

Viagra with no prescription The book is a great read and just shows that The Yankee Way is really a myth as Verducci and Torre let us know that once his core guys (Bernie Williams, viagra with no prescription Chuck Knoblauch, viagra with no prescription Tino Martinez, viagra with no prescription Paul O’Neil and David Cone) left the team, viagra with no prescription they were replaced by guys who had no idea what it took to win and it’s a problem that the Highlanders still have today.

Viagra with no prescription After reading this book I realized the New York Highlanders are not as regal or as highfalutin as my Highlander fan relatives, viagra with no prescription co-worker or next door neighbor will lead me to believe.

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Cialis dosagem As much as I love the Mets, cialis dosagem I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with the Boston Red Sox. Cialis dosagem Part of that comes from Boston being the place my father settle in with his brothers and sister came to the U.S. Cialis dosagem from Ireland and that I have family there and I love spending summers on Cape Cod. Cialis dosagem As a kid whenever the Sox played on the Game of the Week or against the Highlanders I always made it my business to take in those games. Cialis dosagem In his new book It Was Never About The Babe, cialis dosagem(published by Skyhorse Publishing) author Jerry M. Cialis dosagem Gutlon breaks the myths of curses and bad luck that have become folk law in Red Sox Nation.

Cialis dosagem Gutlon uncovers how misguided anti-Semitism by AL President Ban Johnson towards Harry Frazee (Frazee was not Jewish but Johnson believed he was) that forced Frazee to trade Babe Ruth to the Highlanders. Cialis dosagem The author also uncovers the racism and wild decisions made by Tom Yawkey under the influence of alcohol that were an embarrassment to the organization and set the franchise back decades.

Cialis dosagem Now under the guiding hands of Theo Epstein, cialis dosagem Larry Luchino and John Henry the Red Sox have become the model franchise in baseball combing statistical work along with good old fashion bird dog scouting and using their vast revenues to build the team on the major league level and keep the farm system fertile.

Cialis dosagem Even if you are not a Red Sox fan, cialis dosagem Gutlon’ book is a great read for any one interested in baseball history.

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