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Herbal risk viagra Not much to talk about today with the off day and most of the “woe is us” post were done yesterday, herbal risk viagra so lets take a ride around the blogsphere and see what the more fertile minds are saying:

Herbal risk viagra Dillion Gee was a pitcher that Jerry Manuel was fond of last spring in fact Gee was one of those players Manuel picked out of camp to proclaim he could break camp a la Jenry Mejia this year. Herbal risk viagra Gee though suffered from a partially torn labrum that sidelined him for most of last season but now Gee is back and after his first start with the Bisons he’ shown some nice numbers and could just vault himself up North soon. Herbal risk viagra Check out Fonzie Forever’ post on Dillion Gee.

Herbal risk viagra As from chicken wing country, herbal risk viagra Ike Davis continues to hit at Triple A and for reasons I can’t comprehend, herbal risk viagra Jerry Manuel is not storming Omar’s office and demanding that Davis be brought up. Herbal risk viagra If my ass were on the line like J-Man’s I’d take no prisoners.

Herbal risk viagra Matthew Cerrone has a post on MetsBlog on the debut of Aroldis Chapman in Double A yesterday and what effect this would have on the Reds trading Aaron Harang ? The thing with Chapman, herbal risk viagra you wonder what kind of scouting and how hard did the Mets look at Chapman ? As fans we have no knowledge of what this young man from Cuba translates into as a bonifide Major Leaguer but Omar Minaya and his scouts get paid to find the Chapman’s of the baseball world. Herbal risk viagra The question is, herbal risk viagra did Omar and the scouts do the leg work scouting Chapman and then get shot down on by ownership when the price went high? If the Mets lost out on Chapman, herbal risk viagra solely for monetary reasons then the Wilpon’s need to get out of the baseball business. Herbal risk viagra If the Omar and his scouts said he wasn’t worth it? Then they need to be fired. Herbal risk viagra In any case as Mats fan we should be given the reason why the Mets did not get involved with Aroldis Chapman. Herbal risk viagra Also forget about Roy Oswalt and Chris Young coming to the Mets, herbal risk viagra both are damaged goods.

Herbal risk viagra Nick Evans life story will be made into a Lifetime movie some day.

Herbal risk viagra Tonight at 11PM ET join me and Adam Bernacchio of The Ghost of Moonlight Graham as we host the Baseball Bloggers Alliance BBA TALK on BLOGTALK RADIO. 

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Map Kids, map I was thisclose to getting a word with Jeffey Skill Sets yesterday, map thisclose.

Map I left my office on W.Broadway at 4PM to go to the game last night. Map I grabbed an uptown 2 train to Times Square and jumped on the 7 which just happened to be an express and I arrived at $iti Field by 4:45. Map To my surprise the gates at the O’Malley Shrine were opened and fans were filing in. Map I went down the left field line to watch BP after awhile I moseyed around the park, map grabbed a hot dog (I swear Nathan’s makes two different brands of hot dogs, map one for Coney Island and the other for general distribution as the Coney Island dogs are superior to the any other Nathan’s dogs off site. Map I swear on Coney Island they boiler the hot dogs in ocean water before grilling them) walked a little more, map looked at sites, map listened to the sounds and all of a sudden I saw a commotion in front of the Mets dugout. Map There with microphones, map cameras and note pads was the CEO of the New York Mets, map Jeffery S. Map Skill Sets holding court and me just 20 rows and a security guard away from my ultimate goal to heckle Jeffey. Map Now I knew there was no way in hell I was getting down there not with James from Woodside (that’s what it said on his badge) guarding the section.

Map So I had to wait until I go home from the game to hear what Jeffey had to say (just as well I didn’t get down to the dugout, map who wants to get tossed out the ball park before a game and on your birthday no less) but from listening it seems that Omar acted out of frustration against Adam Rubin and what I found interesting was that Jeffey who usually calls his daddy and uncle by their first names, map keeping it business like, map said that Monday was an “embarrassment to him his father and his uncle” WOW this is personal. Map Omar’s in trouble here and it will take some big time fence mending with the Skill Sets and the press to save him. Map He better hope this on field resurgence continues as he is on thin ice and the temperature is getting hotter by the second.

Map This is where Minaya made his biggest mistake he made this personal and not business. Map His buddy got caught doing some nasty shit and Adam Rubin reported the facts and Omar got caught covering up Tony B’s transgressions. Map Omar wanted his pound of flesh and made himself into an ass doing it. Map Let’s see if he can recover from this.

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