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Purchase cialis The mantra of Terry Collins the second half of this dismal season has been “this is the time for some guys to show they belong here’ here being in the big leagues. Purchase cialis So far the vast majority of Mets players have not measure up to that test. Purchase cialis What should infuriate Mets fans even more is that the wild card race has become a wide open affair in the National League.

Purchase cialis For most of the season it looked as though the Braves and Pirates would be playing in the one game knockout tournament. Purchase cialis The Dodgers then went out and made the deal of the millennium and the Giants lost Melkey Cabrea to doping charges. Purchase cialis It seemed like the Giants would drop out and the Dodgers would take over the NL West. Purchase cialis  The opposite occurred with the Giants players bonding in the wake of the Cabrea suspension and the fact that the Melk Man wasn’t man enough to face his teammates to apologize for abandoning them. Purchase cialis It seems that back turn by Cabrera has been a rallying cry for the Giants. Purchase cialis The Dodgers on the other hand have stopped scoring runs (sound familiar?) and the Pirates returned to form losing 15 of their last 20 games, purchase cialis same for the Cardinals who have dropped 12 of last 20 while the Braves have tread water at 10-10. Purchase cialis While those teams hit the skids the left for dead Phillies and Brewers have both gone on 15-5 streaks to get them back in the thick of wild card contention. Purchase cialis  Have you noticed I’ve failed to mention our beloved NY Mets in this conversation? Why is it that some teams like the Phillies and Brewers can go into slumps but then not give up the season and fight for a spot? How is it that team’s like the Pirates, purchase cialis Dodgers and Cardinals are now in slumps, purchase cialis at the worst time of the season to do so, purchase cialis but are still fighting to stay in the hunt while the New York Eeyores just plod along?  

Purchase cialis This should be the message that Terry Collins sends his players in his pre-game talk with them. Purchase cialis Let them know that these three games with the Brewers are a test, purchase cialis a test to see if they have the heart and guts to compete with a team that rose from the ranks that the Mets have made permanent residence in, purchase cialis the also ran’s, purchase cialis to a team in contention. Purchase cialis  Let them know that this is their time to have an impact on the season to help alter the course of the post season race. Purchase cialis To me this is a real test of Collins and his players to show that they actually give a shit about winning. Purchase cialis  If this team can’t find it in itself to show some competiveness and some pride in this series and Terry Collins comes out in the post-game and says he saw some good things and that guys tried, purchase cialis I’m going to sue the Mets for the price of a 55” Samsung TV because I will throw the remote control through my television if that happens.

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Does generic cialis work I had hoped to post this earlier this morning but I was having some computer issues, does generic cialis work so now that that’s fixed I figured let me throw this up tonight since there’s no Mets to watch  

Does generic cialis work  

Does generic cialis work When I saw the lineup that Terry Collins cobbled together last night it left me speechless.  Vinny Rottino batting 5th? Ginger Tuner 6th Rob Johnson in a big league game?  I then proclaimed this as a no can do game for the Mets to win in fact if they did I felt it would be an instant Mets Classic.

Does generic cialis work Well, does generic cialis work cut off my legs and call me Eddie Gadell, does generic cialis work the Mets not only won the game and swept the three games series but if watched the game with someone who never watched baseball before which team do you think they would say was the favorite to win the NL East?  The Mets looked like the team to beat and the Phucks ? Like a bunch of broken down old men.  As enjoyable as it was to see the Mets make another late inning push to the finish line, does generic cialis work how much did you enjoy the Phuck Phace Phans storming out of CBP after the Mets top of the 8th   like there was a free government cheese giveaway on Broad Street.

Does generic cialis work Of course it’s too early to gloat but for all the doom and gloom that surrounded the Mets all winter and into spring training (anyone still upset by the club’s shitty Grapefruit League record ?) having this team (18-13) just 2 games off the pace of the best record in the NL (Dodgers  and Cardinals are at 20-11) and 2.5 games away from the best record in all of MLB (Rangers at 20-10) is something to be proud of. Does generic cialis work But Terry Collins won’t ever show that side of him, does generic cialis work sure he’s happy with the wins and how the team has played but he also knows there is such a small margin for error with this club and the fan base is one 3 game losing streak from turning on them so he keeps his emotions to himself and his players have taken his queue as well, does generic cialis work hopefully sometime in October all the emotion can be released.

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Cheapest viagra Not much energy to put up a post today, cheapest viagra watching the NY Rangers play an epic 3 OT playoff game will drain a fan. Cheapest viagra Between watching Henrik Lundqvist kick and catch puck after puck and seeing Ranger after Ranger drop down and block pucks to the point that Dan Girardi and Brian Boyle got their best rest while getting stitched up so they could go back out to block some more pucks.

Cheapest viagra I’m just thankful that after investing over 5 hours of hockey watching the Rangers game away with the 2-1 win and 2 games to 1 lead in the series.

Cheapest viagra So after going to bed at about a quarter to 1 this morning, cheapest viagra waking up at 5 AM and getting to work by 6:30AM I’m a tad fatigued. Cheapest viagra So I’ll just say this about the three games of awful pitching in Houston, cheapest viagra the front office has to show the fan base that they will go out and find a better option than Chris Schwinden. Cheapest viagra I don’t want to see Matt Harvey or Jureys Familia, cheapest viagra let them stay on their development course. Cheapest viagra  I’m ok with Jeremy Hefner taking Schwinden place, cheapest viagra hell a forfeit might make better sense than starting Schwinden again. Cheapest viagra If you ever wanted to know what a 4A player looks like its Chris Schwinden

Cheapest viagra I doubt seriously that Roy Oswalt would sign a deal with the Mets but you know what? Humor me. Cheapest viagra Make an attempted and contact Oswalt’s agent and see what it would take to sign him. Cheapest viagra Sweeten the deal with a clause that if he joins the Mets and they are not in contention at the trade deadline you will either trade him to a contender or release him. Cheapest viagra As I say, cheapest viagra I doubt Oswalt would sign with the Mets and he may not even be effective but I need a sign that the Mets are back in the baseball business. Cheapest viagra  Even a trade for an arm, cheapest viagra and again I’m not looking for a 1, cheapest viagra 2 or 3 starter, cheapest viagra in fact the perfect guy for the Mets to make a move on would be Jason Marquis. Cheapest viagra Marquis would be a nice fit in place of Mike Pelfrey and I’d bet it wouldn’t take  much to rustler him away from the Minnesota Twins , cheapest viagra add in that Marquis still lives on Staten Island I’m sure he’d jump at the chance to come  home to pitch.

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Free trial of viagra 3-0 is wonderful but I’m not ready to get jiggy with it just yet. Free trial of viagra  Put aside that the last three days were the best we’ve seen in Flushing in a while there were some subtle changes that I saw with this Mets team the first three games of 2012 that could make this season better than most of us thought.

Free trial of viagra When Kirk Nieuwenhuis made his Major League debut on Saturday, free trial of viagra the Mets fielded a starting nine that was composed of seven home grown players. Free trial of viagra The only two “outsiders” were Jason Bay (who was a homegrown put once removed so I won’t count him here) and Robert Allen Dickey (a review of his outstanding book will be posted here soon) everyone else were born and raised, free trial of viagra New York Mets.

Free trial of viagra Think back Mets fans to years of when there weren’t any “growing up Mets” in the everyday lineup, free trial of viagra just a bunch of mercenary’s who came to Flushing for the Maddoff greenbacks. Free trial of viagra Winning? Who cares about winning just make sure that big seven figure check is in my hands the 15th and 30th of the month. Free trial of viagra It was that way of building a team that resulted in losing ways and the fan base having a hard time rooting for the Mets. Free trial of viagra Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez were as hated as any Mets player not named Vince Coleman, free trial of viagra Bobby Bonilia or Richie Hebner. Free trial of viagra Carlos Beltran, free trial of viagra one of the best players to ever wear a Mets uniform, free trial of viagra was never embraced by the fan base, free trial of viagra some still held a grudge that he contacted the Bronx Bastards before signing a Mets contract on the bottom line and others just never cottoned to the right fielder because he made his bones in Kansas City and Houston. Free trial of viagra He wasn’t an authentic Met.

Free trial of viagra You’ve seen how many Mets fans were upset over Jose Reyes leaving the Mets to join the Fish and their Commie-loving manager Ozzie “Little El Jefe” Guillen, free trial of viagra as the crying was over the Reyes being a Met his whole baseball life.  That’s why this 2012 Mets team is the kind of team we’ve always wanted, free trial of viagra players who have come up the minor leagues ranks together, free trial of viagra a team that truly likes one and other and is cohesive bunch with an all for one, free trial of viagra one for all mindset.

Free trial of viagra I know there are some who feel the word “chemistry” is not just over used but meaningless when it comes to sports teams, free trial of viagra and I totally disagree with that mindset. Free trial of viagra The fact that the majority of this Mets team has rode buses together, free trial of viagra shared some really bad fast food at all hours of the night and grew up in the system is not something to discard. Free trial of viagra Think of how it felt to be Kirk Nieuwenhuis, free trial of viagra you’re called up to the big leagues, free trial of viagra your dream come true and sure your nervous but when you walk into the clubhouse there are so many familiar faces, free trial of viagra guys who’ve played with in the minors who you know and trust will make your transition from prospect to big leaguer so much smoother than if there were a bunch of grizzled red ass vets (ask Gregg Jefferies or Lastings Milledge what that was like) who see you as a threat to their jobs.

Free trial of viagra It’s why this Mets team will be one of the easiest Mets teams to root for in awhile. Free trial of viagra Of course we know as great as a 3-0 record is, free trial of viagra they could drop 2 of the nest three or 4 of the next 6, free trial of viagra but watching this team play these three games and how they interact together as a team, free trial of viagra the bad stretches that every team goes through in a grueling 162 season may not be as catastrophic as in years past, free trial of viagra because these Mets have each other’s backs.

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Canadian generic cialis Following a Mets game on Twitter is a trip but following a Mets game on Twitter when it’s a Mike Pelfrey start is a trip on brown acid. Canadian generic cialis With the absence of fan punching bags Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo, canadian generic cialis Mets fans needed to find a new player to kick the shit out of and Big Pelf stepped into that role rather well this season.

Canadian generic cialis What frustrates the living shit out of me with Pelf is he has the talent to be a dominant pitcher in the big leagues  along with the classic pitchers body but what he lacks is the cerebal “SKILL SETS” to combine the physical end of pitching with the most important part of pitching, canadian generic cialis the mental part.

Canadian generic cialis Let’s not dismiss the fact that Pelf lost his long time mentor with the passing of Harvey Dorfman, canadian generic cialis the psychologist who not only wrote books on the mental part of baseball and one strictly on pitching but he also was a huge part of the careers of Al Leiter and John Smoltz.

Canadian generic cialis Pelf would speak to Dorfman on a regular basis and this season was the first the big righty could not pick up the phone or fly Dorfman in for a skull session.

Canadian generic cialis This situation is not lost on Sandy Alderson which is why I think these are the last three games of Dan Warthen’ reign as Mets pitching coach. Canadian generic cialis  This just a gut feeling, canadian generic cialis but I could definitely see Rick Peterson coming back as Mets pitching coach in 2012. Canadian generic cialis Alderson and his staff have a history with Peterson who is cut from the same analytical cloth as the leaders of the Mets front office so it’s no pipe dream that this reunion could happen for 2012.

Canadian generic cialis It’s also not to say that the Peterson approach will work with Big Pelf although Pelfrey had a fine season under Peterson’s tutelage in 2007, canadian generic cialis his first full year with the Mets and seeing that the Alderson plan is go younger and cheaper with pitching talent it could be the missing piece to getting the most out of Pelf, canadian generic cialis Dillon Gee and Jon Niese by having them work with Rick Peterson.

Canadian generic cialis And don’t discount that fact the SNY would be sitting on a ratting bonanza by having Peterson and R.A. Canadian generic cialis Dickey host a show discussing not just baseball but their views on life and the world around us. Canadian generic cialis Talk about must see TV.

Canadian generic cialis Even with Pelf having the representation of the Agent of Darkness, canadian generic cialis how much does he think he is going to get in arbitration; in fact you’d have to think he wouldn’t want to have anything to do with presenting his case to an arbitrator no matter what the Agent of Darkness thinks. Canadian generic cialis Pelf made a shade under $4 mil this season and in his Mets career he’s cashed checks of close to $9mil so I’d say he owes the club and should sign for a modest (though underserved ) raise of maybe $4.5 for 2012 with some incentives.

Canadian generic cialis It’s easy to say “dump his ass” but where do you find a guy with the physical tools and plow horse endurance of a Mike Pelfrey. Canadian generic cialis Hire The Jacket and send Pelf to the lab and let’s see if this is a talent really worth saving.

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H h order viagra What’s not to like? 2 of 3 on the road from the Fish to start the season is as good as it gets. H h order viagra Last year the road was a scary place for the Mets who didn’t win a road series until beating the Orioles during last June’s inter league play. H h order viagra Not only was this an impressive road series victory but it was against a division rival that seems to give the Mets fits.

H h order viagra No one on the Mets roster can complain this weekend about playing time as Terry Collins used the whole roster, h h order viagra just about, h h order viagra in all three games.

H h order viagra What more can be said about Willie Harris ? A HR today a couple of doubles in his last game, h h order viagra and 4 RBI as well as Howie Rose said last night on the radio, h h order viagra “what took so long for the Mets to get this guy”

H h order viagra Ike Davis hit a blast in the 3rd off Javy Vasquez who is just a mess on the mound, h h order viagra almost as much a mess as the Marlins D. H h order viagra It’s that god awful defense that holds the Fish back from being a legit contender.

H h order viagra Usually the April Fools gag that was perpetrated by the SNY employee who played the Family Guy clip mocking the Mets losing on opening day, h h order viagra would have the club say, h h order viagra see we can take a joke” but with all the negative vibe being generated from the ownership mess and unprofessionalism by the main steam media, h h order viagra whoever was guilty of the prank has to be fired immediately. H h order viagra If the organization is going to take a stand and stop allowing itself to be a patsy for no talent hacks like Fillip Bondy in the NY Daily Lupica, h h order viagra then this is a good place to start.

H h order viagra I don’t see how the Mets look bad as per the comments that Pee Wee Cashman made about Pedro Feliciano being “damaged goods”. H h order viagra If any one should be embarrassed its Pee Wee. H h order viagra  When Old School Dan Warthen heard Cashman’s comments I guess he got a laugh as he said “why do you think we didn’t resign him”? Didn’t Pee Wee know that Gary Cohen gave Feliciano the name “Perpetual Pedro” for a reason?  He led all of baseball in pitching appearances the last three seasons and to Feliciano’s credit, h h order viagra he asked for the ball everyday, h h order viagra the only real gamer on the club the last two seasons. H h order viagra Warthen knew Pedro was on his last legs (or arm) and I’m sure he recommended to Sandy Alderson to take a Pasadena on PP. H h order viagra Maybe someone in the Highlander front office could show Pee Wee the Baseball-Reference website, h h order viagra it might be helpful when he makes his next player move.

H h order viagra Jason Isringhausen felt a twinge in his back as he pitched in a minor league game today. H h order viagra Alderson comes up smelling like a rose once again.

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Purchase cialis cheap Allright back to blogging after a weekend of freezing my ass off on a camping trip in Northern New Jersey. Purchase cialis cheap  I spent the weekend with my son and his Boy Scout Troop at Camp No-Be Bosco in NJ, purchase cialis cheap if it wasn’t bad enough the woods were snow covered, purchase cialis cheap the temps were in the mid-teens on Friday night and Saturday morning, purchase cialis cheap but I have to admit this was what we call “fat-ass camping” we slept in cabins with propane heat but still, purchase cialis cheap we did a 5 mile hike into the mountains which was nice until we discovered a couple of huge bear paw prints. Purchase cialis cheap That’s when my bowels started to churn a bit.

Purchase cialis cheap Anyway, purchase cialis cheap here it is with opening day just five days away and it feels like football season more than baseball but never the less for us Mets fans Friday night at 7:05pm at “Your Name Here Stadium” in South Florida it will be the start of the Mets 2011 season but between now and Friday the decision makers of the Mets have some tough roster moves to make.

Purchase cialis cheap The starting eight look set now that Carlos Beltran is confident he will be good to go on opening day. Purchase cialis cheap Day two of the season he may not be and that looks to be how Beltran’s season will go. Purchase cialis cheap He is not an everyday player any longer. Purchase cialis cheap If he plays two or three games in a row we will surely need a day off to rest his hurting knees. Purchase cialis cheap  That would make Scott Hairston or Willie Harris, purchase cialis cheap Beltran’ caddy. Purchase cialis cheap Hairston has some power but he hasn’t played much right field so this could be problem if Beltran’s knee woes become chronic. Purchase cialis cheap  Harris fits the bill defensively (as we Mets fans know too well) and he has that nice OBP that’s all the rage in Metsville. Purchase cialis cheap Depending on the pitcher the day Terry Collins will need an understudy will determine if Hairston (bats right) or Harris (bats left) gets the nod.

Purchase cialis cheap The four everyday infielders are set with Brad Emaus taking over second base on a futures bet by the Mets. Purchase cialis cheap Emaus didn’t light up spring training but with a big endorsement from J.P. Purchase cialis cheap Riccardi, purchase cialis cheap Emaus gets to show his stuff on opening day and beyond, purchase cialis cheap how far beyond will be up to Emaus. Purchase cialis cheap The infield bench consists of a no hit (Chin-lung Hu) no glove (Daniel Murphy) and a man of many gloves (Willie Harris who I bet will be the emergency third catcher) and some bat, purchase cialis cheap what this does is it makes Nick Evans an ex-Met, purchase cialis cheap which is kind of sad.

Purchase cialis cheap The catcher position is becoming a mess. Purchase cialis cheap Josh Thole is the starter but who will back him up? The Mets waited and waited for Rony Paulino knowing he came with some carryon baggage in an 8 game suspension for PED use. Purchase cialis cheap He then added another piece of luggage with his visa problems and now he’s added a steamer trunk with news that some blood work that was done on him looks problematic. Purchase cialis cheap Mike Nickeas is ok for a week but no way can the Mets go a full season with him as the backup catcher, purchase cialis cheap so if Paulino has an illness the Mets may have to scramble for a backup catcher. Purchase cialis cheap Anyone have Bengi Molina’s phone number?

Purchase cialis cheap The starting pitching is set, purchase cialis cheap as is 6/7ths of the bullpen, purchase cialis cheap with the competition between Blaine Boyer and the surprising Jason Isringhausen comong down to a last minute decision. Purchase cialis cheap  Izzy has been a great story this spring and looked to be a lock to win a job until he heard a pop in his elbow and Boyer has been fabulous this spring. Purchase cialis cheap As much as the club wants to keep Izzy, purchase cialis cheap the worry is he will breakdown in a month or two, purchase cialis cheap and Boyer has an out in his contract and will scooped up by another team in a heartbeat. 

Purchase cialis cheap Sandy Alderson admitted during the bloggers conference call that the decision on who gets the last bullpen spot is a very tough call. Purchase cialis cheap  Izzy brings a battle tested pitcher to the pen and has shown he wants to pass on his knowledge to his mates. Purchase cialis cheap  It’s really really tough but since the medical staff says it was just some old scar tissue that’s popped and Izzy has returned to pitching and has still been effective, purchase cialis cheap I’d take a shot at keeping him on the 25 man roster.

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Brand viagra So I’m still a man without a home, brand viagra a work home that is as the renovation of my office is taking on a rebuilding of London after WWII feel to it, brand viagra but I figured give a little bit of an opinion of the last few days as per the Mets GM search and the post season:

Brand viagra It looks like Sandy Alderson is very much interested in running the Mets baseball ops and I as giddy as a character on GLEE if he gets the job. The fact that John Ricco was retained by the Skill Sets bodes well for Alderson coming on board and grooming Ricco to learn the GM the right way.  

Brand viagra Look I’m not happy with the Phuck Phaces domination of the Reds and Halladay’s no hitter, brand viagra but I have to give him his due, brand viagra that was one of the greatest pitched games I have ever seen from a guy not named Seaver.

Brand viagra Is it worse to not make the playoffs where at least you know your team needs to make some big changes or is it better to win your division but get your ass kicked in three games like the Twins? Just once I’d like to see the Twins step up in a post season match up vs. Brand viagra the Highlanders.

Brand viagra Same with the Rays, brand viagra this is not the way to get folks to come out and support you

Brand viagra My boy Tim Lincecum was down right nasty last night as he dominated the Tomahawkers. Brand viagra Anyone for a NLCS Lincecum v. Brand viagra Halladay? Fuck Yeah!!!!

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Does generic cialis work Sorry for the fragmented posts but I’m tired. Does generic cialis work I did THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN from 10Pm to 11PM then I co-hosted with Michael Jong of Marlins Maniac on BBA TALK also on BLOG TALK RADIO so I’m a bit tired and if you are reading my Tweets, does generic cialis work I am one cranky bastard today.

Does generic cialis work So thankfully I’m off today from work and due to the rain and cold I canceled baseball practice for this afternoon, does generic cialis work for the good of the kids because when I am in my cranky bastard mood and add in that we practice at a field next to South Beach on Staten Island and it’s cold and damp, does generic cialis work that is a very explosive combination. Does generic cialis work Add in that my pitchers have been falling into the bad habit of pitching from behind on just about every hitter that last three games, does generic cialis work nothing would good would come from being around people today.

Does generic cialis work So I will hit my Man Cave at 1PM to watch the Mets-Nats, does generic cialis work close the door and activate the OLD MAN IS CRANKY alert to serve as a warning.

Does generic cialis work

Does generic cialis work You’re surrounded LeBron, does generic cialis work  come out with your hands up!

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Ordering viagra overnight delivery If Freddi Gonzalez ever feels his job as head Fishmonger is in jeopardy, ordering viagra overnight delivery he’d better hope the Mets are on the upcoming schedule. Ordering viagra overnight delivery The Marlins have now beaten the Mets 13 times in the last 24 games.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery Yes, ordering viagra overnight delivery yes, ordering viagra overnight delivery yes I know the season is in its infancy stage but didn’t the last three games look as though 2009 hasn’t ended? If not for the big effort by Johan Santana on Monday the Mets might be 0 for 2010 today.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery Nice work by Jon Neise last night working all his pitches and hitting the strike zone on the down low. Ordering viagra overnight delivery  The way he worked his fastball and cutter was encouraging as well. Ordering viagra overnight delivery Too bad the Mets couldn’t put a few crooked numbers up for him. Ordering viagra overnight delivery Sure 3 runs allowed in 6 innings is an average performance but Niese did pitch to contact and after watching John Maine on Wednesday at least he threw strikes.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery I keep looking and looking but I can’t find where the Mets have DFA’Mike Jacobs? By the way Ike Davis had 3 hits in 4AB’s in a losing Buffalo Bison effort last night. Ordering viagra overnight delivery Just sayin’

Ordering viagra overnight delivery Should SNY start Mets telecast like an episode of 24 as a count down to when Jerry Manuel gets fired, ordering viagra overnight delivery “The following occurred between 7:10PM and 10:35PM”

Ordering viagra overnight delivery This weekend series against the Nationals is a “must-win” for the Mets. Ordering viagra overnight delivery What? Too early?

Ordering viagra overnight delivery Luis Castillo will sit out tonight’s game with calf (wink, ordering viagra overnight delivery wink) discomfort. Ordering viagra overnight delivery So tonight we get Alex “Leader of Men” Cora at 2nd base and Ruben Tejada at short, ordering viagra overnight delivery and hopefully by tomorrow Jose Reyes will be activated from the DL unless of course he eats a dozen oysters on the half shell on the plane ride from St. Ordering viagra overnight delivery Lonesome. Ordering viagra overnight delivery Oh and Michael Highlander, ordering viagra overnight delivery I’m wearing my doo-rag today!!!!

Ordering viagra overnight delivery I’m proud to say I have not watched one second of Jersey Shore being that if I want to look at wanna be tough guys and cows who have an over inflate view of their importance I can stroll the Staten Island Mall, ordering viagra overnight delivery but the commercial for Vitamin Water D-Wright shot with this cugine (pronounced COO-Jean) The Situation was pretty amusing. Ordering viagra overnight delivery D-Wright by the way had a piece of the Vitamin Water and when they were bought by Coca-Cola Wright made a nice piece of change.

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