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Viagra side effects What’s not to like? 2 of 3 on the road from the Fish to start the season is as good as it gets. Viagra side effects Last year the road was a scary place for the Mets who didn’t win a road series until beating the Orioles during last June’s inter league play. Viagra side effects Not only was this an impressive road series victory but it was against a division rival that seems to give the Mets fits.

Viagra side effects No one on the Mets roster can complain this weekend about playing time as Terry Collins used the whole roster, viagra side effects just about, viagra side effects in all three games.

Viagra side effects What more can be said about Willie Harris ? A HR today a couple of doubles in his last game, viagra side effects and 4 RBI as well as Howie Rose said last night on the radio, viagra side effects “what took so long for the Mets to get this guy”

Viagra side effects Ike Davis hit a blast in the 3rd off Javy Vasquez who is just a mess on the mound, viagra side effects almost as much a mess as the Marlins D. Viagra side effects It’s that god awful defense that holds the Fish back from being a legit contender.

Viagra side effects Usually the April Fools gag that was perpetrated by the SNY employee who played the Family Guy clip mocking the Mets losing on opening day, viagra side effects would have the club say, viagra side effects see we can take a joke” but with all the negative vibe being generated from the ownership mess and unprofessionalism by the main steam media, viagra side effects whoever was guilty of the prank has to be fired immediately. Viagra side effects If the organization is going to take a stand and stop allowing itself to be a patsy for no talent hacks like Fillip Bondy in the NY Daily Lupica, viagra side effects then this is a good place to start.

Viagra side effects I don’t see how the Mets look bad as per the comments that Pee Wee Cashman made about Pedro Feliciano being “damaged goods”. Viagra side effects If any one should be embarrassed its Pee Wee. Viagra side effects  When Old School Dan Warthen heard Cashman’s comments I guess he got a laugh as he said “why do you think we didn’t resign him”? Didn’t Pee Wee know that Gary Cohen gave Feliciano the name “Perpetual Pedro” for a reason?  He led all of baseball in pitching appearances the last three seasons and to Feliciano’s credit, viagra side effects he asked for the ball everyday, viagra side effects the only real gamer on the club the last two seasons. Viagra side effects Warthen knew Pedro was on his last legs (or arm) and I’m sure he recommended to Sandy Alderson to take a Pasadena on PP. Viagra side effects Maybe someone in the Highlander front office could show Pee Wee the Baseball-Reference website, viagra side effects it might be helpful when he makes his next player move.

Viagra side effects Jason Isringhausen felt a twinge in his back as he pitched in a minor league game today. Viagra side effects Alderson comes up smelling like a rose once again.

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Viagra from india Wally Backman has signed on to stay in the Mets organization and will mange somewhere in the minor league system. Viagra from india In reality, viagra from india Backman didn’t have much choice. Viagra from india Backman is still miffed that Sandy Alderson didn’t hire him for the top job in Flushing, viagra from india and the one area where I agree with Backman is on his lack of major league experience as a manager. Viagra from india I think the fact that Backman played 14 seasons of Major League ball should  have  had a big advantage over Terry Collins not even having a cup of coffee in the bigs. Viagra from india If the managerial criteria is big league experience then hands down Backman should have gotten the job over Collins.

Viagra from india But I see Collins getting the post as a sign that this organization will become younger, viagra from india much younger and therefore hungrier than what we’ve seen from past Mets teams. Viagra from india Let’s face fact, viagra from india the last three seasons, viagra from india most Mets fans have despised the team and why? Most of us felt they were just a bunch of highly paid veterans you were more worried about there financial situations than the on the field situations. Viagra from india Then there is the off the field stuff like Johan Santana (who if he was healthy I’m sure Alderson & Co would have put on not only the trading block but the trading platter with an apple in his mouth but with $97 mil owed over the next 4 years we are stuck with a once upon a time Ace who if we’re lucky will be a back of the rotation starter in the next four seasons) and of course Frankie Rodriguez and Charlie Samuels. Viagra from india Sandy Alderson was brought in here not just to find better players but to win back the respect of Mets fans and teams around the league as well.

Viagra from india That’s why you are seeing, viagra from india little by little that Alderson would like to rid this team of. Viagra from india Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. Viagra from india I’m a fan of both players but it seems to me the new front office looks at both these players as part of the losing and unprofessional culture of the team. Viagra from india I have never had a problem with Reyes’ antics, viagra from india in fact the guy plays better when he’s dancing and hand shaking but the perception around baseball is he’s immature jerk. Viagra from india When the Cardinals won the 2006 NLCS they were signing the Jose-Jose-Jose chant in their clubhouse and of course Reyes’ teammates just sat in their clubhouse licking their wounds listening to the mocking chants and did nothing. Viagra from india When it comes to doing nothing, viagra from india no team takes shit better than the Mets. Viagra from india  I mean the guy leading the mock chanting was Bradden Looper who sucked ass when he was here and laughed in his former teams face and why? He knew no one would do anything in the Mets clubhouse.

Viagra from india Now this is not to blame Reyes for that not at all but what Alderson is looking at is Reyes worth a long term investment? Probably not.

Viagra from india Reyes will turn 28 during the 2011 season and the last two seasons have been plagued by injury and illness and maybe he does have a big season in him and especially if the Mets hire a new physical training staff that would help Reyes but if Alderson can get some pieces the Mets need for this renovation (I know you folks hate the term rebuilding so I’ll use renovation sounds less severe) I have no question he’d send Reyes off to the highest bidder.

Viagra from india Carlos Beltran right can be had for fifty cents on the dollar. Viagra from india If any team were to approach the Mets with a deal in which that team would take at least half of Beltran’ salary he’ll be an ex-Met faster than you could say “at the end of the day”.

Viagra from india Now I’m sure there is a large segment who disagrees with me on this and that’s fine but you can start to read between the lines here with Alderson. Viagra from india He’s already told you that there will be no big ticket free agent spending this off season. Viagra from india The best he’ll do is look over the non-tender list and hope the market of free agents will be so ample that some players, viagra from india will panic and sign for under value. Viagra from india See, viagra from india the interesting part of this new management team is it’s a patient bunch and they are dealing with a “I want it yesterday” fan base. Viagra from india It’s going to be fun to watch.

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