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Cialis buy Think about this for a minute, cialis buy the Mets have lost their closer for the remainder of the season and maybe part of next season and instead of panic and angst, cialis buy Mets fan are celebrating like the team just won the NL Pennant. Cialis buy Francisco Rodriguez has torn ligaments in his right thumb, cialis buy HOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cialis buy Any other season the scramble would be on to find someone to pitch the 9th inning, cialis buy instead Mets fans are full of optimism that the team will void Rodriguez contract. Cialis buy Fans don’t even care if they can legally do this it’s more like the want to see Rodriguez suffer and maybe that the great legal mind of David Howard can take on the MLBPA and win, cialis buy what could be the most important contest the Mets have been involved in two years. 

Cialis buy Speaking for myself, cialis buy I don’t care if the Mets have to pay K-Rod the rest of this year and next, cialis buy although I’d think if the Mets could win a case against Rodriguez a ticker tape parade down Roosevelt Ave would be appropriate, cialis buy I just want to see the front office show some fight and send a message that they actually give a shit about the team and are tired of being portrayed as bungling douche bags.

Cialis buy Maybe the tide is turning in Flushing, cialis buy as the Mets not only signed their number one pick RHP Matt Harvey but they went over slot price as well.

Cialis buy As another Mets season goes down the shitter, cialis buy what better time to worry about next years contract right? That’s what’s on the mind of Pedro Feliciano. Cialis buy Daily Pedro will be a free agent after this season and is looking to re-up with the Mets and raise up his salary from this years $2.9 mil. Cialis buy I’m sure Feliciano will be looking for a healthy bump in pay and years but at what point do the Mets say farewell as the price in both cash and time becomes prohibited? A LOOGY on a mediocre team is a luxury you don’t really need so it’s more the Mets missed the boat at the trading deadline by not dealing Feliciano. Cialis buy I’m pretty sure you can find a Quadruple A or league average player to play the LOOGY role for a fraction of the price of Daily Pedro.

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Cialisis in canada Unfortunately last night, cialisis in canada Doug Glanville had a family emergency to tend to and had to cancel his appearance with me on This Call To The Bullpen but we are both working on finding another day for Doug to come on the program to talk about his book The Game From Where I Stand (Henry Holt/Times Books) and we hope to have that hashed out in a few days. Cialisis in canada So I had to decide, cialisis in canada cancel the show or just go on and rant for an hour and the hour rant won out. Cialisis in canada So if you want to hear me talk about Jerry Manuel, cialisis in canada playing games that count in Puerto Rico, cialisis in canada Bobby Valentine and Wally Backman, cialisis in canada then check out last nights This Call To The Bullpen.

Cialisis in canada don’t forget to check out the THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN shop at Cafe Press

Cialisis in canada

Cialisis in canada It’s game like last night that stirs the demons of my Mets soul. Cialisis in canada I want nothing more than to stand on Broadway decked out in every piece of Met clothing I own and celebrate the ticker tape parade that no other city in the world gives to his championship sports teams. Cialisis in canada What has me conflicted is, cialisis in canada if that happens, cialisis in canada then Jerry Manuel will be the Mets manager for a minimum of three more years. Cialisis in canada Last nights game showed just about ever deficiency in Manuel’ game. Cialisis in canada Stephen Hanks of Mets Merized Online lays each and every flaw (save maybe for number one and the author agrees that my be picking at nits as well) from not running for Rod Barajas and even the pinch hitting for Ruben Tejeda but the big one for me was using Frankie Rodriguez in the 8th inning last which goes with Manuel’ “throw a reliever against the wall and see what sticks” bullpen management.

Cialisis in canada We are starting to get inundated with Cliff Lee rumors, cialisis in canada not just every day but just about every hour. Cialisis in canada I don’t think there is a Mets fan out there who doesn’t want Lee on the team, cialisis in canada as his presence alone will make the Phuck Phaces and Squaws go “GULP”. Cialisis in canada But at what price would you pay for this rental Ace? At this point there is no way you can trade Angel Pagan. Cialisis in canada Saying that, cialisis in canada when Carlos Beltran does come back, cialisis in canada Beltran is THE CENTERFIELDER and he is the centerfielder until he shows he physically can’t play the position any longer. Cialisis in canada However, cialisis in canada Beltran will not be out there day after day so Pagan gets say two days a week in CF, cialisis in canada then another couple in the corners with more time in RF. Cialisis in canada Beltran is not a corner outfield and there is a huge difference between playing CF from playing a corner outfield spot as we saw with the horrific collision between Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran back in San Diego a few years ago. Cialisis in canada Pagan has played corner outfield so the transition is easier for him.

Cialisis in canada The price on Roy Oswalt may not be too high but Drayton McClain is an Al Davis clone. Cialisis in canada He wants to shed payroll but he hates to part with his good ol’ boys like Oswalt and Lance Berkman, cialisis in canada even when both player say it’s best for the organization to trade both of them.

Cialisis in canada The most intriguing move would be to get Carlos Zambrano as the Cubs would move the high strung Z and take players non grata, cialisis in canada Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo. Cialisis in canada The problem is when all the contracts change hands it could cost the Mets $18 mil for Z . Cialisis in canada Ted Lilly is attractive as well after pitching a great game last night so there are some options for the Mets (Jeffey Skill Sets and John Ricco that is I still say Ricco is running the baseball ops with Jeffey and Omar has been relegated to high paid scout)

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After last night Mets game I was tempted to fire up my laptop and spew about last nights ugly win but I was kind of tired and said “ah, map wait until tomorrow” I figured I’d read the paper on the Ferry and then read all the online articles and then go off on Aaron Heilman, map Elijah Dukes and  Doug Eddings. Map


I get my paper and get ready for my trip across the bay and I’m trying to dwell on what today’s date is. Map I try to avoid the realization that the 7AM ferry is much more crowed than usual and that the extra passengers are cops and firemen in dress uniforms and many people who lost love ones seven years ago today at the World Trade Center. Map I dive into the game story by Adam Rubin and then Bill Madden making a case for Carlos Del-GOD-o for NL MVP and find the distraction I needed.


As I get off the ferry I make my way on my usual route up walking up Broadway towards my office on Worth St. Map Most days the walk is uneventful as it usually involves me listening to my iPod while eyeing the beautiful women of NYC but today each block was tougher and tougher to walk.


First thing I noticed is the amount of police on the street and the area closed off to traffic. Map Both John McCain and Barrack Obama will be here today so downtown is a frozen zone. Map As I get to Wall St, map all the news truck from all the city TV stations and all the National cable stations are here to cover the events of the day. Map I start smiling as I envision this scene in late October as the vision and the weather have a fall feel to it like it is when a team wins a championship and they hold a ticker tape parade. Map But as I walk a couple of blocks to Liberty St my mood changed drastically.


I see a bunch of little kids no more than 7 to 10 or 11 years old and they are being interviewed by someone from FOX 5 News. Map As I look at these children I see that around their necks are pictures of people. Map As I slow down to observe the scene it hits me and hits me very hard, map those pictures are of the parents they lost seven years ago today.


I felt sick. Map I stop for a moment when I get across the street and I had to compose myself for a moment. Map  I still can’t get the image out of my mind of these little kids with the pictures of their dads or moms close to their hearts and how from their young ages  probably don’t remember their lost parents. Map I mean I remember that day vividly as I was in Queens when the attack took place and my son was in the first grade and 7 years old and my daughter was just a toddler of 2 and how my wife had a doctors appointment that morning in Brooklyn and was in the doctors office when all hell broke loose. Map Then we waited for orders from our commissioner to see if he we going to go from and administrative staff to a response unit. Map We were told to stay at the agency headquarters to man the radio and phone. Map I got home that night at about 11 PM and as I walked up from Hylan Blvd to my house all I saw was my wife and two kids sitting on the front steps and my wife in tears happy I was home. Map My kids were really two small to know what was going on and I was grateful for that. Map All that just came over me as I saw those kids and I could feel their heartache of losing the parents they never got to know.


I waited awhile to get to my office as I guess being a macho asshole I didn’t want the guys I work with see me with red eyes but when I got upstairs the office was eerily quiet. Map No yelling, map no usual ball breaking that we do every morning, map no name calling just 15 guys sitting and remembering what happen seven years ago with a lot of red eyes. Map

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