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Order usa viagra online Like Popeye, order usa viagra online “I cans stands so much that I can’t stands no more” 

Order usa viagra online I don’t know how Terry Collins keeps his composure after games like last night. Order usa viagra online Game after game he has to answer the same inane questions that he has no answers to. Order usa viagra online Game after suck ass game, order usa viagra online Collins sits there and calmly answers why the bullpen is an arson squad and why his lineup is impotent. Order usa viagra online I know he has to be seething on the inside but to his credit he never lets’ the media see him sweat. Order usa viagra online Well, order usa viagra online maybe it’s time he started popin’ some sweat.

Order usa viagra online Collins has protected his players better than a grandmother at the local playground but maybe it’s time to take the protective bubble wrap off his precious players. Order usa viagra online Maybe it’s time for Collins to take a page out of the John Tortorella book of press conferences and just come to the podium and say “We sucked today and at this point in the season we, order usa viagra online the baseball people of this organization, order usa viagra online need to sit down and figure out which way we want to go here because as it stands now we are on the road to nowhere”. Order usa viagra online Then just get up and walk out.

Order usa viagra online This team is making blogging about them tougher and tougher each and every day. Order usa viagra online The past four seasons  Mets fans have had absolutely nothing to root for. Order usa viagra online Checkout the second half records for this season and the last three:

Order usa viagra online 2012 9-22

Order usa viagra online 2011 31-40

Order usa viagra online 2010 31-43

Order usa viagra online 2009 28-47

Order usa viagra online You know who I feel sorry for? The poor bastard in the ticket office who has to call season ticket holders to persuade them to renews their seats. Order usa viagra online  You would have it easier trying to sell Mike Bloomberg an NRA membership than Mets season tickets.

Order usa viagra online It’s August 16th we should be following every move being made in the National League and hoping the Mets can grab a waiver wire deal to solidify their spot in a post season run. Order usa viagra online Instead I have Kelly Shoppach, order usa viagra online a catcher I’ve wanted on the Mets for the last two years, order usa viagra online better late than never I guess. Order usa viagra online This weekend I should be riveted to the Mets-Nationals series in D.C., order usa viagra online instead on Saturday I have to have my bagels and coffee ready for 10AM for the start of Aresnal-Sunderland match on ESPN by the way, order usa viagra online any football fans out there care to comment on Van Persie going to the Red Devils????? and at night, order usa viagra online the Giants-Jets exhibition game that has become a must watch since the Rex Ryan era.

Order usa viagra online Something’s gotta give in Flushing this off season, order usa viagra online The Skill Sets have to find a way to raise the payroll and Sandy Alderson has to get creative in trades to put a team on the field that is competitive for more than 81 games, order usa viagra online if not what’s the incentive to buy tickets in 2013?

Order usa viagra online Please no more promotions, order usa viagra online new uniforms  food items or post game rock concerts, order usa viagra online just go out and get some GOD DAMN BALLPLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Order usa viagra online  

Order usa viagra online  

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Canadian pharmacy cialis Yesterday was the day that always has the Mets PR department breakout in a cold sweat, canadian pharmacy cialis the day the Three Schmendricks show up at St. Canadian pharmacy cialis Lonesome. Canadian pharmacy cialis For the past three springs, canadian pharmacy cialis I’ve pleaded with Freddy, canadian pharmacy cialis Jeffey and Uncle Saul to PLEASE, canadian pharmacy cialis PLEASE, canadian pharmacy cialis PLEASE refrain from giving a state of the organization address because it always ends badly.

Canadian pharmacy cialis Freddy Skill Sets has turned into the uncle we fear will fuck up a family function. Canadian pharmacy cialis  When asked about his finances, canadian pharmacy cialis Freddy reaches into his pockets to show he has a fin or two to his name and proclaims himself solvent. Canadian pharmacy cialis He then proclaims “Yeah get used to me I’m gonna be here awhile” and with that the phones in the Mets ticket office at Citi Field go silent.

Canadian pharmacy cialis If Freddy’s presser wasn’t depressing enough, canadian pharmacy cialis along came the word that Jeffey Skill Sets had gotten in touch with his inner Vera Wang and fancied himself as a t shirt designer with his Underdog t-shirt. Canadian pharmacy cialis Now I’m not against t-shirts for a cause but the one that Jeffey came up was a disgrace, canadian pharmacy cialis cheap and childish but it did match his footy pj’s.

Canadian pharmacy cialis My idea for t-shirt for the team would be a fist holding Phillies, canadian pharmacy cialis Marlins, canadian pharmacy cialis Nationals and Braves players in it with the word BEWARE in blue underneath it, canadian pharmacy cialis a nice macho, canadian pharmacy cialis more testosterone than Ryan Braun’ urine, canadian pharmacy cialis manly t-shirt. Canadian pharmacy cialis Not some bullshit cartoon superhero that would have gotten his ass kicked by Crusader Rabbit, canadian pharmacy cialis Mighty Mouse and Courageous Cat, canadian pharmacy cialis all superior cartoon animal super heroes. Canadian pharmacy cialis   

Canadian pharmacy cialis I asked the question yesterday on Twitter , canadian pharmacy cialis which player would have the balls to step up and call bullshit on that shirt? I’m proud to say David Wright showed cojones to voice his displeasure with the whole underdog label.

Canadian pharmacy cialis Speaking of t-shirts this is the kind of t-shirt I love and thinking of getting one.

Canadian pharmacy cialis  

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Uk viagra sales With all the talk of canning Jerry Manuel, uk viagra sales isn’t that just a smoke screen to cover up the inactivity of the Mets front office? I use the term “front office” instead of just signaling out Omar Minaya who in my opinion has been de-nutted by ownership. Uk viagra sales If Omar was axed today, uk viagra sales it wouldn’t bother me in the least, uk viagra sales same with the manager, uk viagra sales but until someone on the inside tells us the story of who is actually making the personnel decisions around here, uk viagra sales I have to put all the blame on the Skill Sets for the team not making moves to show the players and the fans they want to win.

Uk viagra sales Mets fans are in a much better position than the players, uk viagra sales who have no choice but to show up every day, uk viagra sales the fans, uk viagra sales they can go spend their time and money someplace else. Uk viagra sales That’s the beauty of living in NYC, uk viagra sales plenty of options here to spend those discretionary funds.

Uk viagra sales So fine you fire J-Man, uk viagra sales who is coming in Bob Melvin? I have no clue what Bob Melvin can do to shake this up. Uk viagra sales If you make a change why not give Ken Oberkfell the job, uk viagra sales and let him bring Ricky Bones with him to be the pitching coach. Uk viagra sales Obbie has been a loyal Skill Sets solider and Bones has plenty of knowledge of the younger arms in the system  as he like Obbie has been in the org for awhile, uk viagra sales so that  would seem to be the move to make.

Uk viagra sales Look in a perfect world, uk viagra sales I’d want the return of Bobby Valentine as my first choice. Uk viagra sales BV seems to like being on the tele but the allure of running a big league team and his return as a long lost hero would be just the thing to make BV say yes to the job but the Skill Sets are so stupid that they can not comprehend that by offering a sweet deal to Bobby V it would rejuvenate the team and the fan base. Uk viagra sales If the Mets announced today that BV will be the new manager I’d guarantee they phone and internet lines at the $iti Field ticket office would be overloaded. Uk viagra sales The only guy right now that can knock LeBron James watch over the back page is Bobby Valentine.

Uk viagra sales What about Kid Carter? Sure he went about things the wrong way when Willie Randolph was ready for the firing squard but I’m not mad at him. Uk viagra sales His personality and his stature as a former Met with a World Sereis ring and a plaque in the Hall of Fame gives him instant cred in the clubhouse and with the fan base.

Uk viagra sales Until the Skill Sets get it through their numb skulls that the fan base is now leaning toward apathy and have voiced their displeasure with the way this team operates by coming down with a chronic case of alligator arms when it comes to buying tickets, uk viagra sales they need a big splash to reinvigorate things in Flushing, uk viagra sales if not the only lines on 126th and Roosevelt will be for a tire change or a new car radiator.

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Cialis endurance

Cialis endurance Lot’s of posts on this site have been made taking Mets management to task but today I want to start this one with some praise and thanks.

Cialis endurance My son and I were supposed to be at Citi Field yesterday enjoying Opening Day but due to the Easter weekend we could not lay my mother to rest until yesterday. Cialis endurance  I offered my tickets to various friends but none wanted them under the circumstances and a more than one person told me to contact the Mets and tell them of my situation and see if they would exchange the tickets for another game. Cialis endurance  So I called the Mets ticket office to see if they could help me out.

Cialis endurance The seats were in the lower level and cost me $190 so I couldn’t just eat the cost, cialis endurance so it was worth a shot.

Cialis endurance The ticket agent I spoke to offered me his condolences and then asked me  to hold so he could get a supervisor to help me. Cialis endurance The supervisor came on and also offered a kind word and told me “no question, cialis endurance Mr. Cialis endurance Keane we will refund your  ticket and credit your credit card for the full amount” and with that he said “On behalf of the New York Mets, cialis endurance we offer our condolences”

Cialis endurance Thank you to the Mets ticket office and to the Mets organization for their help, cialis endurance understanding and kind words.

Cialis endurance I didn’t get to see much of yesterday’s game but after seeing highlights and reading various sites, cialis endurance I figured I’d comment on a few items:

Cialis endurance It looks as though the Mets have taken the fan base’ advice and Met-trifed Citi Field. Cialis endurance Moving the Shea Stadium Home Run Apple was a tremendous move. Cialis endurance Although I enjoyed sitting at the picnic tables in back of the bullpen with the Apple tucked away in the back, cialis endurance the Apple is now in a proper place out in the open.

Cialis endurance I love that there is a Gil Hodges Entrance and a Tom Seaver Entrance as well. Cialis endurance The Mets Hall of Fame looks like it’s a must see place and the player imagines on banners hanging from the lamp posts are a great touch as well. Cialis endurance I can’t wait to see these things in person.

Cialis endurance I got a letter from the Mets with the location of my brick on the Fan Walk. Cialis endurance It’ s in the spot with the Game 6 of the 1986 World Series plaque and it reads METSFANS4EVER KEANE FAMILY STATEN ISLAND. Cialis endurance  So please no spitting, cialis endurance or gum or cigarette butts on my brick. Cialis endurance Thank You.

Cialis endurance It’s safe to say no other fan base but the Mets fan would boo the training and strength and condition staff. Cialis endurance In fact I don’t think any other fan would know the names of it’s training and strength and conditioning staff.

Cialis endurance Hurray for the new guys as Jason Bay, cialis endurance Gary Mathews Jr and Rod Barajas had big days with the bat.

Cialis endurance The Marlins looked very 2009 Mets-ish with their sloppy defense.

Cialis endurance Not the best welcome back for Mike Jacobs with 2 K’s and being lifted for defensive purpose by Fernando Tatis.

Cialis endurance One win down and nineteen more to go for Johan Santana. Cialis endurance Santana pitched to the ballpark as we got ten outs via fly ball and five K’s with a nice mix of the fastball/changeup that kept the Fish batters off balance. Cialis endurance The man knows how to pitch.

Cialis endurance Those new cream colored pinstriped  uni’s should be the one and only home uniform. Cialis endurance  How can anyone say the black uni tops and those disgusting black and blue hats look better ?

Cialis endurance

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