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Viagra order canada Really not much Mets stuff to talk about, viagra order canada we’ve already covered Johan Santana and his left arm, viagra order canada the new dimensions of the outfield walls at Citi Field and Daniel Murphy playing 2nd base.

Viagra order canada We’ve discussed Sandy Alderson on Twitter (@MetsGM), viagra order canada the schedule for Mets bobble head days (no Kranepool bobbler though, viagra order canada sad!) We talked about the pessimistic/optimistic Mets fan, viagra order canada ticket packages, viagra order canada Ike Davis ankle, viagra order canada David Wright’s back and Lucas Duda outfield prowess.

Viagra order canada We’ve learned that Josh Lewin will be Howie Rose’s tag team partner in the Mets radio booth, viagra order canada and that John Franco (not Edgardo Alfonzo) will be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame. Viagra order canada The new/old uniforms are back, viagra order canada that’s been discussed and of course the financial state of the Skill Sets and the club has been expounded upon by experts and those who have trouble making change for a dollar.

Viagra order canada Just think we’ve discussed, viagra order canada debated and beaten to death these and other subjects about our beloved Metsies even while Super Bowls were won, viagra order canada hockey team looking like Cup Champs and a kid from Harvard has stolen the heart of hoops fans of NYC.

Viagra order canada The manager, viagra order canada coaches and many players are in camp. Viagra order canada Dispatches with the address Pt. Viagra order canada St. Viagra order canada Lucie are now showing up on the fish wraps, viagra order canada soon SNY will transmit pictures and sounds of our heroes in action and not a moment too soon as me thinks some of the fan base needs a baseball fix badddddddly.

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Guaranteed cheapest viagra News from the Mets today as single game tickets for all games at Citi Field will go on sale Monday March 5th at 10AM on and at (718) 507-TIXX.

Guaranteed cheapest viagra Tomorrow the Mets will put on sale three news ticket packages at 10AM on and at (718) 507-TIXX. Guaranteed cheapest viagra  Here are the details of these packages:

Guaranteed cheapest viagra 6-Game Marquee Flex Pack

Guaranteed cheapest viagra Fans can secure tickets to Opening Day (April 5) or one of the Subway Series games at Citi Field (June 22-24) before individual game tickets go on sale.  Choose Opening Day or one of the Subway Series games at the regular price, guaranteed cheapest viagra then select five other games at a savings off the established box office price.

Guaranteed cheapest viagra 6-Game Value Flex Pack

Guaranteed cheapest viagra The price of a ticket in this pack starts at $9 per game or $54 per pack for any six games other than Opening Day or the Subway Series. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Quantities are limited with availability in select sections of Baseline Box, guaranteed cheapest viagra Caesars Box, guaranteed cheapest viagra and Promenade Reserved seating categories.

Guaranteed cheapest viagra Mr. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Met Dash Pack

Guaranteed cheapest viagra For three or more Mr. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Met Dash games, guaranteed cheapest viagra every regularly priced adult ticket purchased through this special pack can add up to three children 12 and under for $10 each per game.  Kids can run the bases after the game during the Mr. Guaranteed cheapest viagra Met Dash on the following Sundays: April 22, guaranteed cheapest viagra May 6, guaranteed cheapest viagra June 17, guaranteed cheapest viagra July 8, guaranteed cheapest viagra August 12, guaranteed cheapest viagra and August 26.

Guaranteed cheapest viagra Last week, guaranteed cheapest viagra the Mets launched the Banner Day Pack to mark the return of the longtime Mets tradition on Sunday, guaranteed cheapest viagra May 27 against the San Diego Padres.  The five-game pack starts at $50 and also includes games against the San Francisco Giants (Saturday, guaranteed cheapest viagra April 21), guaranteed cheapest viagra Cincinnati Reds (Friday, guaranteed cheapest viagra June 15) and Miami Marlins (Thursday, guaranteed cheapest viagra August 9 and Friday, guaranteed cheapest viagra September 21).

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Cialis refractory Well the honeymoon between me and the Mets have hit its first rocky spot. Cialis refractory  I don’t know whose ideas this was but it was beyond bad.  Instead of making lame video’s mocking BREAKING NEWS on SNY (please Kevin Burkhardt, cialis refractory tell me there was a rifle pointed at you as the reason you agreed to do this commercial) how about lowering the price of tickets and making some different ticket packages with decent discounts as a way to sell tickets. Cialis refractory Oh even better , cialis refractory show a video of construction workers taking out the seats behind the plate that no one sits in and replacing them with a nice hard plastic seat, cialis refractory the kind YOUR REAL FAN BASE likes to park it’s ass in.

Cialis refractory 2yrs/$8mil for Pedro Feliciano? Congrats to you Perpetual Pedro for committing that heist. Cialis refractory  Pee Wee Cashman has been exposed so far this off season, cialis refractory proving his can only strength as a GM is throwing stupid money at players. Cialis refractory If I’m Andy Petitte, cialis refractory I ask for $30 Mil and a private plane that brings me home after my start and back again a day before my next one , cialis refractory odds are Pee Wee will give in.

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Cialis refractory I can’t believe I didn’t mention this week that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame finally got two things right. Cialis refractory First, cialis refractory they finally voted Darlene Love into the Hall, cialis refractory an honor that was waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy overdue, cialis refractory then they denied Bon Jovi induction honors. Cialis refractory That dreck that Bon Jovi spews is NOT Rock and Roll.

Cialis refractory R.I.P. Cialis refractory Don Van Vilet a/k/a Captain Beefheart

Cialis refractory Let’s hope that Ollie Perez keeps up his sucky ways and gets his overdue release.

Cialis refractory Can we please close the chapter of the Omar Minaya era. Cialis refractory There is no need to give him a job in the organization just cut the check. Cialis refractory The new administration talks about not being hamstrung in releasing people who are owed money, cialis refractory so prove it Omar, cialis refractory OP and Castillo need to go.

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Canadian viagra Next weekend in preparation for the Subway Series games at Highlander Park, canadian viagra Delta Airline will have a Fan Fest at Madison Square Park in Manhattan called The Delta Dugout. Canadian viagra The event will run from June 18th to June 20th. Canadian viagra Here are some of the details:

Canadian viagra The Delta Dugout will host current and former Mets and Yankees players — including a special musical performance from Yankees’ legend Bernie Williams — Wii Batting and fast pitch stations, canadian viagra a photo booth, canadian viagra giveaways, canadian viagra and an array of games for kids.  Fans will enjoy stadium-style concessions and specialty food and beverages, canadian viagra including “The Delta Dugout Dog, canadian viagra” a limited edition hot dog to be featured at Madison Square Park’s Shake Shack throughout the weekend.  Fans will also view New York baseball highlight reels, canadian viagra NY baseball fun facts and live game coverage of the interleague series on a Jumbotron at the center of the park.

Canadian viagra Throughout the three-day event, canadian viagra The Delta Dugout will offer major league giveaways, canadian viagra including ticket packages to Mets and Yankees games, canadian viagra special ballgame events and round-trip domestic and international tickets on Delta.  Additionally, canadian viagra Delta will host the Sky360 Lounge, canadian viagra where it will display elements of its premium BusinessElite in-flight experience, canadian viagra including lie-flat seats and information on its award-winning culinary offerings

Canadian viagra Sounds like a fun time for both sets of fans, canadian viagra

Canadian viagra Madison Square Park is located in the Flatiron District, canadian viagra between Fifth and Madison Avenues and 23rd and 26th Streets, canadian viagra just 8 blocks south of the Empire State Building. Canadian viagra To get there by subway, canadian viagra take the R, canadian viagra W or 6 train to 23rd Street. Canadian viagra On weekends only you can also take the N train to 23rd street.

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Viagra report Because I just bought ticks for Opening Day, viagra report Mets-Marlins April 5th at $iti Field.

Viagra report Now as ecstatic as I am to have gotten tickets via the early ticket sale offer, viagra report I’m surprised how fast I got the tix.

Viagra report The pre-sale tickets started at 10AM but I had to go out and do my off day errands and did not get home until 12PM. Viagra report I figured no way any opening day ticket would be available but I was very happy to see that date still available.

Viagra report After I made my purchase, viagra report I started thinking about past seasons when you could never just log in and buy opening day tickets, viagra report those tickets were always held back as part of ticket packages or not released until the very last minute.

Viagra report Now is that a good thing or a bad thing?  Does it say how much the fan base has soured on the team and the organization that OPENING DAY is not the hot ticket it’s been the past few years ?

Viagra report Maybe it’s the cold slap in the face the Skill Sets need that guys like me and the other hardcore Mets fans are few and far between. Viagra report Maybe this will send the message that you just can’t open the gates to $it Field and the congregation will come a runnin’

Viagra report They got me and they will always have me no matter how bad a team they put on the field and no matter how much they treat me like a leper at the ball park.  Maybe that makes me a big Jack Ass, viagra report I won’t argue but instead of calling me a Jack Ass just call me METLE!

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