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Online pharmacy cialis There is no truth to the rumor that I injured myself blogging about the Mets. Online pharmacy cialis In fact I never felt better.

Online pharmacy cialis My in-laws have a time share in the Poconos so they invited us up for a couple of days and the only place with WiFi is the lobby of the main buliding so I had a choice, online pharmacy cialis write about the latest Mets loss or hit the water park with the kids. Online pharmacy cialis Guess what won?

Online pharmacy cialis Last night we took a ride to Mount Airy lodge. Online pharmacy cialis This used to be the home of the heart shaped tub and mirrors on the bedroom ceiling. Online pharmacy cialis Now that’s all gone (which when you reach 50 is a good thing as I don’t even like mirors in the bathroom ) and the big thing now is video gaming machines. Online pharmacy cialis After 20 minutes and 40 bucks lost I had enough and luckily there were TV’s by a bar that had the Mets-Marlins game so I watched another Big Pelf inconsistent start. Online pharmacy cialis As bad as the loss was, online pharmacy cialis I was pissed that I lost 40 bucks. Online pharmacy cialis My wife finds it very funny since oneof our favortie vaction spots before we had kids was Las Vegas. Online pharmacy cialis I loved to play cards, online pharmacy cialis bet sports, online pharmacy cialis shoot craps now I’m like a guy on a pension getting all pissed off losing 40 bucks.

Online pharmacy cialis I see the Mets won today in Miami by the way how do you schedule a day game in Miami in August? Good to see Tim Redding step up as well as Fernado Tatis and Angel Pagan but the guy who is coming around is Daniel Murphy. Online pharmacy cialis Sorry all you Murph haters!!!!!!

Online pharmacy cialis Enough Mets, online pharmacy cialis there is a water slide waiting for my middle aged ass to hit

Online pharmacy cialis Later!

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No prescription viagra  

No prescription viagra  

No prescription viagra After yesterday’s ass whipping by the Braves a game where another player went down with a leg muscle strain and a player who allegedly is getting released by today pitched like his usual shitty self the thought came over me as maybe the Mets should get involved in a reverse pennant race, no prescription viagra the race for the top pick in the 2010 Entry Draft.

No prescription viagra  

No prescription viagra Right now the Nationals again lead the way for the first overall pick in the next draft with a 26-65 record and lead the Mets by 17 games for that pick. No prescription viagra Unless the Mets assign the rest of the big league team on the DL (not a bad idea, no prescription viagra eh?) and bring up the whole Buffalo Bisons team then the Mets have no shot at beating DC for the top pick. No prescription viagra The next team in line would be the Cleveland Indians who at 36-57 lead the Mets by a mere 8 games. Now passing the Indians could be done with the help of keeping Tim Redding not only on the team but putting him in the rotation and giving D-Wright the rest of the summer off and pitching Ollie Perez on two days rest.

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No prescription viagra Say this happened, no prescription viagra no not Wright’s vacation or Redding and Perez every other day but say the Mets tank to the point of finishing with the second worst record in baseball, no prescription viagra they would have a shot at drafting Bryce Harper.

No prescription viagra  

No prescription viagra You’ve all read about Bryce Harper, no prescription viagra who has been hailed as the next great thing since the birth of Jesus. No prescription viagra Harper just 16 years old will skip his junior and senior years of high school by obtaining a GED and enrolling in Junior College with the sole purpose of being drafted number 1 in the next draft. No prescription viagra Now where this gets interesting is if the Nationals have that pick would they draft Harper who will probably ask for part of the franchise to sign after dealing with Scott Boras in their dealing with Stephen Strasburg? Can the Nationals shell out big bucks for two potential super start players? Would Freddy Skill Sets call in his marker with the Used Car Salesman to rig the draft so the Mets could get their hands on Harper? Am I drunk? Oh sorry no, no prescription viagra  but when your team is 10 games off the pace and players are dropping to wayside every game the only thing to hang your hat on is securing a top 10 draft pick. No prescription viagra Sad isn’t it?

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Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk With the New York Highlanders celebrating their annual Old Timers Day today, cheap viagra from uk many Mets are wondering “where’s ours”? And of course managements response is “Yesh, cheap viagra from uk too much work, cheap viagra from uk not interested” Dave the Lawyer who has moved up the organizational ladder from Head Shyster to Minister of Bullshit, cheap viagra from uk claims lack of fan interest, cheap viagra from uk lack of sponsors and it cost too much as reasons for no celebration of the Bruce Boisclair’, cheap viagra from uk Johnny Lewis’ and Roy McMillan ’of our past. Cheap viagra from uk So what the Minster of Bullshit in the Court of Skill is telling the fans is the organization is lazy, cheap viagra from uk unimaginative and really couldn’t give a shit about the teams past as we have seen with our new state of the art park that not until there were embarrassed (yet again) Mets management will address (like moving the retires numbers and the old Home Run Apple from the back of the visitors bullpen to maybe a more heavily trafficked area). Cheap viagra from uk It seems ownership is in denial about the teams past and as is the case most times have no grip on the feelings of their fan base. Cheap viagra from uk If any group of people deserve to be embarrassed it’s Mets fans for having clueless owners in control of our beloved franchise.

Cheap viagra from uk It will be great to see Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan at the 1969 World Championship celebration but the best reunion will be of Nancy Seaver and Ruth Ryan

Cheap viagra from uk Man is still taking heat for his crack on the Mets quacks but as we see Gary Sheffield has gone from cramps in the leg to a tweaked hammy. Cheap viagra from uk I getting to the point where I think Manuel really doesn’t like being here anymore as that remark tells me he is fed up with the overall ineptitude with the organization.

Cheap viagra from uk As much as I think Tim Redding sucks, cheap viagra from uk it’s really not fair what the Mets are doing to the guy just put him out of his misery and stop leaking new to the press then back track but then again what am I thinking only an organization with strong leadership would do that.

Cheap viagra from uk By the way why is Tony B the “high ranking official” on this road trip? Where is Omar? Getting his nursing degree?

Cheap viagra from uk My 13 yr olds have do or die game today at 2PM it’s win or go home and I’m not ready to end this season. Cheap viagra from uk I will be pulling out all stops before the game. Cheap viagra from uk I’ve instructed the kids to be at the field by 1PM. Cheap viagra from uk I have not shaved in two days so I have a good scruff going. Cheap viagra from uk I have a big bag of sunflower seeds that I’ll eat while giving my pep talk and my trusty fungo bat will be in hand and whoever drifts off during my talk will get a shower of shells and the barrel of the fungo pointed at them. Cheap viagra from uk The theme will be THE SEASON WILL END TODAY!!!!! I better make sue I do this all the way out in centerfield, cheap viagra from uk it won’t be pretty

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Viagra next day delivery  

Viagra next day delivery  

Viagra next day delivery  

Viagra next day delivery  

Viagra next day delivery After watching Big Pelf suffer through another bad outing and a partial melt down on the mound where I think it’s now at least three straight stats that D-Wright had to go to the mound early to have a heart to heart with Pelf. Viagra next day delivery  Add the struggle back from injury to John Maine, viagra next day delivery  Bobby Parnell’ difficulty making pitching adjustments the second time around, viagra next day delivery  Ollie P being Ollie P, viagra next day delivery Tim Redding not rehabbing correctly from off season surgery, viagra next day delivery not dealing with J J Putz injured elbow and back to the reporting to pitchers and catchers in late February when Johan Santana seemed to be on a training schedule that did more harm than good and the whispers that maybe it was a mistake caning The Jacket, viagra next day delivery Old School Dan Werthen should be squarely in the cross hairs of management to be the first coach relived of duties by the end of the weekend.

Viagra next day delivery As much as Rick Peterson is one of the great pitching minds around it wasn’t a mistake to fire him during the season and when Old School Werthen came on board he made a difference but it seems to me that Werthen is either fed up or just out of ideas on how to get the best out of the Mets pitching staff. Viagra next day delivery The most telling non-move from last night that brings me to this conclusion was the fact that Werthen never left the dugout in the first inning when Pelfrey was struggling with his command especially his fastball that was up, viagra next day delivery up and away, viagra next day delivery even Gary Cohen couldn’t believe that Werthen never came out after first Wright then Santos went out to check on the young righty as the situation was crying for an old head intervention. Viagra next day delivery Maybe Werthen has given up, viagra next day delivery maybe he’s tired of going out there and spewing the same old advice, viagra next day delivery maybe he’d love to put his foot up Pelfrey’s ass but management is holding him back. Viagra next day delivery Whatever it is, viagra next day delivery it’s a problem and one that needs to be addressed not for this season as this season is over but for 2010 and beyond.

Viagra next day delivery Are you getting the vibe that J-Man may not want to be fired as Mets manager? Last night during his post game presser Manuel made a joke at the expense of the Mets medical staff, viagra next day delivery that validated those of us that have questioned the front office, viagra next day delivery the training staff and the doctors. Viagra next day delivery  When asked about Gary Sheffield leaving in the 5th with a leg problem, viagra next day delivery Manuel said “They’re calling it cramps, viagra next day delivery…. Viagra next day delivery surgery is Thursday” and then he let out a laugh which translates to me Manuel saying to the fans “you guys are right this organization is a joke” After realizing that his boss will not be happy with his comment (J-Man has been called on the carpet about talking about making trades to bring in reinforcements) he tired to get SNY to not air the footage, viagra next day delivery fat chance Jerry besides you said nothing that we weren’t thinking ourselves.

Viagra next day delivery Last night looks to be Tim Redding’ last appearance as a Met word in the NYDN is Redding will be released and another move in the minus column for Omar. Viagra next day delivery I said back in spring that Redding looked fat and out of shape but just his track record alone should have been a red flag for the Mets to sign him. Viagra next day delivery But don’t worry Julio Lugo is working out at the Mets academy in the D.R. Viagra next day delivery and will be here once he passes waviers. Viagra next day delivery The longggggggggggggggggggggg summer continues.

Viagra next day delivery The headline on Adam Rubin’ story says” Mets Deny Claims That Jose Reyes Suffered A Set Back in Port St. Viagra next day delivery Luice” The Mets are also denying that today is Saturday, viagra next day delivery water is wet and the organization is in FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All  Recogntion) mode.

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Cialis 100 mg Trying to dry out from a soaking rain this morning so retreving my Mets news took a bit longer than usual.

Cialis 100 mg Looks like the shake up we have been looking for will be internal as OP, cialis 100 mg Angel P and Jon Neise are ready to pitch in and F-Mart goes back to Buffalo and Tim Redding and Fernando Nieve go back to obscurity.

Cialis 100 mg I’m sorry I’m missing Manny Being Manny in Flushing tonight and you can boo him and call him a cheat but if he were the Mets left fielder life would be a lot easier and first palce would be closer to reality than a pipe dream.

Cialis 100 mg Time to cook lunch yummmmmmm sloppy joes while standing ankle deep  in mud

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Cialis Pitching a one hitter against the Mets right now is like going bass fishing and catching a minnow. Cialis Sure you caught a fish but how much skill did it take to reel in that little fellow? Same with pitching to the Mets just don’t pitch to David Wright and throw fastballs down the middle to the est of the lineup and you should be fine. Cialis End of scouting report.

Cialis No problem here with Mark DeRosa going to the Cardinals for pitcher Chris Perez and a PTBNL. Cialis Then Mets equivalent to Perez is Bobby Parnell and I wouldn’t trade Parnell for a 34 year old rental player. Cialis The Mets problems are beyond adding DeRosa.

Cialis With all due respect to some of my Highlander buddies (Ben Kabak, cialis Alex Bleth, cialis Rebecca Glass) just observing Highlander fans most of the young ones are clueless when it comes to not only the rules of baseball or the strategy of the game but have no idea at all about their teams history. Cialis The older ones have a Pavlovian way about them as soon as you mention the name of the team they all bark out “26 Championships” I guess what I’m saying they’re a sad bunch. Cialis Our team may not win much but we’re a better class of fan.

Cialis A little bit of Tim Redding is good a lot of Tim Redding…..ahh…not so good. Cialis If there is one pitcher on the Mets that is the picture of a mop up guy in the pen, cialis it’s Tim Redding.

Cialis Ol’ Cholly Manuel laced into his team after a another loss on Friday night and his club responded with a 10-0 win over the Blue Jays. Cialis After losing two straight to the Highlanders, cialis Jerry Manuel took his team to the Lemon Ice King of Corona and told them it’s not their fault we have a lot of injuries and “You’re all winners YEAH!!!!!” Maybe that’s why Ol’Cholly has a ring and J-Man doesn’t. Cialis I’d love to see J-Man lace into his team and remind them this is the big leagues and they need to compte like big leaguers even if he doesn’t believe half of his roster belongs here.

Cialis I hate to bring up this Michael Jackson is dead thing again but there are a few things bothering about this whole Jacko worship that’s on going. Cialis As I stated the other day I was not a big fan of Jackson the man or the music. Cialis Pop music is not what I listen to I’m a Garage/Punk kinda of guy plus all the folks who think that Jackson was the greatest showman alive obviously had never seen a Stones concert, cialis a Queen concert or a Plasmatics concert but that is neither here nor there

Cialis My biggest trouble with Jackson is the fact he slept with little boys, cialis and that is fucking sick. Cialis My feeling for this does not just lie with Jackson but with the Catholic church as well and it’s the reason why I have no respect for the clergy any more.

Cialis Now if you bring up this part of Jackson’s life to a fan of his you get called al kind of names from a racist (which is funny as the guy went above and beyond to be white) or a heartless fuck. Cialis And that is because the truth hurts. Cialis But his fans and the media have given him a pass on his past crimes and have treated him like an American hero in his passing.

Cialis Michael Vick didn’t sleep with little boys (as far as we know) but he did maim, cialis torture and kill animals which is still despicable and I would love to see Vick tortured the same way he did to those dogs. Cialis I’m not some crazy PETA zealot but I do own pets and I’ve been around dogs and just the thought that this scumbag gained the trust of the dogs then made them fight and the ones who weren’t fighters he killed makes my blood boil. Cialis Again if you are anti Vick you’re a racist, cialis and a heartless reactionary and the man severed his time and deserves another chance. Cialis Not to me as Michael Vick is nothing but a fucking coward and also he wasn’t a very good QB either but he will get a chance some place and his past history of cruelty and murder of dogs will be replaced with cheering fans and enablers

Cialis What I’m getting to in my long winded way is Alex Rodriguez, cialis Roger Clemens, cialis Manny Ramirez, cialis Mark McGwire, cialis Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds are just some of the biggest stars in baseball who have been found to use performance drugs to enhance their play on the field and to recover from injury to stay on the field. Cialis Of course their actions were wrong as taking PED’s they way they did were unlawful but for the most part not against the laws of baseball well not until the jig was up and the Used Car Salesman acted with shock and horror that players were using PED’s, cialis a performance worthy of an Oscar.

Cialis In no way do I condone the actions of the players involved in what is now the Steroid Scandal Era (especially since I’m reading American Icon which will become the essential reading when people look back on this time in baseball) but what I don’t get is how these players are treated worse than a guy who slept with little boys and a guy who killed dogs?

Cialis I just wish there was the outcry for the actions of Michael Jackson and Roger Vick like there is for Manny Ramirez who of the three committed the lesser crime.

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Buy viagra on line Sorry for the late post but sometimes work comes before blogging ( I know it shouldn’t but some times I have to give in to THE MAN)

Buy viagra on line  

Buy viagra on line The only baseball I watched last night was my Babe Ruth team back in action after three straight rain outs and the boys had some rust on them in this game. Buy viagra on line Too many graduation parties, buy viagra on line school dances and time off to text, buy viagra on line play video games and just get a bit lazy. Buy viagra on line All this rain (it is pouring as I type this and I’m trying to explain to a newly hired inspector that part of his initiation is to go get a veteran like myself his lunch when it’s raining)  not only has me looking at 5 games to make up but I haven’t got them out to practice either and it bit us last night as my  archenemies, buy viagra on line walks and errors came back to haunt us, buy viagra on line and was the prime reason we dropped a 13-4 decision to a team coached by a guy I can’t stand, buy viagra on line umpired by a real dick head and played at a facility that is a shit hole. Buy viagra on line So how was your evening?

Buy viagra on line  

Buy viagra on line Looking at the box score and reading the game story it seems Tim Redding was well, buy viagra on line Tim Redding , buy viagra on line back to his sucky self.

Buy viagra on line  

Buy viagra on line  I was surprised that J-Man brought in Bobby Parnell in the 6th after he was ordained the set up man. 

Buy viagra on line  

Buy viagra on line J-Man can you please play Daniel Murphy play every day at first base? How is that Fernando Martinez who is clearly a not ready for prime time player but gets to play every day and Murphy who was all the rage coming into the season gets buried like he was Ryan Church’ twin brother?

Buy viagra on line  

Buy viagra on line Today is Dave Schneck’s birthday. Buy viagra on line Who is Dave Schneck? Schneck played outfield for the Mets back in the early to mid 70’s. Buy viagra on line He showed some excellent power in the minors but it never came together for him in the bigs. Buy viagra on line His claim to fame is batting clean up in his first major league game sandwiched between Willie Mays and Rusty Staub. Buy viagra on line But Schnecks greatest contribution was to the country as he severed in combat in Viet Nam. Buy viagra on line Happy and Healthy birthday to Dave Schneck.

Buy viagra on line  

Buy viagra on line The best part of this video from The Mets Police is the music. If I were the closer for the Mets this would be my entrance music.

Buy viagra on line  

Buy viagra on line No need for Omar to make a panic trade for as long as the Phillies continue to suck at home and now with Raul Ibanez out for 15 days due to a groin strain the Fucks From Filly are not going to get a big lead and 3 games out in June is nothing for Mets fans to get their balls in an uproar over.

Buy viagra on line  

Buy viagra on line If I’m Jose Reyes I’d be trying to get back as soon as I could because the “As Jose goes, buy viagra on line so goes the Mets” is starting to become an urban myth. Buy viagra on line If I could only have one guy back from the long line of causalities on the DL it would be Carlos Delgado as his power and run producing has been the missing ingredient while Alex Cora has played a stellar short stop and his been getting on base at a better rate that Reyes.

Buy viagra on line I could never tell which one was Mlli and who Vanilli

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  Give credit to Tim Redding last night, cheapest cialis overnight delivery with most of management and Mets Fans looking to send his ass packing he rebounded with a strong performance. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Sure it was against the lowly Nats  but with his job on the line he stepped up.

Of all the injuries the one that hurts the least (no pun intended) is losing J J Putz. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery With Bobby Parnell, cheapest cialis overnight delivery a rejuvenated Sean Green, cheapest cialis overnight delivery Brain Stokes and Pedro Feliciano to go with Frankie Rodriguez the bullpen is robust and is a big reason not to give up the ship.

With all the injuries the Mets will have to reinvent themselves into a team of strong pitching and they must play stellar defense and keep the mistakes at a minimum especially on the base paths. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery  There are good aggressive plays that sometimes bite you in the ass like David Wright taking a chance on going to third on the botched pickoff play in the 6th that took a solid throw by A-Hern to get him. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Then there are just bad base running plays like Carlos Beltran in the 1st trying to get to third with no outs on a hit and Wright trying to steal 3rd with no outs in the 10 th.  You can get away with mistakes against the awful Nats but with the schedule that is coming up against the top teams in baseball it helps best if your head is not up your ass.

So Adam LaRoche thinks it was “classless” of Carlos Beltran to say the Pirates are not a good team and the Mets should be embarrassed to lose three straight to them. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery  When your organization has not had a winning record in 17 seasons and you trade away an outfield of Jason Bay, cheapest cialis overnight delivery Nate McClouth and Xavier Nady and get next to nothing of substance in return, cheapest cialis overnight delivery I think your anger should be toward the management of your team and not the opposition who is just echoing what all of baseball knows that the Pittsburgh Pirates are a joke.

LaRoche may get a chance to tell Beltran what he thinks as he may get lucky and get traded to the Mets. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery I wouldn’t mind getting LaRoche and Jack Wilson to play first and short for the Mets and I bet it wouldn’t cost much either.

I’m a fan of Daniel Murphy but let’s face facts the Mets are dire need of a power bat and if Murphy who has looked great at first base isn’t going to hit then he needs to go to Buffalo so Omar can add a power bat at that possession. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery It’s not personal Danny Boy its business.

Watching and listening to Tom Glavine bitch and moan about his release by the Braves is more embarrassing than annoying although I find myself yelling “grows some balls” at the TV when MLB Network shows Glavine’ presser. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery

There is nothing better than MLB Extra Innings. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Not only do you get to see every baseball game but when the Dodgers are home or west of the Mississippi River you get to hear Vin Scully. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery I’ve forgiven Scully for his bias against the Mets in the 1986 World Series and as I watched last night as the Phillies and Pedro Feliz gave the Dodgers a win it was this from Scully that made the game worth watching:


It’s about quarter of nine in Los Angeles. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery That makes it about quarter of six on the beaches at Normandy, cheapest cialis overnight delivery in France. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery And 1944, cheapest cialis overnight delivery June the sixth, cheapest cialis overnight delivery tomorrow, cheapest cialis overnight delivery that was the invasion of Europe. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery

We heard the names: Sword, cheapest cialis overnight delivery Gold, cheapest cialis overnight delivery Juno, cheapest cialis overnight delivery Utah and Omaha. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Those were the names of the beaches as the British, cheapest cialis overnight delivery Canadians and the United States invaded Europe. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery

 Let’s go back to this one. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery

 At quarter of six on the beaches of Normandy sixty-five years ago, cheapest cialis overnight delivery something like forty thousand fell in the invasion that was called Operation Overlord. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery The bloodiest beach was Omaha. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery

And then of course there was that area called Pointe du Hoc. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery You probably saw that in the movie The Guns of Navarone, cheapest cialis overnight delivery where the GIs had to try and climb thirty-foot cliffs and the Germans were on top of the cliffs shooting down at them

So, cheapest cialis overnight delivery do us older guys a favor. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery If you have children, cheapest cialis overnight delivery would you please take time out tomorrow and tell them the sacrifice that was made sixty-five years ago?

 Freedom is not free. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Boy, cheapest cialis overnight delivery a lot of fellas gave their lives so that we could be sitting here watching a baseball game.

Please don’t forget it.


Thanks to Sons of Steve Garvey to this  



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You think J-Man was doing a rain dance yesterday? If a team ever needed time to step back and access itself it’s the Mets. Indian viagra The good news yesterday was Carlos Beltran abdicating the porcelain throne to going back to being the everyday centerfielder. Indian viagra The bad news was Jose Reyes took himself out of an extended spring game (how long are these extended spring games and who plays in them besides the handicapped major leaguer ?)


Then to top of the day, indian viagra the Atlanta Braves send a message that they ain’t going anywhere by pulling off a deal for Nate McClouth and telling Titan Tom Glavine to go home and make brownies. Indian viagra


The Reyes situation is a puzzling. Indian viagra I never question a guy who says he’s hurt but at some point, indian viagra which hopefully is today when Reyes comes back to NY to see the quacks, indian viagra a determination needs to be made on how this injury affects the team for the rest of the season. Indian viagra If this is going to be a chronic problem all season, indian viagra then I’d expect Omar to quietly but out feelers for a shortstop (Miguel Tejda?) who is major league caliber. Indian viagra It’s ok that Omar has found some putty players like Wilson Valdez, indian viagra Ramon Martinez, indian viagra and Angel Pagan (before his yearly injury) but the fairy dust wears off quick with players like this. Indian viagra The Braves see this and look at the NL East landscape and say why not us? So out goes Titan Tom Glavine and in comes the young stud Tommy Hanson. Indian viagra As for us? Welcome the newest dumpster dive prize, indian viagra Emil Brown.


Heads up news from upstate, indian viagra top prospects RHP’s Bradley Holt and Jennry Meija have been promotes to Bingo and both will start this weekend. Indian viagra Keep you eye on Holt as he may just bypass Buffalo and go right to Flushing to offset the suckitude of Tim Redding.


Tonight on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL we will discuss today’s Mets-Bucos game, indian viagra the injury epidemic with the Mets and a look around the minor league system. Indian viagra We will be joined by Bert Sugar, indian viagra who will be talking about his new book, indian viagra Bert Sugar’s Baseball Hall of Fame: A Living History of America’s Greatest Game, indian viagra (Running Press) You can listen live at Blog Talk Radio or listen to the podcast at PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL. Indian viagra   

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Yeah I took the day off yesterday. H h order script viagra So I sat in my back yard and took apart a playhouse and a slide that my kids have had since they were babies and I fired up the Webber Kettle and listened to Howie and Wayne and chilled. H h order script viagra Maybe it was riding to Manhattan on the 7 train after a game a few weeks ago and listening to Wayne Hagin tell his stories of his days with the Oakland A’s and realizing that Hagin is a really nice guy that he is growing on me as the Mets radio guy. H h order script viagra Yes Hagin rides the subway to work just like the rest of us slobs.


The cause of the stomach virus going around the Mets clubhouse has been linked to watching Tim Redding pitch. H h order script viagra I have to think Omar is at least pondering the signing of Pedro Martinez to take Redding spot in the rotation. H h order script viagra If Redding can’t pitch effectively his next start it’s time to cut bait.


What a May to remember 19-9 with a depleted roster. H h order script viagra Just goes to show you if you can pitch, h h order script viagra play defense and keep the brain farts to a minimum you will win baseball games.


I can’t figure out J J Putz. H h order script viagra Is he physically unfit or is his head a mess? Old School Dan Werthen feels it’s just a mechanical breakdown but Omir Bench thought Putz was anxious on the mound. H h order script viagra Between Putz and Sean Green, h h order script viagra J-Man may have to put an extension on his Dog House although there is one spot open with Shrek sent off to Chitown.


I think there is better chance of Bruce Berenyi coming back to pitch for the Mets this season than Ollie Perez.


Cliff Floyd has just been activated from the DL by the Padres. H h order script viagra I know he’s hurt so much his car has handicap plates but how about brining him back to the Mets and letting spell Sheffield in left and some added leadership?


 I don’t know what looked worse the Mets playing in the classic pinstripe uni and ruining it with that disgusting black and blue hat or Susan Boyle in a evening gown?


I don’t know what bad or evil thing Angle Pagan has done in his life but I think he’s paid the price already.


King of the Asshats, h h order script viagra Filip Bondy has a piece on Jay Horowitz in today’s Daily News. H h order script viagra From what you hear, h h order script viagra Horowitz is loved by the Mets players as he protected them from the big bad media but after reading the story I find Horowitz a sad soul.


If 90 % of your paying customers were upset with something with your product, h h order script viagra you’d  make a change right away, h h order script viagra right? Then why does management continue to play Sweet Caroline when Mets fans HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








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