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Cheap viagra The outstanding documentary “Knuckleball” will be released on DVD on April 2nd and the good folks at MPI/Film buff have offered me the chance to give away 3 DVD’s of this great documentary that follows Tim Wakefield, cheap viagra Charlie Hough, cheap viagra Phil Neikro and of course R.A. Cheap viagra Dickey as they talk about how the most baffling pitch in baseball, cheap viagra the Knuckleball.

Cheap viagra This DVD is a MUST HAVE for all baseball fans and having seen the movie I cannot recommend this film enough. Cheap viagra   So when I was asked by the people at MPI/Film to participate in the giveaway of the Knuckleball DVD, cheap viagra I jumped at the chance.

Cheap viagra So what we’ll do is starting on Friday March 15th during the day on my Twitter account @kranepool I will ask a trivia question and the person with the  first correct answer that is Tweeted back to me will win a copy of the Knuckleball DVD.

Cheap viagra So brush up on your knuckleball trivia and follow my twitter account. One DVD per person and this contest is open to residents of the Continental USA only. Cheap viagra Good luck.

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Vigorex forte The photo was from Mets Merized Online and taken by Clayton Collier who also has a great write up of the Q & A the Mets Bloggers conducted with Phil Niekro, vigorex forte R.A. Vigorex forte Dickey and Tim Wakefield

Vigorex forte It was another Mets blogger-rattzi day at Citi Field yesterday and it was almost the best bloggers day ever. Vigorex forte I say almost because there was an unfortunate incident late in the game that put a damper on the events of the day. Vigorex forte Josh Edgin and Andres Torres with his ability to kill a rally with a signal ground ball, vigorex forte played the sad clowns. Vigorex forte So instead of all of us heading home with the wonderful memory of chatting with 86er Barry Lyons, vigorex forte Hall of Famer Phil Niekro, vigorex forte R.A. Vigorex forte Dickey and Tim Wakefield along with an outstanding performance by the 2012 winner of the Clff Floyd Light At The End Of The Tunnel Award Matt Harvey, vigorex forte the lasting image of the day was a Ryan Howard 2 run home run off closer of the day Edgin.

Vigorex forte The day started with Terry Collins and his daily FEMA update on his club. Vigorex forte Collins is the definition of a ‘fox hole guy”, vigorex forte as bad as this team is, vigorex forte as inept as they are at the basic fundamentals of baseball, vigorex forte as dismal as the outlook for next season appears, vigorex forte Collins still talks about his players being talented and how they are playing out the season to the fullest and those of us in the conference room feel our pant legs getting drenched from being pissed on but being told it’s just condensation from the air conditioning unit.

Vigorex forte So after a few eye roles we head out to the field to watch and schmooze while our heroes stretch and take BP. Vigorex forte After a few minutes of observing and kibitzing, vigorex forte the blogger group was introduced to former Mets catcher Barry Lyons. Vigorex forte  We spent a good 20 minutes with Lyons talking about everything from his days as an 86er, vigorex forte to Davey Johnson to catchers calling pitchers other than the pitching coach and how the 1986 Mets would have fared in the new social media world.

Vigorex forte Lyons spoke of the special bond he and his 1986 Mets teammates have and how winning a championship builds that special bond forever. Vigorex forte Lyons was wearing his Mets Alumni golf shirt and mentioned how even though he played for other teams (Dodgers, vigorex forte Angels, vigorex forte and White Sox) he will always be a Met. Vigorex forte In fact, vigorex forte Lyons even spoke of maybe getting back on the field as a manager in the Mets minor league system. Vigorex forte I told Lyons that if he needed an advocate for him to take over the helm in Brooklyn I would be honored to head the campaign. Vigorex forte Hopefully the Mets front office acknowledges that Lyons is interested in getting back to coaching to managing in the organization as gives him strong consideration for a job. Vigorex forte   

Vigorex forte From our session with Barry Lyons, vigorex forte we headed over to meet the stars of the movie KNUCKLEBALL , vigorex forte which I can’t stress enough is a must see for all baseball fans, vigorex forte Hall of Fame pitcher Phil Niekro, vigorex forte our own R.A. Vigorex forte Dickey and Tim Wakefield. Vigorex forte We first spoke with Niekro and Wakefield, vigorex forte and then R.A. Vigorex forte Dickey joined the group. Vigorex forte It was nice to see the camaraderie between these three men who belong to a special fraternity or as Niekro said “the freaky group”. Vigorex forte We then talked about who are the next knuckleballers on the horizon. Vigorex forte Dickey talked about Frank Viola’s son, vigorex forte who Dickey worked with a bit in spring training, vigorex forte who was trying to learn the pitch and another young many name Steven Wright. Vigorex forte I asked Dickey whether the Mets or any other organization seeing the success that has had with the pitch, vigorex forte would work with pitchers who have fallen from prospect status to just organization fillers to become an asset to the big league club. Vigorex forte His answer was all it takes is one organization to take a chance and be bold enough to take on that initiative, vigorex forte to which both Niekro and Wakefield nodded in approval.

Vigorex forte All three men stated that they would do all they could to help any pitcher who had the patience, vigorex forte the competiveness and the work ethic needed to master the pitch. Vigorex forte If anyone does get to work with these gentlemen and with Charlie Hough or Tom Candiotti, vigorex forte they should consider themselves fortunate. Vigorex forte  

Vigorex forte With the pre-game Q & A’s over, vigorex forte we went up to the Champions Club to enjoy the ambiance and watch Matt Harvey’s 2012 Farewell Tour. Vigorex forte After getting some food and a beverage, vigorex forte myself, vigorex forte Ed Marcus, vigorex forte Matt Falkenbury and Randy Medina sat down to discuss this lost season and what is on the horizon for the off season and 2013. Vigorex forte In a room with, vigorex forte I’ll say roughly 100 people milling around the bar area and food stations, vigorex forte the four of us were the only one’s talking Mets baseball or anything remotely  close to baseball talk and even in a fine establishment like the Champions Club, vigorex forte you still get douchenozzels walking around in Highlanders garb. Vigorex forte  The lack of etiquette is appalling.

Vigorex forte Matt Harvey was on the bump as we made our way to the seats, vigorex forte first batter Jimmy Rollins home run just over the orange line on the right field wall. Vigorex forte UGHHHH!!!! , vigorex forte but then Harvey gets the next three batters , vigorex forte 86 year old Juan Pierre, vigorex forte Life Alert spokesman Chase Utley and the ghost of Ryan Howard to end the inning on a high note. Vigorex forte From innings 2 to 5, vigorex forte Harvey faced just 12 batters and was in full Ace mode. Vigorex forte But of course the Mets being the Mets and being at Citi Field all they could muster was a run to tie the game until David Wright hit a baseball over an outfield wall for a go ahead home run. Vigorex forte A Festivus miracle I tell you. Vigorex forte     

Vigorex forte So going into the 9th inning we have the Mets, vigorex forte at home, vigorex forte with a lead, vigorex forte Josh Edgin filling in as closer with Frank Frisco nursing a right elbow riddled with tendonitis, vigorex forte 2 up 2 down, vigorex forte open the book as we are ready to put this baby………….ah…………shit…………..!

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Viagra the little blue pill Had a great time last night  at the World Financial Plaza enjoying the premiere of Knuckleball!, viagra the little blue pill at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Drive-In Theatre.  Before the movie there was plenty of activity on the plaza on what turned out to be a nice comfortable, viagra the little blue pill rain free evening downtown. Viagra the little blue pill There were tents set up with different activities and free popcorn for movie goers but the area that had the biggest swarm of folks was the make shit bullpen where fans could line up and enter and get free instruction on how to throw a knuckleball.

Viagra the little blue pill As we stood off to the side (I was joined by my son and Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest for the evening’s movie viewing we also met up with Tayrn Cooper and her husband Ed Leyro as well as having a fine chat with Shaun Clancy the proprietor of Foley’s NY) we were witness to a grand entrance by the Four Horseman of Knuckleballing, viagra the little blue pill Jim Bouton, viagra the little blue pill Charlie Hough, viagra the little blue pill Tim Wakefield and our own R.A. Viagra the little blue pill Dickey. Viagra the little blue pill The four headed to the make shift pen where a line snaked around the plaza for the opportunity to learn the secrets of throwing a knuckleball. Viagra the little blue pill Bouton, viagra the little blue pill Hough and Wakefield were going in and out of the pen but Dickey stayed there for the full hour showing kids and some adults, viagra the little blue pill the grip and release of the mysterious pitch, viagra the little blue pill and seemed to be having a great time doing so.

Viagra the little blue pill The movie itself was very, viagra the little blue pill very good. Viagra the little blue pill Even if you are not a baseball fan, viagra the little blue pill you could still appreciate the stories of these players who with the exception of Phil Neikro, viagra the little blue pill took on learning the knuckleball a last ditch effort to make it in the big leagues, viagra the little blue pill so you get all the baseball footage and story line to keep the baseball junkie like me interested but you also get the human interest story for the non-fan. Viagra the little blue pill That is great movie making.

Viagra the little blue pill Tim Wakefield and R.A. Viagra the little blue pill Dickey are feature most prominently in the film, viagra the little blue pill with great footage of Wakefield as a Pittsburgh Pirates as a minor league first baseman and R.A. Viagra the little blue pill Dickey as a Tennessee Volunteer but my favorite scene in the film was a golf outing with Niekro, viagra the little blue pill Dickey, viagra the little blue pill Wakefield and Hough and the sit down they have afterwards discussing how each pitcher was introduced to the knuckleball.

Viagra the little blue pill The film will be showing during the Tribeca Film Festival and it will be out in DVD form as well, viagra the little blue pill I know this because I was approached by someone from the film who was looking to get some material to add as extra footage for the DVD, viagra the little blue pill so I was filmed talking about the knuckleball and R.A. Viagra the little blue pill Dickey and what he has meant to the Mets (the film crew loved my Mr. Viagra the little blue pill Mets cap) so hopefully I’ll make the director’s cut of Knuckleball!

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Buy cialis professional One of the great events in New York City is the Tribeca Film Festival and this year is no exception, buy cialis professional in fact there will be a film shown at the festival that is perfect for us baseball and Mets fans. Buy cialis professional The film Knuckleball! will be shown this Saturday at 8:15 PM  at the Tribeca Drive-In at The World Financial Center Plaza, buy cialis professional which is located at West Street between Vesey and Liberty Streets.

Buy cialis professional He is a synopsis of the film Knuckleball! and a rundown of the festivities for the evening:

Buy cialis professional The baseball documentary Knuckleball! will be premiering for free to the public on April 21st as a part of the Tribeca Drive-in at the Tribeca Film Festival.  This classic sports story recounts the 2011 journey of the last professional knuckleball pitchers: Tim Wakefield, buy cialis professional a 17-year Red Sox veteran, buy cialis professional and Mets up-and-comer R.A. Buy cialis professional Dickey. Buy cialis professional Together with just four other living knuckleballers, buy cialis professional they shine a light on their remarkable brotherhood and the shared pursuit of honor and craftsmanship.

Buy cialis professional The Tribeca Drive-in will open at 6:00 pm and include live music, buy cialis professional giveaways, buy cialis professional baseball trivia contests and pitching clinics with pro knuckleballers R.A. Buy cialis professional Dickey; Tim Wakefield, buy cialis professional formerly of the Boston Red Sox; Charlie Hough, buy cialis professional formerly of the Dodgers and Rangers; and former New York Yankee Jim Bouton.  The world premiere of Knuckleball! will follow at 8:15 pm . 

Buy cialis professional As you can see there is a lot to entice you to come out for the premiere, buy cialis professional live music and giveaways would be enough I’m sure, buy cialis professional but the chance to meet R.A. Buy cialis professional Dickey and his fellow knuckleballers, buy cialis professional Tim Wakefield and Charlie Hough (if you’ve read Dickey’s book “Wherever I Wind Up” -published by Blue Rider Press-you know how influential Wakefield and Hough were in helping R.A. Buy cialis professional turn himself into the solid starting knuckleball pitcher he is today) and free admission? Are ya’ kidding? But wait there’s more.

Buy cialis professional I am offering one lucky Eddie Kranepool Society reader, buy cialis professional the chance to score a seat in the VIP Section of the Tribeca Drive-In to view Knuckleball!, buy cialis professional and also receive a poster from the movie autographed by Dickey, buy cialis professional Wakefield, buy cialis professional Hough and Bouton.

Buy cialis professional In order to win this prize package, buy cialis professional you need to be the first reader to e-mail me (please put Knuckleball ! Movie in the subject line please)  at with the correct answer to this trivia question:

Buy cialis professional In 2006, buy cialis professional R.A. Buy cialis professional Dickey made one start for the Texas Rangers. Buy cialis professional Not only did Dickey lose the game he also tied a modern day MLB record. Buy cialis professional What was that record?

Buy cialis professional First correct answer via e-mail wins the seat and the autograph poster. Buy cialis professional Good Luck.

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Overnight viagra R.A. Overnight viagra Dickey will be awarded the Thurman Munson Award for his charitable works at the annual Thurman Munson Dinner on January 31st at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan . Overnight viagra Here are some details about the dinner and write up about the good deeds of R.A. Overnight viagra Dickey:

Overnight viagra New York Mets standout pitcher R.A. Overnight viagra Dickey joins New York Yankees and Mets beloved Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra, overnight viagra Yankees star first baseman Mark Teixeira, overnight viagra and newly-inducted Basketball Hall of Famer and former St. Overnight viagra John’s and N.B.A. Overnight viagra star guard Chris Mullin as the honorees at the 32nd Annual Thurman Munson Awards Dinner on Tuesday night, overnight viagra January 31, overnight viagra at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City, overnight viagra it was announced today.  The gala, overnight viagra which remembers the late, overnight viagra great Yankees catcher and captain, overnight viagra benefits AHRC-New York City Foundation. Overnight viagra Berra will receive the Munson Legend Award in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1962 World Champion Yankees, overnight viagra and Dickey, overnight viagra Teixeira and Mullin will each receive “Thurmans.” For tickets and information on the Munson Awards Dinner call 212-249-6188.

Overnight viagra About R.A.Dickey
R. Overnight viagra A. Overnight viagra Dickey, overnight viagra the right-handed knuckleballer for the New York Mets, overnight viagra has become a mainstay in the starting rotation with his cagey performances in the past two seasons. Overnight viagra The veteran hurler is a leader and refreshing presence in the locker room. Overnight viagra He has also pitched for the Rangers, overnight viagra Mariners, overnight viagra Twins and Brewers., overnight viagra Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers organizations. Overnight viagra In recent years, overnight viagra Dickey has since made the transition to becoming a knuckleball pitcher, overnight viagra and is one of just two knuckleballers on active rosters, overnight viagra the other being Tim Wakefield of the Boston Red Sox.

Overnight viagra Dickey was an English Literature major at the University of Tennessee, overnight viagra where he earned a 3.35 GPA and was named Academic All-American. Overnight viagra

Overnight viagra Dickey first signed a minor league contract with the Mets in 2010, overnight viagra was assigned to Buffalo, overnight viagra but joined the big league club in May. Overnight viagra He has pitched well ever since. Overnight viagra His second start was a 8-0 shutout of the Phillies, overnight viagra going seven innings and striking out seven. Overnight viagra He also flirted with a non hitter with against the Phillies later that season, overnight viagra on August 13, overnight viagra throwing a complete game one-hit shutout, overnight viagra the only hit a single by pitcher Cole Hamels. Overnight viagra He finished the 2010 season with a very strong ERA of 2.84, overnight viagra which was 7th best in the National League and 10th in all of baseball. Overnight viagra In  2011, overnight viagra he continued to flourish with a 3.28 ERA that ranked 12th in the NL while posting career bests with 32 starts, overnight viagra 208.2 innings and 134 strikeouts.

Overnight viagra Dickey and his wife Anne have two daughters, overnight viagra Maria Gabriel and Lila Anne, overnight viagra and a son, overnight viagra Van.  A born-again Christian, overnight viagra he helps operate the Ocala, overnight viagra Florida-based Honoring the Father Ministries which provides medical supplies, overnight viagra powdered milk and baseball equipment to the impoverished in Latin America. Overnight viagra

Overnight viagra This January, overnight viagra Dickey will scale Mt. Overnight viagra Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and funds for the Red Light District Outreach Mumbai, overnight viagra which combats human trafficking in India.  He got his inspiration to climb the mountain from Ernest Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro, overnight viagra” which he read in eighth grade.  Makes numerous appearances at hospitals to cheer up children.

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Tell me why?
I don’t like Mondays.
Tell me why?
I don’t like Mondays.
Tell me why?
I don’t like Mondays.
I want to shoot
The whole day down.





First the Giants spit the bit, buy viagra prescription online then this morning the 6:40 AM Staten Island Ferry was canceled so my usual Monday morning foul mood is intensified today. Buy viagra prescription online The Giants better hope that the new stadium they are building has some kind of wind baffle built in it because for all his heroics, buy viagra prescription online Eli Manning turns into Tim Wakefield when the wind gets to 20 mph or more. Buy viagra prescription online Oh and thank you Plaxico Buress for letting down your teammates, buy viagra prescription online fans and the whole Giants organization for your stupidity. Buy viagra prescription online Next time you want to shoot yourself, buy viagra prescription online aim the gun a little fucking higher.


I’ll be rooting hard for the Cardinals on Sunday especially for my favorite Irish-American wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.


Count me as a huge Joe Posnanski fan. Buy viagra prescription online On his blog he has a great post on Adam Dunn and Willie Bloomquist.    I wanted Bloomquist on the Mets but he signed with the Royals where he will get a lot of playing time but Posnanski shows the difference between Dunn fans and Bloomquist fans and his analysis is right on the money I am most definitely a BLOOMQUIST FAN.


Today is Hall of Fame day and the one guy we know for sure who is getting in is Rickey Henderson and the reason there is an MLB Network is just for Rickey’s acceptance speech which I have no doubt will be right there with FDR and JFK Inaugural speeches in fact I would love for Rickey to write Barrack Obama’ speech for his inauguration:


                       “The only thing we need to fear, buy viagra prescription online is an opponent with an inside straight”


If I had a vote (that’ll be the day) here is how my ballot would look:


Rickey Henderson

Bert Blyleven

Jim Rice

Tim Raines


Rickey is a no brainer. Buy viagra prescription online Blyleven was a strike out machine and I also feel that longevity in the game is a plus and not a detriment (or as Mike Francesa would say “he’s a compylah” to me that’s not a knock) The thing with Rice, buy viagra prescription online when you look at straight numbers you could make a case that Dewey Evans was as good as Rice but I always remember that Rice was feared by the opposition but I don’t remember Evans in that way. Buy viagra prescription online Rock Raines was the total package of hitting/speed/defense. Buy viagra prescription online    


On the same subject, buy viagra prescription online Mike Silva had Darren Viola (a/k/Repoz) of BBTF fame on his NY Baseball Digest show last night, buy viagra prescription online discussing the HOF ballot for this year. Buy viagra prescription online First Mickey Rouke on Letterman and now Repoz on with Silva W-O-W!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is best interview/guest pairing sense Joe Franklin and Dee Dee Ramone!


I don’t know if this is old news or not but the Mets are intreseted in Derek Lowe and or Oliver Perez. Buy viagra prescription online In fact the Mets are hoping Lowe PAYS the Mets for the right to play for them.



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