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Buy viagra As a guy who has trouble balancing a check book, buy viagra all this financial talk of the Skill Sets and the financial stability of the franchise has my head aching. Buy viagra What The Skill Sets knew and when they knew it about the Madoff Ponzi scheme is still not known and if an out of court settlement comes about, buy viagra we may never know but what we do know is the brand of the New York Mets has been tainted.

Buy viagra Maybe this is why the organization has embraced the Mets blogging community, buy viagra why not go to the folks whose love for the team is undying and let them be involved in events that we never dreamed we’d be a part of. Buy viagra I am very much appreciative of the organization for the opportunity they have given me with access to Sandy Alderson, buy viagra Terry Collins and various players but the folks the organization really needs to reach out to you guys who read this site and other Mets blogs and buy the tickets and watch SNY and buy team merchandise because you are the life blood of the franchise.

Buy viagra The news of the Skill Sets cash call could not come at a worse time. Buy viagra Season ticket sales are down and there doesn’t seem to be a big demand for single game tickets either, buy viagra those go on sale in March. Buy viagra The biggest argument and it is a very fair criticism, buy viagra is that the ticket prices are way to high. Buy viagra Now add in the news that the Skill Sets are strapped for cash most fans will feel that by buying a ticket to a Mets game will be paying for the Skill Sets Defense Fund. Buy viagra I’m not saying it is but that’s the perception.

Buy viagra A couple of pluses could come out of this firestorm. Buy viagra Yesterday I attended SABR DAY at Foleys Bar in Manhattan an event that was put together by SABR and Baseball Prospectus. It was a great afternoon of baseball talk with baseball fans and writers. Buy viagra Two of the panelists were Mets play by play man, buy viagra Gary Cohen and Newsday baseball writer, buy viagra Ken Davidoff. Buy viagra When the Q & A session began the Skill Sets money woes came up. Buy viagra Cohen didn’t have much to say on the topic and with good reason I guess, buy viagra but Davidoff claimed that as far as the baseball operation goes it may be good for the team. Buy viagra It seems this had been brewing for some time and Davidoff confirmed what I’ve been told for years and what I’ve written about here, buy viagra that Jeffey Skill Sets is a big part of the problem. Buy viagra Between Jeffey and Omar they wanted to be friends with everyone from players to front office people and anytime a tough decision had to be made neither man could pull the trigger. Buy viagra The Tony Bernazzard firing is a prime example, buy viagra the team had to be humiliated by the media before they’d let Bernazard go as he was friends with both Jeffey and Omar. Buy viagra Davidoff stated this will not happen under Sandy Alderson as he will not tolerate it. Buy viagra The panel consensus was by putting Alderson in charge it takes Jeffey out of the baseball ops decision making except on money issues. Buy viagra So if there is a plus out of this fiasco it’s muzzling Jeffey. Buy viagra If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard folks who cover the team say “Now there is an adult in charge” well, buy viagra you’d be looking at a 25 % owner of the Mets.

Buy viagra The Mets will have to really work hard on marketing this team for 2011 and beyond. Buy viagra The best way to start is by ripping out those club seats behind home plate and replace them with seats that honest to goodness baseball fans can purchase. Buy viagra Not only would be good business but it go a long away to getting some positive baseball atmosphere in Citi Field. Buy viagra Every time you tune into a Mets game on TV, buy viagra those seats are empty because the ticket holders for those seats couldn’t care less about the game going on as long as the free booze and food are flowing in the Delta Club. Buy viagra The organization lowered some ticket prices but they are still ridiculous. Buy viagra The Skill Sets have taken a massive hit on their credibility, buy viagra if they want to win the fans back they have a lot of wooing to do. Buy viagra This is year three of Citi Field and the place still has no identity. Buy viagra Is it a playground for the well to do? Is it a food court with a ball park attached? How games have you sat in your seats watching a game a looked out toward centerfield marveling at the line of people who stand on line waiting to buy a hamburger? When people would rather wait on a line for a half hour to forty-five minutes for a burger than watch your team, buy viagra you have a problem.

Buy viagra It’s time Mets ownership comes to the realization that in order to make this franchise great again it has to embrace the working stiff Mets fan. Buy viagra One thing you know about us working stiffs, buy viagra we are loyal to the team and we show up and support the club in good times and in bad. Buy viagra Not like some rich thieving scumbag who but a knife in the Skill Sets back.  You want to sell 25 % of the club? Just make the real true blue and orange Mets fan feel like you actually care about them and make the Citi Field experience that wants fans to  come back rather than say good riddance and I guarantee you’ll see so much success that this cash call will be just a bad dream.

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