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Cialis woman I have to say I am more than a little surprised that some Mets fans have made Terry Collins the bad guy for being totally, cialis woman and in my mind justifiably, cialis woman pissed off over the rash of injuries that have hit the Mets this spring. Cialis woman Two of Collins “Must Do’s” on his list of things to work on this spring were improve the defense and work on baseball fundamentals, cialis woman two of the biggest deficiency of the 2011 Mets. Cialis woman It’s very hard to do when the players you are counting on for the season are sitting in the trainer’s room.

Cialis woman I don’t understand why some folks feel that Collins tirade yesterday meant he wanted players to spit on the injury or rub some dirt on it, cialis woman no it’s more frustration as to why are these players are suffering  pulled muscles and how does the training staff help prevent these nagging hurts.

Cialis woman Collins is a realist he knows his team is projected by many to be awful this season add in that the same people feel Citi Field will be a ghost town as well, cialis woman so he knows it’s his job to get this team off to a fast start. Cialis woman That’s why he gets giddy talking about Johan Santana’s performance so far this spring.

Cialis woman Sitting Ruben Tejada yesterday was the right thing to do, cialis woman but put yourself in the managers shoes. Cialis woman He makes out his lineup and is set to go but then he finds out his shortstop can’t go, cialis woman what is he supposed to do laugh and make jokes like Jerry Manuel? You all detested Manuel for his clown act and now you’re all pissed that Collins is intense. Cialis woman Your all are sick of being the laughing stock of baseball but you don’t want the players challenged?

Cialis woman David Wright is starting to annoy me as well, cialis woman not because he’s hurt but he’s supposed to be the leader here but when he makes statements like this I shake my head a bit:

Cialis woman As for the frustration Terry Collins expressed the previous day about the litany of Mets injuries, cialis woman Wright said: “It’s OK to be frustrated. Cialis woman But at the end of the day it’s spring training. Cialis woman You have to err on the side of caution. Cialis woman We spoke to Terry about it. Cialis woman Terry will be the first one to tell you that if you feel something, cialis woman come right in. Cialis woman It’s frustrating, cialis woman obviously, cialis woman because you want all of your guys out there. Cialis woman But if you look around the league, cialis woman every team is going to be banged up and every team is going to be more cautious than trying to push guys out there in spring training.

Cialis woman  

Cialis woman “I think sometimes a guy gets a day off or two and things get a little overblown. Cialis woman Spring training, cialis woman it’s not about trying to go out there and push yourself. Cialis woman We’ll do that during the season. Cialis woman We’ll go out there and play banged up. Cialis woman Everybody has done it. Cialis woman But spring training you have to be a little more smart about it.”

Cialis woman First I don’t care what other teams are doing I care about that the Mets season not being done by Memorial Day. Cialis woman I care that this team is nowhere near good enough to flip a switch on April 4th and play good baseball. Cialis woman The margin of error for this team is slimmer than the Olsen Twins standing sideways.

Cialis woman The injury to Wright has me worried because what happens if the injection he received doesn’t work, cialis woman what if this becomes chronic like Ryan Zimmerman last season and he misses more than a month or two? What is Plan B if Wright can’t make opening day?

Cialis woman Wright seems to think he can just go over to the minor league camp to make up missing at bats which is fine but as much as his offensive game has slipped the last two seasons his play at 3rd base has deteriorated even more and I worry about that part of Wrights game than his offense.

Cialis woman When you’ve been as bad as the Mets have been the last few years and with all the negative off the field bullshit that surrounds the team, cialis woman I would hope the so called face of the franchise would have more of an edge to him.

Cialis woman  

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Viagra sales u.k It was nice to see Terry Collins get pissed off last night even if it wasn’t a total tirade I mean the way Collins acted at his post-game presser was the kind of demeanor Earl Weaver had ordering breakfast, viagra sales u.k but it was nice to see a Mets manager show passion instead of the “hey, viagra sales u.k shit happens” attitude of Jerry Manuel and the deer in the headlights way of Willie Randolph.

Viagra sales u.k Collins said there will be changes, viagra sales u.k but really what changes can be made? The easiest move would be to release Willie Harris as he has lived up to his rep as a Mets killer even while wearing the Mets colors. Viagra sales u.k Harris made a grave mistake when he said he pined for the days of the camaraderie of the Nationals clubhouse. Viagra sales u.k He should have been cut that day. Viagra sales u.k  It’s bad enough that Harris can’t hit for shit, viagra sales u.k his baseball IQ is as minuscule as his OPS. Viagra sales u.k Not getting the force at third base and not knowing to go home on a sharp groundball with the bags juiced are the stupid baseball plays that have been tolerated around here for too many years. Viagra sales u.k Good bye Willie Harris.

Viagra sales u.k If Collins really wanted to send a message he’d go to Sandy Alderson and ask for Lucas Duda or F-Mart to come back up and make left field a platoon with either player and Jason Bay. Viagra sales u.k Remember when we heard player salary wouldn’t be taken into account when making on field personal decisions? Well it’s time for Bay to grab some pine and if he has a problem with that either have his agent find a team to take him off the Mets hands or work out a buyout. Viagra sales u.k I’ve seen enough of Bay, viagra sales u.k nice guy but he’s spooked by Citi Field to the point that he stands so far off the plate he might as well try to hit from the dugout steps.

Viagra sales u.k Not much you can do with the bullpen. Viagra sales u.k As Bobby O said last night, viagra sales u.k this runs in cycles, viagra sales u.k the pen has gone from sugar to shit the last couple of weeks so hopefully they can sweeten themselves in the right direction. Viagra sales u.k At this point though, viagra sales u.k you could send Bobby Parnell back to Buffalo as he’s closer to driving a UPS truck as he is to being the closer of the future. Viagra sales u.k It’s one thing to throw 95+ mph but to throw that hard and straight over the plate you get your tits lit up in the big leagues. Viagra sales u.k Problem is who comes up? Manny Acosta has been great out of the Bison pen and John Lujan, viagra sales u.k who looked good in spring training, viagra sales u.k would be a nice candidate but really Alderson is at the bottom of the minor league pitching barrel. Viagra sales u.k    

Viagra sales u.k You have to feel for Terry Collins. Viagra sales u.k He’s trying so hard to stay confident with his Buffalo Soldiers and maybe they are just not up to the task. Viagra sales u.k No matter what level of baseball you’re talking about, viagra sales u.k if you give the opposition 4, viagra sales u.k 5, viagra sales u.k 6 outs in an inning you will lose the majority of your games no matter what. Viagra sales u.k Then add in an impotent offense that can’t get past 3 runs in a game, viagra sales u.k well then you have nights like last night. Viagra sales u.k Collins’ Buffalo Soldiers are starting to crumble as badly as Saddam Hussein Republican Guard. Viagra sales u.k I hope Collins has a better luck than ol’ Saddam

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