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Female equivalent of viagra Check out last night’s Sports Media Watchdog podcast as Mike Silva and I discuss Tony LaRussa’s new book “One Last Strike.” They review the Tom Coughlin documentary on the NFL Network, female equivalent of viagra the journey of R.A. Female equivalent of viagra Dickey and bias announcers.

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Viagra tablets Sorry for the lack of posting at the site the last couple of days. Viagra tablets I spent my weekend at Camp No-Be-Bosco just outside of Blairstown, viagra tablets NJ on a camping trip that had everything you’d want in winter camp out, viagra tablets snow, viagra tablets cold and a 2AM run to the latrine, viagra tablets ahhhh……… yes the great outdoors. Viagra tablets The camping trip and the New York Football Giants incredible post season (not to mention the best New York Rangers regular season in many an year and trying to come to grips that the great run of the Big 3 of the Boston Celtics looks over) run has greatly distracted me from the comings and goings of the New York Mets .

Viagra tablets Again Eli Manning has proven you can be tough, viagra tablets fearless and a leader without being a rah-rah screamer.

Viagra tablets I guess Tom Coughlin can make that big purchase he’s been putting off as he is the Giants head coach until he deiced he doesn’t want to be Giants head coach anymore. Viagra tablets Who knows what move TC will make if the G-Men win the Super Bowl?

Viagra tablets I’ll admit it, viagra tablets I never thought the Giants would go on this roll especially after the loss to the Redskins on December 18th  but thanks to the Jets and the 99 yard Victor Cruuuuuuuuuzzzz TD, viagra tablets which TC said was the turning point, viagra tablets I started  with the “what if’s” in my mind. Viagra tablets But of course that dominant Mets fan gene that I possess always makes me brace for the worse.

Viagra tablets With all the analysis that goes on about the NFL to the point you’re numb by game time, viagra tablets last night’s game broke it down to the games simplest form. Viagra tablets If you turn the ball over multiple times and can’t convert 3rd downs on offence, viagra tablets good chance you’re going to lose. Viagra tablets If you are plus in the takeaway column and convert those takeaways into points, viagra tablets chances are you’ll win the game. Viagra tablets  

Viagra tablets Like a baseball team that is strong defensively up the middle is most successful, viagra tablets in the NFL you’re only as strong as your offensive and defensive lines. Viagra tablets The Giants offensive line has been very good for the most part in keeping Eli Manning upright, viagra tablets but last night they allowed him to take a beating. Viagra tablets Plus this OL has a tough time getting the running game going, viagra tablets albeit Brandon Jacobs could do better than he does. Viagra tablets What has been the big push in this playoff run is the DL especially a star is born, viagra tablets Jason Pierre-Paul. Viagra tablets  Without that DL playing at the level it has, viagra tablets which has taken the pressure off an injury riddled secondary, viagra tablets has led to a defensive resurgence that Giants love and cherish.

Viagra tablets Saturday night the NY Chapter of the BBWAA held their annual dinner and Gary Carter was the recipient of the “You Got To Have Heart” Award which was accepted on his behalf by his children. Viagra tablets Thinking of you Kid.

Viagra tablets Lots of chatter about what cap Mike Piazza will wear on his Hall of Fame plaque. Viagra tablets Piazza himself has said he wants to enshrined as a Met. Viagra tablets Since he played more games as a Met (972) than a Dodger (726) it’s only right he wears a Mets cap on his plaque. Viagra tablets I’m sure with Freddy Skill Sets being Uncle Bud’s favorite nephew the word will get to those in Cooperstown to etch that Mets cap on Piazza’ head.

Viagra tablets As for the writers not voting Piazza into the Hall on the first ballot, viagra tablets I think they know if they don’t vote Piazza, viagra tablets they will end up like Murray Chass, viagra tablets just a broken down old bitter blogger grazing on a farm.

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Who can take viagra I’m sitting today out and not because the NY Football Giants offered up one of the great choke jobs of all time, who can take viagra no it’s due to a head cold that has inflamed my sinus to the point I feel like I got cracked in the face with a Louisville Slugger.

Who can take viagra I have never been a Tom Coughlin fan and even if the Giants win another Super Bowl with him as HC I still won’t be a fan, who can take viagra the guy just comes off as a hard ass jerk. Who can take viagra That was evident after he berated punter Matt Dodge after Dodge didn’t follow orders and punt the ball out of bounds. Who can take viagra  Look, who can take viagra I’d cut Dodge today as he’s very inconsistent and he suffers from the yips too many times to be a pro athlete and if Coughlin wants to rip him a new asshole that’s fine by me, who can take viagra but do it in the clubhouse and don’t show up at your post game presser and take all the blame and then throw your punter under the bus. Who can take viagra  How about alerting your kick off team to the possibility of an on side kick? How about not dropping Justin Tuck into coverage? How about not abandoning the aggressive defensive style that had you dominating the game by going into a turtle defense (a/k/a Prevent D)

Who can take viagra As bad as that loss was, who can take viagra it couldn’t ruin my evening as I had a great dinner and saw a tremendous show last night. My kids claim that from singing and dancing in the aisles is why I’m sick today, who can take viagra as I’ve heard all morning that “I’m not a kid anymore” Thanks but I know what my birth certificate says, who can take viagra but in my heart I’m still 17 years old.

Who can take viagra I’m out time for sinus meds and a nap

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Buy low price viagra Not much to say today other than to thank the New York Football Giants for ending the NFL season for us Giants fans last night with that embarrassing display. Buy low price viagra For the first time in his Giants Head Coaching tenure, buy low price viagra Tom Coughlin looked lost on the sidelines as he teams playoff hopes went down the drain. Buy low price viagra Not to worry Giants fans help on the offensive side is on the way as Charlie Weiss will be back in E. Buy low price viagra Rutherford as the OC.

Buy low price viagra Big tip of the Blue Mets Cap to Shannon Shark at Met Police for the first released pictures of the new, buy low price viagra old, buy low price viagra same Mets pinstriped jersey that looks exactly as the one I bought three years ago that hangs in my closet.

Buy low price viagra Hopefully some time today I will see this jersey up close and personnel as the plan was to up and out by 9AM for Christmas shopping but my daughter has decided to engage in a marathon sleeping session so our attack of the Paramus Mall is on hold.

Buy low price viagra Oh well, buy low price viagra with the football season done here in NY , buy low price viagra I guess all we can look forward to is the big Elmer Dessens press conference to announce his re-signing .

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Not much on the Mets front today as we await Friday when hunting season opens. Buy viagra line No not for men in camo killing Bambi but for guys like Omar Minaya to don an orange hat and use the smell of devalued U.S. Buy viagra line currency as a lure to rope in a few good arms for the Mets pitching staff and maybe a bat and a bench player too.  But even during this lull in the Mets off season action, buy viagra line you can always find some interesting things to discuss such as:


The New York Football Giants went into that cesspool called Philadelphia and showed the Philly fans that there is at least one team in NYC with a pair of balls. Buy viagra line Far from their best performance of the season the G-Men ran the ball right down the throats of the Iggles but still allowed to keep Philly in the game with some bad fumbles (Brandon Jacobs is a stud but he HAS to learn to put his shoulder down, buy viagra line run low and tuck that ball up high as one day those fumble are going to cost the Giants a big game) and some spotty secondary play. Buy viagra line I love the cover of the NY Daily News with Tom Coughlin making the play of the game when he asked for video review of the illegal forward pass against Eli Manning in the 3rd period that was reversed and set up the Brandon Jacobs TD that put the GIANTS in front for good. Buy viagra line Just a side note with all the well deserved praise heaped on Justin Tuck and Osi Umenorya Chase Blackburn’s play at LB has been overlooked.


Mike Silva at NY Baseball Digest has a post and a link from Buster Olney on the Padres playing a tough negations game with Trevor Hoffman. Buy viagra line The last guy who I would want to come pitch for the Mets would be the most overrated reliever of the 20th and 21st century Trevor Hoffman. Buy viagra line Hoffman would not survive 5 minutes on 126th and Roosevelt Ave.


I’ve linked to Randy Newsom before at Dugout Central and Newsom has another great report from Venezuela posted. Buy viagra line Newsom is a pitcher in the Cleveland Indians system and is a very entertaining writer.


I have no idea if the great footballer and Sunderland manager Roy Keane and I are related (he is from Cork my family is from Silo) but one thing we Keane’s have in common, buy viagra line we hate losing and we lack patience so when I read this story about Keane being very frustrated with the lads on the Black Cats and taking Sky Sports commentators to task I started to think me and Roy have to cousins.


Well what do you know, buy viagra line  the ground at Willets Point are contaminated I’m shocked, buy viagra line SHOCKED!!!!!  After reading this it may be more than the prices keeping me out of $iti Field and if I do show up it may be in a bubble.


I went to see FUERZABRUTA last night at the Darryl Roth Theater on 15 St and it was on of the best and most entertaining shows I’ve seen in a long time. Buy viagra line It’s a must see show!!!!! (Holy shit I think I’m morphing into Larry King)


I saw this link from the Shyster Ball site it’s a story on former Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee being honored into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Buy viagra line I always like Lee and in fact my daughter needed something from my book case Saturday and while we were looking for a book on the 50 states I saw a copy I had of Lee’s The Wrong Stuff that hadn’t read in years. Buy viagra line I may just dust it off and give it a look.




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