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Viagra rx in canada So now that our weekend of fun (no Highlanders or Phuck Phaces in the World Series) and we await what I think will be a terrific World Series, viagra rx in canada it’s time to look at what is taking so long for the Skill Sets to figure out who will be the next leader of the baseball operations.

Viagra rx in canada On Mets Minor League Blog, viagra rx in canada they feel it’s up to Uncle Saul as to who will get the GM job. Viagra rx in canada Freddy Skill Sets is in the pro-Alderson camp, viagra rx in canada while Jeffey is leaning towards Josh Byrnes due to both of them being similar age. Viagra rx in canada It’s this kind of bullshit that brings out the nastiness in me when it comes to Jeffey, viagra rx in canada he’s done this with players (Al Leiter, viagra rx in canada John Franco and Tom Glavine) he did it with Omar and with John Ricco as well. Viagra rx in canada Doesn’t this little shit have friends of his own? But then again who would want to be friends with this dolt? So the third and final vote comes down to Uncle Saul Katz. Viagra rx in canada Whoever Uncle Saul picks most likely will be the next American Idol Mets GM. Viagra rx in canada Why do I have the feeling the Skill Sets will fuck this up?

Viagra rx in canada If Jeffey Skill Sets sent me e-mails like Metstadaums has on his site, viagra rx in canada I would be waiting with heighten anticipation to receive them.  

Viagra rx in canada Metszilla has a link to a 2008 interview that Sandy Alderson did with the site Ducksnorts when he was in charge of the Padres. Viagra rx in canada It is a fascinating read.

Viagra rx in canada Sometimes I just can’t figure out our fan base. Viagra rx in canada Daniel Murphy is back playing after a devastating knee injury. Viagra rx in canada He’s playing 2nd bas in the Dominican League and from some of the stuff I read on Twitter you’d think that Murphy is solely responsible for the suckitude of the franchise. Viagra rx in canada Am I saying that Murph is the answer at 2nd base ? No. Viagra rx in canada But I see no reason why he and Nick Evans can’t be viable bench pieces next season. Viagra rx in canada What I can’t understand is, viagra rx in canada Murphy is the kind of player most Mets fans feel the team needs. Viagra rx in canada He shows up to spring training with the pitchers and catcher. Viagra rx in canada He will play any place the manager asks him. Viagra rx in canada He plays that balls to wall hustle that it seems the majority of the fan base is clamoring for, viagra rx in canada so tell me all you Murphy haters out there, viagra rx in canada what is it that bothers you about him? I know he’s a player without a position but as a sub or spot starter, viagra rx in canada I feel Murphy would make a solid contribution to this team. Viagra rx in canada The comments section is now open for all of you to let me know how much of an asshole I am over this.

Viagra rx in canada Tomorrow night on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO my guest will be Ed Marcus a/k/a Rusty Jr of The Real Dirty Mets blog. Viagra rx in canada Ed and I will discuss the hunt of a new Mets GM and all things Mets. Viagra rx in canada That’s tomorrow Tuesday October 26th at 10PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN. Viagra rx in canada   

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Viagra wholesalers When I first heard about Tony Bernazard went off on the Bingo Mets especially Jose Coronado I admit to laughing my ass off. Viagra wholesalers All I could do was picture in my mind Tony B whipping off his silk shirt and standing in the middle of the clubhouse in a wife beater calling out Coronado, viagra wholesalers “Yo maricon, viagra wholesalers who a piece of me”? But when I settled down I realized what an embarrassment this guy has become and the fact that he hasn’t at least been suspended until a formal hearing by the Skill Sets to determine if he should be terminated is even more outrageous.

Viagra wholesalers Someone or a bunch of folks are tired of Bernazard’ act and have been feeding Adam Rubin story after story and even as ignorant as Jeffey Skill Sets is he has to be contemplating firing Bernazard. Viagra wholesalers The problem here is Jeffey has a big man crush on Tony B because he is everything Jeffey wishes he could be. Viagra wholesalers The only difference between Marlins Pres David Samson (another annoying little shit) and Jeffey is the Fish have two World Championships under Samson rein of ridiculousness.

Viagra wholesalers Jeffey is so weak and players and guys like Bernazard see that and play him like a fiddle. Viagra wholesalers Look at all the knuckle heads who have been in the Jeffey Love Nest, viagra wholesalers John Franco, viagra wholesalers Rosalita Lieter, viagra wholesalers Titan Tom Glavine and of course Tony B. Viagra wholesalers Jeffey is as easy to get over on as the fat chick going stag to the High School prom. Viagra wholesalers It’s that weakness of character that is bringing down the organization.

Viagra wholesalers The baseball world is laughing at the Mets and it’s Mets fans who are taking it the worst.

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Advice viagra I read MetsBlog and Matt Cerrone reporting that the Mets Clubhouse store still sells Paul LoDuca, advice viagra Tom Glavine, advice viagra (I wouldn’t wipe my arse with that one) Endy Chavez and Kaz Matsui (what no Mark Bradley?) T-shirts.  Even better is the WAGNER 13 t-shirts with the securtiy doo-hickey on it. Advice viagra Jesus H. Advice viagra Christ you the fuck is going to lift a WAGNER shirt?

Advice viagra But try to find a MURPHY 28 or a Pelfrey 34? No can do.  Great bunch you have in that marketing department Jeffey.

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If you missed last night’s edition of Pro Baseball Central you missed a spirited discussion by Joe McDonald and I over the issued of re-signing Oliver Perez (Joe’s guy) over signing Derek Lowe (my guy) after going back and forth on the issued Joe played the Tom Glavine card that had me reassessing my opinion. Buying viagra without perscription We also looked at the Skill Sets finances and spoke about J J Putz. Buying viagra without perscription So check out the podcast for more entertaining baseball talk.


Greg Prince at Faith and Fear in Flushing has been checking out a sneak preview of the MLB Network which goes live Jan 1. Buying viagra without perscription From reading the site there looks to be some fine programming on the channel plus the WBC and there will be live games during the season and the lovely Hazel Mae in studio.


Story in NEWSDAY today about the unknown of the nation rescission and its effect on the Mets and Highlanders and are they rescission proof? Andrew Zimbalist the noted economist believes both teams are in a dangerous territory and I agree as what fuels both teams are the high rollers on Wall St who are either broke or ready to be indicated. Buying viagra without perscription The story also looks at the real baseball fans like us who work hard and like to spend our discretionary funds on our favorite baseball team but the Mets have to be very careful as not to price out the hard core workingman Mets fan as that and not the Madoff scam will be the ruinations of the franchise.


On this day in Mets history, buying viagra without perscription remember 1986 World Series Game 6 parachutist Michael Sergio? He was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and fined $500 for his stunt. Buying viagra without perscription Try that today and I’m sure you’d get a stiffer sentence.


Metsblog has a breakdown on the stories of the pitchers who the Mets have interest in. From the looks of things Omar’s pitching wish list looks like this:


  1. Derek Lowe
  2. Ollie Perez
  3. Randy Wolf (who needs to get over his 3yr/$30mil asking price)
  4. Tim Redding
  5. An assortment of non-tender, buying viagra without perscription rehabbing stumblebums.


I’m on the Derek Lowe bandwagon with his sinking fastball and slider that fits the Mets need perfectly. Buying viagra without perscription He is durable and consistency and even at 36 years old I’d offer him 3 yrs/$50 mil with an option on a 4th

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So the Mets Gang of Four (Omar, low cost canadian viagra John Rico, low cost canadian viagra Tony B and their mascot Jeffey Skill Sets, low cost canadian viagra hell he provided the transportation flying the Gang of Four on Skill Set One so he gets to hang around with the big boys plus he has the check book) hit the ground running in Vegas and wasted no time at all grabbing Francisco Rodriguez and his agent and squired them to a local steak house to talk turkey.  I love the approach Omar is taking it’s quite the opposite of how Freddy and Jeffey graveled at the feet of Titan Tom Glavine pleading with him to join the Mets by throwing Mets Money at him until he said yes. Low cost canadian viagra Have I told I despise Tom Glavine? Anyway, low cost canadian viagra Omar and his lieutenants according to Joe DeMayo of NY Baseball Digest have made an offer to Rodriguez of 3yr/$36 mil with an option on 4th year that could push the deal to $48mil. Low cost canadian viagra Word is Rodriquez wants to be a Met and Omar wants him as the Mets closer so this deal should not be to difficult to close (get it close the deal K-Rod closes games)


Other deal that may come down will be Aaron Heilman to the Rockies for Huston Street as word there is Heilman is coveted by Colorado to go right into their rotation and the Mets want Street to fit the 8th inning bridge to K-Rod. Low cost canadian viagra


If both these deals come off if I’m the Mets GM I still keep an eye on Brain Fuentes as he could fall into there lap where the Mets could sign him for the 8th inning and let Street pitched the 7th or use both as a lefty/righty punch in the late innings. Low cost canadian viagra If all the rhetoric we have heard out of Mets camp is that the bullpen is a priority and we all know that two NL East pennants went down the drain mostly due to the inept bullpen now you have a chance by spend some money and trading a guy you have no use for to bolster three spots in your pen you have to do it



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Archive blog buy inurl viagra The idea of the slider is to fool the batter that it’s a fastball but then when it breaks the way it should (like down and away or down and in) it should it is an extremely effective pitch but it is also a high risk, archive blog buy inurl viagra high reward pitch especially when Pedro Feliciano throws it.  So today Feliciano took a risk and threw a slider to a couple of guys Brad Asmus and Darin Erstad who had five HR’s combined coming into the game and instead of just challenging both batters Feliciano goes with sliders which hung just enough over the middle of the for both batters to tee off and take him long. Archive blog buy inurl viagra As the Bobby Valentine always says, archive blog buy inurl viagra Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance, archive blog buy inurl viagra that saying should be hung in Pedro Feliciano’s locker.

Archive blog buy inurl viagra I have to say I love that the Shea in game staff was hip enough to play the Dropkick Murphy’s when Daniel Murphy comes to bat, archive blog buy inurl viagra I am curious if he chose that or not.

Archive blog buy inurl viagra Today I was in beautiful Bay Ridge Brooklyn and as we were walking on 5th Ave I passed a sporting goods store named LEDGENDS. Archive blog buy inurl viagra They had a rack on the side walk of MLB baseball jerseys on sale for 10 bucks. Archive blog buy inurl viagra No bullshit these were like $200 jerseys with names and numbers sewed on for 10 bucks. Archive blog buy inurl viagra The problem was most were Cardinal jerseys with Scott Rolen and Jim Edmonds names on them so they were out. Archive blog buy inurl viagra There were Red Sox road jersey with RAMIREZ on them so no go there either as were the Cubs, archive blog buy inurl viagra Phillies and the Mets Tom Glavine top. Archive blog buy inurl viagra But there was one that caught my eye and after a lot of thinking and putting it back, archive blog buy inurl viagra picking it up, archive blog buy inurl viagra putting it back, archive blog buy inurl viagra I said “ah what the hell I got to take this for 10 bucks” it’s a home pinstripe Mets with 44 MILLEDGE on the back For a double fin I’ll represent for my boy LMILLZ.

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