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Viagra high blood pressure When it comes to the Skill Sets financial situation it seems we Mets fans are better off ignoring what they say and instead focus on what they do. Viagra high blood pressure From the outstanding reporting of Eno Sarris of Amazin’ Avenue, viagra high blood pressure  we discovered that the Skill Sets have hired  CRG Partners , viagra high blood pressure a firm that works with businesses swimming in red ink and tries to either help them turnaround their business or it they are too far gone, viagra high blood pressure file for bankruptcy. Viagra high blood pressure From reading the story, viagra high blood pressure it looks like the Skill Sets are ready to be made comfortable for the inevitable, viagra high blood pressure their loss of the Mets.

Viagra high blood pressure Sure, viagra high blood pressure as Mets fans we should be rejoicing that the end of the Wilpon/Katz reign of ownership is closer to a conclusion than ownership as led on, viagra high blood pressure and that has been the primary problem with the Skill Sets, viagra high blood pressure their inability to be truthful with their fan base. Viagra high blood pressure If there is one thing indisputable about the Mets fans base, viagra high blood pressure it is loyal and forgiving but it you take their kindness for weakness, viagra high blood pressure you will feel their wrath. Viagra high blood pressure I truly believe if Fred Wilpon came to Mets fans with honesty over  the  grave financial situation that has alter severely the way the Mets have done business, viagra high blood pressure instead of the “keep moving nothing to see here, viagra high blood pressure we’re doing great ” deny, viagra high blood pressure deny, viagra high blood pressure deny spin, viagra high blood pressure he would have had the backing of the fan base in trying to keep the team in his and his families stewardship, viagra high blood pressure instead the constant false reports of selling minority shares, viagra high blood pressure or tickets selling like “hot cakes” , viagra high blood pressure or reports of a payroll north of $100 mil with money left for taking on a big contract for a pennant run which in realty is a payroll struggling to reach $90m and the only players signing are non-descript bush leaguers grateful for employment. Viagra high blood pressure No one ever learns, viagra high blood pressure the cover up is always worse than the crime.

Viagra high blood pressure So due to the disrespect of the Mets fans intelligence, viagra high blood pressure we have a mob with pitch forks and torches at the ready to run the Skill Sets out of Queens. Viagra high blood pressure One silver lining in all this though is the emergence of the of writers like Sarris and Howard Megdal, viagra high blood pressure who dig and do the dirty work to bring Mets fans the truth behind the shell game being run at Citi Field. 

Viagra high blood pressure I wonder if the news that Bank of America has put notice on small businesses they lend money to that they are calling in the loans on those businesses they feel is a bad risk.  Mets have just taken out a $40 mil note from BOA, viagra high blood pressure what would happen if that loan was recalled?

Viagra high blood pressure As much as we all want the Skill Sets out of the way and a new owner with deep pockets to take over our beloved Mets, viagra high blood pressure how can we as a fan base be happy with all this financial bullshit that has had a negative effect on our beloved baseball team? My wanting the Wilpon’s out of the owner’s box at Citi Field is not due to personal malice, viagra high blood pressure it’s due to the destruction of the core of my favorite baseball team. Viagra high blood pressure I don’t want to care about the Wilpon’s financial straights but I have to as it has an adverse effect on something I love, viagra high blood pressure The New York Mets. Viagra high blood pressure That pisses me off to no end.

Viagra high blood pressure  

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