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Viagra order Are we seeing the last of the Dan Warthen influence on Mets pitchers? Matt Harvey pitched last night like the power pitcher he’s been advertised as. Viagra order Harvey went almost exclusively with his fastball and slider and more importantly he threw inside and challenged hitters. Viagra order Harvey went away from the Warthen School of Pitching which is nibble, viagra order nibble and nibble some more. Viagra order Harvey pitched a man’s game last night even plunking Ryan Ludwick in the shoulder and of course Ludwick gave the phony tough guy stare down as he went to first base, viagra order because he’s a rook, viagra order Harvey just let Ludwick have his fake tough guy moment but I’d bet if Harvey had a couple of season under his belt, viagra order he’s have told Ludwick to take his ass down to first base.

Viagra order Justin Turner in the outfield in 2013? You cannot be serious Terry, viagra order you just can’t. Viagra order  I have to think Collins was talking out his ass on this one, viagra order as it make absolutely no sense , viagra orderhell, viagra order Turner back for 2013 doesn’t make much sense. Viagra order  Don’t the Mets have an overabundance of outfielders without any power?

Viagra order Heard a rumor that Sandy Alderson sent a link to the video of Jason Bay’s home run last night to Brian Sabean with the message “Com’on Brian you know you want him”

Viagra order I can get the Mets going to a 6 man pitching rotation being that Johan and Young could benefit from the extra days rest as could Jon Niese, viagra order who at some point has to show he strong enough to pitch effectively  in second half of the season and as long as Dickey and Harvey stay on schedule, viagra order it’s all good but why does the spot guy have to be Jeremy Hefner? I hope come September 1st the club calls up Collin McHugh and let him take that spot or Jenry Mejia. Viagra order Seriously, viagra order enough of Jeremy Hefner.

Viagra order Mike Pelfrey is ready to start throwing as his rehab from Tommy John surgery is progressing well. Viagra order As an arbitration eligible player much speculation is that the Mets will non-tender him come December. Viagra order That much I agree with but I’d bet the Mets try to work a deal with Big Pelf for the 2013 season. Viagra order I’m not ready to call Pelfrey an ex-Met yet.

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How to buy viagra The way some Mets fans are acting toward the hiring of Terry Collins, how to buy viagra you’d think he was taking over a contending team. How to buy viagra Do you people realize that the NY Mets as constituted today are barely a .500 team?  I guess I have to be the myth buster around here, how to buy viagra the Mets will not make the post season in 2011. How to buy viagra Sorry for the smack in the face but some Mets fans need a dose of reality.

How to buy viagra As I’ve written before there are times the Mets fan base just amazes me, how to buy viagra Terry Collins hasn’t even put pen to contract yet and fans are ready to fire him. How to buy viagra Can we wait at least one week into the regular season before we make up the Twitter account @FireTerryCollins?  

How to buy viagra Am I 100% happy with the Collins hire? No not really, how to buy viagra but I’m not screaming about it as a disaster waiting to happen either.  I look at the positives here, how to buy viagra that Alderson and not Jeffey Skill  Sets  is making the baseball decisions. How to buy viagra Collins was the minor league coordinator so he has knowledge of what’s worth keeping and what’s not in the Mets farm system. How to buy viagra I watched Collins at a pre-season workout for the Brooklyn Cyclones this summer and he and Mookie Wilson were running from station to station working with players and conferring with Wally Backman, how to buy viagra Benny DiStefano (hitting coach) and Rick Tomlin (pitching coach) so energy and instruction are definitely  Collins strong suit. How to buy viagra     

How to buy viagra Collins intensity can make some players uncomfortable, how to buy viagra but isn’t that what has been sorely lacking in the Mets clubhouse? Haven’t the bunch of underachievers that reside in that room been living the high life for too long? Isn’t it about time somebody with authority dealt with these “woe is me” players and get them to man up and stop shitting in their snow white pants when the Phillies or Braves come up on the schedule?  Mets fans have been crying for a tough guy right? So here you are. How to buy viagra Maybe for the first time in years, how to buy viagra the players will be held accountable.

How to buy viagra The biggest reservation I have with Collins is he quit as manager twice, how to buy viagra with the Angels and in Japan. How to buy viagra That scares me it’s as if the going gets tough; it seems Collins gets going, how to buy viagra out the door. How to buy viagra Of course Sandy Alderson brought this up during the interview session I’m sure and he was satisfied with the answer he got so I guess I should be too.  Collins has not run a team in ten years and that raises a red flag with me as well.

How to buy viagra The Collins hire is not outrageous enough for to be well.. How to buy viagra outraged. How to buy viagra Sure it would have been nice to see BACKMAN 6 strutting to the plate on opening day with his first lineup card as a big league manager but that’s the Mets fan in me talking. How to buy viagra The guy who is now in charge feels that Terry Collins gives him all that he’s looking for in a manager with an edge in personality. How to buy viagra At this point in the Alderson Era who am I or you to question the move?   

How to buy viagra What it tells me also is the Mets are going to get younger and there is a big premium going to be placed on home grown talent. How to buy viagra Sandy Alderson on day one said the farm system he has inherited is in the middle of the pack and for a team like the Mets with its resources, how to buy viagra that’s unacceptable. How to buy viagra That’s what should be the focus of Mets fans, how to buy viagra not who will be the manager for the next two seasons. How to buy viagra Cliff Lee at 32 years of age with back trouble? Let the Highlanders over pay in years and money for him. How to buy viagra Jayson Werth? Let the Tigers spend all that awful pizza money on him. How to buy viagra If the Mets eat the Perez/Castillo dough then the off season is a success and you know now there is no way in hell either of those two slugs are coming back.

How to buy viagra  Rejoice Mets fans that we  have guys with a clue and a plan running the baseball operations for our beloved Mets. How to buy viagra I know it’s hard to optimistic with the all the horseshit we’ve endured the last few years but I think the new regime will get us out this mess and back on the road to winning.

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Buy prescription viagra This should be played in the Texas Ranger P.A. Buy prescription viagra system

Buy prescription viagra Someday, buy prescription viagra when that someday will be I don’t know, buy prescription viagra but someday a big league manager is going to have the brains and the confidence to do away with the role of the closer. Buy prescription viagra Maybe that day will be when Mariano Rivera retires, buy prescription viagra which may not be for another ten years but I hope that whoever is hired by the Mets makes on of his first command decisions that the day of saving your best arm for just the ninth inning is over. Buy prescription viagra The only team that can still say they have a legitimate  pitcher to finish a game are  the Highlanders and until mangers like Texas’ Ron Washington, buy prescription viagra get this though their thick skulls, buy prescription viagra they just might win more baseball games than they lose.

Buy prescription viagra If Nolan Ryan is going to be the new tough guy in the Rangers front office when he claims that it’s time to re-evaluate the way bullpens are used and develop starting pitchers who should be conditioned to pitch deep into their starts, buy prescription viagra he might like to have a little sit down with Washington today before game two and let him know, buy prescription viagra when the game is on the line and you feel you’ve gotten all you can out of your starter, buy prescription viagra bring in the best arm you have in the pen.

Buy prescription viagra I’m not looking to kill Ron Washington here as he managed the way every big league manager would have in that eighth inning, buy prescription viagra plus Darren Oliver and Darren O’Day needed to step up and how in the world does Ian Kinsler have a brain fart in the eighth getting picked off?

Buy prescription viagra The Rangers had the Highlanders on the ropes and bleeding but they lacked that killer instinct, buy prescription viagra that solid knockout punch, buy prescription viagra hopefully they can turn the page and go out today and tattoo Phil Hughes, buy prescription viagra if not, buy prescription viagra the who gives a shit what Cliff Lee does in Game 3?

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