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Viagra purchase NEWS: Mets Still Dangling R.A. Viagra purchase Dickey as Trade Bait

Viagra purchase VIEW: Sandy Alderson knows his team is dire need of a front line catcher and at least one power hitting corner outfielder. Viagra purchase Two get either prize possession will not be easy since he is working with a lack of trade chips and money, viagra purchase so what’s a GM to do? In Alderson’s case it seems he’s using Dickey as bait to lure in the sharks just to see how hungry they are. Viagra purchase Reports from Nashville have the Mets talking to about eight teams about Dickey. Viagra purchase Some are serious some are just bullshiters, viagra purchase the Red Sox and Blue Jays seem to be the most interested and have the most to give back in trade.

Viagra purchase The Jays and Red Sox are flush with catchers, viagra purchase a position that Mets lack major league talent at (sorry Josh Thole) and outfield help again a deficient part of the Mets player personal roster. Viagra purchase  Alderson is not going to give Dickey away and in fact he may not be giving Dickey away at all. Viagra purchase Like I mentioned above, viagra purchase Dickey could be the bait to get the sharks out in the open to make his pitch for big time talent back in trade. Viagra purchase I see where Alderson has asked the Red Sox for their two top prospects, viagra purchase shortstop Xander Bogaerts and center fielder Jackie Bradley. Viagra purchase Bogaerts is shortstop that has power on offense and great range on defense. Viagra purchase Bradley has great instincts in the field and covers a ton of ground in the outfield, viagra purchase gets on base by any means necessary and has (cover your eyes sabrmetricans) outstanding make up and is an on field leader. Viagra purchase  Seems to me it would take more than a 38 year old knuckleballer to pry two gems like that, viagra purchase so maybe if Alderson switched the bait from Dickey to Jon Niese he could land these two trophy pieces?

Viagra purchase Could this be the Mets GM plan? Lure teams with Dickey, viagra purchase ask for a major package in return, viagra purchase get rebuffed and then use Niese as the trade chip?    

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Viagra purchase NEWS: Angel Pagan Re-Ups with Giants for 4 Years $40 mil

Viagra purchase VIEW: How Brian Sabean has two World Series rings is astonishing. Viagra purchase I guess getting Shane Victorino to the Mets is now out of the question as his asking price has to be the same as Pagan’s if not more. Viagra purchase FUCK!

Viagra purchase NEWS: Jordany Valdespin Suspended For Insubordination From Winter League Team

Viagra purchase VIEW: Enough is enough with Valde, viagra purchase he’s not talented enough to get away with acting like an asshole. Viagra purchase I’m sure any deal that Mets make this off season Valdespin will be a throw in and if no other team wants him he’ll be assigned to Las Vegas or better yet given his release. Viagra purchase If I know anything about how Alderson runs his team it’s he doesn’t put up with guys like Valdespin.

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Herbal viagra reviews This winter will be more of an inferno than a hot stove for the Mets and it will be the defining off season for the Sandy Alderson regime. Herbal viagra reviews From reading Mets news this morning the hottest topic of the winter will be what becomes of David Wright and from where I sit I’d say we are looking at Wright becoming an ex-Met by the new year than a long term Met with a contract extension.

Herbal viagra reviews I’ve gone through this exercise before, herbal viagra reviews it may be best for both the Mets and Wright to separate, herbal viagra reviews this isn’t to say I want Wright to go, herbal viagra reviews not at all, herbal viagra reviews if he signed a long term contract to be a Met For Life that’s fine with me and if he and Sandy Alderson can agree on terms that are beneficial to the team and Wright well, herbal viagra reviews hallelujah but the odds of that happening are as slim as Tom “The Blade” Hall in the stretch position.

Herbal viagra reviews What Alderson has to worry about is getting back players of value for Wright if he and Team DW are so far apart in negotiation that he has to think about moving him, herbal viagra reviews if he lets Wright walk a la Jose Reyes, herbal viagra reviews I’m heading for the nearest fallout shelter because it will Mets fan Armageddon in Flushing.

Herbal viagra reviews At some point we in the fan base have to make up our minds do we want a winning team or do we want this bunch of great guys to hang around and win 70-75 games every year?  There are some in the fan base who treat the Mets as a Lifetime Network movie, herbal viagra reviews they get all emotional when players they love are mentioned as trade bait (or should I say traid bate ?) You can’t keep everybody. Herbal viagra reviews One of Frank Cashen’s successful management moves was to shuffle the roster even when coming off a successful season.  Cashen was drawn and quartered for not giving in to Ray Knight’s contract demands after the 1986 World Series in which Knight was the MVP of the series. Herbal viagra reviews As it turned out, herbal viagra reviews Cashen made the correct move in letting Knight walk. Herbal viagra reviews  Alderson will make the same decision on Wright and do what is best for the New York Mets. Herbal viagra reviews  If Wright leaves there will be outrage and nastiness not seen in these parts since June 15th 1977, herbal viagra reviews unless of course the Mets win the 2013 or 2014 World Series, herbal viagra reviews then it will be David Who?

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Viagra good morning If you are in the Financial district of Manhattan today head on over to the Citi Bank branch at 120 Broadway where you can meet Mets great Mookie Wilson. Viagra good morning Mookie will be meeting and greeting Mets fans and signing autographs from 12 Noon to 1:30 Pm at the Citi Bank Branch.

Viagra good morning One thing you can say about Mets fans, viagra good morning they are damn entertaining. Viagra good morning They bitch and moan about the suckitude of the team but when a player is mentioned as trade bait they filp out. Viagra good morning The latest outrage is now word that the club will explore moving Ike Davis in the off season. Viagra good morning The reaction from the lunatic fringe of Mets fans was predictable. Viagra good morning  

Viagra good morning Adam Rubin in his post on wrote that the Mets are playing Lucas Duda at 1st base against lefties because they are looking at using Davis as trade bait to fill one of the numerous holes this team has. Viagra good morning Nothing wrong with that. Viagra good morning Rubin then mentions that the organization is not happy with Davis’ stubbornness in taking direction from the coaching staff and his nocturnal habits. Viagra good morning  Davis’ pig headedness when it comes to listening to coaching direction is not a new murmur, viagra good morning the night time high life is.

Viagra good morning Davis has battled a lot of adversity the last two seasons, viagra good morning between his ankle injury costing him a season and his bout with Valley Fever and his awful first half of 2012 season to his credit Davis has bounced back in the second half to the point that he could be a valuable trade chip this winter. Viagra good morning Another thing to remember, viagra good morning Sandy Alderson and his baseball operation staff are not emotionally invested in the majority of the players on the Major League level of the organization and would have no problem dealing them off to improve the team. Viagra good morning That’s why I feel the Mets will be one of the most active teams in trades this off season because there is no way you can bring back the bulk of this team in 2013 and win.

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Viagra online deals  

Viagra online deals I would think by now every player on the Mets has gotten the message, viagra online deals you can be replaced, viagra online deals to that I say, viagra online deals it’s about time.

Viagra online deals I know there is a segment of the fan base who get their balls in a uproar when they hear of their favorite player mentioned in trade rumors and we can see by the group whose pissed off that Jose Reyes is now a former Met, viagra online deals  who will miss Reyes by the way not for his baseball prowess but because they love his dreads or he helps them sell t-shirts and don’t have the capacity to look at it as solely the baseball move that it was. Viagra online deals It’s the same way some have reacted to the scuttlebutt that Ike Davis and Jon Niese have been dangled as trade bait. Viagra online deals I know it’s been awhile since the Mets have had a true general manager running their team but I’ll let you kids in on a secret this is how you run a baseball team.

Viagra online deals Now before you call me an asshole (if you haven’t already) let me make it clear that I am not advocating that Ike and Niese be dealt but as a Mets fan you should be encouraged that Sandy Alderson is doing his job in trying to build this wreck of a franchise into a contending team for the long haul.

Viagra online deals I get it that the Mets fan base is quite diverse but you can’t keep sucking year after year and keep players just because they were drafted by the organization or have nice dimples you need players who can actually step up and win some baseball games. Viagra online deals Give me a flat ass, viagra online deals pimple face baseball player who can get on base, viagra online deals knock in runs or pitch seven innings a start any day of the week.

Viagra online deals It’s quite obvious that Alderson feels there is not one player on his current roster he cannot live without and as a fan of the TEAM that should make you happy. Viagra online deals When Alderson was first introduced as Mets GM he was asked about relationships with players, viagra online deals he let it known from the jump that he’s not here to be their friend but he would do whatever he could to help them if they needed his assistance.

Viagra online deals I’m sure Alderson thinks David Wright is as fine a young man as he’s met in baseball but that won’t stop him for dealing him away for a front line pitching prospect or a top flight center fielder. Viagra online deals  It’s not personal its business.

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Viagra sample Outstanding job by Chris Capuano last night with his only flaw the three run home run he gave up to Espinosa in the second inning. Viagra sample 8K’s and 1 BB in 6 innings pitched with a 71/26 spilt of strikes to balls is as good as it gets.

Viagra sample Carlos Beltran just can win with some folks. Viagra sample Instead of celebrating the fact he hit 2 home runs and is looking very comfortable at the plate, viagra sample there will be critics who will bash him for the off day today and those in the media saying he will be excellent trade bait. Viagra sample I love to see some of the critics wear a knee brace all day and say they feel great.

Viagra sample Ike-Ike Baby, viagra sample Vanilla Ike, viagra sample Ike-nstein whatever you want to call him add big time in front of that. Viagra sample So far so good on no sophomore jinx.

Viagra sample Alderson has a big decision to make as it pertains to the bullpen. Viagra sample Izzy is ready and able to go at the big league level, viagra sample so the Mets need to decide who is cut to make room for Izzy. Viagra sample Tell you the truth, viagra sample with the way the starting pitching has not giving many innings, viagra sample I’d demote Lucas Duda, viagra sample since Collins is in love with Willie Harris and Duda is rotting on the bench and buy some time with an 8 man pen until Jason Bay comes back. Viagra sample By that time Alderson, viagra sample Collins and Warthen might have a better idea on who to keep.

Viagra sample Chris Young on the mound today so if Mets take this game and series that will be two out of three series the Mets have won. Viagra sample Take that haters.

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