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Buy cheap generic viagra Last night on the Kult of Mets Personalities we discussed Ike Davis trade rumors and what the Mets front office needs to do in the off season to get this team back on the winning ways

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Alternative viagra drug David Wright held his Vegas Night charity event in Virginia Beach last night and gave some quotes to the media about the upcoming season. Alternative viagra drug  I don’t know if this means much of anything but Wright it seems, alternative viagra drug has spent a lot of time back home in Virginia that I can remember in an off season. Alternative viagra drug He was at Citi Field for the unveiling of the new uni’s but since then there hasn’t been much site of Wright around town.

Alternative viagra drug Wright seems already agitated about hearing about trade rumors and being quizzed on a daily basis about his next baseball destination. Alternative viagra drug He’s quoted as seeing Jose Reyes getting grilled about relocation last season and he doesn’t want to go through that. Alternative viagra drug I wonder what that says about Wright? Maybe I’m being too critical of Wright but maybe it’s time he grew up and realized he’s not going to be a Met 4 Life.

Alternative viagra drug Doesn’t Wright see the handwriting on the wall? First, alternative viagra drug he plays for a team whose owner is like a co-worker who lives pay check to pay check and for a GM who has no emotional ties to him. Alternative viagra drug Just like the GM had none to Jose Reyes. Alternative viagra drug He will make $15 mil this season and has a $16mil team option for 2013 with a club buyout of $1mil. Alternative viagra drug You know how many bargain basement pitchers you can buy for $16 mil?

Alternative viagra drug Wright should take a page from Reyes and Carlos Beltran, alternative viagra drug especially Beltran who knew his Mets days were numbered and used it as motivation to bounce back and get sent to a contender. Alternative viagra drug Wright needs to get in the same mind set, alternative viagra drug stop worrying about being traded (for Christ sake Babe Ruth, alternative viagra drug was dealt away) and not worry about the Mets and just worry about himself.

Alternative viagra drug Between the Wilpon’s money woes and Sandy Alderson’s distain for long term contracts, alternative viagra drug it’s easy to see that these are the final days of David Wright as a member of the NY Mets. Alternative viagra drug Is it sad? Sure it is. Alternative viagra drug We all wanted to see Wright play his full career as a Met with a couple of championships and Hall of Fame credentials on his resume but neither is going to happen. Alternative viagra drug Maybe the fan base needs to grow up a bit as well.

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Where to get viagra I would think by now every player on the Mets has gotten the message, where to get viagra you can be replaced, where to get viagra to that I say, where to get viagra it’s about time.

Where to get viagra I know there is a segment of the fan base who get their balls in a uproar when they hear of their favorite player mentioned in trade rumors and we can see by the group whose pissed off that Jose Reyes is now a former Met, where to get viagra  who will miss Reyes by the way not for his baseball prowess but because they love his dreads or he helps them sell t-shirts and don’t have the capacity to look at it as solely the baseball move that it was. Where to get viagra It’s the same way some have reacted to the scuttlebutt that Ike Davis and Jon Niese have been dangled as trade bait. Where to get viagra I know it’s been awhile since the Mets have had a true general manager running their team but I’ll let you kids in on a secret this is how you run a baseball team.

Where to get viagra Now before you call me an asshole (if you haven’t already) let me make it clear that I am not advocating that Ike and Niese be dealt but as a Mets fan you should be encouraged that Sandy Alderson is doing his job in trying to build this wreck of a franchise into a contending team for the long haul.

Where to get viagra I get it that the Mets fan base is quite diverse but you can’t keep sucking year after year and keep players just because they were drafted by the organization or have nice dimples you need players who can actually step up and win some baseball games. Where to get viagra Give me a flat ass, where to get viagra pimple face baseball player who can get on base, where to get viagra knock in runs or pitch seven innings a start any day of the week.

Where to get viagra It’s quite obvious that Alderson feels there is not one player on his current roster he cannot live without and as a fan of the TEAM that should make you happy. Where to get viagra When Alderson was first introduced as Mets GM he was asked about relationships with players, where to get viagra he let it known from the jump that he’s not here to be their friend but he would do whatever he could to help them if they needed his assistance.

Where to get viagra I’m sure Alderson thinks David Wright is as fine a young man as he’s met in baseball but that won’t stop him for dealing him away for a front line pitching prospect or a top flight center fielder. Where to get viagra  It’s not personal its business.

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Viagra online ordering So Jose Reyes is nominated for the Hank Aaron Award which honors the best offensive player in both leagues. To vote for Reyes go here and remember if Reyes wins it means more leverage in his contract talk with the Mets. Viagra online ordering You’ve been warned!

Viagra online ordering MLB Trade Rumors has a list of players slated for free agency due to injury or plain old ineffectiveness. Viagra online ordering Two names on the list have future Mets written all over them, viagra online ordering RHP Jonathan (Guns Of) Broxton  and RHP Joel Zumaya.

Viagra online ordering Toby Hyde has a detailed look at the Catcher position in the Mets farm system and as you can see, viagra online ordering it’s slim pickins’ not only at the minor league level but with the big team as well. Viagra online ordering Josh Thole may be pretty good with a bat but his quite inadequate behind the plate. Viagra online ordering Ronnie Paulino I think looks better defensively than he really is because of how bad Thole is. Viagra online ordering So what to do? Trying to find a good receiving backstop is very tough and trading for one will be difficult, viagra online ordering a guy like Chris Iannetta would look nice in a Mets retro 50th Anniversary uniform but are the Rockies willing to deal him away? Hell I’d even go for Braves backup David Ross at this point. Viagra online ordering Omar Santos anyone?

Viagra online ordering The more I watch these post season games the more I side with letting Jose Reyes go elsewhere and invest in pitching, viagra online ordering pitching and even more pitching.

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How to buy viagra Last night Toronto Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson did something that is so totally bizarre that I have no way of matching it up with a baseball term. How to buy viagra After 60 minutes of regulation play and 5 mins of overtime the Leafs-Ducks were tied at 2-2 and headed for the skills competition a/k/a the shootout. How to buy viagra Now Leafs first string goalie Vesa Toskala was pulled from the game in favor of 65 year old Curtis Joseph to man the goal in the shootout. How to buy viagra I guess this would be like pulling Johan Santana with 2 out in the 9th inning and bringing in Scott Schoenwies to get the last out. How to buy viagra Wilson claims that Toskala is bad in the shoot out and the numbers prove it but the real reason is the Maple Leafs have sucked for so long and the coach feels his team has a heir about them that their shit doesn’t stink and this pisses Coach Wilson off to no end:

How to buy viagra  < This was about the larger picture, how to buy viagra the nature of a Maple Leafs team that Wilson quite clearly believes has an unearned attitude of entitlement. How to buy viagra Moreover, how to buy viagra he can’t understand or stomach the celebrity status accorded Leaf players who have accomplished little.

How to buy viagra Like a military boot camp, how to buy viagra then, how to buy viagra Wilson has clearly decided to break this team down and, how to buy viagra eventually, how to buy viagra build it back up again.

How to buy viagra You don’t do that by messing with the fringe players. How to buy viagra You go at the core and you use a sledge hammer.>

How to buy viagra There is something about that type of thinking that intrigues me. How to buy viagra Instead of stroking players that have come up short two years in a row and maybe J-Man and Omar need to take a page out of Wilson’ book to send a message. How to buy viagra I know trading any of “the core” is not popular but as I said at the end of the season, how to buy viagra Omar should dangle the names of Reyes, how to buy viagra Wright and Beltran to send the message that no one is safe here when the results are what they have been the last two seasons.

How to buy viagra I just feel some of the Mets are a little too comfortable thinking that the are Mets for Life and maybe seeing your name in trade rumors is the slap in the face this team needs.

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As I was pursuing the various stories across the web I ran across this on the great site MLB TRADE RUMORS.. Chinese herbal viagra It seems that the Padres are sending out feelers on interest in Jake Peavey and the Brewers J J Hardy feels his is as good as gone from the Schlitz City. Chinese herbal viagra So if you are the GM of the Mets (a job we all want and feel we’d be outstanding at) would you call SD GM Kevin Towers and offer Jose Reyes in a deal for Peavey? Or would you deal David Wright in a package for Peavey and RHP Mike Adams? I’d do it with Reyes as the centerpiece but for Wright I’d have to think that over because it would be much tougher for me to deal Wright than Reyes. Chinese herbal viagra If you could get Jake Peavey for Reyes I’d have to do it and then call Doug Melvin and work out a deal for JJ Hardy.


J-Man better be careful with this hard line stance he’s taking with his new contract. Chinese herbal viagra It seems J-Man’s thinking is no matter who the Mets go after to be manager they would have to go 3yr/$3mil minimum and he’s right but when the team you are associated with just collapsed for the second year in a row and the fans and media are questioning if your team has the heart and balls to win a championship you really are not negotiating from strength here. Chinese herbal viagra As I said yesterday Gary Carter would be here on the red eye tomorrow morning to take the Mets managers job. Chinese herbal viagra Don’t over play your hand here Warlord.





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