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Buy generic viagra india rx I don’t blame him. Buy generic viagra india rx We all know as does Beltran that he will not be a Met much longer.  The rest of MLB seems to know the same. Buy generic viagra india rx The Giants gave him and Jose Reyes a lift to Phoenix for tonight’s All Star Game, buy generic viagra india rx a round about way of collusion I guess and Beltran being a vet of being wooed in the last year of a deal, buy generic viagra india rx is enjoying the dating process.

Buy generic viagra india rx Not only are the Giants  interested in a relationship with Beltran but the Red Sox seem to want to pitch some woo too.

Buy generic viagra india rx It will interesting to see where Beltran lands and what Sandy Alderson gets back in return. Buy generic viagra india rx As Mets fans we should enjoy the last days of Carlos Beltran becuse we will miss him when he’s gone.

Buy generic viagra india rx Now the Frankie Rodriguez has signed his soul away by joining forces with Scott Boras, buy generic viagra india rx Sandy Alderson should allow Boras to to be his broker in dealing K-Rod out of  Flushing.  Now when he’s dealt no tears will be shed.

Buy generic viagra india rx What’s wrong with Mets fans not tuning in to SNY to watch Mets games? Seems the eyeballs that tune into to watch the Amazin’s have dropped off significantly and that is puzzling to me. Buy generic viagra india rx This team is not only winning more than we thought they would but they a very easy to root for. Buy generic viagra india rx I know it’s not the troika of Gary, buy generic viagra india rx Keith and Ron who are the best in the business.  I’d blame Chris Carlin, buy generic viagra india rx I think he scares kids when they see him on TV.

Buy generic viagra india rx It’s hot as hell upstate  so the scout masters lodge is full to capacity as we bask in the air conditioning. Buy generic viagra india rx Yes, buy generic viagra india rx we are a bunch of candy asses I admit but there ain’t a breeze to be had out here and after cooking a breakfast of bacon and eggs I feel I deserve a little me time. Buy generic viagra india rx Besides all the kids are at merit badge classes so we have no one to yell  at.

Buy generic viagra india rx Go NL Go

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Mapuche viagra Good morning you ship jumping rat bastards. Mapuche viagra I wish you’d make up your minds, mapuche viagra are you Mets fans or just a bunch of whinny bitches? I nearly lost my mind following some Mets fans on Twitter during the game last night (I got to stop Tweeting and watching the Mets and just concentrate on the watching the game and taking notes like I did way back  in the dial up pre iPhone internet days) I understand Mike Pelfrey was horrible last night but some of you took your venom to Big Pelf like you were auditioning for a job as beat writer at the NY Daily Lupica. Mapuche viagra Get a hold of yourself for Christ sake.

Mapuche viagra Pelf morphed back into his spaceman mode last night and it will be up to him, mapuche viagra Old School Warthen, mapuche viagra and neophyte receiver Josh Thole to get the Big Pelf locomotive back on track. Mapuche viagra I would think that the troika I just mentioned went over their pitching game plan for last night before the game. Mapuche viagra What was most puzzling for me was the fact that young Thole was dictating to Pelfrey what to throw. Mapuche viagra We all know that Pelf’s bread and butter is the splitter that induces a plethora of ground balls when he’s right. Mapuche viagra When he adds his two seam fastball and is effective with that pitch then you get vintage Big Pelf. Mapuche viagra Sure he’s big and strong but he’s not a strikeout pitcher. Mapuche viagra He doesn’t have an overpowering pitch to get that key K, mapuche viagra in fact the guy Pelfrey should be attached to the hip with is Chris Young.

Mapuche viagra Back to my puzzlement on the short circuited battery. Mapuche viagra Pelf has taken it on his shoulders to let it be known that even though Thole was calling for him to throw his third and fourth pitches in his arsenal (curve and slider) he could have shaken him off until he saw the finger he liked the best. Mapuche viagra In a way it’s refreshing that Old School and Terry Collins let Thole call the pitchers instead of having them called for him by Warthen but perhaps with the lack of a veteran catcher (please don’t even mention Nickeas) on the roster, mapuche viagra Old School should institute pitch selection from the bench in Big Pelfs next start or let Thole know next time he catches Pelfrey and calls for curves an sliders, mapuche viagra there will be a plane ticket to Buffalo waiting for him in at his locker.

Mapuche viagra Another thing that should not be overlooked in this recent Pelfrey meltdown is the death of Harvey Dorfman, mapuche viagra the sports psychologists and the shoulder that Pelfrey has cried on in recent years. Mapuche viagra With Dorfman gone all Pelfrey has left is the advice Drofman has given him through their late night conversations and a copy of Dorfman’s The Mental ABC’s of Pitching. Mapuche viagra Hopefully the lessons and the book and whatever magic Old School has in that tool box of his will right Big Pelf.

Mapuche viagra All this drivel written this morning in the fishwraps about trading Pelfrey is just another example of Mets bashing and lazy ass journalism that has permeated the NYC main stream media. Mapuche viagra Why write a column that looks into what is causing Pelfrey’s problems and see what is being done to correct them when you can just write that Pelfrey sucks and should be traded just to embrace yourself with the lunatic fringe of Mets fans. Mapuche viagra You know what you folks in the MSM are right; leave the heavy lifting to bloggers.

Mapuche viagra By the way here was my tweet when it was 7-0 Phillies and Mets fan tweeters were jumping ship. Mapuche viagra I then tweeted that the Mets would comeback. I then went after Evan Roberts of WFAN again as he proclaimed we would be ripping Mike Pelfrey on his show.

Mapuche viagra Now that I’ve cleared the air, mapuche viagra will all of you GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN!

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Cialis alternatives no prescription I’m home today still sick but I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow just in time to shovel about 7 inches of snow that’s supposed to hit NYC.

Cialis alternatives no prescription After waking up from a Nyquil stupor I was perusing the ‘net for Mets stories and of course my first stop was Mathew Cerrone’s Metsblog, cialis alternatives no prescription in which a few posts had me thinking:

Cialis alternatives no prescription It’s about time for the Mets and Omar Minaya to call Jason Bay’ bluff. Cialis alternatives no prescription Tell him and his agent “here’s the deal 4yrs/$68-70mil take it or leave it” then give him 48 hrs to decide. Cialis alternatives no prescription If he can get more from this mystery team that’s out there, cialis alternatives no prescription so be it. Cialis alternatives no prescription Time for the Mets to man up and let Bay take them for assholes.

Cialis alternatives no prescription Same thing with Bengi Molina. Cialis alternatives no prescription There is no team in any baseball league-MLB, cialis alternatives no prescription Japanese League, cialis alternatives no prescription Little League, cialis alternatives no prescription or Men’s Sunday softball league , cialis alternatives no prescription that will give Bengi a 3 yr deal. Cialis alternatives no prescription Again Omar needs to make a take it or leave it 2yr deal an if Molina balks then go to Rod Barajas or Miguel Olivo (two better choices ) or go with the Blanco/Santos later in the year Josh Thole catching troika. Cialis alternatives no prescription 3 yrs for Bengi Moilina? Keep dreaming

Cialis alternatives no prescription Good to see that the Mets are taking my advice and speaking to the Cincinnati Red Stockings about Aaron Harang and or Bronson Arroyo. Cialis alternatives no prescription This wanna be GM’ing is tough so how about a finders fee to me Jeffey?

Cialis alternatives no prescription It’s amazing that the Jose Reyes/Mike Francesa sit down from Wednesday is still getting so much buzz. Cialis alternatives no prescription Reyes handled himself beautifully with the FAN Bloviator as he let his personality and passion show thru. Cialis alternatives no prescription Instead of hearing from second and third sources we heard right from the shortstops mouth that he never had a problem with Willie Randolph and understood full why he was benched for non-hustle and the fact that he wanted to come back to play so badly last year that he injured himself more. Cialis alternatives no prescription Reyes also said his personality is what it is and he’s not about to change and he told it like it is about the handshakes and celebrating, cialis alternatives no prescription how what he does is tame to what other teams do. Cialis alternatives no prescription The sad part of the interview was Francesa telling the audience that he had to plead with the Mets to let Reyes come on with him. Cialis alternatives no prescription It just shows how out of touch management is. Cialis alternatives no prescription Reyes and Jeff Francouer have done more for goodwill amongst the fan base this week that even the incompetent Jeffey Skill Sets should be able to see that but I may be asking for too much.

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