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Mexican viagra ITEM: Mets Win and Hit 2 GRAND SLAMS!!!!

Mexican viagra I’ll tell you what? I really like this team. Mexican viagra Sure that’s easy to say after a though ass kicking of the Detroit Tigers but I’ve had this feeling for a month or so now. Mexican viagra First off everything Terry Collins said in the winter about the team playing hard and leaving everything they have on field has become  fact and if he sees any slacking off he addresses it as he did in Pittsburgh about a month ago. Mexican viagra Last night, mexican viagra Justin Turner made a nonchalant throw to Lucas Duda at first on a routine ground ball that Miguel Cabrera hit an dogged it down  the first base line ( I bet if there was a bottle of Johnny Walker Black on the bag he’s have busted his ass) that pulled Duda off the bag rendering Cabrera safe. Mexican viagra You can be sure that in the giddiness of the winning clubhouse, mexican viagra Turner was pulled to the side by his manager and told to never take a play off  and you can bet Turner won’t do that again.

Mexican viagra My biggest problem with the Mets on the field the last couple of years was that players went through the motions and had a “who gives a shit” attitude, mexican viagra well that’s in the past. Mexican viagra This team not only cares and competes; it believes that they are one of the better teams in baseball. Mexican viagra The one thing they don’t seem to care about is the opinion of fans and media who love to harp on the negatives, mexican viagra another good reason to be proud of this team.

Mexican viagra Last night Mike Silva was my guest on This Call To The Bullpen Podcast and I said to Mike that this team reminds me a bit like the 1994 NY Rangers for the fact that their team motto was “Heave-Ho” that they all pulled the rope the same way in the tug o’ war of the hockey season. Mexican viagra Right now this team is all up on the rope and pulling it together, mexican viagra their 35-26 record since the awful 5-13 start proves it.

Mexican viagra ITEM: R.A. Mexican viagra Dickey Tells Media “Don’t Talk to Me”

Mexican viagra Having had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing R.A. Mexican viagra Dickey his comment last night after the Mets win doesn’t surprise me in the least:

Mexican viagra “What you guys are doing here is a little bit ridiculous, mexican viagra” he said. Mexican viagra “You guys need to be interviewing Bay and Reyes, mexican viagra make the night about them. Mexican viagra If I’m even mentioned in an article, mexican viagra I’m going to boycott.”

Mexican viagra When Dickey was asked during the winter about pitching to Josh Thole, mexican viagra he praised Thole to the heaven’s teling me “ Oh Josh, mexican viagra bless his soul works so darn hard and just gets better and better behind the plate every time out, mexican viagra I can’t wait to hook up with him this season”

Mexican viagra That is not Dickey blowing smoke either as he is as straightforward a guy you’ll meet. Mexican viagra He said last season the club wasn’t prepared for the second half of the season and stressed that it was as much the players fault as it was the managers. Mexican viagra He also was candid in saying that you don’t have to be friends with all your teammates as everyone has different likes, mexican viagra dislikes and lifestyles but you have to have your teammates back and always support them. Mexican viagra That is where Dickey excels as he spoke up for Jason Bay:

Mexican viagra about Bay. Mexican viagra “He is so steadfast in his pursuit to get better, mexican viagra” Dickey said. Mexican viagra “The guy is a tireless worker. Mexican viagra He never complains about a dadgum thing, mexican viagra so it’s nice to see him get a payoff for all the hard work.”

Mexican viagra Robert Allan Dickey is a good man, mexican viagra teammate and a terrific pitcher.

Mexican viagra ITEM: It’s Time To Give Nick Evans Another Shot At The Big Leagues

Mexican viagra Nick Evans is hotter than 5th Avenue asphalt on an August afternoon. Mexican viagra As the Buffalo Bison continue to swoon, mexican viagra Evans has found his hitting stoke and would make a wonderful compliment to Lucas Duda at first base. Mexican viagra It’s time to send Jason Pridie upstate and bring back Nick Evans to Flushing. Mexican viagra A productive right handed bat is a terrible thing to waste.

Mexican viagra  

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