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Online viagra Mike Silva at NY Baseball Digest has an outstanding piece on his site this morning on Carlos Beltran and his time as a Met and his comments on Mets fans needing to “get over 2006”.

Online viagra I have to say it took me a while to appreciate Beltran and his contribution during his tenure. Online viagra I think the turning point in the relationship came when Beltran went to Colorado to have surgery on his knee after the club, online viagra namely Omar Minaya and Tony Bernazzard handled his medical care piss poorly. Online viagra  Beltran was furious when the club made it seem he went rogue and receive an unauthorized procedure on his knee. Online viagra When the truth came out it was Minaya and the team who were disingenuous.

Online viagra What soured me with Beltran at the beginning of his Mets career was the double dealing he did behind the Mets back by offering himself to the Highlanders at a discount after the Mets made their substantial offer. Online viagra It pissed me off because I saw Bobby Bonilla all over again. Online viagra Bonilla, online viagra after getting the best offer out there from the Mets during his first free agent foray, online viagra took that offer to the Phillies to see if they would match it or go higher. Online viagra By all rights, online viagra Bonilla was within his right to find the best deal possible and it was in my right as a Mets fan to call him a greedy prick.

Online viagra The other problem Beltran had was not wanting to be the out front guy in the clubhouse. Online viagra Some guys thrive in that spot, online viagra some guys, online viagra it’s just not their personality. Online viagra  Beltran to his credit produce as well or better than any position player the Mets ever employed but his personality as seen through the media left something to be desired. Online viagra But in listening to players in the clubhouse, online viagra where the opinions count, online viagra Beltran was not just respected but revered.

Online viagra As for Beltran telling Mets fans to move on from 2006, online viagra it shows the major difference in how fans are more of the fabric of a team than the players. Online viagra  Can I get over Beltran watching a wicked curveball break over home plate for strike three thus curtailing the Mets from getting to the World Series?  No, online viagra and I shouldn’t. Online viagra  I’m a Mets fan, online viagra I can’t be traded or released or designated for assignment. Online viagra I could leave as a free agent but the thought never entered my mind. Online viagra I’m here for life. Online viagra Players come and players go but fans are here forever. Online viagra I still hold a grudge against Yogi Berra for not using George Stone properly in the 1973 World Series, online viagra costing the Mets a  championship, online viagra what makes Carlos Beltran think he’s  so special to escape my scorn?

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Online cialis I’m at an all day training class so I don’t have much time to post but a few things from last nights game:

Online cialis You can’t pitch any better than Livan Hernandez last night unless of course you’re Joel Pinero.

Online cialis The toughest hurrdle for the Mets now is they must play flawless defense and they can’t get down by 3 runs or more in any game. Online cialis Murphy was kicking himself for the throwing error that led to the first run but when El Hombre knocked in two with his single 3 runs may as well been 13 runs with the way Pineiro was hurling ground ball out after ground ball out.

Online cialis J-Man tried to take the bullet for Livan on his botched fake bunt/hit and run attempt as Hernandez said after the game he did it on his own and Manuel claimed he put the play on. Online cialis The thing is on the surface it was a bad play as the bunt was in order but f he executed it then it would have been the Mets Turning Point of The Game.

Online cialis I watched two games last night the Mets-Cards then I flipped over to the Giants-A’s to see Tim Lincicum and for the first time in I don’t know when I saw two starters pitch complete games. Online cialis WOW what’ s next a revival of wool uniforms?       

Online cialis Gotta run school is back in session.

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