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Advice viagra  

Advice viagra Welcome to July. Advice viagra Time for some Mets-cellaneous views and opinions as our favorite baseball team closes out yet another losing month:

Advice viagra The angst expressed by some Mets fans and know nothings in the media over Zack Wheelers start yesterday was stunning. Advice viagra  It wasn’t a great start for Wheeler but his problems came from lack of command and poor choice of pitches, advice viagra two things that can be fixed. Advice viagra Wheeler also altered his delivery which I’m not a big fan of doing this between starts as I’m starting to think there is too much information overload given to Wheeler than just letting him go out there and pitch comfortably.

Advice viagra If you watched Wheeler pitch yesterday and think he’s a bust then you need to stop watching baseball and also stop going on social media with your dumb ass opinions because all you do is embarrass yourself. Advice viagra  Pitchers like Matt Harvey come around once generations so just enjoy watching him pitch and enjoy watching him wear a Mets uniform and stop comparing every young pitcher in the Mets system to him.

Advice viagra My only concerned with Wheeler is that he gets his instructions from Dan Warthen. Advice viagra If Wheeler and the rest of the Mets pitchers can survive the next 3 months of Dandy Dan’s Guide to Pitching, advice viagra next season should bring a new voice to the Mets pitching staff. Advice viagra I’d have to think that there will be a new manager and coaching staff installed for the Mets 2014 season, advice viagra and those hiring’s could be the most important free agent hiring’s of the Mets off season.

Advice viagra Last Friday I saw a tweet from 95.7 The Game in San Francisco that Dave Duncan was going to be a guest on their morning show. Advice viagra You can listen to the interview here. Advice viagra As I listened to Duncan speak about pitching I went into full J. Advice viagra Peterman mode, advice viagra screaming at my computer screen, advice viagra “NAME YOU’RE PRICE, advice viagra MAN”!!!!!!!!

Advice viagra Duncan left the Cardinals in 2012 to care for his ailing wife who unfortunately lost her fight with cancer in early June. Advice viagra  From listening to Duncan in that interview it’s clear he still watched what’s going on in MLB and it would not be a reach to say he’d like to get back into the game.

Advice viagra Sandy Alderson had a very successful relationship with Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan back in the late 80’s when Alderson ran the Oakland A’s, advice viagra winning a World Series title in 1989. Advice viagra Could Alderson place a call to LaRussa and Duncan offering them to get the band back together? As much as LaRussa annoyed me during his St Louis Cardinal days, advice viagra I would be totally on board bringing LaRusa and Dave Duncan to the Mets. Advice viagra Mets fans have discussed and debated who could be the next Keith Hernandez or the Gary Carter, advice viagra the player who would bring the Mets back to prominence, advice viagra maybe Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan in Mets uni’s fit that bill in a supervisory position?

Advice viagra Now I know my whole scenario is pretty much a pipe dream, advice viagra I mean who am I kidding, advice viagra Freddy & Jeffy Skill Sets own this team not Mikhail Prokhorov SIGH!

Advice viagra  

Advice viagra Anyone miss Ike Davis? Would a Lucas Duda/Josh Satin platoon at 1B be more productive than trotting out Ike every game? What happens when Ike returns or better yet does Ike return?

Advice viagra A big THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To David Aardsma for hitting Ian Desmond to lead off the 6th inning yesterday. Advice viagra  Finally a pitcher with onions!

Advice viagra And so it goes and so it goes and so it goes and so it goes

Advice viagra Where it’s going no one knows:

Advice viagra The Mets have not had a winning month since June of last year. Advice viagra Here is the W/L record for the Amazin’s from July 201 to June 2013:

Advice viagra July 2012 7-18

Advice viagra Aug 2012 12-16

Advice viagra Sept 2012 11-16

Advice viagra Oct 2012 1-2

Advice viagra Apr 2013 10-15

Advice viagra May 2013 12-15

Advice viagra June 2013 11-15

Advice viagra That comes out to a grand total of 161 games and a 64-97 .397 winning percentage.

Advice viagra Enjoy your Monday!

Advice viagra  

Advice viagra  

Advice viagra  

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Tadalafil cialis no prescription Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the FACE of the Mets Franchise!

Tadalafil cialis no prescription The Mets ended another losing season yesterday in Miami with a surprising win, tadalafil cialis no prescription only the 28th in the last 76 games that the team has played. Tadalafil cialis no prescription For the fourth season in a row the Mets have been relegated to second division status, tadalafil cialis no prescription for the fourth season in a row the Mets have played embarrassing bad and losing baseball in the second half of the season. Tadalafil cialis no prescription You, tadalafil cialis no prescription me and Greg Prince are having a tough time accepting this losing season after losing season but with the exception of SNY’s Bobby Ojeda the New York Mets organization has accept failure and its’ this acceptance of this losing culture that is the most damming and frustrating part of an ownership, tadalafil cialis no prescription front office, tadalafil cialis no prescription and manger that not only tolerates this mess but goes out its way to be like a soccer mom to the underachieving  players they employ, tadalafil cialis no prescription offering orange slices and juice boxes after uninspiring  loss after uninspiring loss instead of some good old fashion tough love and a kick in their double knit pants.

Tadalafil cialis no prescription If listening to Terry Collins, tadalafil cialis no prescription who is slowly starting to irk me with his “the sun will come out tomorrow” press conferences after each and every uninspiring game this second half, tadalafil cialis no prescription tell me of how his team played hard and never let up wasn’t enough to make me puke, tadalafil cialis no prescription it was this Tweet from Justin Turner utility player and all important pie thrower that put me over the edge.

Tadalafil cialis no prescription Of course the lemmings of our fan base were agreeing with Turner which meant I had to go and spoil it all by doing the job that Fred or Jeff Wilpon, tadalafil cialis no prescription Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins should have done, tadalafil cialis no prescription given Turner a dose of New York City reality. Tadalafil cialis no prescription I would have left it at one nasty tweet but when Turner tweeted he couldn’t wait to get to spring training, tadalafil cialis no prescription I was apoplectic, tadalafil cialis no prescription and why does Justin Turner think he deserves to be a NY Met in 2013? Is throwing pies a dying art form like a blacksmith or a shoe cobbler? Again the fact that Turner is so damn happy about the events of the 2012 baseball season and to say he’ll be back in 2013 with the Mets in St. Tadalafil cialis no prescription Lonesome is all the evidence I need to make my case that this organization has accepted failure.

Tadalafil cialis no prescription During the A’s-Rangers telecast yesterday, tadalafil cialis no prescription A’s play by play man Glen Kuiper spoke about his pre-game talk with A’s reliever Ryan Cook who had come on to pitch in five straight games as the A’s completed the unbelievable job of ousting the Rangers from first place for the first time all season to become the AL West Champs. Tadalafil cialis no prescription Kuiper said he asked Cook if he was feeling any fatigue with his workload so heavy the last week or so, tadalafil cialis no prescription Cook told him, tadalafil cialis no prescription “no one on this club is tired we have all winter to rest we are on a mission to win a championship”. Tadalafil cialis no prescription Cook is 25 years old. Tadalafil cialis no prescription Ruben Tejada is 21 years old and according to his manager needed some time off as the rigors of the season were wearing him down. Tadalafil cialis no prescription That is the difference between a team fighting to win and a team accepting failure.

Tadalafil cialis no prescription It has nothing to do with money it has to do with will, tadalafil cialis no prescription the will and mind set to win. Tadalafil cialis no prescription  The Mets are severely lacking in the intestinal fortitude it takes to win a championship. Tadalafil cialis no prescription The can discover oil under Citi Field making old Freddy a billionaire, tadalafil cialis no prescription it won’t matter until someone of authority steps up and starts ridding this team of the complacent  losers that permeate the Mets clubhouse, tadalafil cialis no prescription  if not, tadalafil cialis no prescription enjoy a few more years of 77-85 baseball

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Viagra sale online  

Viagra sale online How would you like to win a New York Mets 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition DVD Set form A & E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions? Well if you are the first person to correctly answer the following question; this beautiful DVD collection will be all yours compliments of our friends at A & E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions:

Viagra sale online In 1965 NY Mets manager Casey Stengel stepped down as manager of the team due to suffering a broken hip, viagra sale online who replaced Stengel as Mets manager?

Viagra sale online The first person to Tweet me the correct answer at @kranepool will win this exquisite DVD collection compliments of A & E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions

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Female viagra pills Attention my fellow Mets fans, female viagra pills I have a pair of Field Level seats for this Thursday’s 1PM Mets-Reds game and I want one of you loyal readers of The Eddie Kranepool Society to have them, female viagra pills so the first person to identify the player in the picture above by Tweeting me, female viagra pills will win the ducats.

Female viagra pills 3 hints:

Female viagra pills He was born in Renton WA

Female viagra pills He made his ML debut on September 6th 1982

Female viagra pills He saved 15 games for the Mets in 1984

Female viagra pills So if go to Twitter right now and  Tweet me with this players name, female viagra pills the first person to do so will win the Field Box tickets and the opportunity to see R.A. Female viagra pills Dickey pitch the first no hitter in NY Mets history.

Female viagra pills  All you need to do is go to the Will Call window at Citi Field with a valid photo ID to claim the tickets. Female viagra pills So you get an R.A. Female viagra pills Dickey start (vs. Female viagra pills Matt Lattos) a sunny 75 degree day and free tickets. Female viagra pills What’s not to like!

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America viagra First thing I read this morning pissed me off to the point I had to fire off an angry Tweet to the author, america viagra Rob Parker of See when you lack the creativity gene, america viagra you end up writing shit like this. America viagra What the Mets have to do with the current mess on Yawkey Way is more than puzzling, america viagra in fact even with all the happy horseshit going on in Flushing, america viagra the Mets are in much better shape than the Old Town Team.

America viagra Speaking of that piece in the Boston Globe yesterday, america viagra the worst part of the story wasn’t that the team disintegrated down the stretch to where the majority of the players flat out quit, america viagra the worst part was the ownership taking personal pot shots at Terry Francona and the admitting that they had no idea how bad the situation was with the club. America viagra The attacks on Francona were as vile as could be bringing up his marital problems and use of pain killers for his destroyed knees, america viagra but to bring up the fact that Francona was concerned about his son and son in law, america viagra stationed in Afghanistan as a reason he wasn’t focused on his job, america viagra just showed the lack of class that trio possesses.

America viagra As angry as I was this morning, america viagra when I clicked on Metstradamus to check on todays, america viagra Hall of Hate matchup between the #1 seed The Wilpons vs. America viagra play in winner Matt Cain, america viagra I was greeted by one of the great paragraph’s I’ve seen on any Mets blog in a long, america viagra long time:

America viagra Oh, america viagra come on. America viagra I really gotta explain it to you? If I have to explain to you why you should hate Mets owner Fred Wilpon and his son Kim Kardashian, america viagra then this is obviously your first visit to any Mets blog, america viagra ever. America viagra This is the Wilpons’ first appearance on the hate list vote and they debut as a one seed. America viagra Honestly, america viagra the Wilpons can hang out in the clubhouse eating chicken, america viagra drinking beer, america viagra and playing MLB The Show on Playstation, america viagra and win this vote by a hefty margin.

America viagra O-o-o-o-o MY GOD!!!!!! Fred Wilpon and his son Kim Kardashian, america viagraO-o-o-o My God!!!!!! My side still hurts from that one, america viagra

America viagra Great news today on Gary Carter’s health Keep Fighting Kid.

America viagra The Cleveland Indians are trying to figure out what to do with centerfielder Grady Sizemore and RHP Fausto Carmona as both have expensive option up coming. America viagra Sizemore has been racked with injuries the last three seasons and last week underwent knee surgery, america viagra has a club option for $9mil that will not be picked up but the $500K buyout most likely will. America viagra I would take a flyer on Sizemore if I were the Mets and sign him to an incentive laden deal along with signing David DeJesus to patrol centerfield for the club. America viagra As for Carmona, america viagra he’s a Mike Pelfrey clone so that would be a NO!

America viagra The Pirates are in the same boat with LHP Paul Maholm who the Bucs owe $9.75M but have $750K buyout. America viagra Maholm would look nice in a Mets uni but is the price prohibitive?

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Generic viagra mexico Last night while watching the Mets-Cards game and enjoying the return of Jose Reyes and short timer Carlos Beltran, generic viagra mexico I went back to a bad habit that I thought I had overcome, generic viagra mexico going on Twitter while watching the Mets. Generic viagra mexico I tried breaking this habit because I couldn’t take the fill in the player’s name “You Suck” and then when said player comes through the same Tweeters comeback with fill in the player’s name “I<3 you”. Generic viagra mexico It get tiring. Generic viagra mexico Well last night I guess I’d had enough as Jose Reyes made his second great play at short. Generic viagra mexico Bases loaded 1 out and Albert Pujols  at bat against Bobby Parnell and the Mets holding a 2 run lead. Generic viagra mexico Pujols hits a ground ball at the 2nd base bag Reyes snares hit and touches the bag while trying to avoid getting wiped out by the runner gets a laser beam throw off to Lucas Duda for the double play. Generic viagra mexico An outstanding play if there ever was one.

Generic viagra mexico  

Generic viagra mexico Now the play by play of than call by Gary Cohen was as usual perfect. Generic viagra mexico Well to everyone but 1050 ESPN’s Don LeGreca. When I read that Tweet I was ready to scream, generic viagra mexico this guy works with arguably the worst play by play man in baseball in Michael Kay (John Sterling sucks as well, generic viagra mexico I know but at least Sterling is entertaining, generic viagra mexico Kay makes homicidal thought run through your mind) so I had to take matters into my own fingers and tweet back to Mr. Generic viagra mexico LeGreca. He in turn tweets back that he is a big fan of Gary’s (don’t give that first name basis bullshit you just ripped the guy for an over the top call when in fact it was a great call and you look like a horses ass) and that wasn’t the point of the Tweet. Generic viagra mexico Then what was the point? Saying the DP started by Reyes was routine? That makes you ignorant. Generic viagra mexico Saying that Cohen’ call was “over the top” that just makes you look jealous and petty.

Generic viagra mexico  

Generic viagra mexico I think I’ll Tweet LeGreca back (before he blocks me) about he felt about his boss Kay and the way he not only ruined the Derek Jeter 3, generic viagra mexico000 hit call with his constant” listen to me try to make the moment mine” diatribe when Jeter homered and then how he went on to felate The Captain the rest of the game.

Generic viagra mexico See that is the glory of Twiter, generic viagra mexico you say stupid shit and then your set straight. Generic viagra mexico Let’s see who pisses me off tonight.

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Cialis fast delivery A Friday spew:

Cialis fast delivery Got to hand it to the Amazin’s they find more exotic ways to lose baseball games than any team ever has. Cialis fast delivery Last night’s “twitch” by D.J. Cialis fast delivery Stirrups was a first for me. Cialis fast delivery I’ve seen HBP force the winning run home and of course a walk off walk (fuck you Kenny Rogers) but a walk off balk? Never! The balk was so blatant that Terry Collins never argued nor did Stirrups, cialis fast delivery he knew what he did and just walked off the field with a “what can you do” look on his face. Cialis fast delivery The only way left for the Mets to lose a game is for an outfielder to throw his glove at a fly ball for a ground rule triple. Cialis fast delivery Maybe will see that this weekend?

Cialis fast delivery It’s no secret that most of the MSM who cover sports pull most of their stories out of their ass and no one does it better than Jon Heyman (Joel “The Plagiarist” Sherman is a close second) who sent out this Tweet this morning about what a “competing baseball exc “ told him about how much money Jose Reyes can expect to get on the open market. Cialis fast delivery There is no way to know if this is true or bullshit but since it’s Heyman I lean toward bullshit. Cialis fast delivery In fact, cialis fast delivery another competing GM told me that Reyes will re-sign with the Mets by the All-Star break for a lifetime deal that includes VIP seating to David Einhorn’s new seminar “How To Fleece Clueless Sports Team Owners of Their Majority Share of Their Franchise”

Cialis fast delivery If Brian Gordon was signed by the Mets the sports media in this town would be calling the Mets front office all the derogatory names their small minds could think of but since it was the desperate for pitching Highlanders who signed him, cialis fast delivery well…I’m sure he will the next subject on Yankeeography  on YUCK. Cialis fast delivery I’m not saying Gordon’ story is not a good one and I wish him all the success in the world as the guy has definitely paid his dues but I’m sure the Highlander media cheer leaders will overdose on this story.

Cialis fast delivery As I watched the Mets come back from down 6-2 and take an 8-6 lead then have Frankie Rodriguez give up two runs in the 9th to tie the game all I could think of was July 4th 1985 and who was going to be the next Rick Camp for the Braves and who would be the next Danny Heep for the Mets

Cialis fast delivery The Brooklyn Cyclones open the NY-Penn League season tonight on Staten Island (the only time the SI Highlanders get a crowd is when they play Brooklyn) then open up their home schedule tomorrow night on Coney Island. Cialis fast delivery I will be spending Father’s Day on the Poor Man’s Riviera and taking in the Cyclones-Highlanders game at 5PM.

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Viagra from india What will the Mets beat writers do?  This is not what they envisioned; they were all giddy with the awful start of the season so they could use their best material, viagra from indiathe team is broke, viagra from india  the team can’t hit, viagra from india the starting pitching stinks, viagra from india how could Sandy Alderson think he could rebuild a bullpen with cheap knocks offs, viagra from india and what’s with this manager ? All this positivity in the clubhouse, viagra from india going to each player during the early season losing and giving encouragement, viagra from india doesn’t he know he’s the manager of the Mets?

Viagra from india I’m sure the beat men will find a way to get an ownership story or a slow ticket sale story in there some way today because why should we Mets fans have joy? Why should we think that this six game winning streak and the way they came back has put a jump in our step today, viagra from india and have folks who know of our devotion to the Blue and Orange greet us with “I know your enjoying this” . Viagra from india YES, viagra from india yes I am and so are all Mets fans, viagra from india even Daniel Murphy, viagra from india who is the quintessential Met (on offense the fans yell, viagra from india” YEAH MURPH”, viagra from india on defense the yell “AW SHIT MURPH”) is getting tipsy with the success calling out 100 wins as the goal for the Mets. Viagra from india As I say, viagra from india I love Murph like he’s a cousin, viagra from india but let’s not get crazy, viagra from india I love the enthusiasm but YIKES!!!

Viagra from india What more can be said about visually challenged  umpire Marvin Hudson’ and the horrific crime he committed against the Mets and Jose Reyes.  After my initial outrage and my simple response to this Tweet from David Lennon, viagra from india I noticed from the many replays that not only was Reyes safe and his hand never left the bag but the way Reyes flipped out by tossing his helmet didn’t get him thrown out of the game, viagra from india nor did Chip Hale who was Rodman-esque in his box out of Reyes but still got in position to scream in Hudson’s face didn’t get tossed and neither did Terry Collins who got in Hudson’s grill and bumped him when he ran to argue. Viagra from india Add in that none of the other shitheads in blue came to Hudson’s defense, viagra from india solidifies this major fuck up by Hudson.

Viagra from india One thing about the call, viagra from india it woke up the club. Viagra from india Up to that point, viagra from india this was a pedestrian contest  that feature a close to one hour rain delay, viagra from india and a sparse crowd that was made up of mainly Mets fans  (on TV replays the whole lower bowl of Nationals Park seemed to be all Mets fans)  and Bob Ross R.A. Viagra from india Dickey painting away with just a few happy accidents. Viagra from india Then came “The Call” and then Danny Boy Murphy clocking a home run that had Gary Cohen make one of his classic “IT’S OUTTTTTTTAAAAAA HHHEEEEEEREEEEEEE” calls to tie the game.

Viagra from india I know, viagra from india I know Murph was a spectator on the “double” by Adam LaRoche (something I preach with my kids, viagra from india no spectators on the field know where to should be on every play) but the ball was in Bay’s glove and popped out but what gets lost in the inning is the passed ball by Thole that advanced pinch runner Brian Bixler to third allowing him to score the go ahead run on Wilson Ramos Sac Fly. Viagra from india Enough blame to spread around.

Viagra from india I despise the Black jersey’s but I love the wins and if I have to put up the sight of dreaded black to keep this winning streak going then so be it, viagra from india let the Mets be the Princes of Darkness. Viagra from india     

Viagra from india When Roger McDowell was a Met he was one big goof ball. Viagra from india With all the crap that swirled around with the team you never heard anything negative about McDowell . Viagra from india Now there is an allegation of McDowell making homophobic slurs and telling a man and his family “that kids don’t belong at the fuckin’ ballpark”. Viagra from india If the allegations are true and I say IF and can be proven then the Braves will have to take some sort of disciplinary actions against McDowell. Viagra from india  What I find unseemly about this is the alleged victim looks like he’s looking for a payday. Viagra from india As soon as you hire Systerest to the Stars, viagra from india Gloria Alldred you lose me as an ally. Viagra from india If Mr. Viagra from india Quinn went to the media with this, viagra from india he’d have more creditability with me. Viagra from india  McDowell has apologized for his actions but that won’t be enough for the Quinn’s, viagra from india but I’m sure the apology with a nice six figured check would suffice. Viagra from india  Everyone is a victim until the check clears.

Viagra from india Dodgers owner for now, viagra from india Frank McCourt , viagra from indiawas in the NYC to meet with officials of MLB about the fate of the Hollywood Bums. Viagra from india After the meeting, viagra from india McCourt was seen strolling along Prospect Park West in Brooklyn checking doorbells for anyone named Ebbits or McKeever.

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Search herbal viagra I’m sure by now most of you have either heard or read the attack article by T.J. Search herbal viagra Simmers of the LA Times about Marcus Thames. There have been a whole lot of opinions on how Simmers went after Thames with the nastiest of attitudes, search herbal viagra basically calling Thames are no talent bum and also calling out Don Matingly as being clueless on how to manage a big league team. Search herbal viagra If you have ever read Simmers columns before this one, search herbal viagra you know he plays the Angry Old White Guy perfectly and he takes pride in being an asshole. Search herbal viagra  As much of an asshole as Simmers may be, search herbal viagra I have to give him credit for being an accountable asshole.

Search herbal viagra Everything Simmers said about Thames and Matingly he said to their faces and both knew it doesn’t pay to argue with and asshole, search herbal viagra especially an Angry Old White Asshole but again he wrote what he wrote and walked into the Dodger Clubhouse the next day to face the men he besmirched. Search herbal viagra Got give him credit for that.

Search herbal viagra Yesterday on Twitter, search herbal viagra I got into a bit of a “Tweet debate” with Evan Roberts of WFAN. Search herbal viagra Roberts sent out this Tweet that I felt made him look like an ignoramus:

Search herbal viagra “ I’m certainly not a booer, search herbal viagra but the guy I will be first to get on if he doesn’t perform would be Jason Bay…”

Search herbal viagra My response to Roberts was:

Search herbal viagra “why would you boo Bay? by the way have you ever been in a pro clubhouse or locker room to interview players?”

Search herbal viagra The reason for the second part of my question was, search herbal viagra Roberts and his partner Joe Benigno love to rip players, search herbal viagra managers/coaches , search herbal viagra GM’s and owners on the air, search herbal viagra which is fine but I never remember either of them ever saying they have been in a locker room or clubhouse of the area teams to confront the folks they’ve blasted. Search herbal viagra I felt the statement that Roberts made was unbelievably stupid.

Search herbal viagra The Tweets went back and forth with Roberts refusing to answer my question of facing the guys he criticizes but when he finally answered, search herbal viagra I felt bad for him:

Search herbal viagra   @kranepool You think higher of me and my co workers then I do…most of these players don’t know or care who I am.. Search herbal viagra   

Search herbal viagra My Tweet before that was about Roberts doing a mid morning show on a 50K watt NYC radio station, search herbal viagra and doesn’t think the players know who he is? I call bullshit. Search herbal viagra I think Roberts is either scared or intimidated by the folks he goes after. Search herbal viagra  Roberts loves to tell listeners that he buys his own tickets to Mets and Nets games and would rather watch the game in the stands than in a press box. Search herbal viagra Nothing wrong with that. Search herbal viagra But why not go into the clubhouse after a game and talk to the players or manager/coaches about the game or team’s performance? If Roberts put as much time and effort into his craft as he did in his Twitter baseball games, search herbal viagra maybe the players would know who he is.

Search herbal viagra I think the reason I was so stunned by Roberts’ comments is the fact that the Mets have been gracious in granting Mets bloggers access to players, search herbal viagra Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson and I’m not going to lie any time I can talk to someone affiliated with the Mets, search herbal viagra I jump at it.

Search herbal viagra I’m very critical of the ownership of the Mets but believe me I would love to sit down with Fred, search herbal viagra Jeff and Dave Howard for an interview. Search herbal viagra  If they wanted to rip me for sucky writing and poor grammar that would be fine with me, search herbal viagra hell they could tell me to hit the gym and drop a few pounds, search herbal viagra I’d be glad to take it because if you dish it out, search herbal viagra you have to take it, search herbal viagra but seriously a sit down between myself and management would allow them to see where I’m coming from as a long time Mets fan who just wants to see the team he roots for given more respect, search herbal viagra  work on building a winner, search herbal viagra and treating the Mets fans better that they do. Search herbal viagra  No screaming or yelling just conversation and debate. Search herbal viagra  I can act like adult when I have to.

Search herbal viagra I all come back to accountability, search herbal viagra I stand by whatever I write and I have no problem going into the clubhouse and talking to whoever I have a beef with.

Search herbal viagra How the media tide has turned, search herbal viagra it’s the bloggers now who are now the most responsible reporters of news.

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Viagra canada Looks like you take a day off around here; it takes a while to catch up. Viagra canada Yesterday my wife and I renewed our wedding vows, viagra canada as the church we were married in Regina Pacis in Bensonhurst, viagra canada held a day for all couples married at that church to come back and renew their vows with a football wedding reception to follow. Viagra canada  It was a load of fun and we met people we hadn’t seen in a while and my kids were subjected to “Brooklyn is the greatest place on earth” stories for the millionth time. Viagra canada By the way, viagra canada that’s how I get my kids to do their homework, viagra canada when they are watching TV I go into the living room and say “You know when I was a kid……………..” and they run to their rooms. Viagra canada Works every time.

Viagra canada After a terrific weekend I turn on my computer and I see this:

Viagra canada What I read was “The Mets today Released Ollie Perez” not “all stories talking about Perez MUST CEASE UNTIL OLLIE IS RELEASED.”

Viagra canada This was my response to Sherman’s tweet.

Viagra canada By the way, viagra canada Ollie is in camp and by the look on Terry Collins from this post from Adam Rubin it looks like he saying “Shit, viagra canada I thought I locked all the doors”

Viagra canada Daniel Murphy is in camp and has told Terry Collins he is here to do whatever is asked from him to help this team win. Viagra canada Get ready for a lot of Murphy love from me.

Viagra canada I’m being very cautious on Terry Collins. Viagra canada I’ve spoken to him twice this post season and he’s intense and comes off as a real live and die by baseball, viagra canada kind of guy. Viagra canada  He has spoken extensively about preparation all winter and running his camp with order and efficiency. Viagra canada When I spoke to young guys like Josh Thole, viagra canada Bobby Parnell and Dillion Gee they all dealt with Collins as Mets Minor League Coordinator and they all are glad he is their manager at the big league level. Viagra canada R.A. Viagra canada Dickey and Mike Pelfrey both mentioned “energy” when asked about Collins. Viagra canada Pelf told us that even during lunch with Collins, viagra canada that the manager spent the whole time diagraming defensive positioning on cut off throws from the outfield and on what pitchers are responsible for on defense and where they should be in different situations. Viagra canada Pelfrey marveled at Collins’ energy and passion. Viagra canada All that is great but the fact is he quit two of the three managerial jobs he had and that’s a huge caveat to me.

Viagra canada After reading Andy Martino’s terrific piece in the NY Daily News yesterday, viagra canada I’m hoping Collins is right that he has learned from all the stops and has changed for the better. Viagra canada Collins mentor is Jim Leyland and he realizes he made some bad mistakes in communication with his players, viagra canada that times have changed and he needed to change with the times and that this is his last shot at managerial redemption.

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