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Cialis soft tablets Com’on you really can’t be shocked that Jose Reyes is no longer a Met can you? I mean we’ve all been paying attention for the last year-year and a half right? Didn’t you watch the Mets last game of the season? As soon as Reyes took himself out of the game with a bunt single that all but sealed his batting crown you had to know he was right there an ex-Met. Cialis soft tablets But of course as Mets fans (and NY sports fans) we have to point fingers so with let’s make sure we point the right fingers.

Cialis soft tablets I’ll point two thumbs up to Sandy Alderson. Cialis soft tablets Finally the Mets have an adult in charge that has the balls to make the right decision for what’s best for this franchise baseball wise. Cialis soft tablets As I tweeted last night, cialis soft tablets Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon are the natural disasters who have ruined the Mets and Sandy Alderson and his staff is FEMA who have accessed the disaster which is the Mets organization from top to bottom and has put in a plan of attack to bring it back to where it’s a contender in the NL. Cialis soft tablets  This will take time as most clean ups and rebuilds after devastation seem to do.

Cialis soft tablets Two middle fingers pointed at Freddy Skill Sets, cialis soft tablets Uncle Saul Katz and Uncle Buddy. Cialis soft tablets No matter which side you fall on in the Reyes departure we can all agree that these stumbblin’, cialis soft tabletsbummblin’ asshats need to sell the team and sell it NOW! But they won’t because they have Uncle Bud sitting in the Commissioners chair who is nothing but an enabler to the problems in Flushing. Cialis soft tablets No way in hell that Bowie Kuhn, cialis soft tablets Peter Uberoff or Fay Vincent would have put up this this destruction of the NY NL franchise. Cialis soft tablets Right now I would say the Wilpon’s are the worst owners in the history of New York sports. Cialis soft tablets Worse than Walter O’Malley, cialis soft tablets worse than Horace Stoneham, cialis soft tablets worse than even Jim Dolan. Cialis soft tablets The Skill Sets are worse because they are holding on to the team for selfish reasons for their own personal pleasure. Cialis soft tablets In their heart of black hearts they know they days as Mets owners are numbered as the debt just keeps piling up (if I had the dough I’d rent a billboard off the Grand Central with a debt clock like the one on 34 St that tracks the National debt to track the Wilpon’s debt on the Mets, cialis soft tablets Citi Field and SNY) if it weren’t for the cozy comforts of the Bud Selig’s Commissioners abode the Skill Sets would have been out on their broke ass a while. Cialis soft tablets It’s going to happen sooner or later as Selig won’t stay in office too much longer and the banks and other lenders will be calling in their markers soon as will the Federal Court that will hear the law suit by the Trustees trying to recoup the Madoff loses and of course the shysters looking to be paid for their time and trouble. Cialis soft tablets  You are living on borrowed time Skill Sets.

Cialis soft tablets One thumb up for Jose Reyes. Cialis soft tablets You were one the best and most popular Mets players of all time. Cialis soft tablets Having met you on a couple of occasions I thought you were a great guy, cialis soft tablets full of energy and you seemed to really enjoy being a Met and a New Yorker. Cialis soft tablets I’m happy for you and your family that you are all set for life financially; I wish you all the best and success in South Beach

Cialis soft tablets One thumb down for Jose Reyes. Cialis soft tablets I’m not torn up that your leaving the Mets, cialis soft tablets I know I should be but in a strange way I’m glad you’re gone. Cialis soft tablets In another administration you would have been given 10 years and $200 mil in Madoff Bucks, cialis soft tablets then you’d have been out of shape and pulling hammy’s like Turkish taffy. Cialis soft tablets You waited for the Mets to make you an offer but your agents forgot that Omar doesn’t live here anymore and were told by Sandy Alderson, cialis soft tablets “make you an offer”? No, cialis soft tablets how about you go out and find what the market is then call me back” Guess what? There was only one bidder in the market. Cialis soft tablets I’m sure Marlins President of Baseball Ops Larry Beinfest was overruled by Jeffery Loria and David Samson on this signing. Cialis soft tablets The Marlins pulled a MInaya, cialis soft tablets bidding against themselves. Cialis soft tablets Give Reyes agent Peter Greenberg credit for getting his client this deal as no other team would come close to offering it to Reyes.

Cialis soft tablets Two big middle fingers, cialis soft tablets a crotch grab and drop my draws kiss my Royal Irish Ass to the Mets beat writers who no matter how this went down would kill the Mets. Cialis soft tablets They all had two stored away on their laptops one for when the Mets sign Reyes to a long term deal so they could kill them for over paying in money and years and the stories we see today, cialis soft tablets killing them for not signing Reyes. Cialis soft tablets It goes back to the organization allowing itself to get bullied by the media and never striking back. Cialis soft tablets I’ll give props to the Late Leader of the Bronx Bastards, cialis soft tablets he knew how to get back at the press, cialis soft tablets take away their free food, cialis soft tablets fucking freeloaders. Cialis soft tablets   

Cialis soft tablets Ten fingers waving bye-bye to all the fair weather Mets fans who say they won’t go to Citi Field again and won’t watch the games on TV and on and on. Cialis soft tablets How people spend their money and time is their own business and if you don’t want anything to do with the Mets that’s fine. Cialis soft tablets We won’t miss you guys anyway.

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Viagra cream A few quick hits as my workload is piling up and next week is a real shorty for me:

Viagra cream I guess I’m numb to MLB screwing with the game that I’m not upset over the adding of a second wild card, viagra cream maybe as soon as this coming season. Viagra cream In fact as a Mets fan, viagra cream I should be ecstatic about it as it gives the team a better chance to reach the organizations goal of “meaningful games in September”.

Viagra cream  I would even go further even further with the destruction of what was once sacred the 162 games season and a true league champion, viagra cream and abolish the division structure and make two 15 team leagues and have the first 8 teams make the playoffs. Viagra cream I guess it’s the NHL/ (defunct) NBA fan in me that would like to see this. Viagra cream Cut the season to 148 or 150 games and start 1 plays 8, viagra cream 2 play 7 and so on, viagra cream 7 game series. Viagra cream  You’d have to have a balanced schedule, viagra cream which  you should anyway with a wild card spot in play, viagra cream and with 15 teams per league, viagra cream there has to be an interleague game every day. Viagra cream Hey can’t have anything but anything that gets the Mets closer to a post season berth gets my vote. Viagra cream  

Viagra cream Check out Ed “Rusty Jr.” at the Real Dirty Mets as he has posted video of the Mets bloggers talking with Howie Rose and David Wright.

Viagra cream I guess you heard that the Skill Sets have seven investors lined up to buy a minority share of the club for $20 mil. Viagra cream I am proud to say I have inquired about buying in and have 20 of these bills ready for delivery to get my piece of the Mets pie.  NYUCK! NYUCK! NYUCK!

Viagra cream As we get closer to Thanksgiving I just want to say how thankful I am that I am not a fan of the NY Jets. Being a Mets fan is agonizing enough but I really feel for the Mets/Jets fan of which they are plentiful. Viagra cream With that said, viagra cream Dirty Sanchez sucks, viagra cream Rex needs to shut the fuck up and Brian Schottenheimer makes the awful Kevin Gilbride look like Vince Lombardi in his heyday as NY Giants OC.  By the way, viagra cream for all the insults hurled at Tim Teabow, viagra cream he may not be a work of art and statistically unimpressive but the results are there as the Broncos are tied for the AFC West lead with Oakland. Viagra cream Who’da think it Teabow in the playoffs and Dirty Sanchez on the couch.

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Yes, viagra online deals this is a picture of the Greatest Rock N Roll Band of all time!

Viagra online deals It’s getting harder to post anything about the Mets because every time I start to write a post this song pops in my head.  Every day, viagra online deals all day it’s Reyes and Wright, viagra online deals Wright and Reyes. Viagra online deals Reyes to the Marlins or the Brewers or the Giants anywhere but the Mets. Viagra online deals Trade Wright, viagra online deals Pay Wright, viagra online deals Bring the fences in for Wright on and on it’s the Mets fan/media version of waterboarding.

Viagra online deals It seems there is a segment of Mets fans out there that cannot see the Shake Shake   for the chop shops, viagra online deals it has not sunk into the skulls of a segment of the Flushing congregation that the family who owns our beloved Mets are close to broke and have no clue how to raise capital to run the franchise nor do they trust anyone outside their inner circle to bring in as partners. Viagra online deals The Skill Sets are the Amish of MLB.

Viagra online deals It is these same clueless fans who think Sandy Alderson owns the team. Viagra online deals It escapes their pea brains that the GM can only spend what is allotted to him in a budget and even if he had an unlimited budget he still would not spend it like a clueless dolt (ladies and gentlemen  how about a hand for Omar Minaya).

Viagra online deals The Mets are up shit’s creek for a few reasons, viagra online deals first, viagra online deals Bernie Madoff got caught and the funny money from his Ponzi scheme that fuled the franchise coffers are gone. Viagra online deals Second, viagra online deals the legal fees alone are ruining the Skill Sets, viagra online deals sharks lawyers don’t work for free and I’m sure the shysters are livin’ large on the Skill Sets dole, viagra online deals third, viagra online deals The Skill Sets are selfish bastards who should sell the team but are hanging on for their dear self-centered life with an assist from Uncle Bud. Viagra online deals  All in all it makes for a huge mess. Viagra online deals The mess was inherited by Sandy Alderson, viagra online deals a man who knows how to clean up such messes, viagra online deals the problem is this mess is beyond sweeping and moping it’s a real industrial strength mess that may take a while to clean up.

Viagra online deals Mets  fans want to be told that the franchise is in rebuild mode. Viagra online deals Well, viagra online deals since some of you can’t figure it out by reading all the clues you’ve been given, viagra online deals I’ll let you in on the Skill Sets dirty little secret, viagra online deals the team is in rebuild mode.

Viagra online deals First it will be letting Jose Reyes depart, viagra online deals unless of course he’ll take a 4yr/$75-$80 mil deal. Viagra online deals He won’t. Viagra online deals Next it will be David Wright departing. Viagra online deals The fences of Citi Field were brought in so Wright can get back on the offensive track so he will be quite desirable to other teams come the trade deadline, viagra online deals this is fatting up the hog for slaughter.  Same deal with Johan Santana, viagra online deals Alderson and company are hoping he comes back like the old Johan so maybe there is a team who would take on his bloated contract to make a post season run. Viagra online deals In order to deal off Jason Bay it will take a cocktail of strong narcotics or snapshots of a GM mating with an animal to get that done.

Viagra online deals Let me give you folks a dose of reality, viagra online deals the Mets will not contend in 2012 in fact 2012 has a chance to be worse than 2011. Viagra online deals So you can make your plans now, viagra online deals either hang in and ride out the storm the next season or jump ship and find another team to root for. Viagra online deals In fact all you Jose Reyes groupies can flock to the team that he signs with since your allegiance is more to the players than to the team.

Viagra online deals Me? I’ll hang with the organization, viagra online deals the same organization I take to task on what seems to be a daily basis but can’t ever think of turning my back on. Viagra online deals It’s going to be a long summer at Citi Field but I’ll still be there rooting for whoever puts on the Mets uniform because to me it makes no difference who owns the team. Viagra online deals I look at like this, viagra online deals I was here before the Skill Sets and I’ll be here after the Skill Sets but what has me seeing at least a glimmer of light at the end of the Cliff Floyd Tunnel is I believe Sandy Alderson has a plan and he feels the plan will pay off. Viagra online deals I guess I need to hang my hopes on something.

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Generic cialis soft tabs Cap-gate just won’t go away, generic cialis soft tabs now that all parties involved are in full CYA(Cover Your Ass) mode. Generic cialis soft tabs Reports today claim Bud Selig is outraged, generic cialis soft tabs outraged I tell you, generic cialis soft tabs that MLB is being viewed as the villain here. Generic cialis soft tabs Selig feels he was betrayed by Mets management over this awful publicity claiming that LB told the Mets way in advance that the New Era $36.99 retail caps with the American flag sown in Taiwan must be worn as the game day cap. Generic cialis soft tabs Ooops someone forgot to tell the players that.

Generic cialis soft tabs Then we find out that Jeffey Skill Sets was on the horn with the Commissioner’s office ( I guess Freddy and Uncle Saul were playing in a Maj Jong tournament down at the beach club, generic cialis soft tabs leaving a boy to do a man’s job) and as all things involving Jeffey, generic cialis soft tabs a bit of a cluster fuck ensued. Generic cialis soft tabs My guess is Jeffey thought because Uncle Bud is tight with Daddy and Uncle Saul, generic cialis soft tabs he’d tell the players that the organization would be met with a heavy penalty if they wore the caps. Generic cialis soft tabs  But Uncle Bud claims “no way” that he would have taken action against the Mets via fines or any other punishment. Generic cialis soft tabs Well, generic cialis soft tabs Uncle Bud didn’t say it, generic cialis soft tabs his mouth piece , generic cialis soft tabsClueless Joe Torre did as he made the rounds on the radio to defend MLB but instead came off as a shill for the Commissioners office instead.

Generic cialis soft tabs Then we have the players, generic cialis soft tabs and my question is how is Josh Thole the Mets player rep? Here is a young guy just his first full year in the big leagues trying to adjust to big league life and has to be the union rep as well. Generic cialis soft tabs Not for anything but David Wright can you please step up in that clubhouse for once in your Mets life. Generic cialis soft tabs Wright does a lot of marvelous charity work and is to be commended but how about stepping up and not leaving tough team decisions to a kid who is trying to hang on to a big league job. Generic cialis soft tabs I feel for Thole as he is not in a position to take a stand as he can be sent back to the minors at any time but Wright, generic cialis soft tabs it would have been nice if he stood up and said “Fuck this, generic cialis soft tabs put the hats on fellas’ and let’s go” it would have gone down as one of the great moments in Mets history.

Generic cialis soft tabs Now we come to the manager who made be starting to show a little bit of wear and tear from a difficult season. Generic cialis soft tabs Seems he’s put the blame on Cap-gate as the reason the Mets were not focused last night against the Nats. Generic cialis soft tabs Last night’s starter, generic cialis soft tabs Old Reliable R.A. Generic cialis soft tabs Dickey said that as far as the players were concerned the cap controversy had nothing to do with the loss or team focus. Generic cialis soft tabs  I think the woeful play is more the fact that this was a game played by two teams that are playing out the string and are counting the days until they can go home and enjoy the fall and winter. Generic cialis soft tabs Collins using the cap controversy is a cop out and as much as I feel he has done a great job this season and deserves  an extra year on his contract, generic cialis soft tabs it’s situations like this that make me feel that his tenure as Mets manager could fall fast and furious.

Generic cialis soft tabs Hopefully this cap-a-skew is behind the team and they can get on finishing off the season on a high note and hopefully the manager can calm down a bit and not find excuses for losses.

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