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Buy href viagra I admit I have some bad traits not many I want to get into here but two I will talk about is my inability to organize and that I am a world class procrastinator. Buy href viagra  I think my lack of organizing skill comes from my hatred for the telephone. Buy href viagra I rarely answer the phone at home (thank you FiOS for the ability to have caller ID come up in HD on my TV giving me The Power of Francesa to hand wave those interrupting my ball game watching) which runs in all the males of my family, buy href viagra if it weren’t for our spouses we would never speak to one another, buy href viagra that goes for texts as well, buy href viagra in fact if it weren’t for the women in my life I don’t think I’d do much communicating. Buy href viagra   

Buy href viagra I admit that I relay on the ladies of my life for more of my daily routine than I should. Buy href viagra I went from a mother who took care of me to a wife who takes care of me to a daughter who fawns over me to the ladies I work with who help me all day every day with work. Buy href viagra I love women. Buy href viagra The dilemma I have though now is the ladies of my life don’t know much about baseball.

Buy href viagra See for the first time in 12 years of coaching youth baseball, buy href viagra I have to register my team, buy href viagra collect registrations fees from them and recruit players to fill out my roster and order uniforms. Buy href viagra This has become an unorganized procrastinator’s nightmare. Buy href viagra  Well, buy href viagra not a total nightmare as I have designated my son as my Paul DePodesta, buy href viagra not only as my right hand man but my starting 2nd baseman and 2 hole hitter (he’s cut from the Alderson/Dave Hudgens cloth, buy href viagra work the count and a walk is as good as a hit, buy href viagra he’s so good at it, buy href viagra that when we get certain umpires who do the plate they will give him benefit of the doubt when he takes a 2 strike pitch) he does all my contacting of the players via Facebook and text for me but I shouldn’t really burden him with my tasks as he’s preparing to take the SAT’s and that’s more important than putting a baseball team together but he’s such a good son he knows when dad is in distress.

Buy href viagra So I’m hoping today to get my shit together and find out how many definites I have to play and figure out the cost per player and give the league the dates we want to play. Buy href viagra In fact I should have started on this already and had it all done but first I had to read the game stories on last night’s Rangers-Senators game (no panic in this Rangers fan but I will say this the Rangers need to put the Sens away when they have a lead, buy href viagra stay aggressive in the offensive end. Buy href viagra Last night the Blueshirts looked exhausted in the 3rd period that worries me a bit but coming back to MSG should revitalize them.) then read the Mets stories (more on them in a minute) and last but not least the hanging on in procrastinators nirvana, buy href viagra Twitter.

Buy href viagra But before I really, buy href viagra really go and push myself to get this work done, buy href viagra a few words on the Mets:

Buy href viagra The true test of the mettle of this team will come now that they lost this series to the Braves and their two best pitchers got pounded. Buy href viagra With the Giants coming in for 4 games (coming off a classic 1-0 old time pitcher duel last night as Cliff Lee want 10 innings and Matt Cain 9 scoreless) Jon Niese gets to match up with Barry Zito, buy href viagra I like the matchup in the Mets favor.

Buy href viagra Terry Collins has said that Kirk Nieuwenhuis will start tomorrow night against the lefty Zito. Buy href viagra  TC had also mentioned that when Andres` Torres is of sound mind and calf muscle, buy href viagra he will return as the starting CF and Capt Kirk will go back to Buffalo. Buy href viagra Yeah right! With a .375/.444/.531 batting line the only way Capt Kirk is going back to Buffalo is when they retire his number.

Buy href viagra I can’t get too angry over losing 2 of 3 to the Braves but I’m a little uncomfortable with using the weather as an excuse for the loss. Buy href viagra I understand R.A. Buy href viagra Dickey saying his throwing of the knuckleball was like throw a “wet water balloon” but TC saying it wasn’t up to him to play, buy href viagra the conditions as I watched on TV weren’t that bad, buy href viagra it didn’t hurt the Braves hitter that’s for sure.

Buy href viagra David Wright is playing some of the best baseball of his career right now and it’s great to see but let’s take it easy on the contract extension talk. Buy href viagra I hope Wright has a tremendous season and I’m rooting hard for him, buy href viagra if has a big year, buy href viagra  his contract will take care of itself.

Buy href viagra That’s it I got to get this baseball stuff done…..oooooh look The People’s Court is on……I love me some Judge Milian.

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Viagra how much No blogging yesterday as it was a full day of practice for my Babe Ruth league team. Viagra how much The league had told me during the winter that our season would not start until mid-May, viagra how much as many of the kids play High School baseball but last week they switched it up and said we are starting right away. Viagra how much Our first game is Monday so it’s been a scramble of sorts to get my pitching in order and all the administrative stuff like uniforms and contacting parents with schedules and location sot pick up uniforms.

Viagra how much Then with that I have two podcasts to do this week. Viagra how much The first will be on Tuesday night at 11PM ET as me and Adam Bernacchio of The Ghost of Moonlight Graham will host the Baseball Bloggers Alliance show BBA Baseball Talk.

Viagra how much Then on Wednesday night at 10PM ET I will be hosting my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show on Blogtalk Radio and one of my guest will be the founder of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and Cardinal blogger at C70 At The Bat, viagra how much Daniel Shoptaw, viagra how much we will discuss the weekend series between the Mets and Cardinals in St. Viagra how much Louis.

Viagra how much Now today as much as I would love to write some Mets stuff, viagra how much I’m heading to a birthday party for my 1year old Great niece in 10 minutes, viagra how much if I’m not totally exhausted by this evening I mat have a Mets write up tonight, viagra how much if not tomorrow for sure.

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Cialis order On Pro Baseball Central tonight at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio we will discuss the surging Mets and Johan Santana’s performance in Game 1 of the day/nighter plus we’ll keep an eye on Jon Niese in Game 2. Cialis order We will tie up the loose ends on the Omar/Tony B fiasco and we will have as our guest Shannon Shark from The Mets Police. Cialis order We’ ll cover those topics plus Mets uniforms, cialis order Old Timers Day and a day at $iti Field and you can join in the conversation as well at (646) 595-4462  

Cialis order If you can’t join us live you can listen to the podcast at our Pro Central Baseball site or right here at TEKS.

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