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Viagra use Cap-gate just won’t go away, viagra use now that all parties involved are in full CYA(Cover Your Ass) mode. Viagra use Reports today claim Bud Selig is outraged, viagra use outraged I tell you, viagra use that MLB is being viewed as the villain here. Viagra use Selig feels he was betrayed by Mets management over this awful publicity claiming that LB told the Mets way in advance that the New Era $36.99 retail caps with the American flag sown in Taiwan must be worn as the game day cap. Viagra use Ooops someone forgot to tell the players that.

Viagra use Then we find out that Jeffey Skill Sets was on the horn with the Commissioner’s office ( I guess Freddy and Uncle Saul were playing in a Maj Jong tournament down at the beach club, viagra use leaving a boy to do a man’s job) and as all things involving Jeffey, viagra use a bit of a cluster fuck ensued. Viagra use My guess is Jeffey thought because Uncle Bud is tight with Daddy and Uncle Saul, viagra use he’d tell the players that the organization would be met with a heavy penalty if they wore the caps. Viagra use  But Uncle Bud claims “no way” that he would have taken action against the Mets via fines or any other punishment. Viagra use Well, viagra use Uncle Bud didn’t say it, viagra use his mouth piece , viagra useClueless Joe Torre did as he made the rounds on the radio to defend MLB but instead came off as a shill for the Commissioners office instead.

Viagra use Then we have the players, viagra use and my question is how is Josh Thole the Mets player rep? Here is a young guy just his first full year in the big leagues trying to adjust to big league life and has to be the union rep as well. Viagra use Not for anything but David Wright can you please step up in that clubhouse for once in your Mets life. Viagra use Wright does a lot of marvelous charity work and is to be commended but how about stepping up and not leaving tough team decisions to a kid who is trying to hang on to a big league job. Viagra use I feel for Thole as he is not in a position to take a stand as he can be sent back to the minors at any time but Wright, viagra use it would have been nice if he stood up and said “Fuck this, viagra use put the hats on fellas’ and let’s go” it would have gone down as one of the great moments in Mets history.

Viagra use Now we come to the manager who made be starting to show a little bit of wear and tear from a difficult season. Viagra use Seems he’s put the blame on Cap-gate as the reason the Mets were not focused last night against the Nats. Viagra use Last night’s starter, viagra use Old Reliable R.A. Viagra use Dickey said that as far as the players were concerned the cap controversy had nothing to do with the loss or team focus. Viagra use  I think the woeful play is more the fact that this was a game played by two teams that are playing out the string and are counting the days until they can go home and enjoy the fall and winter. Viagra use Collins using the cap controversy is a cop out and as much as I feel he has done a great job this season and deserves  an extra year on his contract, viagra use it’s situations like this that make me feel that his tenure as Mets manager could fall fast and furious.

Viagra use Hopefully this cap-a-skew is behind the team and they can get on finishing off the season on a high note and hopefully the manager can calm down a bit and not find excuses for losses.

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Female male viagra So Bobby Valentine is trying to put together a group to buy the Mets or at least a minority share. Female male viagra I doubt that BV has the coin to pull this off but he what he does have is the “it” factor and the ability to front the franchise in a positive way unlike Freddy, female male viagra Jeffey and Uncle Saul who infuriated the fan base. Female male viagra If he can get some deep pocketed investors to join him and let him be the out front guy, female male viagra it could be interesting

Female male viagra  With the passing of Duke Snider yesterday, female male viagra lost in the days news was the untimely passing of former Met Greg Goosen. Female male viagra Last night the Mets 1965 Yearbook played on SNY and there was Goosen shown as one of the up and coming young stars of the Mets along with “Robust” Ron Swoboda, female male viagra Johnny Lewis and Ed Kranepool. Female male viagra Goosen was also a key figure in Jim Bouton’ classic book, female male viagra  BALL FOUR. Female male viagra One story, female male viagra when Goosen was a teammate of Bouton’s on the 1969 Seattle Pilots on a bus ride passing an old building  that had an inscription” Erected in 1883″, female male viagra to that Goosen replied “that’s some long errection. Female male viagra R.I.P. Female male viagra Greg.”

Female male viagra Sniff, female male viagra Snifff what kind of smoke is that, female male viagra that Chipper Jones is blowing up the Mets ass? Hickory? Mesquite?

Female male viagra On my last visit to Citi Field, female male viagra I wrote about Josh Thole being a good guy and helping me get access onto the media scrum by moving a chair and taking my backpack for me now if that weren’t enough to endear Thole to me it was announced that he will be the Mets union rep this year. Female male viagra So now Thole and I are Union brothers in arms. Female male viagra Sorry all you wanna be union busters!!!!!!!!

Female male viagra How in the world could anyone watch the Academy Awards when the Knicks-Heat game was on at same time? I’m not even a Knicks fan but I was glued to that game. Female male viagra As a basketball fan it’s good to see the Knicks and St Johns back on the right track and have the city talking basketball again.

Female male viagra Oliver Perez still sucks.

Female male viagra Mets and Nats today in St Lonesome. Female male viagra Big Pelf makes spring debut, female male viagra Dan Murphy plays 3rd base, female male viagra F-Mart DH, female male viagra Castillo gets another start at 2nd Base

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