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Poker viagra From watching Sandy Alderson with Kevin Burkhardt  on Mets Hot Stove, poker viagra I come to the conclusion that when he took the job last year and looked over the landscape of the organization , poker viagra he couldn’t believe the mess it was in. Poker viagra One of the things he spoke about last year that had me singing his praise was putting together a uniform system of teaching the Mets farm hands the right way to play baseball. Poker viagra One of the glaring weaknesses we saw last year from the major league team was the lack of understanding baseball fundamentals and baseball instinct. Poker viagra   Alderson realized that the way the Mets were conducting player development was so deficient that a major changes had to be made.

Poker viagra Fast forward to this off season. Poker viagra  Alderson has just finished his first season as the Mets baseball boss and what he saw up close and personal is what shapes his thinking for this off season. Poker viagra He saw a team that when hit by injury was deficient in depth at the Triple A level, poker viagra sure some of the call ups played above and beyond and the team for the majority of the season was known as hard working and never giving up, poker viagra a testament to the manager (who lit into his team when they slacked off, poker viagra again something we haven’t seen here in years), poker viagra but Alderson saw that there is no New York quick fix here, poker viagra this rebuilding of the Mets will take some time.

Poker viagra Yes, poker viagra this is a rebuild, poker viagra from the way the organization is viewed by outsiders (if Alderson could just get the Skill Sets to go underground for say the next 10 years that would be major plus in rebuilding the brand)and the way it’s looked at by other players and front office types throughout baseball.  The later has improved a lot under Alderson, poker viagra the former, poker viagra well, poker viagra that will take more time.

Poker viagra When Burkhardt asked about signing Reyes, poker viagra and the fact that the majority of Mets fans are clamoring for him to be resign by any means necessary, poker viagra Alderson explained how this is not going to happen, poker viagra a six year deal for Reyes would be a disaster for the organization. Poker viagra I loved Burkhardt’s  follow up question where he brought up that Alderson mentioned that the release of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo had to do somewhat with fan sentiment, poker viagra Alderson explained, poker viagra while the voice of the people played a bit of a part, poker viagra it was more the poor performance of both players that led to them becoming ex-Mets.

Poker viagra Now Reyes not returning will not be due to poor performance by him but by poor performance of the team and the fact that the Mets are at least two seasons away from being a pennant winning factor. Poker viagra  You don’t need someone to tell you that Mets fans, poker viagra in your heart of hearts you know it. Poker viagra So to give Reyes a long term deal and tie up money that will be better spent on getting the part or parts needed to put the club over the top in 2013 or 2014 is a better investment. Poker viagra I agree 100 %.

Poker viagra There are still some of us among the Mets faithful that want to spend and spend and spend. Poker viagra First, poker viagra it’s hard to spend what you don’t have. Poker viagra  The ownership is doesn’t have the money to throw around as in years past and that may be the best piece of news this off season. Poker viagra I guess once the Mets season ends some of you stop watching baseball because if you did you’d realize that you can win with a $90-$100 mil payroll, poker viagra you just have to know how to spend your money wisely. Poker viagra Alderson does and he will but it won’t happen overnight. Poker viagra Just stay patience and let him and his staff do its work, poker viagra the man’s track record shows this could work in positive way.

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Cialis price It was nice to see Terry Collins get pissed off last night even if it wasn’t a total tirade I mean the way Collins acted at his post-game presser was the kind of demeanor Earl Weaver had ordering breakfast, cialis price but it was nice to see a Mets manager show passion instead of the “hey, cialis price shit happens” attitude of Jerry Manuel and the deer in the headlights way of Willie Randolph.

Cialis price Collins said there will be changes, cialis price but really what changes can be made? The easiest move would be to release Willie Harris as he has lived up to his rep as a Mets killer even while wearing the Mets colors. Cialis price Harris made a grave mistake when he said he pined for the days of the camaraderie of the Nationals clubhouse. Cialis price He should have been cut that day. Cialis price  It’s bad enough that Harris can’t hit for shit, cialis price his baseball IQ is as minuscule as his OPS. Cialis price Not getting the force at third base and not knowing to go home on a sharp groundball with the bags juiced are the stupid baseball plays that have been tolerated around here for too many years. Cialis price Good bye Willie Harris.

Cialis price If Collins really wanted to send a message he’d go to Sandy Alderson and ask for Lucas Duda or F-Mart to come back up and make left field a platoon with either player and Jason Bay. Cialis price Remember when we heard player salary wouldn’t be taken into account when making on field personal decisions? Well it’s time for Bay to grab some pine and if he has a problem with that either have his agent find a team to take him off the Mets hands or work out a buyout. Cialis price I’ve seen enough of Bay, cialis price nice guy but he’s spooked by Citi Field to the point that he stands so far off the plate he might as well try to hit from the dugout steps.

Cialis price Not much you can do with the bullpen. Cialis price As Bobby O said last night, cialis price this runs in cycles, cialis price the pen has gone from sugar to shit the last couple of weeks so hopefully they can sweeten themselves in the right direction. Cialis price At this point though, cialis price you could send Bobby Parnell back to Buffalo as he’s closer to driving a UPS truck as he is to being the closer of the future. Cialis price It’s one thing to throw 95+ mph but to throw that hard and straight over the plate you get your tits lit up in the big leagues. Cialis price Problem is who comes up? Manny Acosta has been great out of the Bison pen and John Lujan, cialis price who looked good in spring training, cialis price would be a nice candidate but really Alderson is at the bottom of the minor league pitching barrel. Cialis price    

Cialis price You have to feel for Terry Collins. Cialis price He’s trying so hard to stay confident with his Buffalo Soldiers and maybe they are just not up to the task. Cialis price No matter what level of baseball you’re talking about, cialis price if you give the opposition 4, cialis price 5, cialis price 6 outs in an inning you will lose the majority of your games no matter what. Cialis price Then add in an impotent offense that can’t get past 3 runs in a game, cialis price well then you have nights like last night. Cialis price Collins’ Buffalo Soldiers are starting to crumble as badly as Saddam Hussein Republican Guard. Cialis price I hope Collins has a better luck than ol’ Saddam

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Cheapest viagra online Today is Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) Day, cheapest viagra online and as a member from the beginning of the Alliance and the NY NL Chapter President, cheapest viagra online I’d like to tell you about the BBA.

Cheapest viagra online The BBA was founded in 2009 by Daniel Shoptaw, cheapest viagra online who blogs about the St. Cheapest viagra online Louis Cardinals at his C70 at the Bat site. Cheapest viagra online Daniel had e-mailed me about the BBA and asked if would like to join up and I immediately said yes. Cheapest viagra online What I liked about the BBA was it was a place for someone like me who is passionate about my team to meet up with other passionate baseball fans who are also bloggers. Cheapest viagra online  My membership in the BBA has been a tremendous help in doing my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN radio show and in hosting the BASEBALL BLOGGERS ALLIANCE BASEBALL TALK SHOW on Blog Talk Radio, cheapest viagra online as I can always find a blogger to come on and talk about their team when they are facing the NY Mets, cheapest viagra online to give me a fans/bloggers eye view of ups and downs of their team, cheapest viagra online which helps myself and my listeners get a better idea of the opponent facing the Mets in that series.

Cheapest viagra online Besides the BBA Talk Radio show, cheapest viagra online we also vote on season ending awards in the same fashion as the Baseball Writers of America, cheapest viagra online in fact they seem a bit worried about our views as they issued a cease and desist letter for the BBA not use the terms they use for their award. Cheapest viagra online We wear that C & D as a badge of accomplishment.

Cheapest viagra online The BBA is 230 members strong, cheapest viagra online with chapters which are history oriented, cheapest viagra online cover fantasy baseball, cheapest viagra online the analytical part of baseball and those who cover general baseball news and views. Cheapest viagra online The majority of the membership though is of team specific sites and I am very proud to say that the New York Mets have the highest number of bloggers in the BBA at 19.

Cheapest viagra online So I’d like for you to take a little time today and visit our BBA site and also check out our broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio. Cheapest viagra online    

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Cialis 20 mg As stated here and on other sites, cialis 20 mg the repartee of Gary Cohen, cialis 20 mg Ron Darling, cialis 20 mg Keith Hernandez and Kevin Burkhardt have helped take the edge off another unfulfilling season by the NY Mets. Cialis 20 mg Last night was no exception.

Cialis 20 mg Just as I was ready to switch over to the Rays-Jays game, cialis 20 mg Gary Cohen brought up the comments by Wally Backman about the Mets managerial job. Cialis 20 mg Wally kind of hinted that some of the moves that Jerry Manuel has made this season are not particularly the same ones he would have made as Mets manager. Cialis 20 mg No one is better than setting up his partners like Cohen and this subject got Hernandez and Darling going and we were off to the drag races.

Cialis 20 mg Darling seemed offended by Wally’ statement saying there should be some sort of code of conduct between mangers. Cialis 20 mg Hernandez then added it wasn’t such a bad thing like when Gary Carter practically put his thump and pinky to his ear during an interview and mouthed ‘Call me Jeff” into the camera. Cialis 20 mg Darling agreed and you can just tell that back in the day, cialis 20 mg Kid Carter was a handful in the clubhouse. Cialis 20 mg Hernandez then went on to let us know that Wally likes to talk. Cialis 20 mg He mentioned that when the Mets were to play the Astros in Game 5 of the 1986 NLCS Backman was crowing in the clubhouse how the Mets were going to win that game. Cialis 20 mg Hernandez said he went over to Backman and told him to keep quiet, cialis 20 mg and reminded him that Nolan Ryan was pitching (against Dwight Gooden in one of the great post season match ups as Ryan K’d 12 and walked just 1 in 9 inns while Doc pitched 10 innings and got a ton of ground ball outs as the Mets won the game in 12 innings on a Gary Carter single scoring guess who? Wally Backman) to which Backman replied in his Wally Way “Who gives a fuck”!

Cialis 20 mg From there the SNY camera got a glimpse of Roger McDowell on the Braves bench and Hernandez had us all gather around the 50’’ Sony HD TV to hear the how Roger McDowell hated Gregg Jefferies guts. Cialis 20 mg Keith brought up, cialis 20 mg as he has a many occasion (you get the feeling that Richie Hebner would be given a warmer welcome into the Mets Alumni than Gregg Jefferies ) how Jefferies was the only player on the team to have his own private bag for his bats, cialis 20 mg and Keith blamed Charlie Samuels for that as Darling added “you blame Charlie for everything” and the trio of announcers had a good laugh. Cialis 20 mg Hernandez continued on how this burned the other players ass’s and McDowell had had enough of this little prima donna getting preferential treatment and proceeded to take  Jeffries bats and tossed them from the bag out into the parking lot at Shea. Cialis 20 mg That yarn brought back memories of when Soldier of Fortune aficionado Randy Myers and McDowell took Jefferies bats and sawed them in half. Cialis 20 mg I have mentioned here a few times  when John Franco joined the Mets in 1990 he tried very hard to get Jefferies to understand he needs to be more of a “we” guy than the me guy he was and to that end Franco invited Jeffieries for a night on the town in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Cialis 20 mg Franco was an acquaintance of a few of my friends so I’ve gotten to meet him on a few occasion so when he walked into the club where my buddies and I were hanging out, cialis 20 mg with Jefferies, cialis 20 mg we thought we were set for a pretty good night of partying. Cialis 20 mg Well, cialis 20 mg after just about an hour at the club (The Penthouse for all you old disco types from Brooklyn out there) Jefferies was hitting on every woman in the place and nearly got the living shit kick out of him for it. Cialis 20 mg Lucky for him the bouncers at the club were teammates of ours from our Staten Island Touch Tackle League team (Someday I’ll tell the story of when I ran down former Notre Dame and Pittsburgh Steelers QB Terry Hannraty  for a sack, cialis 20 mg the highlight of my journeyman athletic career) so Jefferies was spared a Bay Ridge beat down. Cialis 20 mg Also that was the last time Franco ever invited Jefferies out for even a cup of coffee. Cialis 20 mg When I was managing teams in Staten Island Little League, cialis 20 mg Franco’ son JJ was in the league and John would come watch him play when he could, cialis 20 mg When I saw him one evening at the complex I went to say hi and he said “Geez I see you everywhere around the Island (Franco lived just a few block from me on Staten Island) I laughed and then I asked him if he still kept in touch with Jefferies, cialis 20 mg Franco looked at me and said “Holy shit your were there too”?

Cialis 20 mg Wow talk about making a short story long, cialis 20 mg anyway, cialis 20 mg Hernandez went on about the last game of the 1989 season when McDowell then a Phillie, cialis 20 mg and Jefferies fought as the last out of the game and season was recorded. Cialis 20 mg The story in the NY Times paints a very ugly picture of that season and gives us a glimpse of the turmoil that the 90’s would bring. Cialis 20 mg This quote from Phillies manager Nick Leyva sums up the feeling for Gregg Jeffries around baseball:

Cialis 20 mg Nick Leyva, cialis 20 mg Philadelphia’s manager, cialis 20 mg defended McDowell by saying that Jefferies is not popular among his own teammates, cialis 20 mg then Leyva said, cialis 20 mg ”There were 30 guys on our side rooting for Roger and 20 guys on their side rooting for Roger.”

Cialis 20 mg As a Mets fan, cialis 20 mg the one thing you should be rooting for right now is tonight’s game is a blow out early, cialis 20 mg maybe story time with Keith and Ron will talk about the nights at Rusty Staub’ restaurant on the East Side, cialis 20 mg that will be better than Taxi Cab Confessions.

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Woman and cialis Through all the anger and despair of another lost season in Flushing sometimes you have to step back and look at some positives, woman and cialis though there aren’t many but one is the resurgence of Big Pelf. Woman and cialis  Pelfrey’s season is a microcosm of the Mets this year, woman and cialis more ups and downs than an elevator shaft at the Empire State Building.

Woman and cialis Pelf had a great start to the season and then was just average in May and June and down right awful in July and now has bounced back to this April quality this month of August. Woman and cialis  So how did Big Pelf turn his season around?

Woman and cialis For one thing Pelfrey is back to throwing strikes and using his two seamer  with authority. Woman and cialis It seems any problems Pelf has it always comes down to confidence in his pitches and this year it’s taken him a while to master that two seam fastball which is a new pitch added to his arsenal. Woman and cialis It seems that pitch eluded him for the month of July and one thing we know for sure about Big Pelf is for a big strapping guy, woman and cialis he can be quite fragile emotionally. Woman and cialis Maybe the July meltdown and the fact that he now realizes his problems are in his head and not his arm will be the turning point to his career. Woman and cialis There is too much talent here for Pelfrey not to become a stud pitcher.

Woman and cialis I watched just bits and pieces of last night’s game as I was more involved in the Red Sox-Rays game but I did see that Jerry Manuel brought Bobby Parnell in to pitch the 9th inning last night but then let Takahashi finish the game. Woman and cialis Parnell  K’d Hunter Pence then gave up a single to Carlos Lee who took second on Pagan’s double then after Chris Johnson singled Manuel decides it’s time to become Tony LaRussa and over manage by bringing in Takahashi. Woman and cialis Why not see if Parnell can get out the jam ? I can see the point of not wanting to lose this game and get Pelfrey a another win but I’d would think with Parnell having been pitching well in this spot of late and with Parnell looking to fill the void at closer why not let him finish? Even if he gives up a hit and the lead and blows the save, woman and cialis at least you can see how he responds to that as closers have to have short memories in order to succeed. Woman and cialis You could lose this battle but win the war if Parnell shows the guts to forget it and comeback strong in his next outing. Woman and cialis He could also strikeout the next two batters and have his confidence sore from that experience as well. Woman and cialis Maybe that was too much for Jerry Manuel to think about .

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Levitra vs viagra I’m proud to report that our 13 year old Babe Ruth team is still alive in the playoffs after a fine 13-6 win in a double elimination game. Levitra vs viagra It was so nice to see our big gun mix his fastball and change up for strikes and keeping his walk total at a minimum. Levitra vs viagra After 5 innings he started to tire and I had to make a decision to ride him two more innings or take him out and go to the pen. Levitra vs viagra I opted for the pen and maybe it was my infielders not getting much work and the game going on for two and half hours, levitra vs viagra they were a little sloppy late but in the end made the plays when needed so we live to see another day. Levitra vs viagra As for my big pep talk, levitra vs viagra after a 20 minute warm up I went to exchange line ups and go over ground rules, levitra vs viagra I had the team assemble in the outfield and on my way out to meet them I was going over my speech I looked at the kids sitting in a circle laughing and joking with each other and decided to scrap the speech as it would do more harm than good. Levitra vs viagra It’s an amazing bunch of kids as the take they wins and losses the same, levitra vs viagra in fact their biggest conceren is what we are going eat after a game. Levitra vs viagra Isn’t it great to be a kid?

Levitra vs viagra  

Levitra vs viagra

Levitra vs viagra  

Levitra vs viagra 40 years ago today I was sitting in my living room with my parents waiting for the event of a lifetime, levitra vs viagra man walking on the moon. Levitra vs viagra I was 11 years old and from what I can remember, levitra vs viagra the lunar module landed in the late afternoon but Neil Armstrong didn’t step on the moon surface until night time (10 PM ) I do remember my father waking me up to see this as I fell asleep on the couch as he didn’t want me to miss this unbelievable piece of history. Levitra vs viagra No one could believe what they were seeing and the thing a lot of people feared was the astronauts getting stranded on the moon. Levitra vs viagra In fact President Nixon had a speech already to address this if it happened.

Levitra vs viagra I’m really sad to hear of the passing of Frank McCourt whose life story laid out in Angela’s Ashes is just one of greatest books ever written. Levitra vs viagra I had the pleasure of meeting Frank and Malachy McCourt as they did their show “A Couple of Blaguards” and it was a thrill and privilege to meet him and I’m honored to be known as a “blaguard” myslef .

Levitra vs viagra

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Cialis next day I’m sure Johan Santana would love to join Jerry Manuel in a tag team against Omar Minaya and Tony Bernazard to find out why the front office has it’s head up it’s ass over brining in a shortstop either Ruben Tejada, cialis next day Jose Coronado from the minors or going out and getting a middle infielder and stop the embarrassment that is Ramon Martinez. Cialis next day It’s not Martinez fault he is should not be on a major league roster. Cialis next day If the Mets would have put Jose Reyes on the DL on the 14th when he first felt the pain in his calf, cialis next day he may have recuperated and would be ready to go this week but the way the Mets have dicked around with Reyes he’ll most likely end up on the DL now and would make a month he’s be out. Cialis next day I can’t understand for the life of me how Omar and his grew have no grasp whatsoever on injuries and how much they bungle call ups from the minors.

Cialis next day Kevin Youkils is lucky he didn‘t get more than hit in the elbow last night. Cialis next day Remember last season before Manny Ramirez was shipped out of Boston he kicked Youks ass as he got tired of him throwing his helmet after making an out in the Red Sox dugout.

Cialis next day Next on the walking wounded list is Ryan Church you claims to have teak a hammy so now the Mets will play two position players down.

Cialis next day Bravo Gary Cohen and I think I speak for the vast majority of Mets fans who HATE hearing Sweet Caroline at $iti Field. Cialis next day Please Gary you are the one with the ear of the nit wits in management. Cialis next day Your our only hope.

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I love nothing better than going to a sporting event. Wholesale viagra I don’t just go to games; I always keep score at baseball games. Wholesale viagra I love to keep track of line changes at hockey games. Wholesale viagra I keep track of the time and score at basketball games when the starters come out and the bench guys come in.


When I go to any sporting event I get there hours before the start as I love watching warm ups. Wholesale viagra There is nothing better than watching batting practice. Wholesale viagra My family can’t understand this how I can sit in ballpark and watch guys hit a baseball and field fly balls. Wholesale viagra There are still the few die hards that line up at ball parks and arenas like me for the gates to open but I think these days it’s becoming a lost art.


My wife was stunned this past winter when I turned down tickets to see the New York Football Giants play the Iggles at the Medowlands. Wholesale viagra I turned it down because I weighed the pros and cons and the cons won. Wholesale viagra The pros were a day with friends, wholesale viagra watching my favorite football team in person, wholesale viagra getting a better idea of various formations on offense and defense and having a general good time. Wholesale viagra The cons, wholesale viagra it’s cold, wholesale viagra too much down time with game stoppage and TV timeouts, wholesale viagra and sitting in insufferable traffic. Wholesale viagra Then when you add in at home you have your own HDTV, wholesale viagra no lines for the bathroom, wholesale viagra attendants (children) and a big comfy chair when you think about it you have be nuts to go to the game.


I bring this up because I saw to day that STUBHUB has a ton of tickets on it’s site for the exhibition games this weekend between the Mets and Red Sox. Wholesale viagra The strange thing is these games SOLD OUT in 45 minutes or so we were told. Wholesale viagra It looks like the bulk of the tickets went to the secondary market, wholesale viagra you know the new business that used to be called scalpers. Wholesale viagra


It will be a trend to watch this season with both the Mets and Highlanders to see if fans after their first trip to the new ballparks get that “been there, wholesale viagra done that feeling” and pass up paying big money to go to a game to spend big money.


When you think about it for what you pay for tickets to a game plus food, wholesale viagra souviners and other incidentals (it’s always those damn incidentals that will get you) and gas and tolls is it worth it? With the state of the economy, wholesale viagra if you are fortunate enough to have discretionary funds put aside do you spend it on a day at the old ball game or a weekend at the shore?        

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As great as it was to watch are darling boy, cialis generic viagra D-Wright get an opposite field base hit to beat Puerto Rico, cialis generic viagra it all went to shit with the news that he fouled a ball off his big toe in game that meant NOTHING!!!!!! To make it worse, cialis generic viagra Wright is the lone 3rd baseman left on Team America so he stayed in the game –clearly in pain- and has made it known that no matter what the Mets say, cialis generic viagra he will play this weekend in the semi-finals, cialis generic viagra even with only nine toes. Cialis generic viagra Add that to OP and his mid season pitch count and that the returning Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are exhausted from this bullshit tournament, cialis generic viagra we of the Flushing Faithful are holding our breath that the Mets won’t have to add injury to the list of enemies to start the season.


You know you’re a red neck when…………………..


Anyone have Mackey Sasser’ phone number?


The Mets do not want to see Billy Wagner ever again. Cialis generic viagra Forget about him coming back in September to fortified the bullpen it’s not happening. Cialis generic viagra Remember how Wagner bitched and moaned about coming into non-save situations and not starting innings and not coming in for 4 outs saves so where exactly does he fit in here? He’s not going to close or set up a save hell, cialis generic viagra he isn’t even going to be the bridge to the set up man (that looks to be Bobby Parnell) so he doesn’t fit here anymore. Cialis generic viagra It’s not personal, cialis generic viagra it’s business.


Au revior Chief, cialis generic viagra unfortunately your time has come as Livan Hernandez has won the 5th starter spot in the Mets rotation. Cialis generic viagra The back ups for the starting rotation are Tim Redding, cialis generic viagra Jon Niese, cialis generic viagra and Nelson Figueroa and if it goes any deeper than that it won’t matter anymore as we will all be looking for the start of NFL training camp if it comes to that.

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It’s good to see D-Wright is mad, cialis levitra viagra vs I mean really, cialis levitra viagra vs really mad:


{“I don’t like those guys, cialis levitra viagra vs” Wright said. Cialis levitra viagra vs “I know they don’t like us. Cialis levitra viagra vs There are guys that I respect on that team. Cialis levitra viagra vs I respect them, cialis levitra viagra vs but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to be friends with them. Cialis levitra viagra vs My whole career, cialis levitra viagra vs I’ve tried to stay away from that. Cialis levitra viagra vs I’ll shake somebody’s hand and say hello, cialis levitra viagra vs but I’m not going to be buddy-buddy with anyone before the game.


“I’m not a big fan of the teams in our division just because we play them so much. Cialis levitra viagra vs I would hope as a competitor that you would have that edge, cialis levitra viagra vs that you would have a genuine interest to go out there and beat them by as much as you can}


Okay, cialis levitra viagra vs it’s a start. Cialis levitra viagra vs I don’t figure Wright to take on my Braveheart mentality when it comes to our division rivals although I’d love it if he did but what I found interesting was the “I’ll shake somebody’s hand and say hello but I’m not going to be buddy-buddy with anyone before the game” quote. Cialis levitra viagra vs If you watch the Mets during warm ups it seems the players love to hug and kibitz with some players on the opposing team, cialis levitra viagra vs and with the risk of being called a racist, cialis levitra viagra vs it’s mostly the Latin players who do this. Cialis levitra viagra vs I don’t ever see D-Wright calling them out for doing that. Cialis levitra viagra vs In fact it was one of the pet peeves that Willie Randolph had when Omar and Tony B would be on the field before a game against the Nats and showing Manny Acta much love.


Saw this on Metsblog, cialis levitra viagra vs seems Omar and Co. Cialis levitra viagra vs are not too crazy about the Brian Schneider/Ramon Castro catching tandem and an upgrade behind the plate is on the off season to do list.


New York Magazine is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and the editors asked some sportswriters who they thought were the Top 10 NY Athletes of the last 40 years. Cialis levitra viagra vs Each writer gave some excellent choices (check out Selena Roberts who went off on a whole different tangent) I made my own list and it was very tough to limit it to 10 but here are my Top 10 NYC Athletes from 1968-2008:



1.      Tom Seaver-He is the reason why we care about the Mets


2.      Joe Namath- Even though I’m not a Jets fan I was and still am a huge Joe Willie fan. 


3.      Lawrence Taylor-The greatest defensive football player ever and second only to Jim Brown as the greatest football player ever.


4.      Willis Reed-Game 7 1970 NBA Finals I still get goose bumps when I see videos of Reed limping on to the court


5.      Walt Clyde Frazier-Always the coolest guy in the room and what gets lost in the Reed scenario is Clyde lighting up the Lakers for 36 pts and 19 dimes.


6.      Mark Messier-The Captain Always The Captain


7.      Reggie Jackson-If there was a guy born to play in NYC it was Reggie


8.      Mariano Rivera-Yes it kills me but what’s fair is fair he is the greatest reliever in history


9.      Dwight Gooden-Every home start was an event must see baseball


10.  Pele-If you weren’t around during the days of the New York Cosmos this choice may not make sense to you but think of Pele like you would of Babe Ruth.



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