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Generic supplier viagra This past weekend a cadre of Mets fans led by Darren Meenan of The 7 Line converged on Wrigley Field for a fine weekend of baseball. Generic supplier viagra Shannon from The Mets Police was there as well and today he has a post on his site that is a must read for not only every Mets fan but for Mets management as well.

Generic supplier viagra Shannon writes about the wonderful experience he had at the Friendly Confines. Generic supplier viagra As someone who has been to Wrigley Field I am not surprised at all. Generic supplier viagra A day at Wrigley Field is unlike any at Citi Field. Generic supplier viagra In fact a day at any other ball park is unlike a day at Citi Field.

Generic supplier viagra A few years ago I went to Chicago with a bunch of guys, generic supplier viagra mostly cops and firemen for a weekend series of Mets and Cubs. Generic supplier viagra We had spilt the group up where five of us would sit in field level seats for the Friday game and five would sit in the bleachers for the Saturday game.  My group of five sat in field level for the Friday game. Generic supplier viagra An usher greeted us as we entered and saw that we were dressed in all our splendor in Mets gear. Generic supplier viagra He said welcome to Wrigley Field “youes guys” and laughed. Generic supplier viagra So did we. Generic supplier viagra He showed us to our seats, generic supplier viagra wiped them down told us to enjoy the game. Generic supplier viagra We handed the guy a 20 dollar bill and he gave us a big smile back and said, generic supplier viagra “That’s why I like you New York guys, generic supplier viagra you know how to take care of people”. Generic supplier viagra Yes sir we do as long as you are nice and pleasant we take care of you. Generic supplier viagra If you’re nasty and surly and act like you hate your job as the ushers at Citi Field seem to, generic supplier viagra we give you our ass to kiss.

Generic supplier viagra As we sat, generic supplier viagra we were taking pictures of the field and the ball park when a guy with the game day staff at Wrigley saw us taking pictures came over and took a group shot of us. Generic supplier viagra When he took the picture, generic supplier viagra we thanked him and he said “No, generic supplier viagra thank you guys for coming to Wrigley Field” you could have knocked us over with a feather. Generic supplier viagra  

Generic supplier viagra It’s not just Wrigley Field game day personnel that treat people the way people should be treated. Generic supplier viagra First time I went to Camden Yards, generic supplier viagra my son was three years old so we still used a stroller to get around. Generic supplier viagra As we entered the ball park my son was fussing so I took him out of the stroller and carried him, generic supplier viagra my wife took the stroller along with a backpack we had with food for him, generic supplier viagra jacket, generic supplier viagra toys all stuff you need to bring when you have a toddler. Generic supplier viagra An usher came right over to us and said “please let we give you a hand” he looked at the tickets, generic supplier viagra which were just down the left field line and took the stroller and said “follow me please” walked us to our seats and got us situated. Generic supplier viagra After saying to us “enjoy the game” I went to give him a tip the usher looked at me and said “oh no sir we do not accept gratuities, generic supplier viagra put thank you. Generic supplier viagra  WHOA!

Generic supplier viagra Every Mets fan who has traveled to another ball park to follow the Mets have the same kind of stories, generic supplier viagra whether it be Wrigley Field, generic supplier viagra Camden Yards, generic supplier viagra PNC Park, generic supplier viagra AT&T or even CBP , generic supplier viagra Mets fans have a better game day experience away from Citi Field that at our own home park. Generic supplier viagra  

Generic supplier viagra There is no reason whatsoever that a fan coming to park early to watch batting practice has to be held back by a big hairy arm telling you if you don’t have a ticket you can’t go down there. Generic supplier viagra Same thing if you want to visit someone in another section. Generic supplier viagra How many times has a friend been at a game you get a text “hey I’m in section 207 come down and we’ll meet up” you go to the section see your buddy and make an attempt to go to the seat when your stopped and interrogated to see a ticket?  That’s why the Shea Bridge area of the ballpark is popular it’s the Guantanamo Bay of Citi Field.

Generic supplier viagra Mets fans don’t want t-shirts, generic supplier viagra bobble heads, generic supplier viagra lunch pails or other gimmicks to lure us to the ball park. Generic supplier viagra Just give us a competitive team and show us the respect we deserve when we enter the ball park. Generic supplier viagra Kindness goes along way with Mets fans.

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Viagra directions  

Viagra directions  

Viagra directions The soon to be Brooklyn Nets have made a great move towards there relocation to Brooklyn and the Barclays Center by reaching out to the Walt Disney Co. Viagra directions to work with the team on training game day personnel on treating the fan/customer the correct way.

Viagra directions I have been screaming for the NY Mets to do this for years. Viagra directions If you have ever been to Disneyland or Disney World you know that the folks who work at the hotels, viagra directions parks, viagra directions stores or restaurants will do everything human (or rodently) possible to ensure that you and your family have the best time you’ve every had at your Disney experience.

Viagra directions I’ve told the story before of a trip we took to Disney World when my son was about 5 years old and some one took his squirt bottle with the little fan attached to it and started crying. Viagra directions A Disney supervisor came over to us and asked if everything was all right, viagra directions when I told him what had happened, viagra directions he brought us over to a stand that sold these fans and told the woman running it to gives us a brand new fan. Viagra directions He then gave me his card and said if I have any other problems during my stay do not hesitate to call him.

Viagra directions I’ve begged the Mets to hire the Disney folks to train their ushers and concession workers how to treat the customer/fan so that the customer/fan wants to come back to Citi Field which is something the Mets need now more than ever.

Viagra directions Great move by the Nets, viagra directions this will pay off greatly for them

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Cheap generic viagra As I mentioned yesterday, cheap generic viagra I took a trip to the South Bronx to watch the Highlanders-Indians game which was my first visit to the new Highlander Stadium, cheap generic viagra so I’d figure I’d give you  some of my observations of the ball park.

Cheap generic viagra It’s big, cheap generic viagra very big much bigger than Citi Field and because of that you are much further away from the field than at Citi.

Cheap generic viagra As soon as you head down the stairs of the 4 train you know you’re at HIGHLANDER STADIUM because the Highlander brand just suffocates you. Cheap generic viagra Maybe suffocates is too strong or maybe as a Mets fan I wish Citi Field was as Mets-centric as Highlander Stadium. Cheap generic viagra Hell, cheap generic viagra even the hot dog stand is named Highlander hot dogs. Cheap generic viagra Every single inch of the place is decorated in Highlander colors and there is no mention of the old Baltimore Orioles , cheap generic viagra who became the Highlanders and then the Yankees. Cheap generic viagra No its’ Yankees, cheap generic viagra Yankees and more Yankees.

Cheap generic viagra They sell t-shirts for just about every member of the team and of course all the retired stars. Cheap generic viagra I was very, cheap generic viagra very tempted to buy a MARTIN 1 t-shirt as I always admired Bill Martin and his style of managing. Cheap generic viagra His off the field way left a lot to be desired for sure but as a manager Martin was as good if not better than anyone who ever ran a baseball team.

Cheap generic viagra For me to get to Highlander Stadium is a breeze. Cheap generic viagra I took the 10:30 AM ferry out of Staten Island, cheap generic viagra then walked up to Bowling Green to get the 4 train and I was in front of the ball park by 11:45. Cheap generic viagra It takes me that long to get from my house to the Gowanus /BQE merge going to Citi Field.

Cheap generic viagra There are no ushers at Highlander Stadium. Cheap generic viagra There are security people and the Highlanders post a number you can text to report a problem in your section. Cheap generic viagra I sat in Section 420B yesterday and while everything was fine there was this one young lady who kept getting up looking for friends of hers and blocked the view of some fans. Cheap generic viagra One of the blocked fans must have texted the number given as a security guard with ear piece came to the section and went right to the row where this gal was and asked if everything was ok here. Cheap generic viagra Pretty impressive.

Cheap generic viagra The Stadium itself (it’s not a ballpark it’s a STADIUM) has no charm. Cheap generic viagra As you walk in the concourse level is just like entering a high end shopping mall. Cheap generic viagra There are many, cheap generic viagra many workers who hold up signs “How May I Help You” and whatever you’re looking for at the Stadium they can tell you where it is. Cheap generic viagra Unfortunately that doesn’t happen at Citi Field. Cheap generic viagra     

Cheap generic viagra The food choices were ok I guess, cheap generic viagra there wasn’t a concession that I said I have to have that. Cheap generic viagra The garlic fires looked enticing but the smell of the garlic was so overpowering I passed. Cheap generic viagra There was a Boar’s Head deli which I guess is very good but I can have a Boar’s Head deli sandwich any time I want. Cheap generic viagra Johnny Rocket’s? There’s one in the SI Mall. Cheap generic viagra Brother Jimmy’s BBQ? I have that before NY Rangers games. Cheap generic viagra Hard Rock Café? If there was ever an organization that was the antithesis of Rock n Roll it’s the Highlanders   So I settled for my favorite sausage and peppers hero.

Cheap generic viagra As for the fans, cheap generic viagra I guess because it was a Sunday there were a lot of families mostly from NJ, cheap generic viagra Rockland and Orange County and beyond. Cheap generic viagra Listening to some of the conversations, cheap generic viagra many were of the casual fan variety but the fan of the day had to be the woman in back of me decked out in here Rivera jersey, cheap generic viagra cap who cheered and cheered for Jeter and A-Rod who upon seeing a man walking down from the upper rows of the section with a Highlander jersey with the number 5 on it asked her the guy who was with her, cheap generic viagra “Who’s number 5” to make it worse the guy who was with her didn’t know. Cheap generic viagra My son who was with me just stared ahead watching the action, cheap generic viagra shaking his head back and forth. Cheap generic viagra That was the best part of the day.

Cheap generic viagra Citi Field has a lot of warts, cheap generic viagra most of them brought on by ownership but the atmosphere at Citi is much better and more of a festive block party, cheap generic viagra hanging out in the back yard BALLPARK whereas Highlander STADIUM is a massive high rise apartment building  where no one knows your name and they like it that way.

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50 mg cialis

50 mg cialis A tip of the BLUE Mets cap to The Mets Police for this pic of the offensive Seinfled cap

50 mg cialis Observations from a busy weekend, 50 mg cialis and a happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there:

50 mg cialis I went to the Mets-Dodgers games Saturday night as we live a in a time where you can go on your computer in the afternoon and buy and download tickets to a ball game that night in the comfort of your own home. 50 mg cialis I wish the atmosphere at the ball park could be as blissful as purchasing the tickets.

50 mg cialis The Mets gave out caps on Saturday sponsored by Seinfeld, 50 mg cialis now I am a great fan of Jerry Seinfeld, 50 mg cialis but those caps that were given out were an embarrassment.  My wife told to stop complaining as what were you expecting for free, 50 mg cialis a New Era cap? No, 50 mg cialis not at all but they could have spent an extra dollar to make the cap something I’d wear instead of a one that felt and looked like it was made from scrap paper. 50 mg cialis Then to top it off it was BLACK. 50 mg cialis Maybe if they went with blue I wouldn’t have been this upset but really that cap was a piece of shit.

50 mg cialis We sat in the Pepsi Porch which is my favorite spot of Citi Field but on Saturday, 50 mg cialis I felt like I was watching the game on the corner of 42 St and Broadway, 50 mg cialis people getting up during play and then trying to get to seat 17 by going through the first 16 seats of the row in the middle of an inning. 50 mg cialis I wouldn’t bitch so much if it was once or twice but this went on all game long. 50 mg cialis  The Mets need to do what the Garden and Prudential Center enforce, 50 mg cialis keep ushers near the section entrances and hold people up until an at bat is done then let them get back to their seats. 50 mg cialis And another thing, 50 mg cialis is it so hard to know where you’re sitting? How many times do you see some clueless asshole holding four beers standing on the steps of the section with a stupid look on his or her face not knowing where they sit? All you have to do is remember three things Section, 50 mg cialis Row, 50 mg cialis and seat. 50 mg cialis  How do these people function in everyday life?

50 mg cialis I tried the Keith Burger on Saturday night and I wasn’t impressed at all, 50 mg cialis in fact in my opinion the only food that’s any good at Citi Field is Mama’s of Corona, 50 mg cialis Blue Smoke, 50 mg cialis or Sausage and Peppers hero, 50 mg cialis the rest of the food, 50 mg cialis even the highly vaunted Shake Shack, 50 mg cialis is overrated.

50 mg cialis If there is anyone of the Highlander persuasion reading this site (Michael maybe you can explain this phenomenon that I’m about to address and please remember you are excluded from the group I’m about to call out) can you explain why Highlander fans come to Citi Field dressed like they are going to a Highlanders game and root for the Mets opponent of the day? Do you know what kind of dick heads you people are? I can’t even get angry at these morons; I’m just stunned by their stupidity. 50 mg cialis I go to Highlander Stadium but I never wear my “colors” when I go (unless it’s Mets-Highlanders) I always wear my “civvies” and I just sit and enjoy the game and the company as I couldn’t give two shits if the Highlanders win or lose the game. 50 mg cialis It’s not like it just of few of these simpletons that come to Mets games, 50 mg cialis there’s so many that we Mets fans look at each other with that puzzled “what the fuck”? look when they stroll around our park.

50 mg cialis Just to closeout my Highlander fan rant, 50 mg cialis last week Highlander fans were ready to run Derek Jeter out of town. 50 mg cialis If it were up to Highlander fans, 50 mg cialis “El Capitan” would be lucky to get a paving stone in Monument Park forget a deserving tribute to his career. 50 mg cialis  Fans felt that Jeter was done, 50 mg cialis finished, 50 mg cialis a detriment to the team. 50 mg cialis Fuck those 3, 50 mg cialis000 hits and 5 World Series rings and that first ballot Hall of Fame sitting with his name on it, 50 mg cialis Jeter has to go. 50 mg cialis But wait, 50 mg cialis yesterday he went 4 for 6 with 2 HR’s and 3 RBI, 50 mg cialis so now he’s back in the pantheon of Highlanders, 50 mg cialis that is until he goes 0 for his next 15 at bats, 50 mg cialis then he’s back to a bum.

50 mg cialis The more I watch Dillon Gee pitch, 50 mg cialis the more impressed I am with him. 50 mg cialis  Gee was called on in an emergency as Chris Young is on the DL with shoulder trouble and what made his start impressive in my eyes was the way he worked out of tough situations. 50 mg cialis Gee looks on the mound like a guy who knows exactly what he wants to do and tries to translate what’s in his head to his arm and more times than not he succeeds. 50 mg cialis He may not be an Ace but Gee will be around the big leagues a long time as long as he stays healthy.

50 mg cialis Give Sandy Alderson credit for honesty when he says, 50 mg cialis “After Dillon Gee, 50 mg cialis there isn’t much left” as far as pitchers to called up to step into the rotation if need be. 50 mg cialis Just the fact that Pat Misch was recalled made that statement real. 50 mg cialis Really Pat Misch ? I’m sick of seeing him and Willie Harris as well and while I’m at it throw in Chin-lu Hu too. 50 mg cialis How in good conscious can Terry Collins send Hu up to pinch hit? I’d use R.A. 50 mg cialis Dickey or Big Pelf as a PH’er before Hu.

50 mg cialis Keith Hernandez shocked me a bit yesterday when he said during David Wright’s at bat in the 9th inning against Vicente Padillia that Wright’s bat speed looked like a guy late in his career who can’t get around on a fastball. 50 mg cialis Hernandez was shocked that Wright could not get around on Padilia’s fastball as he was the tying run at the plate. 50 mg cialis Wright has been bad at the plate so far this season but with RISP he’s been horrendous. 50 mg cialis It’s time for Terry Collins to drop Wright in the batting order and I guess the only thing stopping that move is Jason Bay not hitting. 50 mg cialis I’d like to see Collins us a lineup of:

50 mg cialis Reyes

50 mg cialis Murph

50 mg cialis Beltran

50 mg cialis Ike/Bay (depending on if it’s a LHP or RHP

50 mg cialis Ike/Bay

50 mg cialis Wright

50 mg cialis Pridie

50 mg cialis Thole

50 mg cialis Pitcher

50 mg cialis On days that Paulino catchers place him 7th and Pridie 8th. 50 mg cialis Hey it’s couldn’t hurt this lineup needs a shakeup.

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