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Cialis and diarrhea Even the self-hating Mets fans are happy today. Cialis and diarrhea Happy that David Wright will be a Met for the next 8 seasons and beyond taking the reins from Tom Seaver as the Mets Ambassador of Goodwill   . Cialis and diarrhea If you want to bitch and moan about length of contract or the amount of money that’s your prerogative, cialis and diarrhea but for me today is to sit back and smile and enjoy that Wright will continue his career as a Met and hopefully more moves will be made to get this team back into the post season.

Cialis and diarrhea So far Sandy Alderson has rid the club of the albatross that was Jason Bay (the Alderson bashers never mention that he has had no problem getting ownership to cut all the deadwood he has inherited ) and re-signed Wright and seems he’s also on the verge of finalizing a deal with R.A. Cialis and diarrhea Dickey. Cialis and diarrhea For some, cialis and diarrhea his moves aren’t coming fast enough but it looks as if his plan is in motion. Cialis and diarrhea Hopefully we will hear more news out of Nashville next week with either the Mets landing a catcher and power hitting outfielder or at least laying the ground work to obtain those two vital pieces for the team. Cialis and diarrhea  

Cialis and diarrhea Alderson’s work is far from done as positive as it is to have Wright signed long term, cialis and diarrhea he still needs to be protected in the lineup to be effective and I’m sure Alderson knows that and has sat with Wright to explain what he is working on doing to bring that to fruition. Cialis and diarrhea  Sure Wright took the money and security but I’m sure if he didn’t hear a positive outlook from the Mets GM he wouldn’t have signed this deal so quickly. Cialis and diarrhea  

Cialis and diarrhea By the way, cialis and diarrhea I have to tip my Mets cap to Ed Coleman who broke this story early this morning. Cialis and diarrhea I’ve been a critic of Coleman’s but I have to give credit where it’s due.

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Counterfeit viagra Well, counterfeit viagra well, counterfeit viagra well it seems like someone other than a  paying customer, counterfeit viagra has finally had enough of the slackers that makeup the 2010 Mets:

Counterfeit viagra The day after Jerry Manuel called the Mets’ offense “pathetic, counterfeit viagra” hitting coach Howard Johnson  convened a meeting before Friday’s game and harshly criticized his hitters for their recent performances and pregame card-playing, counterfeit viagra team sources told the Daily News.

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Counterfeit viagra “It was really in your face, counterfeit viagra and some guys didn’t like that, counterfeit viagra but it needed to be said, counterfeit viagra” one player said.

Counterfeit viagra Wait, counterfeit viagra when did Rickey Henderson get back to town? CARD PLAYING!!!!! So I guess this team is looking toward making the World Series of Poker instead of baseball’s Fall Classic.

Counterfeit viagra The first thought that popped in my head was, counterfeit viagra someone (Jeffey) whispered in HoJo’s ear that he will be back next year as part of Wally Backman’ staff so we need you to fire the first salvo of the soon to be Under New Manager Mets. Counterfeit viagra Then I saw that HoJo was not too happy that Manuel called the offense “pathetic” and in turn threw HoJo under the bus, counterfeit viagra so The HoJo strikes back by calling out the players and in turn showing up Manuel by doing the mangers works by shaking up his players.

Counterfeit viagra Look if the clubhouse is going to blow like a powder keg it might as well happen in Pittsburgh where the Mets are on the verge of an almost impossible three game road series sweep today.

Counterfeit viagra After the Hojo Blow-Blow, counterfeit viagra I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Jerry Manuel Mets Era is in the home stretch and that thought will be cemented when Backman and his Brooklyn Cyclones show up at Citi Field for Celebrate the 2010 NY-Penn League Championship Day next month and Backman joining the Skill Sets, counterfeit viagra Uncle Saul and Dave the Shyster in the Skill Sets Suite.

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Cheap viagra online WOW it’s not like your team shit the bed two years in a row like our beloved Amazin’s but the Cub fans, cheap viagra online fuled by gallons of Old Stlye and pounds Brats are fucking, cheap viagra online Fukadome mad that their team is on the verge of ending their season against a team led  by a team led by a Domnican baseball savant and an elderly Italian-American from Brooklyn, cheap viagra online kinda takes a little bit of the sting off our little mess of a team. Cheap viagra online Enjoy!

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