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Original use of viagra I don’t know about you but after hearing the news of Mike Pelfrey’s name getting added to the DL and that he’s now packing his bags for a date in Birmingham with Dr. Original use of viagra Andrews, original use of viagra my focus was on Johan Santana and how sound his left shoulder is. Original use of viagra Oh I know most of you were obsessing over Jose Reyes’ first at bat, original use of viagra quite frankly it was much ado about nothing, original use of viagra yeah some booed, original use of viagra some cheered but Reyes first at bat ended with Kirk Neuienhuis telling Jose “Bite Me” with his outstanding catch to save at least a triple, original use of viagra but I digress.

Original use of viagra See it’s not the fact that Big Pelf looks to be done for the season that has me edgy , original use of viagra it’s the next injury to a starting pitcher that’s giving me the shakes, original use of viagra  the Mets can pop in a Chris Schwinden for Pelfrey and not really miss a beat, original use of viagra but if another starting pitcher goes down, original use of viagra then what? This is the byproduct of lack of depth in your upper levels of your farm system. Original use of viagra If another starter were to go down then either Garret Olson of Jeremy Hefner would be next on the list. Original use of viagra So now would be a good time for ownership to show the fan base that they have the resources to add a pitcher and go contact Roy Oswalt’s agent and see what it would take to bring him to NY . Original use of viagra It’s time for Sandy Alderson and the Skill Sets to get pro-active before the next starting pitcher hits the DL. Original use of viagra If they don’t, original use of viagra the Mets will be entering into the Yogi Zone where it gets late early.

Original use of viagra Okay are we done with the cross examination of Jose Reyes’ first rip to Citi Field as a Fish ? He came, original use of viagra you cheered, original use of viagra you booed, original use of viagra you shrugged. Original use of viagra In fact it was a fitting tribute for Reyes last night as there were just as many fans  for his return as there was for his departure at Citi Field. Original use of viagra The Mets showed a little video tribute and no baby seals were killed. Original use of viagra Let’s move on shall we.

Original use of viagra The message was sent to Ike Davis by Terry Collins last night, original use of viagra produce or grab some pine and for all of you who were flabbergasted by the move, original use of viagra grow up this is big league baseball not Little League. Original use of viagra If Ike doesn’t straighten out soon he’ll be a Bison in a couple of weeks.

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Generic viagra online This magnificent looking young man for you non-Puckheads, generic viagra online is Brian Boyle of the NY Rangers. Generic viagra online The Ottawa Senators have tried to intimidate this young man by having a filthy goon named Matt Carkner jump him like he was strolling through Central Park in the 1970’s at 2 AM. Generic viagra online So what did that attack do? It just made Boyle get stronger as he played like a hockey player possesed last night, generic viagra online banging any Senator he could get his shoulders into, generic viagra online winning face offs  and scoring the game winning goal. Generic viagra online  Also the greatest goaltender on planet Earth, generic viagra online King Henrik Lundqvist I (and only) was in stealth goalie mode which is why the Broadway Blueshirts are up 2 game to 1 in this series and Boyle get to wear the coveteted Broadway Hat. 

Generic viagra online I have to admit, generic viagra online I didn’t watch much of last night’s Mets-Braves game as it conflicted with Game 3 of Rangers-Senators, generic viagra online a pivotal game in the series after the Rangers losing in OT in Game 2 to allow the Sens to even the series at 1 apiece. Generic viagra online  

Generic viagra online I did see the start of the Mets game as they started a half hour earlier than the Rangers and luckily FiOS has SNY on Ch. Generic viagra online 76 and MSG on 77 so I could click back and forth during commercials and longer during between periods intermission and as much as I know it’s real, generic viagra online real early in the season, generic viagra online it just seems this Mets team has a more confident look than we have seen in a while. Generic viagra online  Good solid starting pitching will do that along with a so far so good back end of the bullpen and David Wright on fire. Generic viagra online  

Generic viagra online As Mets fans we are programed to expect the worst and hope for the best, generic viagra online but so far there really isn’t anything to bitch and moan about so as any good Mets fan will do, generic viagra online some of you folks have gone and found something to shake your fist at.

Generic viagra online Seems the Mets will honor Jose Reyes will a short video tribute when he arrives with the rest of his school of Fish next week at Citi Field. Generic viagra online I have absolutely no problem with the club honoring the ex-Met in this manner. Generic viagra online What I can’t believe is there are some of the congregations that do and for the life of me I don’t know why.

Generic viagra online Last year the cry from the stands was “Don’t Trade Reyes” in fact an over the top self-promoting t-shirt maker, generic viagra online made a small fortune off the Reyes  fanatics  by selling shirts with the slogan and parading around Citi Field like a court jester, generic viagra online all in the name of saving shortstop Reyes. Generic viagra online  When the season ended, generic viagra online and it ended on a sour note of Reyes ruining for Mets fans (the couple of thousand of us that showed up for the last game of 2011 at Citi Field) his final day by bunting for a hit to secure his batting title and retreating to the clubhouse for the remainder of the game. Generic viagra online  

Generic viagra online As much as I was a fan of Reyes’ I was in no hurry to bring him back at a big price or multi years. Generic viagra online I’ve always felt the as go Reyes, generic viagra online so goes the Mets, generic viagra online was overhyped tripe. Generic viagra online Was he an offensive catalyst? Sure , generic viagra online but you what makes the Mets go, generic viagra online just what we’re seeing now, generic viagra online solid pitching. Generic viagra online  

Generic viagra online The way Sandy Alderson handled Reyes during his free agent tour was text book baseball management, generic viagra online f out of the Branch Rickey GM Handbook, generic viagra online as The Mahatma told Ralph Kiner when he asked for a raise, generic viagra online  “we finished last with you, generic viagra online we can finish last without you”, generic viagra online words that the 89 year old Kiner still bristles at.

Generic viagra online Look, generic viagra online Reyes was the best all-around shortstop the Mets ever had, generic viagra online his departure was good for him and the Mets. Generic viagra online The club by holding a short video tribute for Reyes is just a thank you for the years he gave the team and a very classy thing to do.

Generic viagra online Stop getting all  pissy Mets fans and enjoy the present. Generic viagra online It looks like we have a team that is well worth your while to root for and come out and support. Generic viagra online By the way, generic viagra online we have Johan Santana on the bump tonight; see I knew that would make you smile.

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Suppliers of viagra in uk The Montreal Canadians conducted a beautiful tribute to Gary Carter complete with a moving, suppliers of viagra in uk emotional video tribute and an appearance by Youpi

Suppliers of viagra in uk The Mets have not yet announced what they will do to honor Kid, suppliers of viagra in uk so if I may, suppliers of viagra in uk let me make a suggestion. Suppliers of viagra in uk How about on opening day, suppliers of viagra in uk every member of the Mets uniform personnel wear CARTER 8 on their brand new 50th Anniversary uniform jerseys.  Then after the game, suppliers of viagra in uk each Met autographs the jersey he wore and auction it off for charity with the money going Carter’s Foundation.

Suppliers of viagra in uk I feel this would be perfect tribute to not only a great Mets player but as we’ve seen that last few days a man who touched so many lives.

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Viagra price Courtsey Gary Finkel and 7th Inning Sketch 

Viagra price I have to say, viagra price I don’t get surprised by too many things but the response to my post on how the Mets will handle Jose Reyes’ first game as a Marlin at Citi Field really caught me off guard. Viagra price I would have bet my Bruce Boscliar rookie card that Mets fans would have been on board for a video tribute for Reyes but I guess Mets fans are more in tune with Mets management who seemed to forget Reyes’ contributions in a 50th Anniversary video montage. Viagra price I have to say I’m stunned, viagra price I’m just wondering if this is just a small sample who are giving Reyes the “don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good Lord spilt ya’”

Viagra price I mean there was a guy who made a cottage industry off Reyes with t shirts and unrelenting  self-promotion as well as  zealots on Facebook who organized protests to stop and dealing away of Reyes so I’m sure that group of Mets fans will be organizing on Reyes first trip, viagra price I just wonder if they will be in the minority. Viagra price   

Viagra price Mets fans circle March 19th on your calendar as that is the date the trail of the Mets Half Century will take place as Irv Picard takes on Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul in a special handicap match. Viagra price Special referee Jed Rakoff will officiate. Viagra price  I could picture Uncle Saul coming to court in a gold lame suit.

Viagra price Along with R.A. Viagra price Dickey reciving the Thurman Munson Award at the annual Thurman Munson Dinner on Tuesday night January 31st, viagra price Daniel Murphy will also recived an award, viagra price the inauguaral “Rising Star Award”

Viagra price Here are the details of the dinner, viagra price the guest list and how you can get tickets to attend:

Viagra price  New York Mets infielder Daniel Murphy will receive the inaugural “Thurman Rising Star Award” at the 32nd Annual Thurman Munson Awards Dinner on Tuesday night, viagra price January 31, viagra price at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City, viagra price it was announced today by AHRC New York City Foundation.
Murphy will be cited for his perseverance in returning from injury and for his community spirit and involvement in a wide variety of Mets community programs, viagra price particularly in reading for youngsters and the military. Viagra price The 26-year-old Jacksonville, viagra price Florida native hit 313 in his rookie season in 2008 in limited action, viagra price and a torrid .320 last year. Viagra price Murphy has battled several knee injuries since joining the Mets, viagra price and is a second base hopeful in 2012.
Murphy joins Yankee Hall of Fame icon Yogi Berra, viagra price Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira, viagra price Mets pitcher R.A. Viagra price Dickey, viagra price St. Viagra price John’s/N.B.A. Viagra price recently inducted basketball Hall of Famer Chris Mullin, viagra price and Georgetown/N.B.A. Viagra price star center Dikembe Mutombo as this year’s honorees.
The gala, viagra price which remembers the late, viagra price great Yankees catcher and captain, viagra price benefits AHRC New York City Foundation.  Berra will receive the Legend Award in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1962 World Champion Yankees, viagra price while Mutombo, viagra price Teixeira, viagra price Dickey and Mullin will each receive “Thurmans.” For tickets and information on the Munson Awards Dinner call 212-249-6188.
Diana Munson, viagra price Thurman’s widow, viagra price will attend her 32nd straight benefit, viagra price having been involved since its inception, viagra price raising nearly $11 million to assist children and adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Viagra price The Thurman Munson Awards are presented for success on the fields of play and philanthropic works off the field.
The AHRC New York City Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports programs enabling children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead richer, viagra price more productive lives, viagra price including programs of AHRC New York City.  AHRC New York City is one of the largest organizations of its kind, viagra price serving 12, viagra price000 children and adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, viagra price including autism, viagra price cerebral palsy, viagra price traumatic brain injuries and other disabilities.


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