A few quick hits as my workload is piling up and next week is a real shorty for me:

I guess I’m numb to MLB screwing with the game that I’m not upset over the adding of a second wild card, maybe as soon as this coming season. In fact as a Mets fan, I should be ecstatic about it as it gives the team a better chance to reach the organizations goal of “meaningful games in September”.

 I would even go further even further with the destruction of what was once sacred the 162 games season and a true league champion, and abolish the division structure and make two 15 team leagues and have the first 8 teams make the playoffs. I guess it’s the NHL/ (defunct) NBA fan in me that would like to see this. Cut the season to 148 or 150 games and start 1 plays 8, 2 play 7 and so on, 7 game series.  You’d have to have a balanced schedule, which  you should anyway with a wild card spot in play, and with 15 teams per league, there has to be an interleague game every day. Hey can’t have anything but anything that gets the Mets closer to a post season berth gets my vote.  

Check out Ed “Rusty Jr.” at the Real Dirty Mets as he has posted video of the Mets bloggers talking with Howie Rose and David Wright.

I guess you heard that the Skill Sets have seven investors lined up to buy a minority share of the club for $20 mil. I am proud to say I have inquired about buying in and have 20 of these bills ready for delivery to get my piece of the Mets pie.  NYUCK! NYUCK! NYUCK!

As we get closer to Thanksgiving I just want to say how thankful I am that I am not a fan of the NY Jets. Being a Mets fan is agonizing enough but I really feel for the Mets/Jets fan of which they are plentiful. With that said, Dirty Sanchez sucks, Rex needs to shut the fuck up and Brian Schottenheimer makes the awful Kevin Gilbride look like Vince Lombardi in his heyday as NY Giants OC.  By the way, for all the insults hurled at Tim Teabow, he may not be a work of art and statistically unimpressive but the results are there as the Broncos are tied for the AFC West lead with Oakland. Who’da think it Teabow in the playoffs and Dirty Sanchez on the couch.

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Still waiting to get back to my normal routine as office still under renovation. This was one longggggggggggg day and my ass is dragging.  I get to do it all over again tomorrow as well, yippeee!

But at least the night should be great as I’m going to see LOMBARDI the new play based on the book When Pride Still Mattered by David Maranis, one of my all time favorite books about the great Vince Lombardi.  Can’t wait for that, but for now I’m ready to fall face first into my bed as 5AM is right around the corner, so I’ll leave you with this, it’s pretty, pretty, pppprrreeetttty funny that Stan Kasten resigned his position as President of the Washington Nationals just when the word on the street is the Mets are looking for a Baseball Czar. Successful baseball exec, NYU, Columbia Law School grad, Jersey Guy ? It all makes sense, What do you think Stan Kasten running the Mets ? Works for me.

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  10 days until pitchers and catchers

If you are a long time football fan, the conclusion of last night’s Super Bowl was something you thought you’d never ever see, the New Orleans Saints parading around with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. As great as a season as the Saints have had, I still had to pinch myself a bit watching Tom Benson, the used car salesman, more famous for his dancing after Saints wins at home, which were few an far between and for threatening to move the Saints to any city that would build him a stadium for free, talk about your Benson Boogie.

I have to admit the only time I saw the Saints on TV, back in the day, was during the weekly highlights show that NFL Films produced every week (the great John Facenda doing the voice over) because the Saints were never ever on television. Every week in fact the Saints games were usually the first highlights shown as they were so bad Ed Sabol wanted them out the way quick and every week we watched poor ol’ Archie Manning get his ass kicked. The Saints were so bad, their fans not only called them the “Aints, but there wore paper bags over the heads during games. Now they are Super Bowl Champs, Stunning!!!

I don’t really get to caught up in the Super Bowl commercials but my favorite was the Letterman/Oprah, Leno spot for sure. I also liked the Punxsutawney Polamalu one and the fiddling beaver (you can’t imagine how many disgusting thoughts went through my head during that commercial) and if I want to look at a bad body white man in his underwear, I’ll look in the mirror which is something I avoid at all cost.

Reading some of the critical Tweets on Twitter after The Who performed at halftime, at first pissed me off but then I just took it as ignorance from a generation that thinks Lady Ga-Ga is not only talented but cutting edge. They never saw Wendy O. Williams come out on stage with just a g-string or Joan Jet in a string bikini asking the audience “Do you want to touch me there, where”?. You can all laugh at Roger and Pete and say their old has beens but I was at Madison Square Garden in 1979 for one of the 5 night the band sold out MSG and I was at one of the greatest concerts ever, October 1982 at Shea Stadium with The Clash opening for The Who. I was there and you little shit’s weren’t but I’m not mad at you, I feel sorry for you. Now go back to your Taylor Swift CD LOL!!!!!

So when does Steve Phillips apologize to Mets fans for fucking us ?

First the Saints win the Super Bowl, and then Fernando Martinez wins the MVP of the Caribbean World Series? Are worlds colliding here? I hope this is an awakening for young Fernando that he excels during the spring and forces the Mets to bring him North and play center field until Carlos Beltran comes back. Angel Pagan is what he is, a fourth outfielder, Martinez is the guy who needs to grab this job in spring.

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