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Buy generic viagra india rx Wave bye-bye to Bill Wags kids as he heads up I-95 to Fenway Park. Buy generic viagra india rx Wagner came to his senses and acepted a deal to the Old Town Team in exchange the Mets get  a couple of AA players to be named later.

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If you’re a fan of the show Survivor you know a big part of the game’s strategy is the blindside move, cialis alternative taking out a tribe member when they least expect it, cialis alternative yesterday in Pt. Cialis alternative St Lonesome, cialis alternative J-Man came up with his second blind side move of the spring this one more stunning than the Castillo to lead off one when he anointed Daniel Murphy as Every Day Danny and put Ryan Church on notice that right field won’t be all his. Cialis alternative Who saw this coming?


The one thing I worry about with Manuel’ bombshells that sooner or later he has to stick with one of them or they become hallow threats. Cialis alternative If Gimp Castillo can show he’s capable of leading off while Jose Reyes plays Dominican Patriot in the WBC, cialis alternative then stick with it. Cialis alternative Last year J-Man was ready to use a starter as a closer when none of the relievers stepped up to take Billy Wags spot and it seems like he would have used John Maine in that role until Maine had to be shut down with injury.


Of the two I think the Every Day Danny is the one that will stick, cialis alternative in fact I’d be shocked if Church is not out there everyday as well and Tatis becomes more of a ‘swingman” playing maybe two or three games a week in either outfield corner or an infield corner. Cialis alternative Trying to read between the lines I think the Mets want both D-Wright and Jose Reyes to get more time off during the July-August heat to keep them fresh for September. 


ESPN is running a nightly Mt Rushmore of sports of all 50 states thru fan voting. Cialis alternative David Singer at NY Sportsdog has put a voting poll for Mets fans to vote for their Mt Rushmore. Cialis alternative I think the voting ends in a day or two so click over and cast your ballot. Cialis alternative My votes went to Gil Hodges, cialis alternative Tom Seaver, cialis alternative Keith Hernandez and of course Ed Kranepool.


I’m still bummed out that Mickey Rourke didn’t win Best Actor.



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Canadian generic viagra online Great piece of writing by Howard Megdal in the New York Observer on making a case for putting Aaron Heilman into the starting rotation something I’ve advocated for the past two years. Canadian generic viagra online It’s so chi-chi for Mets fans to bash Heilman for his failures as a reliever and I’m not saying that it was unwarranted especially last year while I’m a Heilman fan he disappointed me greatly by not stepping up to grab the closer role when Billy Wags went down but maybe it was a bum knee or just that his mind set is always a starting pitcher mentality-and please don’t give me the horse shit refrain that he makes x ammount of money and should be grateful to be in baseball bromide that I am so sick of hearing, canadian generic viagra online think about this on your job if your boss saw you cleaning up your work area and said “wow your so good at cleaning here’s a mop and do the bathroom” how would you react (me, canadian generic viagra online I’d use the mop handle on him like it was a rectal thermometer)-Heilman lost out on a rotation spot in 2006 to Brian Bannister not because Bannister beat him out but due to the Mets wanting to keep both pitchers and with Heilman already in the bullpen the logic was to keep him there.

Canadian generic viagra online Think of how many rag armed pitchers have stepped on the Shea mound over Heilman and none of them with anything close to the talent of Heilman and I’m surprised he kept quiet this long.

Canadian generic viagra online As Megdal points out the free agent market for starting pitching will be insane especially if CC Sabathia stays true to his word and plays on the West Coast, canadian generic viagra online the Highlanders and Red Sox will throw money around like they were hedge fund managers. Canadian generic viagra online I’m sure Sabathia will be getting phone or text messages from Derek Lowe, canadian generic viagra online AJ Burnett and Ollie Perez to please take that Angels offer so they can’t become filthy rich.

Canadian generic viagra online So what would be so bad with keeping Heilman and Niese in the 4-5 spots and taking a flyer on Freddie Garcia or signing Jon Garland and spending that money saved on a payout or sweetener in trading Gimp Castillo and signing Orlando Hudson?

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Buying generic cialis I guess we better get used to this. Buying generic cialis It looks like it will take a minimum of three pitchers with a max of six pitchers a game for the Mets to grab the NL East Flag as the Magic Number stands today at Sweet 16.

Buying generic cialis  

Buying generic cialis Again last night a game that looked like it was going to be a 12-10 or 14-12 loss due to an ineffective Ollie P but the day was saved by the relay team of Figgy, buying generic cialis Knight, buying generic cialis Smith, buying generic cialis Mush-Stache (he looks like he’s auditioning for a role in Boogie Nights II, buying generic cialis Show or changing his name to Chest Rockwell) and of course the 1-2 punch of Stokes/Ayala. Buying generic cialis Absent is the name Heilman from this list that because he’s on the bus you know with the ladies.

Buying generic cialis  

Buying generic cialis The Carlos Del-GOD-o saga just get better and better every game. Buying generic cialis It’s one of the great sports stories in ages. Buying generic cialis Here is a player who was close to being bought out of his contract to now becoming the leader in the NL MVP race. Buying generic cialis It’s not just the fact he is driving in runs and hitting home runs but his hommers are Ruthian and they come in clutch situations as do his RBI (I love how Mex calls them “Rib-Eye Steaks“) THEN add in his Wes Parker like glove work at first base and as hard as this is to believe, buying generic cialis Del-GOD-o could be on his way to be the first Mets player to win an MVP. Buying generic cialis I need to sit down.

Buying generic cialis  

Buying generic cialis It was very tough to watch the Billy Wags presser yesterday as he talked about dealing with his up coming Tommy John surgery and having to tell his son that he won’t be pitching next year and the awful realization that he may never wear a Mets uni again. Buying generic cialis The best he can hope for is he gets the surgery now and rehabs all spring and summer and pitches for the Mets next September. Buying generic cialis I’ll be lighting a candle for Billy on Sunday.

Buying generic cialis  

Buying generic cialis I think it’s a pipedream that John Maine pitches again for the Mets this season. Buying generic cialis This theory that he can pitch out of the bullpen in the playoffs is nuts. Buying generic cialis If he needs surgery then let him go for it already and get well for spring. Buying generic cialis Just look at the Wagner situation that went from a cramp in his forearm, buying generic cialis to elbow discomfort to surgery. Buying generic cialis The Mets look to be taking a page out of the Bill Belichick book of dealing with injury info.

Buying generic cialis  

Buying generic cialis Curt Schilling has another “LOOK AT ME, buying generic cialis LOOK AT ME” moment that he is famous for. Buying generic cialis What an A-1 Dickhead.

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I’ve been out of my office all day as I had to go for a training class so when I get back I’m all set to write up a post on how I’m not worried about Billy Wags, brand name cialis overnight done for the season and career as a Met due to Tommy John surgery. Brand name cialis overnight I was all set to say how I feel bad for Wags that he has to go under the knife and endure all the rehab that follows but I felt that with the way J-Man has mixed and matched his relievers and how guys like Brian Stokes and Luis Ayala have stepped up that maybe now that it’s a done deal that Wags is gone that the Mets will use this as “no respect” card to rally around.


Even if Wags is done for the year as much as I don’t even want to contemplate the 2009 season as we are up to our eyeballs in a fight for the division with the Phillies, brand name cialis overnight I thought well there is Ayala, brand name cialis overnight Stokes, brand name cialis overnight Eddie Kunz  and maybe even a kid like Steven Clyene  who be as effective as a closer then I read Tom Verducci’ story on where have all the two inning closers gone and why hasn’t an organization stepped up and gone back to the Rolllie Fingers, brand name cialis overnight Goose Goosage Bruce Sutter model of reliever. Brand name cialis overnight Then it dawned on me “Hey what about Ambriorix Burgos? Burgos is rehabbing from Tommy John surgery and has been pitching in some minor league games and should be ready to go to winter league so throw Burgos in the mix with the other guys I mentioned and you know what? We are not in as bad shape as I thought. Brand name cialis overnight Then I see this in my Google Reader:


Mets Pitcher Burgos Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend


We don’t know the whole story so I won’t jump to conclusion but if all this proves true then Burgos has got to be released. Brand name cialis overnight As this behavior can not be tolerated but I am willing to hear his account but I don’t know what he can say to justify his action. Brand name cialis overnight Right now Burgos is just a big fucking coward as far as I’m concerned.



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{ I wrote this post at about 9AM this morning but forgot to hit the publish button. Generic viagra online Yes, generic viagra online I’m an idiot) 




The Collapse2007 is dead and buried, generic viagra online thanks to a couple of grave diggers named Santana and Delgado. Generic viagra online Johan Santana did what an ace does, generic viagra online prevents long losing streaks and then we have Carlos Delgado who has transformed himself in mid season, generic viagra online the likes I don’t think has been seen in baseball ever. Generic viagra online I don’t have the time or patience to research it but if anyone can tell me different let me know what player has gone from shit to sugar in mid-season like Delgado? I mean those were M-V-P chants I heard last night from Shea right? I wasn’t sure as my head felt like it was injected with Novocain listing to Joe Morgan’s analyisis of the game. Generic viagra online


So the Mets are in the same spot as they were before Friday’s game two games up on the Phellatios instead of being even. Generic viagra online If you’re the Phellatios, generic viagra online even with two of three weekend you’ve got to be somewhat verklempt after last nights game because you are banking on the Mets folding up like a home mortgage lender and you find out that will not happen again for two reasons, generic viagra online the Mets strong starting pitching and new leadership in the managers office. Generic viagra online Now that the Mets held serve they must, generic viagra online MUST beat the ever loving shit out the Nats and Braves this week, generic viagra online as if any lesson was learned from last year it’s take no opponent for granted as these two teams hate the Mets and will be at their best to try and beat them.


Pardon me for not panicking about Billy Wags being done for the season. Generic viagra online Of more concern is  the up and down starts by Petey as the bullpen looks to be in descent shape but the starting rotation can not have another member go down. Generic viagra online The pressure is on Santana, generic viagra online OP and Big Pelf to keep up their stellar starts but if Petey is not going to give the Mets effective starts then J-Man will have to act and from what we’ve seen so far if you perform you play is the Warlord Jerry’s Golden Rule.


Now if Wags is gone for the year then I don’t want to here a word about him or out of him until spring. Generic viagra online Now I know I’m prick for saying that but I’m of the mindset if you’re injured and can’t play then get out of the way. Generic viagra online Cold hearted yes but it’s the only way to go. Generic viagra online Losers make excuses for poor play due to injury (see Highlander, generic viagra online New York, generic viagra online Girardi, generic viagra online Joe, generic viagra online Clueless) Wags is out. Generic viagra online No problem. Generic viagra online  Luis Ayala is doing fine and I also think Al Reyes will see some significant innings as will Ricardo Rincon. Generic viagra online The Mets have the arms what is needed is the execution.


Do you get the idea that Warlord Jerry looks at Aaron Heilman like the Jets looked at Baby John in West Side Story? What is J-Man quote? “Gangsta’s take the field, generic viagra online ladies take the bus”? Looks like J-Man gave Heilman an unlimited Metro Card.


Same with Gimp Castillo, generic viagra online by playing Damien Easley in both games it shows J-Man was true to his word that he doesn’t care about contracts he is playing his best guys. Generic viagra online


According to ESPN MLB Schedule the match ups the next four games, generic viagra online the Mets will see four LH starters (Jon Lanan-Odalis Perez for the Nats Denver School Superintendent Mike Hampton and Jo-Jo Reyes of the Braves) so my question How does J-Man get Danny Boy Murphy at bats? Out of the next four Murphy has to get at least one start and if a righty comes in, generic viagra online then Murphy should be put in for either Tatis or Evans which ever gets the start. Generic viagra online



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Generic viagra pay pal Just back from Shea and Game 1 of todays day/nighter with a few observation and a rant.

Generic viagra pay pal  

Generic viagra pay pal Petey is now a major concern for the Mets as he had nothing today after coming off a start where he wasn’t feeling right and working out with his personal trainer and having an extra day off. Generic viagra pay pal The extra days rest helped with his velocity but his fastball is as flat as a tortilla and when he can’t get that breaking ball over consistently for a strike it sets up that meatball fastball and whole lot of trouble.

Generic viagra pay pal Tonight J-Man has to go with his eight best men, generic viagra pay pal and throw the lefty/righty bullshit out the window. Generic viagra pay pal Here is the line up I’d go with for tonights waterboard broadcast on ESPN:

Generic viagra pay pal Dirty Jose ss

Generic viagra pay pal Dropkick LF

Generic viagra pay pal Sugarpants 3b

Generic viagra pay pal Carlito’s Way CF

Generic viagra pay pal Del-GOD-O 1b

Generic viagra pay pal Flushing House of Worship RF

Generic viagra pay pal Off the Schined C

Generic viagra pay pal Gimp 2b

Generic viagra pay pal $19mil dollar man P

Generic viagra pay pal The Mets played todays game like there was no sense of urgency I know players are much different from fans as we take every pitch like it’s life or death but my God this Mets team should have come out fired up after losing Friday night instead they played like shit. Generic viagra pay pal There was no batting practice and no infield practice so add that to no game yesterday (in fact the only player it seems who was at Shea yesterday was Billy Wags so they all had a full day off) Hard to believe but  this team better play tonight like their hair is on fire.

Generic viagra pay pal The Skill Sets own the Mets and they also own the Brooklyn Cyclones, generic viagra pay pal so it’s a head scratcher to me how both places treat their customers so differently. Generic viagra pay pal Today at Shea as we entered Gate E, generic viagra pay pal we had got on the bag check line because my wife is not happy until she smuggles in bottle water, generic viagra pay pal cracker jacks and sandwhices. Generic viagra pay pal Me, generic viagra pay pal I bring a binder with notes of stats a scorebook and pens, generic viagra pay pal pencils and a radio. Generic viagra pay pal Really not much to check. Generic viagra pay pal The rent a cop doing the checking at the Gate today must work also at one of the area airports as she was pulling out every item out of people bags. Generic viagra pay pal She was wearing batting gloves to sift through fans belongings and opening up bottles of water and sniffing them. Generic viagra pay pal I swear I was waiting for her to have fans drop their pants and spread their butt cheeks. Generic viagra pay pal Some of the other guards were laughing their ass’s off at this as they waved my family and the family in back of us around before we were subjected to a body search.

Generic viagra pay pal How the fuck did all the Philly fans get into Shea this afternoon? I swear to God I’ve been going to Shea Stadium for all forty-four years of it existence and never have I’d seen this many Phillies fans here. Generic viagra pay pal I guess they all had tickets to yesterdays rain out but what did they do sleep at homeless shelter in Jamaica? The Upper Deck was sparse in the LF/RF corners and the Field Level and Lodge had spots of empty seats so I guess for a make up game it was ok but I was expecting a full house as this is a pennant race. Generic viagra pay pal Hopefully tonight the place is packed with METS FANS!!!!!!!!

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Cialis levitra viagra vs Tough to get too upset over last nights loss as Big Pelf was again stellar but The Wife Beater was a bit better. Cialis levitra viagra vs The Mets hitters were baffled by the Wife Beaters curve ball that was filthy and again the one area that has crept into this hot second half, cialis levitra viagra vs the inability of the offense to get a big hit in a big spot (that means you D-Wright) was on display last night.

Cialis levitra viagra vs  

Cialis levitra viagra vs As I write this post it’s 10:27 AM and every reoprt on TV says that Hurricane Hannah will hit the area by 2 PM so why haven’t the Mets called off today’s game and announced a day/nighter for tomorrow? Why make the fans risk a trip to Shea espically on a Staurday when a lot of LI and Connecticut fans go to the game? For one once close the ledger book and do right by your supporters Skill Sets.

Cialis levitra viagra vs I can’t get too mad at Michael Jack Schmidt for sending an e mail to his former team as a little pick me up in fact I’m jealous that no former Met would do the same. Cialis levitra viagra vs No team treats it’s former players in this town like shit the way the Mets do. Cialis levitra viagra vs No wonder I’m not asked to go on Mets Weekly anymore LOL

Cialis levitra viagra vs Warlord Jerry has laid the law down to Billy Wags welcome back but prove you can still do the job before you get it back. Cialis levitra viagra vs When you look over the numbers and the performances and listen to J-Man the team really didn’t miss Wags all that much.

Cialis levitra viagra vs  

Cialis levitra viagra vs J-Man, cialis levitra viagra vs Gimp Castillo in the 7 hole? What were you thinking?

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Imitation viagra Sorry for the late posting but I’ve been on the phone with Barack Obama as he is pleading with me to be his running mate in Novemeber. Imitation viagra I’m taking time to contemplate what to do. Imitation viagra Obama has promised me that when we win in Novemeber my duties as Vice President will not take away from my blogging about the Mets, imitation viagra in fact he assured me of being at opening day next year at $iti Field as I woud be his rep at the game. Imitation viagra This is a very tough decison I have to make. Imitation viagra J-Man thinks he has it tough.

Imitation viagra  

Imitation viagra I have to give credit to the Mets relievers, imitation viagra they are far more restrained than I could ever be if I were in their shoes. Imitation viagra Everyday now that Billy Wags looks like he’s done for the year (you know one the inflammation in his elbow goes down an MRI will show a tear, imitation viagra it’s Mets luck kids) their ability, imitation viagra guts and talent are questioned by the fans, imitation viagra media and the manager and not one guy has exploded in anger. Imitation viagra I wish I had that kind of temperament because I know if I were a Mets reliever I’d have told this whole city to go fuck itself by now.

Imitation viagra Here is what me, imitation viagra you the media and the players need to get into their heads, imitation viagra there is no white knight on the way to close out games for the Mets. Imitation viagra If the Mets and I mean Omar, imitation viagra Jeffy and Tony B even think about dealing Nick Evans, imitation viagra Dan Murphy, imitation viagra Jon Neise or the Teen Aged Hitting Machine for some ragged arm reliever off the wavier wire then the name of the blog will be changed to I Hate The Mets. Imitation viagra No one is going to hand over a reliever to the Mets (Nick Evans for David Weathers? I will burn every piece of Mets clothing and memorabilia I have if that deal is ever made ) and the Phillies will block every wavier move that favors the Mets so forget it. Imitation viagra The best you can hope for right now is that Al (Curly) Reyes, imitation viagra joins Jose (Moe) Reyes and Argenis (Larry) Reyes as the Mets have done well with guys named Reyes.

Imitation viagra Oh and scratch Todd Jones off your wish list as he just landed on the DL with a sore shoulder.

Imitation viagra If John Maine were healthy he would move to the closer role but with his shoulder problems you can’t ask him to pitch on an day to day basis, imitation viagra in fact when he does start it looks like 5 to 6 innings tops is what your going to get out of him so the four days rest he gets between starts is much needed. Imitation viagra Forget Petey as well even though he has the mind set and heart to close he just doesn’t have the pitching arsenal to succeeded in that spot. Imitation viagra OP? to valuable as a starter. Imitation viagra Santana? “Nuff said. Imitation viagra That leaves Big Pelf and if in the next two weeks that no one steps up and does the job Big Pelf would be the guy that heads to the pen. Imitation viagra If Pelfrey were a big strike out guy the move would have been made already I think but since he’s not then the Mets brass will use him in the late innings only as a last resort. Imitation viagra He woul dsuced there for the fact that he has mastered hitting the low strike zone and can induce double plays . Imitation viagra If the Mets can’t find someone to step in or step up and they do make the post season more likely than not Big Plef will head to the pen.

Imitation viagra Now I’m calling on citizens from all over the world this is Captain America calling.

Imitation viagra Hey things could be worse, imitation viagra Carl Pavano could be your starting pitcher

Imitation viagra This has to be seen to be believed.

Imitation viagra  

Imitation viagra

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Viagra clone Listening to Edward R Francesa from Jets camp and he just gave the bad news that Billy Wags is down and out as his elbow and forearm are still hurting and it looks like Omar and the Brain (farts) trust are looking at making John Maine the closer.  Whatever way the Mets go, viagra clone hopefully they make a fast and firm decision instead of the straddle the fence way they have done things the last few years. Viagra clone As my Latino buddies say “Put on your belt Omar, viagra clone and take charge” If it’s Maine so be it but lets get together with J-Man and Old School Dean Warthen and make a decision. Viagra clone This mix and match bullshit has got to go. Viagra clone The relievers need to know the plan of attack and so do Mets fans.

Viagra clone I don’t ask for much, viagra clone I only want your trust and you know it don’t come easy”

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