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Canadian viagra So far this postseason each series has been a thrill to watch. Canadian viagra Great story lines, canadian viagra terrific pitching and big stars coming through in big spots. Canadian viagra Another plus of the postseason is getting to see and hear Jim Leyland. Canadian viagra Leyland in the dugout is on top of every pitch and his pre and post-game pressers are fun to watch. Canadian viagra After last night’s Tigers win, canadian viagra Leyland was asked about Miguel Cabrera’s hit that gave the Tigers the lead early in the game and the answer Leyland gave had me thinking, canadian viagra on the Mets who are our big boys? Answer is we don’t have one.

Canadian viagra David Wright was a big boy at one time, canadian viagra but since getting beaned by Matt Cain, canadian viagra he’s lost his bigness. Canadian viagra Jose Reyes was a big boy for most of this season but not the same kind of big boy that Leyland is talking about, canadian viagra one who puts a team on his back and carries it. Canadian viagra We used to have a big boy in Carlos Beltran but he was sent away for a prize pitching prospect Zack Wheeler who could be a pitching big boy soon. Canadian viagra Jason Bay at one time was a big boy but now he’s just a sorry middle aged boy. Canadian viagra Lucas Duda may blossom into a big boy as he has the size for the moniker but does he have the big talent to go with it? The closest Met right now to big boy status is Ike Davis, canadian viagra who before his fluke injury knocked him out for the season was reaching big boy status; will his injury and inactivity stunt his growth? Tune in, canadian viagra in March.

Canadian viagra Prince Fielder, canadian viagra Ryan Braun, canadian viagra Albert Puljois, canadian viagra and Miguel Cabrera all big boys , canadian viagraall putting their teams on their backs, canadian viagra Sandy Alderson needs to find us a big boy.

Canadian viagra I apologize for not posting this sooner. Metstrdamus is running his 2011 Hall of Hate, canadian viagra where you pick the most hated person in Mets history. Canadian viagra As you can see from the match ups, canadian viagra which are done in a similar style to the NCAA Basketball Brackets, canadian viagra it doesn’t have to a Mets player or someone in the Mets front office or management to be hated.

Canadian viagra Sometimes what gets Mets fans riled up, canadian viagra makes me laugh. Canadian viagra Reports yesterday were rampant that Wally Backman was going to jump the Mets ship and head to Washington D.C to join Davey Johnson’s Nats staff. Canadian viagra Why Mets fans would care that Backman would bolt to join Johnson astonishes me. Canadian viagra I’m a Backman fan and have been since he played for the club back in the day, canadian viagra but whether Wally stays in the Mets organization or not isn’t a real pressing issue as far as I’m concerned. Canadian viagra  Now today I see where Backman is staying with the Mets and most likely he will manage the Buffalo Bisons in 2012. Canadian viagra I hope Backman gets a shot at a big league managerial job, canadian viagra but with pitching concerns, canadian viagra  re-signing Jose Reyes, canadian viagra whether Jason Bay is done, canadian viagra can Lucas Duda become a serviceable right fielder and middle of the order power hitter and can Ike Davis come back 100 %, canadian viagra is paramount to the Mets concern not where in the world is Wally Backman going to wind up.

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Viagra line With all the gloom and doom about the big club, viagra line there is some good news coming out of the Mets on the farm. Viagra line Last night Dillon Gee, viagra line made his case to get the spot start necessitated by last nights rain out with a 7 inning gem on the North Pole in Buffalo.

Viagra line Last years 1st round pick Matt Harvey had another outstanding outing for the St. Viagra line Lonesome Mets as well. Viagra line The former Tar Heel struck out 8 in 6 inings of work and looks to be a few more A ball starts away from joining Wally Backman’s Bingo Mets

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Buy real viagra When Sandy Alderson was hired to run the Mets baseball operations, buy real viagra the phrase we heard over and over again was “Now there are adults running the show”. Buy real viagra When Terry Collins was hired as manager it was not the most popular choice to make since the bulk of the fan base wanted Wally Backman to get the job because if there is one thing that Mets fans love it’s former Mets players with World Series rings (that should be an incentive to present and future Mets, buy real viagra if you win a World Series as a Met your set for life. Buy real viagra Meals will be free, buy real viagra endorsements plentiful; no matter if you are the star or 25th man you’re revered) but so far this early in spring, buy real viagra it’s safe to say, buy real viagra the on the field Mets are doing much better than the off the field Mets.

Buy real viagra Before camp even started, buy real viagra Collins showed strong leadership by naming Big Pelf the opening day starter and the first seven spots in his lineup. Buy real viagra He also made it known that the question of who will be the centerfielder will be answered quickly and decisively. Buy real viagra  

Buy real viagra Alderson and Collins showed Carlos Beltran the veteran respect he has earned and deserved. Buy real viagra They laid out the centerfield scenario; Beltran will be given every chance to prove that he and his knee are up to the task of covering the vast canyon that centerfield in Citi Field is. Buy real viagra If he can’t, buy real viagra then the move to right field will be made and Angel Pagan, buy real viagra who has proven to be a terrific centerfielder, buy real viagra will take over the job. Buy real viagra The key in this plan was, buy real viagra once the decision was made, buy real viagra it will be final, buy real viagra no yo-yoing back and forth. Buy real viagra  

Buy real viagra I guess with that information and the fact that he has been treated with respect for the first time in his Mets career and knowing that his knee will be a problem for as long as he plays baseball, buy real viagra Carlos Beltran got to camp early yesterday, buy real viagra asked to meet with Collins and Pagan to let them know it’s time for him to shift over the right field and let Pagan take the helm of center field. Buy real viagra It was a crowning moment for Beltran, buy real viagra Collins and Pagan.

Buy real viagra Beltran has gotten a bad rap by the segment of Mets fans. Buy real viagra It seems that called third strike he took from Adam Wainright in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS has followed him his whole Mets career. Buy real viagra I’ve said before, buy real viagra the folks who criticize Beltran for taking that pitch obviously has never played baseball beyond Little League. Buy real viagra The reason a curveball is such a potent pitch is when you’re standing in that batter’s box, buy real viagra pitchers who can throw a hook like Wainright, buy real viagra can throw the pitch with such a big break, buy real viagra that the pitch looks like it’s coming straight at you but then breaks over the plate. Buy real viagra It’s the pitch that separates all stars from journeymen but I digress.

Buy real viagra His first year as a Met was not as good as hoped and his last two seasons have been injury riddled but from 2006 to 2008 he was the best player on the Mets and one of the best in all of baseball. Buy real viagra Hopefully the move to right field works for Beltran and helps keep the stress off his arthritic knee. Buy real viagra This will be his last season as a Met but hopefully he goes out on the same high note as he has started this spring.

Buy real viagra Who knows, buy real viagra maybe this is something Mets fans will look back on in September as a galvanizing moment for a club that might just be figuring out that if they stick together and block out the noise from ownership and the media barbs that this team is not worthy of having New York in its name, buy real viagra they can do something special. Buy real viagra So far this early spring it’s been all positives coming from camp even when Ollie Perez pitches the team puts a positive spin like” no children or animals were harmed during Perez’ performance.”   Who knows? One thing is for sure I can’t wait for a month from today.

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Bruising on cialis As I posted here the other day, bruising on cialis Ed Marcus a/k/a lagranderusty is looking for readers to post a list of top 50 Mets of all time. Bruising on cialis What follows is my 50 All Time Mets, bruising on cialis some are no-brainers and some are “are you kidding” the names are in no particualr order:

Bruising on cialis Ed Kranepool

Bruising on cialis Tom Seaver

Bruising on cialis Jerry Grote

Bruising on cialis Jerry Koosman

Bruising on cialis Tug McGraw

Bruising on cialis Ron Hunt

Bruising on cialis Al Jackson

Bruising on cialis Bud Harrleson

Bruising on cialis Rusty Staub

Bruising on cialis Tommie Agee

Bruising on cialis Cleon Jones

Bruising on cialis Felix Milan

Bruising on cialis Jon Matlack

Bruising on cialis Dwight Gooden

Bruising on cialis Ron Darling

Bruising on cialis Sid Fernandez

Bruising on cialis Keith Hernandez

Bruising on cialis Gary Carter

Bruising on cialis Darryl Strawberry

Bruising on cialis Nolan Ryan

Bruising on cialis John Olerud

Bruising on cialis Edgado Alfonzo

Bruising on cialis Rey Ordonez

Bruising on cialis Robin Ventura

Bruising on cialis David Wright

Bruising on cialis Jose Reyes

Bruising on cialis Mike Piazza

Bruising on cialis Randy Myers

Bruising on cialis Jesse Orosco

Bruising on cialis Roger McDowell

Bruising on cialis Al Leiter

Bruising on cialis John Stearns

Bruising on cialis Todd Hundley

Bruising on cialis Craig Swan

Bruising on cialis Ron Swoboda

Bruising on cialis Frank Viola

Bruising on cialis George Theodore

Bruising on cialis John Milner

Bruising on cialis Ken Boswell

Bruising on cialis Wayne Garrett

Bruising on cialis Turk Wendell

Bruising on cialis Carlos Beltran

Bruising on cialis Lenny Dykstra

Bruising on cialis Wally Backman

Bruising on cialis Bob Ojeda

Bruising on cialis Mookie Wilson

Bruising on cialis Kevin Mc Renyolds

Bruising on cialis Cliff Floyd

Bruising on cialis Bernard Gilkey

Bruising on cialis Richie Ashburn

Bruising on cialis  

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Generic viagra As expected, generic viagra Wally Backman will remain in the Mets organization as manager of the Binghamton Mets. Although there was an outcry in the some parts Metsville on Backman getting the big league job as skipper, generic viagra a jump from managing short season team to a Double A team is very impressive.

Generic viagra Nothing sparks debate better than a list of all time players and Mike Silva has stoked the fire of Mets fans hearts with his Top 50 All Time Mets list. Generic viagra I will be quite curious to read the comments on Mike site over this list as I found out with Kerrel Copper writing about retiring Ed Kranepool’s #7, generic viagra there is a bit of a generation gap between the guys of my generation and the 20-30 something Mets fans. Generic viagra 2011 will be the 25th Anniversary of the 1986 World Champs, generic viagra that means the twenty something’s have never witnessed a Mets parade down the Canyon of Heroes (my old ass has seen both Mets parades) and the thirty something’s  have a vague memory of the festive day on Broadway. Generic viagra I don’t blame the younger Mets fans for getting tired of old farts like myself waxing poetic about the Mets of yesteryear but then again don’t discount the players of the era either. Generic viagra  

Generic viagra By the way, generic viagra I e-mailed Mike with my displeasure of John Franco being ranked higher that Ed Kranepool on his list. Generic viagra  Same with Johan Santana at #20, generic viagra a bit high. Generic viagra Tug McGraw and Rusty Staub should definitely be ranked higher than Santana. Generic viagra  Jerry Grote at #30?  Com’on way tooooooooo low and by the way all you kids better get off my lawn. What about George Theodore, generic viagra Joel Youngblood, generic viagra Ron Swoboda, generic viagra Ron Hunt and Dennis Ribant, generic viagra okay Ribant is a reach.          

Generic viagra The best part about the end of the holidays is that the Mets front office should be open for business next week and maybe we can start seeing some signings or trades for pitchers. Generic viagra Yeah I’m beyond antsy.

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Generic viagra online Wally Backman has signed on to stay in the Mets organization and will mange somewhere in the minor league system. Generic viagra online In reality, generic viagra online Backman didn’t have much choice. Generic viagra online Backman is still miffed that Sandy Alderson didn’t hire him for the top job in Flushing, generic viagra online and the one area where I agree with Backman is on his lack of major league experience as a manager. Generic viagra online I think the fact that Backman played 14 seasons of Major League ball should  have  had a big advantage over Terry Collins not even having a cup of coffee in the bigs. Generic viagra online If the managerial criteria is big league experience then hands down Backman should have gotten the job over Collins.

Generic viagra online But I see Collins getting the post as a sign that this organization will become younger, generic viagra online much younger and therefore hungrier than what we’ve seen from past Mets teams. Generic viagra online Let’s face fact, generic viagra online the last three seasons, generic viagra online most Mets fans have despised the team and why? Most of us felt they were just a bunch of highly paid veterans you were more worried about there financial situations than the on the field situations. Generic viagra online Then there is the off the field stuff like Johan Santana (who if he was healthy I’m sure Alderson & Co would have put on not only the trading block but the trading platter with an apple in his mouth but with $97 mil owed over the next 4 years we are stuck with a once upon a time Ace who if we’re lucky will be a back of the rotation starter in the next four seasons) and of course Frankie Rodriguez and Charlie Samuels. Generic viagra online Sandy Alderson was brought in here not just to find better players but to win back the respect of Mets fans and teams around the league as well.

Generic viagra online That’s why you are seeing, generic viagra online little by little that Alderson would like to rid this team of. Generic viagra online Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. Generic viagra online I’m a fan of both players but it seems to me the new front office looks at both these players as part of the losing and unprofessional culture of the team. Generic viagra online I have never had a problem with Reyes’ antics, generic viagra online in fact the guy plays better when he’s dancing and hand shaking but the perception around baseball is he’s immature jerk. Generic viagra online When the Cardinals won the 2006 NLCS they were signing the Jose-Jose-Jose chant in their clubhouse and of course Reyes’ teammates just sat in their clubhouse licking their wounds listening to the mocking chants and did nothing. Generic viagra online When it comes to doing nothing, generic viagra online no team takes shit better than the Mets. Generic viagra online  I mean the guy leading the mock chanting was Bradden Looper who sucked ass when he was here and laughed in his former teams face and why? He knew no one would do anything in the Mets clubhouse.

Generic viagra online Now this is not to blame Reyes for that not at all but what Alderson is looking at is Reyes worth a long term investment? Probably not.

Generic viagra online Reyes will turn 28 during the 2011 season and the last two seasons have been plagued by injury and illness and maybe he does have a big season in him and especially if the Mets hire a new physical training staff that would help Reyes but if Alderson can get some pieces the Mets need for this renovation (I know you folks hate the term rebuilding so I’ll use renovation sounds less severe) I have no question he’d send Reyes off to the highest bidder.

Generic viagra online Carlos Beltran right can be had for fifty cents on the dollar. Generic viagra online If any team were to approach the Mets with a deal in which that team would take at least half of Beltran’ salary he’ll be an ex-Met faster than you could say “at the end of the day”.

Generic viagra online Now I’m sure there is a large segment who disagrees with me on this and that’s fine but you can start to read between the lines here with Alderson. Generic viagra online He’s already told you that there will be no big ticket free agent spending this off season. Generic viagra online The best he’ll do is look over the non-tender list and hope the market of free agents will be so ample that some players, generic viagra online will panic and sign for under value. Generic viagra online See, generic viagra online the interesting part of this new management team is it’s a patient bunch and they are dealing with a “I want it yesterday” fan base. Generic viagra online It’s going to be fun to watch.

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Generic name for viagra Listened to the Terry Collins presser on WFAN and the two whinny hosts, generic name for viagra Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts who I think were more upset that the Collins intro took away from them rubbing Rex Ryan’ ample belly in worship. Generic name for viagra But a couple of observations:

Generic name for viagra WHOA!!!! Collins is a bundle of energy that’s for sure and complete opposite from Jerry Manuel. Generic name for viagra It felt like Collins picked a couple of Four Lokos at a bodega on Roosevelt Ave before hitting Citi Field.

Generic name for viagra Collins said all the right things (all the things we’ve heard in the past 10 of these pressers) about stressing fundi’s, generic name for viagra pitching and the big one, generic name for viagra ACCOUNTABILITY .  Like a batter spouse, generic name for viagra we’ve heard this all before.

Generic name for viagra I understand the love for Wally Backman but why turn it to hate towards Collins? That I don’t get. Generic name for viagra As I said I would have loved to see Wally on that podium today but Alderson & Co. Generic name for viagra thought otherwise, generic name for viagra so at this point in the first month of the new management I have to give them the benefit of the doubt .

Generic name for viagra By a show of hands (or comments) how many of you think the Mets will be Pennant contenders next year?

Generic name for viagra Don’t forget to tune into THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN tonight on BLOG TALK RADIO as Doug Gladstone and George  “The Stork” Theodore will be my guests.

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Brand name cialis overnight The way some Mets fans are acting toward the hiring of Terry Collins, brand name cialis overnight you’d think he was taking over a contending team. Brand name cialis overnight Do you people realize that the NY Mets as constituted today are barely a .500 team?  I guess I have to be the myth buster around here, brand name cialis overnight the Mets will not make the post season in 2011. Brand name cialis overnight Sorry for the smack in the face but some Mets fans need a dose of reality.

Brand name cialis overnight As I’ve written before there are times the Mets fan base just amazes me, brand name cialis overnight Terry Collins hasn’t even put pen to contract yet and fans are ready to fire him. Brand name cialis overnight Can we wait at least one week into the regular season before we make up the Twitter account @FireTerryCollins?  

Brand name cialis overnight Am I 100% happy with the Collins hire? No not really, brand name cialis overnight but I’m not screaming about it as a disaster waiting to happen either.  I look at the positives here, brand name cialis overnight that Alderson and not Jeffey Skill  Sets  is making the baseball decisions. Brand name cialis overnight Collins was the minor league coordinator so he has knowledge of what’s worth keeping and what’s not in the Mets farm system. Brand name cialis overnight I watched Collins at a pre-season workout for the Brooklyn Cyclones this summer and he and Mookie Wilson were running from station to station working with players and conferring with Wally Backman, brand name cialis overnight Benny DiStefano (hitting coach) and Rick Tomlin (pitching coach) so energy and instruction are definitely  Collins strong suit. Brand name cialis overnight     

Brand name cialis overnight Collins intensity can make some players uncomfortable, brand name cialis overnight but isn’t that what has been sorely lacking in the Mets clubhouse? Haven’t the bunch of underachievers that reside in that room been living the high life for too long? Isn’t it about time somebody with authority dealt with these “woe is me” players and get them to man up and stop shitting in their snow white pants when the Phillies or Braves come up on the schedule?  Mets fans have been crying for a tough guy right? So here you are. Brand name cialis overnight Maybe for the first time in years, brand name cialis overnight the players will be held accountable.

Brand name cialis overnight The biggest reservation I have with Collins is he quit as manager twice, brand name cialis overnight with the Angels and in Japan. Brand name cialis overnight That scares me it’s as if the going gets tough; it seems Collins gets going, brand name cialis overnight out the door. Brand name cialis overnight Of course Sandy Alderson brought this up during the interview session I’m sure and he was satisfied with the answer he got so I guess I should be too.  Collins has not run a team in ten years and that raises a red flag with me as well.

Brand name cialis overnight The Collins hire is not outrageous enough for to be well.. Brand name cialis overnight outraged. Brand name cialis overnight Sure it would have been nice to see BACKMAN 6 strutting to the plate on opening day with his first lineup card as a big league manager but that’s the Mets fan in me talking. Brand name cialis overnight The guy who is now in charge feels that Terry Collins gives him all that he’s looking for in a manager with an edge in personality. Brand name cialis overnight At this point in the Alderson Era who am I or you to question the move?   

Brand name cialis overnight What it tells me also is the Mets are going to get younger and there is a big premium going to be placed on home grown talent. Brand name cialis overnight Sandy Alderson on day one said the farm system he has inherited is in the middle of the pack and for a team like the Mets with its resources, brand name cialis overnight that’s unacceptable. Brand name cialis overnight That’s what should be the focus of Mets fans, brand name cialis overnight not who will be the manager for the next two seasons. Brand name cialis overnight Cliff Lee at 32 years of age with back trouble? Let the Highlanders over pay in years and money for him. Brand name cialis overnight Jayson Werth? Let the Tigers spend all that awful pizza money on him. Brand name cialis overnight If the Mets eat the Perez/Castillo dough then the off season is a success and you know now there is no way in hell either of those two slugs are coming back.

Brand name cialis overnight  Rejoice Mets fans that we  have guys with a clue and a plan running the baseball operations for our beloved Mets. Brand name cialis overnight I know it’s hard to optimistic with the all the horseshit we’ve endured the last few years but I think the new regime will get us out this mess and back on the road to winning.

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Types of viagra News was just reported by Adam Rubin. Mets will name Terry Collins manager. Types of viagra Let the shit storm via Wally Backman Fan Club begin.

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Cialis fast delivery usa In a story today in the New York Post, cialis fast delivery usa Davey Johnson is quoted as saying that Terry Collins would be the right choice by the Mets to be the next manager. Cialis fast delivery usa  As much as Johnson loves Wally Backman, cialis fast delivery usa it’s his opinion that Collins’ experience as the Mets Minor League Coordinator would help with the organization making a determination as to which farm hands are of immediate help to the big league club.

Cialis fast delivery usa On the same day of this story comes word that Scouting Director Rudy Terrasas will be reassigned in the organization. Cialis fast delivery usa So if Collins does get the job then the message sent will be that main job by this front office is to rebuild the farm system and the way they draft talent. Cialis fast delivery usa Even if Bob Melvin gets the job I think the rebuilding of the farm system will still be the Alderson mission statement with Collins staying with the organization and working with DePo in such a capacity.

Cialis fast delivery usa That’s why as Mets fans you need to forget about any big splash signings of free agents and unless Alderson is bowled over with a great return on a trade, cialis fast delivery usa the best moves you can hope for this off season would be the release of Ollie Perez (and the more he’s sucks in winter ball the better the chance that Alderson tells the Skill Sets “EAT THE CONTRACT “) and Luis Castillo. Cialis fast delivery usa I’m fine with that.

Cialis fast delivery usa There is a segment of Mets fans who feel the Mets should have gone after Dan Uggla. Cialis fast delivery usa That would be fine if the Mets were a player or two away from being a contender but they’re not, cialis fast delivery usa so Uggla is not the answer.

Cialis fast delivery usa This doesn’t mean the winter will be boring around here, cialis fast delivery usa just the opposite. Cialis fast delivery usa This will be the most interesting hot stove since 1980 when Frank Cashen came aboard and was handed a mess to clean up and clean it up he did. Cialis fast delivery usa Let’s hope history repeats itself.

Cialis fast delivery usa Hojo’s Mojo at Mets Merized Online posts that the Sports Pope broke from his Pop Warner persona this morning to report that the Texas Rangers have inquired about Carlos Beltran and are willing to take on $10-$12 mil of his contract. Cialis fast delivery usa If this is true, cialis fast delivery usa the Mets have to make this deal. Cialis fast delivery usa Even if you get back a couple of prospects just the fact you’re freeing up $6-$8 mil dollars to spend on much needed pitching would push me to make this deal.

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