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Professional cialis Carlos Beltran, professional cialis another former Mets fan lighting rod returns to Flushing for the first time since he was traded to the Giants last summer and his return has stirred Mets fans passions. Professional cialis I never could understand the ire of Mets fans toward Beltran. Professional cialis Yes I know that called 3rd strike from Adam Wainright (tonight’s Cards starting pitcher by the way) has stuck in many a Mets fan craw but what the critics forget is Beltran  made a major contribution in that series hitting at .296/.387/.667 clip with 3 HR’s. Professional cialis It just added to his outstanding season, professional cialis one of the best season ever by a Mets player where Beltran bashed 41 HR’s drove in 144 runs and complied a robust .982 OPS, professional cialis good for a 4th place finish in the MVP voting plus a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Award as well.

Professional cialis I’ve always felt Beltran’s disconnect with the Mets fan base was due to his mistrust of the front office that was in place during the bulk of Beltran’s tenure as a Met. Professional cialis It’s quite interesting that the front office had Latino‘s in top management positions, professional cialis yet they did not mesh well with two of the best players on the team Beltran and Carlos Delgado, professional cialis both men who are held in high esteem in the Latin community. Professional cialis Beltran never had a great relationship with Omar Minaya as proven with the botched medical care the Mets GM presided over when Beltran had to go on his own to Colorado to see a specialist to deal with his deep bone bruise in his knee and Beltran has said on many occasions that he never felt respected by the club. Professional cialis It wasn’t until Terry Collins took over as manager of the Mets that Beltran felt comfortable and respected as a Met.  I have no doubt that Beltran’s Mets career would be looked at in a much more positive light if Terry Collins was his manager from day one.

Professional cialis Beltran was never a problem or embarrassment to this organization. Professional cialis The P.R. Professional cialis debacle of the missed trip to Walter Reed Hospital was handled terribly by the Mets.  That and the medical mess ups really made Beltran become withdrawn. Professional cialis The Mets should have been in front of the missed trip to Walter Reed by explaining  that Beltran’s return to Puerto Rico to open a school he helped build was scheduled long before the Walter Reed trip was planned. Professional cialis A player should have the confront knowing that the organization has his back and would have a simple explanation instead of adding to the cluster fuck the Walter Reed trip became. Professional cialis Never would something like this happen today with this administration running the Mets.

Professional cialis Mets fans hold a grudge as well against Beltran because of the rumor that his agent Scott Boras called the Highlanders while negotiating with the Mets, professional cialis offering Beltran’s service to the Bronx Bastards for less money. Professional cialis  It irked me too. Professional cialis But when you look at the seven year career Beltran had with the Mets he had one of the greatest careers of any Met in history.

Professional cialis If fans want to boo Beltran tonight that’s their prerogative but before they do I would hope they look at Beltran’s career numbers with the Mets and remember that he also would buy a suit for every minor leaguer who came up to the team so they had clothes to wear on the road and that he had David Wright and Jose Reyes join him at his home in the winter to workout with him when he first joined the club. Professional cialis Unfortunately to the narrow minded, professional cialis none that means anything and for that you can’t blame Beltran.

Professional cialis  

Professional cialis  

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Generic cialis next day delivery You can go to NY Football Blogs to check my predictions for the 2010 NFL season. Generic cialis next day delivery Also check out Frank Maniscalco and me this Sunday night September 12th for NY Football Blogs Live on Blog Talk Radio at 9PM ET

Generic cialis next day delivery The snubbing by Carlos Beltran, generic cialis next day delivery Oliver Perez and Luis Castilo of the team visit to Walter Reed Hospital is still a story today and the chasm that exists in the Mets clubhouse is finally being brought to light.

Generic cialis next day delivery It’s no coincidence that the three players are the ones with the most issues with the organization. Generic cialis next day delivery From the quotes from David Wright and Mike Pelfrey and newcomer R.A. Generic cialis next day delivery Dickey, generic cialis next day delivery it seems crystal clear that all three players need to be extracted like an impacted molar before this organization can climb out of the abyss it is now in.

Generic cialis next day delivery Beltran claims he had a meeting to deal with a high school is help get built in Puerto Rico, generic cialis next day delivery this is a noble effort, generic cialis next day delivery no doubt but in my opinion still no excuse for not joining his teammates at Walter Reed. Generic cialis next day delivery His statement that he went to a VA hospital here in NY should not even have been brought up, generic cialis next day delivery it makes it sound like Beltran fulfilled an obligation instead of having the honor of being in the presence of heroes.

Generic cialis next day delivery Castillo pulled the Cowardly Lion defense that the sight of maimed soldiers was upsetting to him. Generic cialis next day delivery That statement made me detest Castillo even more.

Generic cialis next day delivery Oliver Perez’ reply of why he didn’t attend was he doesn’t answer questions “outside the stadium” only proves than Mets fans are correct when they look at Perez as an immature, generic cialis next day delivery ignorant failure who will never ever succeed here or anywhere. Generic cialis next day delivery I hope he wastes all his money and ends up living in cardboard box in Mexico City.

Generic cialis next day delivery Terrific Q & A by Adam Rubin with David Wright that reveals a lot of how Wright feels about the team and his wanting to stay a Met. Generic cialis next day delivery I took from this article that Wright feels the team maybe be better off going with a younger hungrier bunch of players and that the fans perception that some guys in that clubhouse don’t take losing seriously is spot on.

Generic cialis next day delivery The Brooklyn Cyclones tied their series with Jamestown at 1 game apiece and they did in true Wally Ball fashion when ZeEricka McQueen scored from third on a wild pitch.  A walk (mad dash?)-off win ? Only in Coney Island.

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Swiss oats a111 First let me say Shana Tova to all of you celebrating Rosh Hashanah at sundown this evening.

Swiss oats a111 Well just when I want to abandon this Mets season along comes Dillon Gee to shed a bit of light on the darkness of another post season-less season in Flushing.

Swiss oats a111 Gee’ start even energized the broadcast booth last night as Ron Darling was as excited as we seen him in a long time as he watched Gee show a nice grasp of the art of pitching. Swiss oats a111 Gee was quite effective using a sharp breaking ball that the TV crew said was a curve but Gee himself told Kevin Burkhardt that it was a slider that he relied on most of the evening as he could not get good command of his curve and that helped him set up his low 90’s fastball to keep the Nationals hitters off balance. Swiss oats a111 That is the definition of pitching , swiss oats a111staying  ahead of batters and keeping them off balance and for one night at least, swiss oats a111 Gee showed a ton of promise as an arm to look at for 2011.

Swiss oats a111 For all the grief I give the Skill Sets, swiss oats a111 the one thing I’ve always admired about them was their commitment to our armed forces. Swiss oats a111 If you go to games at Citi Field you know that the club acknowledges wounded vets by giving them much deserved VIP treatment at Mets games. Swiss oats a111 They were the driving force in the caps worn and sold during Memorial Day and 4th of July by players and fans with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior program and they make sure that the players make a trip to Walter Reed Hospital when the club plays the Nats in D.C., swiss oats a111 which has a profound effect not only on the heroes who were injured in battle but on the Mets players as well. Swiss oats a111 Guys like David Wright, swiss oats a111 R.A. Swiss oats a111 Dickey and Angel Pagan are up front about their feeling toward the trip in fact the whole Mets organization steps up big time by going to Walter Reed to lift the solders morale. Swiss oats a111  Well, swiss oats a111 almost everyone.

Swiss oats a111 It seems Oliver Perez, swiss oats a111 Luis Castillo and Carlos Beltran were the only member of the team to not make the trip to Walter Reed. Swiss oats a111  Why these three decided not to go has not been explained. Swiss oats a111 Hopefully those with access to the players will ask them why they blew off this very important trip. Swiss oats a111  The fact that it was these three who were absent proves out why the vast majority of Mets fans can’t stand the trio.

Swiss oats a111 Perez and Castillo should have been dumped a longggggggggggggggggg time ago but it should not be a shock that these two selfish shitheads would not go to a hospital to visit injured soldiers. Swiss oats a111 Maybe they were embarrassed that as much as they suck at what they do and lack any balls to step up and make a positive contribution to the team , swiss oats a111shamed them from showing up. Swiss oats a111 As for Beltran, swiss oats a111 he did himself no favor in the eyes of Mets  fansfor not showing up.

Swiss oats a111 As far as I’m concerned Perez, swiss oats a111 Castillo and Beltran are three no good scumbags for not appearing. Swiss oats a111  I defended Beltran when he came back from injury and a lot of folks blamed him for the second half demise of the club. Swiss oats a111 I have never been a fan of Beltran even though he is a great player (most long time readers know I was no fan of Mike Piazza’ either as Piazza and Beltran have the same “me” attitude just my opinion) and I think he is sometimes attacked unfairly but after being a no show yesterday, swiss oats a111 my Beltran defense rests.

Swiss oats a111 If there is a silver lining to this embarrassment, swiss oats a111 it’s that maybe NOW Jeffy Skill Sets, swiss oats a111 getting embarrassed by these three, swiss oats a111 will finally realize that they all need to go no matter what the monetary cost. Swiss oats a111  I would have a ton more respect for the Skill Sets if they sent both Perez and Castillo home right now and informed Beltran that the club will do all they can to move him to a new team. Swiss oats a111 I just hope that Beltran didn’t blow off this hospital visit because of his discontent with Mets management because if he did then he’s a gutless coward.

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