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Viagra by mail I was invited out to Citi Field today by the Mets to get a tour of the new Party City Deck in Left Field and also to get a gander at the new outfield dimensions and the beautiful BLUE walls. Viagra by mail I was impressed by all three.

Viagra by mail The ball park looks great as the black outfield walls are now Mets blue. Viagra by mail As I walked into the Part City Deck I was totally amazed how bringing in the left field fence by 12 ft could make such a difference in my perception of the distance from the outfield to home plate. Viagra by mail I’ve stood on the warning track at Citi Field before the alterations and felt home plate was located in Jackson Heights, viagra by mail same thing with the height of the outfield wall, viagra by mail which have been chopped in half from 16 ft. Viagra by mail to 8 ft. Viagra by mail Looking up from the left field warning track I felt like a Chilean miner.

Viagra by mail The Party City Deck looks like a great spot to see a game, viagra by mail the section can accommodate groups of 25 to 102. Viagra by mail The seating is a combination of padded stadium seats along with barstool with a ledge where you can sit and enjoy classic ball park food (hot dogs, viagra by mail burger, viagra by mail chicken tenders, viagra by mail popcorn, viagra by mail peanuts and homemade potato chips) and soft drinks, viagra by mail water and beer, viagra by mail starting two hours before first pitch. Viagra by mail After the second hour of the game, viagra by mail cookies will be served right up to the ninth inning. Viagra by mail All of the food and drink are brought right to your seat waiters and waitresses, viagra by mail so there is no standing in line and missing the action on the field.

Viagra by mail The price of a ticket to The Party City Deck ranges from $100-$200, viagra by mail depending on the opponent. Viagra by mail The area is for group sales but for the final five games of the opening home stand (April 7-11) individual tickets will be on sale.

Viagra by mail It’s good to see the Mets  realize that the dimensions of the outfield were a problem and made the alteration along with ditching the black wall along with the overwhelming  use of black (or soot as I believe is the official name of the color so predominate throughout the ball park)  throughout the park. Viagra by mail It was the first time I walked into Citi Field and felt it was the home of the NY Mets. Viagra by mail Amazing what a little paint can do eh?

Viagra by mail Can’t wait for Thursday. Viagra by mail Let’s Go Mets!!!

Viagra by mail  

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Buy generic viagra Took a day off from blogging and social media to celebrate my son’s birthday by spending the day in the city and taking in a performance of Spider Man Turn Off The Dark. Buy generic viagra The show itself was entertaining it’s no Guys and Dolls but hey what is! I was disappointed in the music since Bono and The Edge wrote the score and the only song I really enjoyed was when Patrick Page, buy generic viagra who really saves this show as his role as Green Goblin was the highlight of the performance, buy generic viagra sings A Freak Like Me Needs Company to open a second act that salvaged the show for me. Buy generic viagra The high flying Spider Man and Green Goblin scenes are spectacular as is the make up job doen on Page as the Green Goblin .  Just the fact that Spidey made it this far on Broadway is an accomplishment.

Buy generic viagra On to the Mets, buy generic viagra in no particular order:

Buy generic viagra The news that John Franco and Mike Piazza will be the participants in the first pitch of the game on September 11th and the Mets will wear caps of the first responders of that tragic day, buy generic viagra will help bring some joy to Mets fans on what should be proclaimed a National Day of Mourning. Buy generic viagra It’s still hard to believe that it will be 10 years since the attack, buy generic viagra of all the scenes of carnage and despair of that day, buy generic viagra the vision of seeing the smoke smoldering from the wreckage of the Towers, buy generic viagra from my bedroom window still haunts me.

Buy generic viagra When I first heard about Howard Johnson playing for the Rockland Boulders this weekend so he could join his son Glen I thought it was a silly stunt but then I thought it’s an Independent League so really who cares?

Buy generic viagra Jason Bay to center field? Flanked by #ImWith28 and The Dude? Better find some pitchers with a high GB/FB ratio.

Buy generic viagra Safe to say something will happen with the dimensions of the Great Wall of Flushing, buy generic viagra like cutting the wall in half to 8 ft. Buy generic viagra I’ve stood on the warning track under that Great Wall and that is some rarified air up there. Buy generic viagra Bringing in the fences is not needed but an 8 ft left field wall will make a big improvement and hopefully help the stigma that David Wright and Jason Bay seem to have with the wall.

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Get cialis As sad as the season has been with another post season less autumn in store for Mets fans, get cialis yesterday was a glorious day at Citi Field.  It was Gary, get cialis Keith and Ron Day at the ballpark which is sponsored by Pitch in For A Good Cause, get cialis a charity endeavor run by Gary Cohen’ wife Lynn who by the way, get cialis would make a great GM of the Mets as she is the most organized and passionate about her work  more than any one currently involved in the Mets organization. Get cialis   I got to meet and take pictures with Gary and Ron Darling (I’ll post them up sometime today) but I was most happy to meet Kevin Burkhardt who I’ve enjoyed trading Tweets with all season. Get cialis Kevin is also a reader of this site and for that I must have thanked him a hundred times. Get cialis As great as Kevin is on TV is an even nicer guy in person.

Get cialis I was so happy to meet up with Kathy Foronjy and Joe Coburn who I first met about five years ago when they were starting to film their award winning documentary  on Mets fandom, get cialis  Mathematically Alive. Get cialis Kathy and Joe and Stephen (sorry I never got your last name) were kind enough to follow myself and my family as we gathered to go on the outfield warning track for the National Anthem and I thank them for that.

Get cialis It was a nice afternoon to commiserate with fellow Mets bloggers Dana Brand and Greg Prince, get cialis two gentlemen who should be on the search committee for the new baseball czar of the Mets.

Get cialis Top that off with home runs by Chris Carter, get cialis Lucas Duda (a majestic blast that went about 15 rows up in the Pepsi Porch) and David Wright, get cialis who really Cadillaced around the bases after getting buzzed by Tyler Clippard, get cialis I was waiting for Wright to do the Willie Montanez stutter step at each base.

Get cialis I watched Jerry Manuel make a strange move by bringing R.A. Get cialis Dickey into the game in relief in the 8th inning. Get cialis On the ride home listening to Mets Extra, get cialis Wayne Hagin felt the media was going overboard on their questioning of the move (Hagin is clueless and in fact I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a pink slip either) , get cialis as Manuel said he wanted to show whoever is here in the future, get cialis that Dickey could pitch on his bullpen throw day and to let Dickey get an ovation from the fans. Get cialis From reading Dickey’s locker room response it doesn’t seem like he was totally in agreement with the move, get cialis but R.A. Get cialis being the well spoken and savvy guy we have grown to love, get cialis handled it perfectly.

Get cialis No matter how happy you are that there will be a change in the manger and GM for the Mets and make no mistake both Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya should be fired, get cialis the way the Skill Sets are handling this is really bush league, get cialis but then again when it comes to comes to these difficult moves the Skill Sets have never been known for being classy.

Get cialis In the next week, get cialis I’ll be posting my who should stay and who should go list but I’ll say one thing here about the next GM, get cialis he or she should come from outside the organization. Get cialis  This organization needs a whole new set of front office personnel and if the Skill Sets want to keep Minaya on payroll then make him a scout and send him out on the road and let it be known he has absolutely no say in any personnel moves. Get cialis If he wants to travel Latin America then by all means go but I really want the next person in charge  to be THE person in charge. Get cialis With Jeffey Skill Sets still involved though that might be a pipe dream.

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Viagra suppliers Lynn Cohen works tirelessly for her Pitch In For A Good Cause foundation and as her last event of the season she has a deal for you  remember, viagra suppliers there will come a day during the winter that you wish you were at a ball game even to watch this bunch of slugs :

Come celebrate with GKR and our loyal supporters! Food, viagra suppliers free GKR tee, viagra suppliers stand on the Citi Field warning track during anthem, viagra suppliers raffles and fun, viagra suppliers fun fun! Get 15% off tickets and all GKR merchandise for blog readers only now through August 15th. Viagra suppliers Use coupon code “blogger”

Viagra suppliers In April 2009, viagra suppliers a bright-eyed woman named Lynn Cohen began exciting plans for the second annual fundraising event for her beloved foundation, viagra suppliers Pitch in for a Good Cause (aka Viagra suppliers Hope for the future couldn’t have been more rosy, viagra suppliers and the inaugural event at Shea Stadium had sold out so fast that she’d had to add extra tickets. Viagra suppliers Surely the final weekend of Citi Field’s first season would be just as thrilling, viagra suppliers if not more so. Viagra suppliers Hey, viagra suppliers maybe our Mets would already be in the playoffs by then!

Viagra suppliers Optimistic Lynn purchased 800 tickets in the Big Apple seating area at Citi Field for the October 3, viagra suppliers 2009 game. Viagra suppliers With those tickets, viagra suppliers she happily added on 800 “meal plans, viagra suppliers” including a tasty gourmet appetizer extravaganza and a $15 swipe card to be used anywhere in the ballpark–more than enough for Shake shack burger and shake! What a gorgeous day it will be, viagra suppliers she thought. Viagra suppliers And the cheering, viagra suppliers smiling GKR fans would send our Metsies off into October baseball…

Viagra suppliers Clearly Optimistic Lynn will not be working as a fortune teller anytime soon. Viagra suppliers Her powers of telling the future are alas way less potent than her ability to design a supercute t-shirt. Viagra suppliers Who could have foretold what our August 2009 lineup would look like? Where’s our slugging first baseman, viagra suppliers our lightening fast short stop, viagra suppliers our brand new 8th inning set-up pitcher, viagra suppliers our multi-Gold Glove center fielder? Lynn could swear this team looked different when she bought those shiny new tickets…

Viagra suppliers On August 10th, viagra suppliers Less Optimistic Lynn woke up and said “UH OH.” Obviously if the team is firmly in 5th place, viagra suppliers the fundraiser is in danger! What to do with all of the tickets and swipe cards on the desk? Let’s make it a party, viagra suppliers she thought. Viagra suppliers Not an end of the year party, viagra suppliers but the beginning of a new one! A 2010 New Beginning party. Viagra suppliers Come to Citi Field with your GKR friends to purge the bad moments of 2009 and celebrate the good ones…and the even better ones that are sure to come next year. Viagra suppliers

Viagra suppliers Roses are red
Violets are blue
Come to our party and
Let’s start anew!

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Former Mets great Dwight Gooden will be at MODELLS at W 42 ST & 7 Ave tomorrow Wednesday April 15th  from 3:30PM to 4:45 PM to celebrate the new MO’S ZONE and MODELLS CLUBHOUSE at Citi Field. Pfizer viagra 50 mg online Doc Gooden will be joined by Seth Horowitz, pfizer viagra 50 mg online the President of MODELLS SPORTING GOODS and Mitchell Modell the CEO of MODELLS.


Here is what you get at THE MO ZONE and MODELLS CLUBHOUSE:

      The Mo¹s

Zone area of Citi Field is an exciting area in the brand new ball

park that will quickly become a fan-favorite destination for passionate fans

to cheer on their NY Mets.

* This area will be the new home for the best Mets fans in New York!


* In right/right-center field at Citi Field, pfizer viagra 50 mg online there are two field-level

sections of seating that together make up an area which will quickly become

known as The Mo’s Zone.


* The Mo¹s Zone area is led-off by a 72 foot span across the outfield

warning track where the traditional padded outfield wall is replaced by a

chain link fence.

* Directly above this span of fence is the Mo¹s Zone fan section

(specifically seating sections #101 & #102). Pfizer viagra 50 mg online Within this area will sit

nearly 400 of the most passionate Mets fans known to mankind.  The area will

be full of energy and is uniquely tucked beneath the porch overhead which

hangs 18 feet out and over the playing field.


* Beneath the Mo’s Zone lives The Modell’s Clubhouse.  The Modell¹s

Clubhouse is set behind the chain link fence and will consist of

dugout-style benches backed by five full sized garage-style overhead doors.

Those doors open up to a private fan hospitality area which can accommodate

up to 70 fans.  The only thing that will separate fans in the Modell¹s

Clubhouse from the playing field is the chain link fence.  Fans attending a

game inside the Modell¹s Clubhouse will be as close to the playing field


during the game as you can get without being one of the players!


MAKING THE MO¹S ZONEŠ. Pfizer viagra 50 mg online THE MO¹S ZONE

 The Mo’s Zone and Modell’s Clubhouse will surely become areas in high

demand for those fans looking to experience the game in a truly memorable



So come on out tomorrow between 3:30-4:45 at MODELLS at W 42 ST & 7 Ave to meet Doc Gooden and find at more about the MO ZONE and MODELLS CLUBHOUSE at Citi Field 

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