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Female version viagra As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, female version viagra every year we cast our Hall of Fame ballot to compare our results with those of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Female version viagra  I’m pretty sure my ballot is a lot different from many in the BBWAA who enjoy going on witch hunts rather doing real honest to goodness research on the candidates. Female version viagra  Without further ado here is the ballot I just cast:

Female version viagra Mike Piazza

Female version viagra Only someone seeking attention would NOT cast a vote for Piazza, female version viagra and this is coming from someone who is not overly found of the former Mets catcher. Female version viagra But I won’t let that cloud my view that Piazza was not only the best hitting catcher of his era but he was one of the best right handed hitters as well. Female version viagra The majority of BBWAA members who vow not to vote for Piazza because the suspect he was a PED user, female version viagra even though they have no proof whatsoever except for their short attention minds, female version viagra the same short attention minds that feel playing Words with Friends in a big league press box is more fun than actually watching the game they are being paid to cover, female version viagra are just making ass’ of themselves.  Piazza is a without a doubt first ballot Hall of Famer.

Female version viagra Jeff Bagwell

Female version viagra Again no proof of being a juicer but the voters of the BBWAA get their rocks off snubbing him on the ballot. Female version viagra  His lifetime slashes of .297/.408/.540/.948 is certainly Hall worthy and when you add in the power (449 HR), female version viagra speed (202 SB and only 78 CS) and defense, female version viagra Bagwell was the total package as a ballplayer.

Female version viagra Craig Biggio

Female version viagra The other half of the Astros Killer B’s his 3, female version viagra060 hits makes him an automatic

Female version viagra Barry Bonds

Female version viagra All of the main streamers hate Bonds and will hold off voting for him due to PED’s even without proof (remember Bonds was guilty of perjury the only charge the government could get to stick and made sure the tax payers of California paid a lot of money that could have went to building schools or hospitals to convict Bonds) but they voted him the MVP 7 times including 4 times during the Era of Taint.

Female version viagra Roger Clemens

Female version viagra I’ve come from not giving a shit about who took PED’s to today where I feel the game is much better and more enjoyable than it was during the Steroid Era. Female version viagra I still don’t feel the players who took PED’s were cheaters since my definition of a cheater is someone who breaks the rules and at the time there were no rules in MLB or in the CBA that said use of PED’s by players were against the rules. Female version viagra Players have taken narcotics and stimulants since the beginning of baseball time to get an advantage same as when players corked bats or went for Lasik surgery to better their eye sight, female version viagra every athlete looks for an edge. Female version viagra Add in that the Steroid Era followed the cancelling of the second half of the 1994 season along with playoffs and World Series due to labor strife, female version viagra the game needed something to bring back disgruntled paying customers and I’m still not convinced it wasn’t a juiced ball as much as juiced players . Female version viagra Even before the Era of Taint, female version viagra Clemens was a Hall of Famer and with 354 Wins, female version viagra 4, female version viagra672 K and 7 Cy Young Awards, female version viagra even though I hate ya’ Roger I gotta respect ya!

Female version viagra Tim Raines

Female version viagra One of the most exciting and better players of his era Raines was right there with Andre Dawson and Gary Carter as the cog that ran the Montreal Expos of the 1980’s. Female version viagra Raines stole an amazing 808 bases and was caught just 146 times in his 23 year career and was an on base machine.

Female version viagra Allan Trammell

Female version viagra Trammell could always find a way to get on base or hit you a Home Run or steal a base while playing a stellar shortstop.

Female version viagra Jack Morris

Female version viagra Hey Bill Madden I saw Jack Morris play and he was damn good. Female version viagra If Morris were a Highlander for most of his career, female version viagra Madden would have pleaded with his fellow BBWAA members to get him Hall of Fame enshrinement.

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Soft gel viagra Thankfully Mets baseball is back tonight after what seems like an interminable break with the club headed to Atlanta for three days with an off day and then three in DC, soft gel viagra six big games to start the second half push for the Pennant (why not, soft gel viagra a guy can dream can’t he?)

Soft gel viagra Seems all the Mets news is just rehashed Matt Harvey speculation (another reason to be thankful the action on the field is back) and from reading story after story it looks like the Mets are hoping beyond hope that Miguel Batista can pitch to at least league average so as to not force the front office to promote Harvey. Soft gel viagra It looks as though the competition for Dillon Gee’s (and we wish Gee all the best and a speedy recovery as he undergoes surgery today to repair the artery in his shoulder. Soft gel viagra The surgery is being performed by Dr. Soft gel viagra Robert Thompson who has expertise in this type of procedure) spot in the rotation is a two man race between Batista and Harvey , soft gel viagra may the best command of pitches win!

Soft gel viagra This years All Star Game was the first one I’ve watched in six years. Soft gel viagra Usually this week in July I’m out in the woods at the Ten Mile River Boy Scout Camp but since my son has achieved his Eagle rank and has no need for merit badges anymore, soft gel viagra he decided to go to New Mexico for a two week camping and hiking trip, soft gel viagra so that spared me a week of listening to howling coyotes and drinking gallons of Goop (a form of Kool-Aid) and let me enjoy the All Star Game in the air conditioned comfort of home. Soft gel viagra I was really looking forward to watching the game.

Soft gel viagra WOW, soft gel viagra what a letdown. Soft gel viagra Of course Tony La Douchebag put me in sour mood by not starting R.A. Soft gel viagra Dickey, soft gel viagra then Justin Verlander decided to catch an early dinner and a movie by giving up five runs in the first inning and gets lifted from the game. Soft gel viagra  Then I had to put up with Fox’s coverage. Soft gel viagra If I were a Fox Sports exec, soft gel viagra I would really have to think about pulling Tim McFullofshit off the Game of the Week and World Series not just because he is so bad at analyzing games but he because he is entering that “old guys say crazy shit” part of his life. Soft gel viagra He’s done this in stages, soft gel viagra first he stopped dying his hair, soft gel viagra then he stopped caring about pronouncing players names correctly , soft gel viagrahe’s getting close to the piss stains on your pants stage of life. Soft gel viagra I’m telling you he’s a scandal waiting to happen, soft gel viagra when you hear McFullofshit call a player an asshole on the air or start rambling about topics that have nothing to do with what’s going on in the game, soft gel viagra don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Soft gel viagra How in the name of Coco Channel did Erin Andrews allow herself to wear whatever the fuck that was she was wearing on national television?    

Soft gel viagra It’s sad to see this game turn into an event where fans just bash away at or are apathetic about because the game used to be a real big deal. Soft gel viagra Back when the leagues were ruled by League presidents, soft gel viagra the stories abounded on how Joe Cronin the AL President and Hall of Fame player and Chub Feeney the NL President would give impassioned speeches before the game and the players really wanted to win for League pride. Soft gel viagra Now with the abolition of League Presidents and inter-league play and so many player’s changing not just teams but leagues, soft gel viagra the game has lost a ton of its luster. Soft gel viagra  It’s gone from being the Mid-Summer Classic to an outdated annoyance. Soft gel viagra Sad.

Soft gel viagra  

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Buy viagra no prescription A tip of the BLUE Mets cap to The Mets Police for this pic of the offensive Seinfled cap

Buy viagra no prescription Observations from a busy weekend, buy viagra no prescription and a happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there:

Buy viagra no prescription I went to the Mets-Dodgers games Saturday night as we live a in a time where you can go on your computer in the afternoon and buy and download tickets to a ball game that night in the comfort of your own home. Buy viagra no prescription I wish the atmosphere at the ball park could be as blissful as purchasing the tickets.

Buy viagra no prescription The Mets gave out caps on Saturday sponsored by Seinfeld, buy viagra no prescription now I am a great fan of Jerry Seinfeld, buy viagra no prescription but those caps that were given out were an embarrassment.  My wife told to stop complaining as what were you expecting for free, buy viagra no prescription a New Era cap? No, buy viagra no prescription not at all but they could have spent an extra dollar to make the cap something I’d wear instead of a one that felt and looked like it was made from scrap paper. Buy viagra no prescription Then to top it off it was BLACK. Buy viagra no prescription Maybe if they went with blue I wouldn’t have been this upset but really that cap was a piece of shit.

Buy viagra no prescription We sat in the Pepsi Porch which is my favorite spot of Citi Field but on Saturday, buy viagra no prescription I felt like I was watching the game on the corner of 42 St and Broadway, buy viagra no prescription people getting up during play and then trying to get to seat 17 by going through the first 16 seats of the row in the middle of an inning. Buy viagra no prescription I wouldn’t bitch so much if it was once or twice but this went on all game long. Buy viagra no prescription  The Mets need to do what the Garden and Prudential Center enforce, buy viagra no prescription keep ushers near the section entrances and hold people up until an at bat is done then let them get back to their seats. Buy viagra no prescription And another thing, buy viagra no prescription is it so hard to know where you’re sitting? How many times do you see some clueless asshole holding four beers standing on the steps of the section with a stupid look on his or her face not knowing where they sit? All you have to do is remember three things Section, buy viagra no prescription Row, buy viagra no prescription and seat. Buy viagra no prescription  How do these people function in everyday life?

Buy viagra no prescription I tried the Keith Burger on Saturday night and I wasn’t impressed at all, buy viagra no prescription in fact in my opinion the only food that’s any good at Citi Field is Mama’s of Corona, buy viagra no prescription Blue Smoke, buy viagra no prescription or Sausage and Peppers hero, buy viagra no prescription the rest of the food, buy viagra no prescription even the highly vaunted Shake Shack, buy viagra no prescription is overrated.

Buy viagra no prescription If there is anyone of the Highlander persuasion reading this site (Michael maybe you can explain this phenomenon that I’m about to address and please remember you are excluded from the group I’m about to call out) can you explain why Highlander fans come to Citi Field dressed like they are going to a Highlanders game and root for the Mets opponent of the day? Do you know what kind of dick heads you people are? I can’t even get angry at these morons; I’m just stunned by their stupidity. Buy viagra no prescription I go to Highlander Stadium but I never wear my “colors” when I go (unless it’s Mets-Highlanders) I always wear my “civvies” and I just sit and enjoy the game and the company as I couldn’t give two shits if the Highlanders win or lose the game. Buy viagra no prescription It’s not like it just of few of these simpletons that come to Mets games, buy viagra no prescription there’s so many that we Mets fans look at each other with that puzzled “what the fuck”? look when they stroll around our park.

Buy viagra no prescription Just to closeout my Highlander fan rant, buy viagra no prescription last week Highlander fans were ready to run Derek Jeter out of town. Buy viagra no prescription If it were up to Highlander fans, buy viagra no prescription “El Capitan” would be lucky to get a paving stone in Monument Park forget a deserving tribute to his career. Buy viagra no prescription  Fans felt that Jeter was done, buy viagra no prescription finished, buy viagra no prescription a detriment to the team. Buy viagra no prescription Fuck those 3, buy viagra no prescription000 hits and 5 World Series rings and that first ballot Hall of Fame sitting with his name on it, buy viagra no prescription Jeter has to go. Buy viagra no prescription But wait, buy viagra no prescription yesterday he went 4 for 6 with 2 HR’s and 3 RBI, buy viagra no prescription so now he’s back in the pantheon of Highlanders, buy viagra no prescription that is until he goes 0 for his next 15 at bats, buy viagra no prescription then he’s back to a bum.

Buy viagra no prescription The more I watch Dillon Gee pitch, buy viagra no prescription the more impressed I am with him. Buy viagra no prescription  Gee was called on in an emergency as Chris Young is on the DL with shoulder trouble and what made his start impressive in my eyes was the way he worked out of tough situations. Buy viagra no prescription Gee looks on the mound like a guy who knows exactly what he wants to do and tries to translate what’s in his head to his arm and more times than not he succeeds. Buy viagra no prescription He may not be an Ace but Gee will be around the big leagues a long time as long as he stays healthy.

Buy viagra no prescription Give Sandy Alderson credit for honesty when he says, buy viagra no prescription “After Dillon Gee, buy viagra no prescription there isn’t much left” as far as pitchers to called up to step into the rotation if need be. Buy viagra no prescription Just the fact that Pat Misch was recalled made that statement real. Buy viagra no prescription Really Pat Misch ? I’m sick of seeing him and Willie Harris as well and while I’m at it throw in Chin-lu Hu too. Buy viagra no prescription How in good conscious can Terry Collins send Hu up to pinch hit? I’d use R.A. Buy viagra no prescription Dickey or Big Pelf as a PH’er before Hu.

Buy viagra no prescription Keith Hernandez shocked me a bit yesterday when he said during David Wright’s at bat in the 9th inning against Vicente Padillia that Wright’s bat speed looked like a guy late in his career who can’t get around on a fastball. Buy viagra no prescription Hernandez was shocked that Wright could not get around on Padilia’s fastball as he was the tying run at the plate. Buy viagra no prescription Wright has been bad at the plate so far this season but with RISP he’s been horrendous. Buy viagra no prescription It’s time for Terry Collins to drop Wright in the batting order and I guess the only thing stopping that move is Jason Bay not hitting. Buy viagra no prescription I’d like to see Collins us a lineup of:

Buy viagra no prescription Reyes

Buy viagra no prescription Murph

Buy viagra no prescription Beltran

Buy viagra no prescription Ike/Bay (depending on if it’s a LHP or RHP

Buy viagra no prescription Ike/Bay

Buy viagra no prescription Wright

Buy viagra no prescription Pridie

Buy viagra no prescription Thole

Buy viagra no prescription Pitcher

Buy viagra no prescription On days that Paulino catchers place him 7th and Pridie 8th. Buy viagra no prescription Hey it’s couldn’t hurt this lineup needs a shakeup.

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Trying viagra Good morning you ship jumping rat bastards. Trying viagra I wish you’d make up your minds, trying viagra are you Mets fans or just a bunch of whinny bitches? I nearly lost my mind following some Mets fans on Twitter during the game last night (I got to stop Tweeting and watching the Mets and just concentrate on the watching the game and taking notes like I did way back  in the dial up pre iPhone internet days) I understand Mike Pelfrey was horrible last night but some of you took your venom to Big Pelf like you were auditioning for a job as beat writer at the NY Daily Lupica. Trying viagra Get a hold of yourself for Christ sake.

Trying viagra Pelf morphed back into his spaceman mode last night and it will be up to him, trying viagra Old School Warthen, trying viagra and neophyte receiver Josh Thole to get the Big Pelf locomotive back on track. Trying viagra I would think that the troika I just mentioned went over their pitching game plan for last night before the game. Trying viagra What was most puzzling for me was the fact that young Thole was dictating to Pelfrey what to throw. Trying viagra We all know that Pelf’s bread and butter is the splitter that induces a plethora of ground balls when he’s right. Trying viagra When he adds his two seam fastball and is effective with that pitch then you get vintage Big Pelf. Trying viagra Sure he’s big and strong but he’s not a strikeout pitcher. Trying viagra He doesn’t have an overpowering pitch to get that key K, trying viagra in fact the guy Pelfrey should be attached to the hip with is Chris Young.

Trying viagra Back to my puzzlement on the short circuited battery. Trying viagra Pelf has taken it on his shoulders to let it be known that even though Thole was calling for him to throw his third and fourth pitches in his arsenal (curve and slider) he could have shaken him off until he saw the finger he liked the best. Trying viagra In a way it’s refreshing that Old School and Terry Collins let Thole call the pitchers instead of having them called for him by Warthen but perhaps with the lack of a veteran catcher (please don’t even mention Nickeas) on the roster, trying viagra Old School should institute pitch selection from the bench in Big Pelfs next start or let Thole know next time he catches Pelfrey and calls for curves an sliders, trying viagra there will be a plane ticket to Buffalo waiting for him in at his locker.

Trying viagra Another thing that should not be overlooked in this recent Pelfrey meltdown is the death of Harvey Dorfman, trying viagra the sports psychologists and the shoulder that Pelfrey has cried on in recent years. Trying viagra With Dorfman gone all Pelfrey has left is the advice Drofman has given him through their late night conversations and a copy of Dorfman’s The Mental ABC’s of Pitching. Trying viagra Hopefully the lessons and the book and whatever magic Old School has in that tool box of his will right Big Pelf.

Trying viagra All this drivel written this morning in the fishwraps about trading Pelfrey is just another example of Mets bashing and lazy ass journalism that has permeated the NYC main stream media. Trying viagra Why write a column that looks into what is causing Pelfrey’s problems and see what is being done to correct them when you can just write that Pelfrey sucks and should be traded just to embrace yourself with the lunatic fringe of Mets fans. Trying viagra You know what you folks in the MSM are right; leave the heavy lifting to bloggers.

Trying viagra By the way here was my tweet when it was 7-0 Phillies and Mets fan tweeters were jumping ship. Trying viagra I then tweeted that the Mets would comeback. I then went after Evan Roberts of WFAN again as he proclaimed we would be ripping Mike Pelfrey on his show.

Trying viagra Now that I’ve cleared the air, trying viagra will all of you GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN!

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5 mg original brand cialis Is it over yet? Last night’s game will not be in the rotation of Mets Classics on SNY, 5 mg original brand cialis between the rain delay, 5 mg original brand cialis Big Pelf’s throwing batting practice, 5 mg original brand cialis Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan forced out of the lineup with injuries, 5 mg original brand cialis and Gary Cohen admitting in public he was a fan the Mama’s and the Papas, 5 mg original brand cialis the only reason to keep watching the game telecast was to see if Keith Hernandez’ head would explode.

5 mg original brand cialis I can’t wait for Saturday’s Mets-Nationals game with the most bizarre pitching match up I ‘ve ever seen. 5 mg original brand cialis R.A. 5 mg original brand cialis Dickey for the Mets vs. 5 mg original brand cialis The Sensational Strasburg. 5 mg original brand cialis Just think, 5 mg original brand cialis you could add up the velocity of three of Dickey’s pitches and that total is still lower than one Strasburg fastball. 5 mg original brand cialis The only drawback to the game is it’s on FOX, 5 mg original brand cialis so I’m guessing we get stuck with Doofus Joe and Tim McFullofshit UGH!!!!!

5 mg original brand cialis Sam Page has a great post on Amazin’ Avenue on what is a fair trade for Cliff Lee. 5 mg original brand cialis When you look it over the Mets do have the chips to pull this off without giving up Jenry Mejia. 5 mg original brand cialis I would hate to lose Reese Havens in a deal as well but if a package of Fernando Martinez, 5 mg original brand cialis Josh Thole, 5 mg original brand cialis Nick Evans and Eric Niessen brings Cliff Lee to the Mets, 5 mg original brand cialis it’s a steal, 5 mg original brand cialis even if Lee leaves after the season as a free agent. 5 mg original brand cialis Ike, 5 mg original brand cialis Niese, 5 mg original brand cialis Mejia and Wilmer Flores would be untouchables, 5 mg original brand cialis Mark Cohoon too, 5 mg original brand cialis so anyone else is fair game to get dealt for a pitcher of Lee’s pedigree.

5 mg original brand cialis Leonard Davis of the Syracuse Chiefs was the prick who took out Daniel Murphy at second base to break up a double play that put Murph out of action for the season with a knee injury. 5 mg original brand cialis The play was a scumbag move by Davis. 5 mg original brand cialis Tues day night the Bison met the Chiefs and Dillon Gee was on the mound and had a 4-0 lead when Davis came up to bat. 5 mg original brand cialis Gee proceeded to drill Davis in the back with a pitch as payback for the take out of Murphy. 5 mg original brand cialis I hope Dillon Gee is a Met forever!

5 mg original brand cialis The Phuck Phaces are getting hit hard by injuries. 5 mg original brand cialis HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

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Viagra porn Don’t forget tonight at 10PM ET I will be hosting THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO. Viagra porn My guest will be Steve Slowinski of DRAYSBAY. Viagra porn Steve and I will talk about the Tampa Bay Rays and the AL East race. Viagra porn I’ll also recap the Mets-Dodgers doubleheader and also look at the upcoming weekend series between the Mets and Phillies in Philadelphia. Viagra porn If you can’t listen live, viagra porn you can hear the replay right here at Kranepool Society (check out the lower left hand side bar) or at my show page on BLOG TALK RADIO.

Viagra porn The only thing missing from tonight’s twi-nighter at $iti Field is a Banner Day procession between games. Viagra porn With the way Mets management has all of a sudden become “fan-friendly” I’m surprised they haven’t green lighted that event already.

Viagra porn This is one of the perks of having a ton of tickets available for every game. Viagra porn It makes management humble. Viagra porn I know the word was there were a lot of fans at Sunday night’s game walking around the concourses and watching the game either under the stands or in McFaddens but the bottom line for the Mets, viagra porn MLB and ESPN is empty seats are not very photogenic. Viagra porn Give the Mets credit, viagra porn not only did they encourage the hardy fans who sat in the rain in the Promenade to move down and sit with the swells in high rent district (those of the silk stocking ilk who did show up Sunday must have been in the single digits) but all ticket holders for Sunday’s game were offered a freebie for another game. Viagra porn I’ll give the Skill Sets the benefit of the doubt here but something tells me that a call by MLB was placed to Freddy and Jeffey during the game to find as many seat fillers as they can to  make $iti Field look like the place to be on a rainy Sunday night.

Viagra porn The best part of Frenchy’s, viagra porn  One on One with Pope Francesa on his daily snoozcast was D-Wright, viagra porn Rod Barajas and Jason Bay screaming at Francouer during his interview. Viagra porn Pope Mikey I was not thrilled by this which is what made all the more fun to listen too. Viagra porn Also another awkward moment on the Francesa Time Warp Machine radio show (“Charlie un da car phone, viagra porn whazz up” ) was another of those mind numbing Brad Benson car commercials where Benson talks about his “40 foot erection”.  It seems Benson, viagra porn the one time NY Giants OL, viagra porn bought one of the goal posts from Giants Stadium and had it “erected” it on his car dealership property. Viagra porn He asks everyone to come down to Brad Benson Hyundai to see his erection. Viagra porn As soon as the spot was done Francesa comes on and says “Steve Phillips will join us at 5:05” It made me wonder if Philips was bringing his erection along with him as well.

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