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Viagra overnite It was a move long overdue. Viagra overnite In fact give John Ricco credit for getting a live body for Jeff Francoeur  but the organization shouldn’t have stopped there. Viagra overnite It’s quite clear that again for the third season in a row the Mets have rolled over and died. Viagra overnite How Jerry Manuel gets to fill out a lineup card today for the Mets is a smack in our Mets fan faces. Viagra overnite Sure it doesn’t matter anymore this season but by firing Manuel and Omar Minaya today would send a message that a tidal wave of changes are coming. Viagra overnite But I have absolutely no confidence that inept bullshit ownership has the balls to do this.

Viagra overnite A real owner who owned this close to one BILLION dollar company would go into that clubhouse and rip the living shit out of this team. Viagra overnite But that won’t happen.  The only passion comes from the fan base. Viagra overnite It’s not just a matter of screaming and yelling in fact screaming and yelling wouldn’t have any effect on this team anyway. Viagra overnite If the owner would just go into that clubhouse and tell this team the truth that they are an embarrassment and what has him baffled is they don’t seem to mind that they are saddled with this label. Viagra overnite The owner would also be of the right to let them know that this little Country Club mentality that has infected the clubhouse will be dismantled. Viagra overnite The owner should then go on about how there will be a new GM and manager next year and if this new management team says to me that (pointing at players) you, viagra overnite you or you need to go, viagra overnite then you got to go. Viagra overnite The owner should also stress that his office is closed to any player who has a baseball related issue, viagra overnite all of those inquires must go through chain of command from manager to general manager. Viagra overnite If you have a personal or family issue as the owner, viagra overnite he should let them know he will help him as best he can.

Viagra overnite As fans we can talk about who to cut, viagra overnite who to trade for, viagra overnite who to sign as a free agent but all that talk is a waste of words and oxygen unless ownership either cleans out the front office and makes a concerted effort to change the perception that the organization is clueless, viagra overnite leaderless and headed on the fast track to nowhere.

Viagra overnite By a show of hands, viagra overnite how many of you Mets fans out there are still wearing your Mets gear in public?  Not many I see. Viagra overnite I can’t blame you as it wears you down to wear your WRIGHT 5 or REYES 7 and have to answer inane question after inane question about the team. Viagra overnite I don’t know about you but I’m worn out from answering question after question about why this organization is so bad and can’t get out of its own way.  All I can tell them is “Blogging about the Mets ain’t easy “

Viagra overnite All you need to know about the player’s view of the team is in this Tweet from Steve Popper. Viagra overnite First Rod Barajas now Francoeur, viagra overnite if the players don’t want to be here then why should I buy a ticket or watch SNY or wear drape myself in Mets regalia? Why do I feel the chasm between the team and fan base exists because the Mets fans take this much more personally than the players do? Did you see the smile on Francoeur’ face last night when he spoke to the media about being sent to Arlington? When was the last you smiled as a Mets fan?

Viagra overnite I’ve seen some of the Tweets of Mets fan who are actually upset that Jeff Francoeur was dealt to the Texas, viagra overnite are you fucking kidding me?

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