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Viagra alternative and woman Wayne Coffey in today’s NY Daily News has a story of former Mets pitcher, viagra alternative and woman Pete Falcone’ son Joey and his plight to get back to playing baseball and leading finding himself after a serving three tours in Afghanistan.

Viagra alternative and woman Joey Falcone at 24 years old, viagra alternative and woman has enrolled at the College of Staten Island and is a member of the CSI baseball team. Viagra alternative and woman  The story is not so much about him regaining his hitting prowess but more of how he left home to join the Marines and the atrocities of war that he encountered.

Viagra alternative and woman I guess I should thank the Mets fans twits who verified my post yesterday about the venom they spew at the Mets on Twitter. Viagra alternative and woman Seems I’m not the only one who is fed up with the fan reaction toward the team as Shannon of The Mets Police posted about the vile tweets towards R.A. Viagra alternative and woman Dickey yesterday and also Mike Vaccaro tweeted about it as well. Viagra alternative and woman Yes, viagra alternative and woman R.A. Viagra alternative and woman Dickey is having a miserable season so far but the attacks on Dickey are just plain ignorant. Viagra alternative and woman Besides, viagra alternative and woman some of you twits, viagra alternative and woman your stupidity is getting noticed, viagra alternative and woman that’s not good.

Viagra alternative and woman There is some kind of day of outrage planed at Citi Field to let fans send a message to management that Jose Reyes has to be a Mets 4 Life. Viagra alternative and woman The rally will most likely be attended by the same fans that called Reyes a lazy malcontent the last couple of years when his play dropped off due to illness and injury. Viagra alternative and woman These will also be the same fans who will call for Sandy Alderson’s head when Reyes falls short of stellar play in year two of his five year deal. Viagra alternative and woman I’ve been around you Mets fans too long, viagra alternative and woman I’ve seen your act and it’s quite tiresome.

Viagra alternative and woman Far be it from me to look in a neighbor’s window, viagra alternative and woman but our friends up in the South Bronx seem to be having some rough internal troubles. Viagra alternative and woman Can you imagine a big league player asking out of the lineup a half-hour before first pitch because he feels “disrespected” because his limp bat is at the bottom of the lineup? Even though this player is not only past his prime but should be collecting a pension, viagra alternative and woman not a paycheck?  I would not be surprised if one the past their prime players in the Bronx flip out at their locker because of the wire hangers.

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Viagra buy viagra First things first, viagra buy viagra Happy Mothers Day Let’s hope the Mets bring you a nice sweep of the Giants as a Mothers Day gift.

Viagra buy viagra Nice to see Mike Piazza wants to go into the Hall of Fame as a Met and quite frankly he should. Viagra buy viagra Even though I’m not a big Piazza fan (I’ll still take Jerry Grote over him forget the offense Grote was a real leader and was second only to Johnny Bench who I consider the greatest catcher ever, viagra buy viagra in his era) but it would be nice to see a Mets cap on his HOF plaque.

Viagra buy viagra Just to let you know the Mets are the talk of the town once again. Viagra buy viagra Yesterday before our Babe Ruth game there was more talk of the Barajas walk off than their was about who we were playing. Viagra buy viagra !4 boys some Mets fans some Highlander fans all agreed on one thing, viagra buy viagra just once in their lives they’d love to hit a walk off homer, viagra buy viagra not a Little League homer but a real over the fence win the game homer. Viagra buy viagra Same thing last night when I went to a father-daughter dinner-dance at my daughter’s school, viagra buy viagra the dads some Mets most Highlander were talking about the Mets back to back, viagra buy viagra catcher to catcher walk off home run wins.

Viagra buy viagra Wayne Coffey has a great story on Highlander trainer Gene Monahan and his fight with throat cancer. Viagra buy viagra Put your fan allegiance aside and pray for Geno.

Viagra buy viagra Hank White takes a pie from Alex Cora after his walk off blast. Viagra buy viagra Who will be the hero today (I Like Ike)

Viagra buy viagra LMillz got caught again with his head down the other night thinking he had a home run when it hit off the wall. Viagra buy viagra Milledge thought it was a grand slam his first in the bigs, viagra buy viagra  the Pirate and Cubs announcers thought is was gone, viagra buy viagra the guys who sets off the fireworks and play the music at PNC  Park thought it was gone, viagra buy viagra but as Milledge styled around second base Alfonso Soriano threw the ball in from left field to shortstop Ryan Thierot which stunned Milledge, viagra buy viagra as he ran back to 2nd base Thierot threw to Jeff Baker who tagged Millz out.

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