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Brand cialis for sale With a big workload staring back at me today I thought I’d just drop a short post and get to work. Brand cialis for sale I took Friday off to head to the mountains of Pennsylvania, brand cialis for sale Resica Falls Scout camp to be precise, brand cialis for sale for a weekend camping trip (kids complained of a 7AM wakeup call on Sunday, brand cialis for sale “Why do we have to get up so early”? “Because the Giants-Redskins kick off at 1PM that’s why”)so of course there is a ton of work to be processed on my desk that I have to tackle this morning but I have a couple of points to put out there:

Brand cialis for sale After seeing how the NY Highlanders are now kicking themselves in their pinstriped ass over the 5 years $117M+ owed to the fading fast Alex Rodriguez, brand cialis for sale has that changed your view on the Mets signing David Wright to a long term deal? Obliviously Wright is a more important part of the Mets organization than Rodriguez is to the Highlanders as an on field leader and off field wonderful spokesman for the team but he is hitting that magic baseball age of 30 that is the fork in the road of a baseball career. Brand cialis for sale The majority of Mets fans want Wright to retire a Met and the organization feels the same way but anything more than 5 years for Wright could change that whole dynamic.  A deal of 5/$110M with team option on 6th year should be more than enough to keep Wright in orange and blue.

Brand cialis for sale When I first started doing this blogger thingy over ten years ago, brand cialis for sale Marco Scutaro was a favorite of the small group of Mets fans on the internet who were blogging or commenting on message boards. Brand cialis for sale Many fans started a FREE MARCO movement back in the 2002 season exalting to Art (Lights Up A Room) Howe to give Scutaro more playing time and sit the fading superstar Roberto Alomar. Brand cialis for sale Seems like eons ago that Scutaro was a Met. Brand cialis for sale Now here he is 9 years later as one of the most valuable cogs in the SF Giants great comeback to be one win away from a NL Pennant and a trip to the World Series. Brand cialis for sale RE-MARCO-ABLE!

Brand cialis for sale Speaking of flashbacks, brand cialis for sale did you see Jeffery “Penitentiary Face” Leonard throw out the first pitch last night?

Brand cialis for sale Who doesn’t love a Game 7? No matter the sport, brand cialis for sale Game 7 is always a must see and be. Brand cialis for sale It would be even better if it was at Citi Field tonight. Brand cialis for sale I’m rooting for the Giants tonight to win and go on to win the World Series since I am the off spring of a John McGraw NY Giants fanatic. Brand cialis for sale I always think about what would’ve have been if the Giants and Dodgers never left town and the Mets would never have been, brand cialis for sale you would most likely be reading the Sid Gordon Society right now.

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No blogging for the weekend as I’m off the U.S. Viagra and sexual performance Military Academy in West Point for a weekend camping trip with my sons Boy Scout troop. Viagra and sexual performance Even though the troop has a strict no electronics policy when it comes to these trips, viagra and sexual performance the subversive that I am will sneak a radio in my bag to try to listen or at least get a score of this weekend Mets-Phillies series. Viagra and sexual performance Hopefully my tent mate won’t turn me in and have my ass hauled off to the stockade. Viagra and sexual performance


Sure it’s a big series but I think it’s to the Mets benefit that they are playing in Philly since they are so concerned about fan reaction. Viagra and sexual performance Remember the words of Bobby Knight, viagra and sexual performance “when you start listening to the people in the stands, viagra and sexual performance you end up joining them”. Viagra and sexual performance It seems that it’s not a lack of focus with the Mets but misplaced focus that is doing them in.


On that subject a must listen is Mike Silva’s interview with Kevin Kernan of the NY Post  that connects the paranoia of the owner and front office rubbing off on the uniform personnel. Viagra and sexual performance Silva’s comment says it all:


   The Mets have a reputation for trying to control the news around their club. Viagra and sexual performance It never works and often makes things even worse in the long run. Viagra and sexual performance How can you expect your players to toughen up when management has an equally, viagra and sexual performance if not worse, viagra and sexual performance thin skin? What’s next? You’re going to throw the fans out and play in an empty stadium so you don’t hear any boos? Keep playing like this and you might not need to worry about that.


HOME RUN  Mike!!!!


David Lennon calls out the lack of intestinal fortitude of the Mets:


Often, viagra and sexual performance it’s hard to pin down the intangibles with numbers, viagra and sexual performance but not in this case. Viagra and sexual performance With Wednesday’s loss to the Marlins, viagra and sexual performance the Mets (9-12) stumbled to 1-10 when trailing after six innings. Viagra and sexual performance After seven, viagra and sexual performance they are 0-11.


The newest member of the Douche Bag Hall of Fame is Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez. Viagra and sexual performance Its guys like Gonzalez that makes the demise of newspapers easier to take. Viagra and sexual performance If a blogger ever wrote a poorly put together piece like this Buzz Bissinger would go to his mother’s basement and kick his ass. Viagra and sexual performance I’d call Gonzalez a rank amateur but the fact that he lives and worked in Philadelphia is punishment enough. Viagra and sexual performance For a fan base that for vast majority of its existence has been apathetic towards it’s baseball team, viagra and sexual performance they really need a good strong glass of shut the fuck up. Viagra and sexual performance Phillies fans are starting to make Highlander fans tolerable.


Shrek and Johnny Bench Santos are safe for a while longer and Brian Schneider is still feeling the effects of a sore calf. Viagra and sexual performance Take your time Bri.


Enjoy your weekend and while your snug in your bed think of me sleeping in the woods and don’t smirk.


LET’S  GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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