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Viagra use Ike Davis and several teammates are putting on a charity benefit concert to raise funds for children’s cancer research on Sunday, viagra use September 9 after the Mets-Braves game. Viagra use There will be an open bar – Ike and other Mets players will be guest bartending for the evening as well as auctions, viagra use interviews by emcee Evan Roberts from WFAN, viagra use and a live musical performance by country music star Lee Brice (a player favorite).  Join Ike and the gang at City Winery to “Knock Childhood Cancer Out of the Park”. Viagra use All proceeds benefit two NYC children’s cancer charities that Ike partners with.  Some tickets are still available.  Tickets and more information here.

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Women use viagra This post will be all over the place, women use viagra so let me apologize in advance because I still can’t get my thoughts all in one place after watching Johan Santana’s no hitter last night. Women use viagra What has me all verklempt is this was more than just the first no hitter in the history of the NY Metropolitan Baseball Club, women use viagra it was more a display of what this little thing of ours, women use viagra being a Mets fan means. Women use viagra If the non-believers don’t grasp the concept of Mets fandom after last night, women use viagra they never will and that’s their loss.

Women use viagra The look of determination on the face of Santana will stay with me for a long, women use viagra long time as will the image of Terry Collins who was put in the worst spot of al, women use viagral worrying about the health of his Ace and the historical place this game was headed. Women use viagra Later we would learn that Santana would sing his own version of The Weight as he told Collins he was not coming out of this game taking the load off the manager and putting on him.

Women use viagra I thought of Josh Thole, women use viagra just activated after suffering a concussion guiding Santana along. Women use viagra After a week- ten days of working out in a back field of Pt. Women use viagra St. Women use viagra Lonesome to this electrifying moment, women use viagra I was hoping his head wasn’t hurting.

Women use viagra I thought about Mike Baxter who went above and beyond the call of duty crashing into the left field wall to make a catch that is now another in memorable catches in Mets history. Women use viagra Watching him come off the field with Ray Ramirez holding his arm, women use viagra I thought the worst but then this morning I read Baxter quotes where he said “I’ll be ok, women use viagra it’s not about me it’s Johan’s night”. Women use viagra Baxter typified the all for one, women use viagra one for all attitude this team has taken on.

Women use viagra I thought about Gary Cohen calling the game on SNY and Howie Rose calling the action on WFAN, women use viagra they are not just the Mets play by play men, women use viagra they are one of us. Women use viagra I feel even closer to them since we are all from the same generation who got into Mets Fandom on the ground floor. Women use viagra I’ve always wondered if our paths ever crossed way back when in the Upper Deck at Shea maybe during a Craig Swan start or cheering a Willie Montanez home run, women use viagra complete with the stutter step home run trot. Women use viagra When the no hitter was “in the history books” as Howie noted, women use viagra Ron Darling, women use viagra who was extremely fired up in the late innings of this game, women use viagra and Keith Hernandez, women use viagra who was astonishing quiet maybe superstition took over, women use viagra asked Gary if he thought the no hitter drought would ever be broken and without missing a beat Cohen said “NO” I got a bit misty in the eyes when Gary said that because I knew exactly where he was coming from.

Women use viagra I thought a lot about Johan Santana. Women use viagra I thought about all the hard work he put in to get back on a Major League mound and like Bobby Ojeda said on the post-game show pitching “on back fields in front of tumble weed and three legged dogs”. Women use viagra This is part of the professional athletes life that many fans either ignore or just don’t care about. Women use viagra The work that Santana put in after his shoulder surgery is what separates him as one of the top pitchers in MLB to the guy holding on or trying to get a roster spot. Women use viagra All pitchers at this level can throw a baseball, women use viagra it’s the few who have the work ethic and the intelligence to make the climb to the top that stand out. Women use viagra When Santana went down with his shoulder injury that needed surgical repair he was one of the best pitchers in baseball. Women use viagra He worked his ass off in rehabilitating the shoulder and in getting himself back on his game right where he left off. Women use viagra  After last night’s performance all those days with the physical therapist and then on the back fields of the Mets minor league complex with the sweat dripping off him to the scrutiny of Dan Warthen and Terry Collins in spring training to the skepticism of the media and fan base, women use viagra wondering which Johan Santana we would see, women use viagra has paid off big time. Women use viagra What we’ve seen is one of the best pitchers in Mets history and a player with the heart of a lion.

Women use viagra Last night was not about the owner and how much money he has or doesn’t have  nor was it about whether this team is playing over their heads, women use viagra no, women use viagra it was about what it’s like when you sign on to become a Mets fan. Women use viagra There are good days and some bad days and then there are days like yesterday that wash away all the bad. Women use viagra  If you’ve decided not to support this team because of your disdain for the ownership, women use viagra well you’re stupid. Women use viagra If you learned anything last night it’s not about the Skill Sets, women use viagra it’s not about the Robinson Rotunda, women use viagra it’s not about the outfield walls and it’s not about the Shake Shack, women use viagra it’s about the 25 players and it’s about us and for all of you who have been avoiding Citi Field, women use viagra you better hop back on the bandwagon and buy some tickets and come out to watch this team play because I don’t think they are done making history, women use viagra the no hitter might just be the beginning of something very special.

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Women use viagra  

Women use viagra  

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Viagra dose There is a segment of this fan base that really needs to stop listening to sports talk radio for your own good. Viagra dose There are too many of you that take the word of the gasbags on WFAN and WEPN as sports gospel. Viagra dose The biggest offender seem to be the wanna- be shock jock on WFAN in the early AM who threw out a line that a Mets “official” said the club was going to honor Chipper Jones during the Braves last visit to NYC. Viagra dose I guess the fact that the wanna- be shock jock’ partner, viagra dose the fair haired Norman Esiason has been taking days off here and there (maybe NFL Norman is trying to tell wanna- be shocks partner Norman that this morning gig is bad for you imagine and credibility) left the wanna-be shock with nothing to talk about since his scope of sports knowledge seems to be whatever is in the daily fish wraps and what he reads on blogs, viagra dose so with no partner to banter with he decided to join in on every media types favorite target of belittlement, viagra dose the NY Mets.

Viagra dose After it was broadcast over the biggest waste of 50, viagra dose000 watts in radio, viagra dose that the Mets were thinking about honoring Chipper Jones, viagra dose the lunatic fringe of Metsopotania flew into a Tweeting rage. Viagra dose If it weren’t for the fact that I’m a lifelong Mets fans I’d have laughed my ass off over the over reaction by some fans but instead I’m left shaking my head and letting out a great big “sigh”.

Viagra dose The Mets are not going to hold a “Larry Jones Night” at Citi Field. Viagra dose If anything they will have a short and sweet pre-game annoucemnt that no one will even see as it will be so far from game time you will still be on the Shake Shack line. Viagra dose The will give Jones a plaque and acknowledge his Hall of Fame career and wish him the best on his retirement. Viagra dose It will take you longer to decide what dipping sauce you want with your Box Frites Belgian fries.

Viagra dose Yes I understand that Jones was a one man wrecking crew against the Mets for his career but I also understand the he thoroughly enjoyed competing on the New York stage and he appreciates the rich history of New York baseball. Viagra dose  As I’ve mentioned many times, viagra dose he loved to interact with Mets fans and always found time to sign autographs. Viagra dose Ask David Wright about Jones and how he has helped Wright with encouragement or a batting tip here or there.

Viagra dose I guess if you haven’t been witness to Jones’ mingling with Mets fans all you would see is a guy who beat our brains in but if you’ve seen Jones up close at Shea or Citi dealing with Mets fans you know he’s a classy guy. Viagra dose The Mets are just acknowledging that class.

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Non prescription viagra canada First off congratualtions to the St Lousi Cardinals for winning their 11th World Series in franchise history. Non prescription viagra canada Some folks on Twitter can’t understand why I was rooting for the Cards to win this Series. Non prescription viagra canada With the exception of 2008 and 2009 when I just couldn’t bring myself to rally for the Phuck Phaces (in 2009 I abstained from rooting as much as I hate the Phuck Phaces, non prescription viagra canada rooting for the Bronx Bastards would be a mortal sin) I always support the NL and I’ll say this the Senior Circuit has won the last 4 of 6 World Series.

Non prescription viagra canada Now that the World Series is over and we are getting out our snow shovels (WHAT?) it’s time for the Hot Stove to rev up and of course the first order of business will be the signing or non-signing of Jose Reyes. Non prescription viagra canada Sandy Alderson will handle the negotiation with the team coming first and the fan base second. Non prescription viagra canada For those of you who clamor for Reyes back at any price, non prescription viagra canada haven’t we gone down that road of destruction too many times in Flushing ? The days of winning the tabloid back pages in the winter are over. Non prescription viagra canada Of course I want to see Reyes back as the Mets shortstop but not at a ridiculous price. Non prescription viagra canada I’m more concerned about the years than I am the money. Non prescription viagra canada Four years, non prescription viagra canada I’m fine with five would have to be an option with incentives; six would be thank you for your years of service Jose.

Non prescription viagra canada The Highlanders were smart to sign a 1 year extension with WCBS 880 for the rights to broadcast their games on radio. Non prescription viagra canada The Met deal on WFAN is up after this season and I’d bet anything that WFAN wants those Highlander games badly. Non prescription viagra canada  That’s fine by me as that would then conclude me from being a WFAN listener ever again. Non prescription viagra canada As it is now, non prescription viagra canada I turn on the station out of boredom or just tired of listening to music at work.

Non prescription viagra canada If I were the owner of a MLB team I’d be pissed with Bud Selig today as he stated the deadbeat Skill Sets have not paid off their $25 mil loan to MLB. Non prescription viagra canada I wonder what Frank McCourt has to say about that. Non prescription viagra canada Call it BuddyCare.

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Buy viagra in canada I’m sure by now most of you have either heard or read the attack article by T.J. Buy viagra in canada Simmers of the LA Times about Marcus Thames. There have been a whole lot of opinions on how Simmers went after Thames with the nastiest of attitudes, buy viagra in canada basically calling Thames are no talent bum and also calling out Don Matingly as being clueless on how to manage a big league team. Buy viagra in canada If you have ever read Simmers columns before this one, buy viagra in canada you know he plays the Angry Old White Guy perfectly and he takes pride in being an asshole. Buy viagra in canada  As much of an asshole as Simmers may be, buy viagra in canada I have to give him credit for being an accountable asshole.

Buy viagra in canada Everything Simmers said about Thames and Matingly he said to their faces and both knew it doesn’t pay to argue with and asshole, buy viagra in canada especially an Angry Old White Asshole but again he wrote what he wrote and walked into the Dodger Clubhouse the next day to face the men he besmirched. Buy viagra in canada Got give him credit for that.

Buy viagra in canada Yesterday on Twitter, buy viagra in canada I got into a bit of a “Tweet debate” with Evan Roberts of WFAN. Buy viagra in canada Roberts sent out this Tweet that I felt made him look like an ignoramus:

Buy viagra in canada “ I’m certainly not a booer, buy viagra in canada but the guy I will be first to get on if he doesn’t perform would be Jason Bay…”

Buy viagra in canada My response to Roberts was:

Buy viagra in canada “why would you boo Bay? by the way have you ever been in a pro clubhouse or locker room to interview players?”

Buy viagra in canada The reason for the second part of my question was, buy viagra in canada Roberts and his partner Joe Benigno love to rip players, buy viagra in canada managers/coaches , buy viagra in canada GM’s and owners on the air, buy viagra in canada which is fine but I never remember either of them ever saying they have been in a locker room or clubhouse of the area teams to confront the folks they’ve blasted. Buy viagra in canada I felt the statement that Roberts made was unbelievably stupid.

Buy viagra in canada The Tweets went back and forth with Roberts refusing to answer my question of facing the guys he criticizes but when he finally answered, buy viagra in canada I felt bad for him:

Buy viagra in canada   @kranepool You think higher of me and my co workers then I do…most of these players don’t know or care who I am.. Buy viagra in canada   

Buy viagra in canada My Tweet before that was about Roberts doing a mid morning show on a 50K watt NYC radio station, buy viagra in canada and doesn’t think the players know who he is? I call bullshit. Buy viagra in canada I think Roberts is either scared or intimidated by the folks he goes after. Buy viagra in canada  Roberts loves to tell listeners that he buys his own tickets to Mets and Nets games and would rather watch the game in the stands than in a press box. Buy viagra in canada Nothing wrong with that. Buy viagra in canada But why not go into the clubhouse after a game and talk to the players or manager/coaches about the game or team’s performance? If Roberts put as much time and effort into his craft as he did in his Twitter baseball games, buy viagra in canada maybe the players would know who he is.

Buy viagra in canada I think the reason I was so stunned by Roberts’ comments is the fact that the Mets have been gracious in granting Mets bloggers access to players, buy viagra in canada Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson and I’m not going to lie any time I can talk to someone affiliated with the Mets, buy viagra in canada I jump at it.

Buy viagra in canada I’m very critical of the ownership of the Mets but believe me I would love to sit down with Fred, buy viagra in canada Jeff and Dave Howard for an interview. Buy viagra in canada  If they wanted to rip me for sucky writing and poor grammar that would be fine with me, buy viagra in canada hell they could tell me to hit the gym and drop a few pounds, buy viagra in canada I’d be glad to take it because if you dish it out, buy viagra in canada you have to take it, buy viagra in canada but seriously a sit down between myself and management would allow them to see where I’m coming from as a long time Mets fan who just wants to see the team he roots for given more respect, buy viagra in canada  work on building a winner, buy viagra in canada and treating the Mets fans better that they do. Buy viagra in canada  No screaming or yelling just conversation and debate. Buy viagra in canada  I can act like adult when I have to.

Buy viagra in canada I all come back to accountability, buy viagra in canada I stand by whatever I write and I have no problem going into the clubhouse and talking to whoever I have a beef with.

Buy viagra in canada How the media tide has turned, buy viagra in canada it’s the bloggers now who are now the most responsible reporters of news.

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Best cialis price I was fortunate to be one of the bloggers  invited  to attend the Mets Holiday Party  yesterday and it was quite the experience.

Best cialis price From the time I arrived at the frozen tundra of Flushing (it was a bit surreal as I was the only passenger getting off at the Citi Field-Willets Pt. Best cialis price stop on the 7 train and the wind was whipping and there was still wisps of snow on the platform. Best cialis price Then walking out of the station there was not a soul around the ball park. Best cialis price  It felt like the kind of dream I’ve had after one too many late night slices of pepperoni pizza before going to bed) and walked into the Seaver entrance of the ball park, best cialis price I had a very awkward feeling. Best cialis price The guard at the door asked me if I was “media” or a guest. Best cialis price  I immediately turned into Ralph Kramden “Aaaaaa Humm-a-na-Hummm-a-ana, best cialis price I don’t know” and with that I shoved a copy of the e mail of my invite at him. Best cialis price The guard made a call and told me to have a seat and when the check in begins, best cialis price look for your name on the “media list”. Best cialis price Say that again but a bit slower? Sure enough on the “media list” we’re my name and my site along with other bloggers. Best cialis price  After checking in, best cialis price I walked to the elevator with Sweeney Murti, best cialis price the Highlander beat man for WFAN. Best cialis price When I asked what he was doing here ( like I’m now the keeper of who belongs and who doesn’t) he told me he was covering this for the MLB Network (oh ok permission to come on board the ship) Knowing that he has mentioned he’s a one time Phillies fan, best cialis price I asked him about the Cliff Lee signing and if he was happy or sad since he covers the Highlanders. Best cialis price It was here where I realized how much difference there is between the MSM and bloggers, best cialis price Murti told be it didn’t matter to him as he has not rooting interest either way. Best cialis price  It finally hit me, best cialis price this is the man’s job. Best cialis price It doesn’t matter who wins or losses or who’s a nice guy or who’s a prick, best cialis price he just covers the Highlanders as that’s his assignment. Best cialis price WFAN could tell him tomorrow that they are going to switch it up and have Ed Coleman cover the Highlanders and him cover the Mets and it would not phase Murti in the slightest.

Best cialis price There’s the difference, best cialis price as a blogger I have an emotional attachment to the New York Mets. Best cialis price  There isn’t any objectivity here. Best cialis price There is anger some (most) times and sarcasm and general wise ass-ness here but it stays within the Mets fandom. Best cialis price We can call the owner names and curse the OP and Castillo contracts for burdening the organization but if someone outside the “family” says anything we get our backs up and we stick up for the team and the organization. Best cialis price Now the last few years, best cialis price this has been quite difficult. Best cialis price So my trek to Flushing yesterday was as much a fact finding mission to see what this new regime will do to cleanse the sins of the past administration as it was to try to find out if the team is headed in the right direction.

Best cialis price As our little group of bloggers stood around basically trying to figure out where to stand, best cialis price where to leave our coats, best cialis price and where the bathrooms were, best cialis price we were saved by Danielle Parillo of the Mets P.R. Best cialis price who gave us the itinerary for the day (and for that I am grateful, best cialis price Danielle) we were led to the media area and split into three groups, best cialis price print, best cialis price TV and bloggers. Best cialis price Yes, best cialis price we had our own section. Best cialis price After the GM, best cialis price MGR and players were done with the first two groups they were led to the bloggers section.

Best cialis price Sandy Alderson was the first to meet with us, best cialis price we introduced ourselves and shook hands with the GM and then began the Q & A. Best cialis price  It’s hard not to be impressed by Alderson. Best cialis price I perceive him as a man of cool and confidence, best cialis price I don’t think much rattles this man. Best cialis price Each question was met with direct eye contact with the inquirer and there were no one or two word answers. Best cialis price  The main questions were of course about pitching , best cialis price Alderson made it known that was his main concern as well. Best cialis price He is not going to sign a pitcher just because his name is familiar with fans; this front office will do its due diligence from scouting reports to in depth analytical study on pitchers to find the right fit. Best cialis price Alderson’ personality is the polar opposite of most Mets fans, best cialis price he’s patient.

Best cialis price Terry Collins was next to talk to us and if anything the man is intense. Best cialis price It is going to be quite intriguing to see how his high energy” if you’re not part of the solution your part of the problem” style will play in the Mets clubhouse. Best cialis price I explained to him my biggest grip with the team and organization over the last few years  was the “woe is us” attitude from the ownership to the front office to manger, best cialis price coaches and players where losing was accepted and injuries were used as a crutch. Best cialis price Collins let me know that this will not happen with this team, best cialis price those days are over. Best cialis price He also said that this will be addressed on day one of spring training. Best cialis price  As with Alderson, best cialis price the Ollie Castillo question came up and Collins gave the same answer as the GM that both these guys won’t stay on the roster if they cannot produce. Best cialis price  Collins also said that Ollie is on the list of starting pitchers come spring, best cialis price so if anything the Ollie Castillo question will not be answered until the end of March. Best cialis price Patients Mets fans, best cialis price patients.

Best cialis price Ike Davis was the first player to talk to us, best cialis price when asked about Dave Hudgens the new hitting coach, best cialis price Davis said he was thrilled as Hudgens is an “ASU (Arizona State University) guy and he also very happy that Ken Oberfell will be on the big league staff telling us that playing in Buffalo for Obie was the best baseball experience he’s had.

Best cialis price Carlos Beltran came by and the first impression I got meeting him in person for the first time, best cialis price was how big he is. Best cialis price He’s very broad in the chest and shoulders so you can see where his gets his power from. Best cialis price He told us his knee feels great and that his has been working out and is ready for spring training. Best cialis price He said the Mets have told him that he is the centerfielder and that he is happy about that but if there is someone in the organization that the club feels is better suited for the position, best cialis price he has no problem moving to right field. Best cialis price I get the sense that he wants to show he’s a team guy but I can tell he wants to show the skeptics he can still man the middle of the outfield. Best cialis price I asked him, best cialis price since the knee is feeling better will we see the speed come back, best cialis price he joked and said that at soon to be 34 years old he can’t run like when he was 24 and then asked me if I can still run when I was 24 (I was the oldest of the group) I laughed and said “I can’t run like I did when I was 44”, best cialis price we laughed and Carlos said “I’m only kidding with you” like I’d take offense? We bonded Beltran and I get that contract extension ready Sandy!

Best cialis price Jason Bay says he is headache free and has no signs or symptoms from his concussion. Best cialis price He looks fit.  Last season is still gnawing on him and spring training can’t come soon enough to suit him. Best cialis price I asked him how do the players stay below the noise and by that  I mean the extensive media coverage, best cialis price the talk radio loudmouths, best cialis price the many bloggers and playing in a city where baseball season is 24/7/365. Best cialis price Bay said that playing in Boston helps with that but he said coming from Pittsburgh to Boston was a definite shock. Best cialis price He said that as professionals they can’t let the outside forces take away their focus.

Best cialis price After entertaining the kids by playing Santa Claus (Marty Noble who was attendance really should have donned that Santa suit he has the physic for the job) David Wright came over to us. Best cialis price I remarked to him “is there anything you won’t do for this organization”? He gave me that patented D-Wright smile and said he will do whatever it takes to help this organization. Best cialis price From talking to Wright, best cialis price the impression I got was, best cialis price he’s happy about the regime change. Best cialis price He didn’t say anything specific but the word he used a lot in our conversation was “discipline”.  This is something that Matt Cerrone spoke about on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show last night, best cialis price the players in the last few years have felt this sense of entitlement like they didn’t have to prove anything to anyone and that playing for the Mets was like a Supreme Court appointment. Best cialis price That is over and done. Best cialis price   When asked about meeting Sandy Alderson, best cialis price Wright  again mentioned the discipline aspect of Alderson and how much he respected his baseball resume and just as important his dedicated service to the country. Best cialis price Wright told the group, best cialis pricehe sees a lot of his father, best cialis price a police officer, best cialis price in Alderson. Best cialis price  Wright also spoke of Collins and again this is just me speculating, best cialis price I don’t think David was a big fan of Jerry Manuel . Best cialis price Wright mentioned how Collins is a motivator and will instill (that word again ) discipline. Best cialis price My take is that the clubhouse has been dominated by a bunch of players who feel they are on scholarship when all they are, best cialis price are walk-ons.  From listening to Wright it seems it the Mets were overdue for this change in management.

Best cialis price For more on the day at Citi Field with the Mets check out the great job that Rob Castellano of Amazin’ Avenue did in putting together a great video recap of the interviews.

Best cialis price Back when I started doing this blog eight years ago, best cialis price I was envious of the bloggers at a now defunct site Elephants in Oakland who wrote about the Oakland A’s as they were given an audience with Billy Beane.  As we all know the A’s under Alderson and Beane were the most progressive of front offices. Best cialis price The same thing when Theo Epstein  took over the Red Sox and Paul DePodesta ran the Dodgers. Best cialis price Here I was as a Mets fan stuck with Joe McIllvaine a GM who much better fitted for a head scout or head of minor league development, best cialis price Al “The Empty Suit” Harrazin, best cialis price Steve “Lively Libido” Phillips, best cialis price Jim “Never Had A Chance” Duquette and Omar “See Joe Mcillvaine Description” Minaya running my favorite team, best cialis price turning a blind eye to present and future of baseball management. Best cialis price  When I knew that the Minaya regime was ready for over throw, best cialis price the first name on my wish list was Sandy Alderson and ownership came to its senses and hired him and not only Alderson but his top lieutenants Paul DePodesta and J.P. Best cialis price Ricciardi. Best cialis price To the average everyday Mets fan, best cialis price who gets his Mets news from fish wraps and entertainers on talk radio, best cialis price they don’t get the excitement of this new regime that resonates from those of us who sit on our laptops all day wondering you will manger Appalachian League Kingsport Mets but in due time they will. Best cialis price  All the bitching and moaning about not signing a big ticket free agent is off base, best cialis price this front office may be the best free agent signings in Mets history.

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Viagra substitute Listened to the Terry Collins presser on WFAN and the two whinny hosts, viagra substitute Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts who I think were more upset that the Collins intro took away from them rubbing Rex Ryan’ ample belly in worship. Viagra substitute But a couple of observations:

Viagra substitute WHOA!!!! Collins is a bundle of energy that’s for sure and complete opposite from Jerry Manuel. Viagra substitute It felt like Collins picked a couple of Four Lokos at a bodega on Roosevelt Ave before hitting Citi Field.

Viagra substitute Collins said all the right things (all the things we’ve heard in the past 10 of these pressers) about stressing fundi’s, viagra substitute pitching and the big one, viagra substitute ACCOUNTABILITY .  Like a batter spouse, viagra substitute we’ve heard this all before.

Viagra substitute I understand the love for Wally Backman but why turn it to hate towards Collins? That I don’t get. Viagra substitute As I said I would have loved to see Wally on that podium today but Alderson & Co. Viagra substitute thought otherwise, viagra substitute so at this point in the first month of the new management I have to give them the benefit of the doubt .

Viagra substitute By a show of hands (or comments) how many of you think the Mets will be Pennant contenders next year?

Viagra substitute Don’t forget to tune into THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN tonight on BLOG TALK RADIO as Doug Gladstone and George  “The Stork” Theodore will be my guests.

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Viagra online cod according to Jon Heyman, viagra online cod the Mets have traded for Gary Mathews Jr. Viagra online cod Still waiting to hear who the Mets gave up, viagra online cod but if it’s more than two Shake Shack burgers then we wuz robbed.

Viagra online cod Listening to Jon Heyman on WFAN he says the Angels will pick up close to $20 mil of the $23 mil owed to Mathews but Luis Castillo is NOT part of the deal. 

Viagra online cod The only thing that sucks more than Mathews Jr coming here is that Castillo is not going to Anaheim.

Viagra online cod Much a fucking do about nothing.

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Viagra So the whole world of Metsdom is in an uproar due to the proclamation from the Drive Time Bloviator on WFAN that he has some major update about our favorite baseball team. Viagra So what could this major update be?


Viagra Well, viagra I speculated on Twitter last night, viagra that the team is in talks with Bombo Rivera to make a comeback and man left field. Viagra Rivera has Expo blood in him so that’s enticing to Omar.


Viagra Or it might be that Frank McCourt, viagra the owner of the Los Angles Dodgers of Brooklyn, viagra who is in a nasty divorce with Madame Jamie, viagra needing cash will sell the name DODGERS to the Skill Sets who will finally get their wish to own the Dodgers.


Viagra Then again it could be that the Skill Sets have decided to have the team take a year off and cancel all plans to field a team in 2010. Viagra $iti Field will then be turned into a combination Chuck-E-Cheese/Catering hall to be rented out for birthdays, viagra weddings and bar mitzvahs.


Viagra Who knows? Only the Pontiff Mike knows.

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Female viagra viagra woman I’m glad I didn’t watch last night debacle but I’ll say this as I was coming home from a day in the city I put on WFAN and Tony Page was on. Female viagra viagra woman Page never has a bad word for anyone but he was killing the Mets on his program. Female viagra viagra woman I didn’t even need to hear the score to know this was one awful loss.

Female viagra viagra woman So maybe we are all delusional thinking that one bat or one arm will make a difference maybe it’s time Omar, female viagra viagra woman John Rico, female viagra viagra woman Tony B and Little Jeffey sat down like men and make a decision to blow this team up and start over.   

Female viagra viagra woman Thnik about it what’s worse trading Carlos Beltran for big gotten gains or dealing Fernando Martinez for David Eckstein?

Female viagra viagra woman We’ll know by the end of this month but I’m ready to file for the demoltion permits

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