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Cialis prescription I got myself in a bit of a Twitter pissing match today over the news that R.A. Cialis prescription Dickey was not picked by Tony LaRussa to start the All Star Game tomorrow night. Cialis prescription I, cialis prescription like the majority of Mets fans, cialis prescription are totally piss off that Dickey is not starting the game. Cialis prescription I made it known on Twitter how pissed I am and how wrong it is that Dickley will not be on the bump for the bottom of the first inning tomorrow night.

Cialis prescription I’m not a fan of Tony LaRussa who I’ve always felt is a self-important prick and his decision to start Matt Cain over Dickey just solidified that opinion of the so called genius. Cialis prescription I have many reasons why I feel so strongly about Dickey starting the game tomorrow night, cialis prescription he’s earned it with a tremendous first half, cialis prescription his story is one of the most compelling in sports and is a lesson in perseverance and verifying that hard work pays off and he plays for the NY Mets.

Cialis prescription Part of the nastiness of my Twit fit was being called out for getting too emotional about Dickey not getting the start and then I was hit with the always clever “who gives a shit who starts the game” I do. Cialis prescription I care for the reasons I mention and the fact that he is a NY Met, cialis prescription the baseball team I live and die with. Cialis prescription I don’t give a rats ass about any other player who was snubed by not being named to the team or the fact that Matt Cain has pitched well this season, cialis prescription all I care about is a guy writing one of the best rags to riches story is not in the spotlight because of a retired manager who had to have his final “look at me moment” didn’t do the right thing by giving the All Star Game, cialis prescription  a game most baseball fans have grown tired of, cialis prescription a reason to tune in to see the best that the American League has to offer try to hit that mysterious of pitches, cialis prescription the knuckleball and not just any knuckleball but an Angry Knuckleball.

Cialis prescription The same folks who took me to task about my “emotional outburst” over Dickey not getting the start are folks I’ve had a bit of trouble understanding most recently. Cialis prescription   I’ve tried to explain that the word fan comes from fanatic and when it comes to the teams I root for especially the NY Mets I am proud to say I’m a fanatic, cialis prescription and when I feel the Mets or a Mets player is unjustly treated I react and I’ll never apologize for that.

Cialis prescription What’s makes the, cialis prescription I don’t want to say attack as that’s a bit strong but the nasty tone of the tweets is one of the tweeters who claims to be a big NY Rangers fan but felt it would be a shame if Martin Broduer left the NJ Devils. Cialis prescription I tweeted back” fuck Marty Broduer, cialis prescription the Devils and Newark NJ”. Cialis prescription I mean if you are a true Blue Rangers fan why would you give a rat’s ass if Broduer left Newark for say Toronto or Montreal? Fuck ‘em. Cialis prescription Henrik Lundqvist is better any way.

Cialis prescription This would be like saying it would be a shame if Jimmy Rollins went to an American League team, cialis prescription are you fucking kidding?

Cialis prescription R.A. Cialis prescription Dickey is too classy to rip the Genius for not starting him and he doesn’t have to , cialis prescription as R.A. Cialis prescription has enough Mets fanatics to handle this injustice for him.

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Viagra online mexico

Viagra online mexico  

Viagra online mexico Back in the mid 1970’s the NYC Board of Education said that I had to take algebra in High School but really who gives a shit how much a + b equals and (ab) x( cd)? After a couple of weeks of this nonsense I decided my time would be better spent at the OTB on 18 Ave and in a back booth at the J & V Pizzeria. Viagra online mexico It looks like the management at 105.7 THE FAN in Baltimore feels the same way about exhibition baseball like I did about algebra.

Viagra online mexico The Mets and Orioles game yesterday was delayed by rain (to the point that Big Pelf tossed but a mere 13 pitches as the rain came and cut his afternoon short) and O’s radio yackers Joe Angel and Fred Manfra did their best to fill about 40 minutes of improvisation when they were told by the head muck Dee-muck at the station to shut it down and go grab and Early Bird dinner. Viagra online mexico Just as Angel and Manfra were sipping their soup the game resumed without any radio transmission back to Bawlermore. Viagra online mexico

Viagra online mexico It was an exhibition game at the end of endless spring training so no one really cares that the game wasn’t broadcast right? Right?

Viagra online mexico I just called 105.7 and asked why they are not broadcasting the game as scheduled. Viagra online mexico I was told by the producer that they have not resumed the broadcast after the rain delay because Fred Manfra and Joe Angle left and there is no one there to broadcast the game.

Viagra online mexico I think this stinks. Viagra online mexico Now I know it’s a “spring training” game and all that but come on. Viagra online mexico How bush league can you get? Your broadcasters walk off the set during a rain delay and decide to go home? What do you think?

Viagra online mexico What do I think? Are you fucking serious? Go take a walk around the Inner Harbor, viagra online mexico or Babe’s Museum or score an 8-Ball, viagra online mexico you’re in Bawlermore damn it!

Viagra online mexico Angel was so distraught over missing the remaining innings he posted this on a Baltimore Sun blog:

Viagra online mexico The decision to end the broadcast was made by the decision making level

Viagra online mexico at our flagship station. Viagra online mexico It didn’t come from us…..and certainly not from

Viagra online mexico the Orioles. Viagra online mexico Thanks for listening……..There’s a lot to look forward to

Viagra online mexico with Orioles baseball. Viagra online mexico Fred and I are grateful and privileged to be your

Viagra online mexico Orioles baseball companions. Viagra online mexico See you on the radio!

Viagra online mexico In other words the boss said pull the plug and they did but Angel wants it to be crystal clear that he and Manfra didn’t walk off the job. Viagra online mexico Watch out for that bus fellas!

Viagra online mexico  oh yeah, viagra online mexico enjoy this clip  

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