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Ordering viagra You know who I feel bad for in this whole Michael Bourn saga? The young man the Mets draft with the 11th pick in the entry draft because if he doesn’t turn into the next coming of Willie Mays or Walter Johnson he will be scared for life.

Ordering viagra So the Mets finally free up money to make not only a competitive offer but an offer that Bourn was eager to sign, ordering viagra if the reports are accurate, ordering viagra that Bourn’s first choice was the New York Mets. Ordering viagra So a bit of a silver lining for Mets fans to embrace here that the Mets were in position to make an offer on a free agent and the free agent wanted to be a Met. Ordering viagra The only thing it seems between Bourn flying around Citi Field as a Met or going elsewhere was that priceless 11th pick and Scott Boras doing his Scott Boras thing, ordering viagra taking his clients best offer and trying to get an even better best offer. Ordering viagra  Remember his midnight phone call to Pee Wee Cashman when Carols Beltran was to become a Met where he all but begged Pee Wee to match the Mets offer. Ordering viagra While it seems that the Mets and Bourn were just a signature away, ordering viagra Boras came back with an offer from the Cleveland Indians that matched the Mets offer and went one better with a 5th year option based on goals reached in that 4th year . Ordering viagra Did that scare off Sandy Alderson?  Did it piss him off that maybe he was being played by Boras? Could be a little of both.

Ordering viagra Who knew that not sucking enough in 2012 would hurt the Mets for 2013? Maybe going on a bit of tear after the 16-1 embarrassing loss to the Phillies wasn’t the best thing that could have happened late last season.  The big question I have is why did it take the Mets this long to contest the clause in the CBA on compensation for the inability to sign a draft pick? When going over the CBA didn’t anyone, ordering viagra not just the Mets but any team, ordering viagra look at that clause and say, ordering viagra “something is wrong here”. Ordering viagra It’s ridiculous that the Pittsburgh Pirates get rewarded for incompetence and not doing their due diligence in know what it would take to sign RHP Mark Appel last season. Ordering viagra   I’m not taking the Mets and Sandy Alderson off the hook here either they totally dropped the ball on this, ordering viagra even without the Bourn signing shouldn’t the Mets GM have been fighting  to get to the 10th pick anyway since the Mets had the 10th worst record in baseball?

Ordering viagra All through this Bourn saga, ordering viagra I’ve wavered back and forth and now that it’s done and Bourn is not a Met because of this 11th pick and more importantly the slot money the Mets would lose. Ordering viagra I’m pissed off that Alderson couldn’t finish the deal with Bourn/Boras.

Ordering viagra That fact that Bourn, ordering viagra if he signed with the Mets would have been the second best  everyday player on the team, ordering viagra he also would have added speed at the leadoff spot, ordering viagra a bonafide top notch centerfielder and most important the message that the Mets are back in the baseball business. Ordering viagra All of these factors in my opinion outweigh a draft pick and a couple of million dollars of slot money. Ordering viagra Signing Bourn would have boosted the fan base moral and made the baseball establishment sit up and take notice.

Ordering viagra Bourn to the Mets would have capped off a fantastic off season for Alderson. Ordering viagra He signed David Wright to 8 year deal, ordering viagra he dumped Jason Bay and he show his onions trading R.A. Ordering viagra Dickey in turn making the Mets future look brighter. Ordering viagra That’s what has me puzzled over not signing Bourn. Ordering viagra Why not sign him and then go to the MLBPA and argue the stupidity of the compensation rule. Ordering viagra If you have the balls to trade not only a reigning CY Young Award winner but also one of the most popular Mets players in recent history, ordering viagra why lose your courage over a draft pick? Roll the fucking dice.

Ordering viagra Alderson made a terrific offer to Bourn/Boras who in turn said I see your offer of 4 years and raise you a vesting option on a 5th. Ordering viagra Alderson looked at his cards showing an 11th round pick on a player who odds are will never make an impact on the Mets, ordering viagra and the slot money, ordering viagra which I believe is more important to Alderson that the pick itself and said I’m out. Ordering viagra That’s what has me mad as hell, ordering viagra Alderson found a strange time to lose his nerve. Ordering viagra He should have matched the Indians offer. Ordering viagra He’d have been a hero today. Ordering viagra I hope to hell he has another plan up his sleeve if not he should lay low and stop with the wise ass jokes , ordering viagra I’m really not in the mood.

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Gel tab viagra Before I get started with some Mets-cellaneous items, gel tab viagra a moment of silence please to remember both Earl Weaver and Stan Musial two baseball titans who passed away this past Saturday.

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Gel tab viagra I would like to congratulate David Wright on the announcement of his engagement to his long time squeeze Molly Beers. Gel tab viagra I’ll be checking the mail for my wedding invitation

Gel tab viagra The Bitter Bill got to meet R.A. Gel tab viagra Dickey last Saturday night at the New York Baseball Writers dinner and found out what everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting and talking to R.A. Gel tab viagra discovered, gel tab viagra he’s not only a gentleman but one of the most interesting people you’ll ever run into in your life. Gel tab viagra  

Gel tab viagra It took me awhile to wrangle this but I am proud to announce I was able to purchase the sponsorship of Ed Kranepool’s player page on Baseball-Reference.  The other pages I sponsor are, gel tab viagra Ken Boswell, gel tab viagra Duffy Dyer, gel tab viagra Jay Hook, gel tab viagra 1947 NY Giants, gel tab viagra and 1977 NY Mets. Gel tab viagra It’s the least I can do for all the info I pluck from the Baseball-Reference site.

Gel tab viagra So Sandy Alderson made a funny at the baseball writer’s dinner:

Gel tab viagra There’s been a lot of talk about our outfield. Gel tab viagra And I want you to know that I’m in serious discussions with several outfielders I met on the Internet. Gel tab viagra There’s one I really like. Gel tab viagra He says he played at Stanford.’’

Gel tab viagra  and some folks are upset that he made a joke about the Mets outfield situation. Gel tab viagra Really? Seriously? Lighten up!

Gel tab viagra The San Francisco Giants honored their New York roots this past weekend by bringing not only the 2012 World Series trophy to town but the great Willie Mays as well. Gel tab viagra  By the way, gel tab viagra with all the debate over retiring numbers that we Mets fans seem to love argue about, gel tab viagra how a dialog about retiring #24 to honor the greatest player in baseball history?

Gel tab viagra You should also read this column by George Vecsey on the Giants World Series trophy tour of NY.  I let out a big “SIGH” when I was done reading.

Gel tab viagra Oh the Cubs had a FanFest over the weekend. Gel tab viagra Tip O’ the Mets cap to Mets Police for the linkage and for putting me in a more pissed off mood about the baseball team I love.

Gel tab viagra Hey look whose back, gel tab viagra Perpetual Pedro all recovered from shoulder problems and full of Highlander bucks has come home albeit with a minor league deal. Gel tab viagra Feliciano will join Robert Carson, gel tab viagra Josh Edgin, gel tab viagra Darin Gorski, gel tab viagra Aaron Laffey, gel tab viagra and post-op Tim Brydak as the Mets attempt to form the first all left handed bullpen in history of baseball.

Gel tab viagra My podcast mate on Mets Kult of Personalities Tayrn Cooper, gel tab viagra has penned a guest column on Jeff Pearlman’s website, gel tab viagra taking up the cause for Mike Piazza’ enshrinement into the Hall of Fame and calling out the voters for short sightedness in not voting Piazza in his first year of eligibility. Gel tab viagra Pearlman will also be guest on Coops Gall For All Seasons Podcast this week as well.

Gel tab viagra  

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Viagra femele Here they are your 1979 NEW YORK METS…………………

Viagra femele Marc Carig who covers the Mets for NEWSDAY after working the Highlanders beat asked a question on Twitter the other day about the Mets of 2012 and how they compared to the Mets of the late 1970’s. Viagra femele The late 70’s had the same feeling of despair and by 1979 Shea Stadium had become a place Mets fans avoided (attendance of 7, viagra femele000 a game were the norm back then) The negativity from Mets fans still centered over the trading of Tom Seaver to the Reds in 1977. Viagra femele That alone makes the late 70’s far far worse in my eyes than what’s happening now in Flushing.

Viagra femele There are some stark parallels between the 70’s and what’s going on now in Flushing, viagra femele ownership was a problem then as it is now. Viagra femele In October of 1975, viagra femele Joan Whitney Payson died and nearly took the Mets franchise with her to the beyond. Viagra femele Her husband Charles Payson wanted no part of running the Mets so it was left to his daughter Lorinda de Roulet and the dastardly rat bastard M. Viagra femele Donald Grant. Viagra femele Where Mrs. Viagra femele Payson had no trouble spending money on the team, viagra femele( she wanted desperately to bring Willie Mays back to NYC after see acquired the Mets she made an offer to Horace Stoneham to name his price for the contract of Mays. Viagra femele  In one of the few times that Stoneham was lucid he turned the offer down) Grant held on to every penny.

Viagra femele Today the Mets biggest problem is ownership and its lack of financial resources, viagra femele not just to add talent but to make mistakes disappear like Jason Bay. Viagra femele The team is in a free fall right now that has a very 70’s feel t to it and what makes this second half gag job so bad is 2013 looks no better. Viagra femele Why?, viagra femele because no one in the Mets ownership group can come out and tell the truth about the teams financial status. Viagra femele Management wants its most prize possession, viagra femele its season ticket holders, viagra femele to make a financial investment in the team in the form of purchasing tickets but won’t let them know what they are buying into, viagra femele so why would anyone buy in?

Viagra femele The biggest problem with this ownership is their lack of transparency as opposed to the 70’s when we knew that M. Viagra femele Donald Grant was a miserable pick and he had no problem living up to that reputation. Viagra femele  This lack of being truthful with the fan base has turned Sandy Alderson into Fred Astaire. Viagra femele Whenever Alderson is interviewed, viagra femele the first question is always about payroll and what it will be next season, viagra femele at this point is when Alderson pulls out the straw hat and cane and does the ol’ Wilpon soft shoe. Viagra femele  

Viagra femele I’ve never understood why the Skill Sets could never be honest with their fan base? You would think that someone in the organization would try to get them to change the way they disseminate their message?  I’ll give the Skill Sets this much, viagra femele as inept and awfully clandestine they are in conducting their baseball business , viagra femele they haven’t reached M.Donald Grant status yet on my despicable meter but knowing them they’ll keep trying.

Viagra femele If you haven’t read Jason Fry’s piece on the Faith and Fear site please go read it now. Viagra femele Hopefully someone in the organization will show this to Freddy Skill Sets and try to get him to realize the Mets fans may be leaving the piss off stage of fandom to the apathetic stage of who gives a shit?

Viagra femele I don’t know how Terry Collins does it night in and night out trying to put a positive spin on the ineptness of his team. Viagra femele  Collins is treading on dangerous ground here going from a guy protecting his players to looking like he has no clue. Viagra femele Bobby Ojeda has been as big a Collins supporter as there is but last night even he couldn’t take it anymore calling out the players for sitting out claiming they’re tired. Viagra femele Ojeda went on a rant about how that’s the difference between a winning team and a losing team. Viagra femele He was 1, viagra femele000 % on point. Viagra femele For once I’d love for Collins to come out and say that he’s let his team know that the difference between being a winning team and a losing team is desire. Viagra femele Right now the Mets seem to have no desire to finish strong, viagra femele something Collins has been preaching during this second half slide. Viagra femele It’s not throwing his players under the bus; it’s holding them accountable by calling them out for playing lousy baseball.

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Buying cialis on line Photo of great catch by Capt. Buying cialis on line Kirk from the NY Daily News

Buying cialis on line There are days the Mets fan base annoys and puzzles me and then there are days I can see they get it, buying cialis on line today they get. Buying cialis on line From reading through my Twitter timeline it seems the majority of Mets fans agree, buying cialis on line last night’s loss was the toughest of the season to take.

Buying cialis on line What has made my day is that Mets blogger extraordinaire, buying cialis on line Metstradamus wrote a post on last night’s game that is exactly how I feel, buying cialis on line so like a hobo hoping on box car for free ride, buying cialis on line if you read Metstradamus post twice, buying cialis on line you will get his take and mine on last night’s game.

Buying cialis on line I will add it was nice to see the maturation of Jon Niese on the mound last night. Buying cialis on line Niese tried to muscle the ball the first three innings going heavily with his fastball and not keeping the ball down. Buying cialis on line In the 4th he started to get a good feel for his curve ball and cutter and then pitched more effectively.

Buying cialis on line I really wish Terry Collins would stop talking about Andres Torres getting the centerfield job back when he returns from the DL. Buying cialis on line Torres is not even a league average player, buying cialis on line so TC and the Mets have to stop acting like there are brining Willie Mays back, buying cialis on line Torres had one solid year, buying cialis on line he’s 33 years old and he’s not the future of the NY Mets, buying cialis on line Kirk Nieuwenhuis is. Buying cialis on line  The young core of this team is what gives me hope that the future is bright for the Mets. Buying cialis on line I don’t expect Nieuwenhuis to keep hitting at a .371 clip but I’d rather he’d stay up here go through a dry spell at the plate and learn how to battle through in the big leagues.

Buying cialis on line It’s easy to dump on Jason Bay for striking out in a big spot but as per the Pitch f/x of his 10th inning at bat against Clay Hensley, buying cialis on line the real villain of that AB was home plate ump Kerwin Danley.

Buying cialis on line Don’t forget tonight is the World Premier of Knuckleball! At the Tribeca Film Festival with a free showing of the film at the Tribeca Drive-In  (World Financial Center Plaza, buying cialis on line West Street between Vesey and Liberty Streets) the festivities kick off at 6PM with the film showing at 8PM

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Bad side effects of viagra In a unanimous vote the NY NL Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance has selected Atlanta Braves RHP Craig Kimbrel as it choice for the 2011 NL Willie Mays Award for Rookie of the Year.

Bad side effects of viagra The chapter vote was as follows:

Bad side effects of viagra 1. Craig Kimbrel

Bad side effects of viagra 2. Bad side effects of viagra Freddie Freeman

Bad side effects of viagra 3. Bad side effects of viagra (tie 1 vote each) Danny Espinosa, bad side effects of viagra Jose Altuve, bad side effects of viagra Vance Worley, bad side effects of viagra Brandon Belt, bad side effects of viagra Lucas Duda

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How viagra works Happy 80th Brithday to the greatest baseball player of all time

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Gnc viagra As NY NL Chapter President of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, gnc viagra I am proud to present our vote for the Willie Mays Award given to the  outstanding rookie of the National League in 2010:

Gnc viagra 1st Place- Buster Posey, gnc viagra San Fransisco Giants

Gnc viagra 2nd Place-Jason Heywood, gnc viagra Atlanta Braves

Gnc viagra 3rd Place-Ike Davis, gnc viagra  New York Mets

Gnc viagra

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Viagra dose Join me today at 5PM ET for THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOGTALK RAIDO. Viagra dose My guests will be James S. Viagra dose Hirsch, viagra dose author of the best selling book Willie Mays: The Life, viagra dose The Legend (Scribner) and Seth Stohs of Seth Speaks who writes extensively about the  Minnesota Twins. Viagra dose We will discus the Joe Mauer signing, viagra dose the opening of Target Field and who will close for the Twins now that Joe Nathan is done for the season, viagra dose and much more.

Viagra dose Tune in live at 5PM ET on Blogtalk Radio or listen at your leisure right here at Kranepool Society (link is on lower left sidebar), viagra dose at my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN site (please excuse the mess it’s still under construction) or at the show page on Blog Talk Radio.

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Generic cialis soft tabs Sorry for the late post but sometimes work comes before blogging ( I know it shouldn’t but some times I have to give in to THE MAN)

Generic cialis soft tabs  

Generic cialis soft tabs The only baseball I watched last night was my Babe Ruth team back in action after three straight rain outs and the boys had some rust on them in this game. Generic cialis soft tabs Too many graduation parties, generic cialis soft tabs school dances and time off to text, generic cialis soft tabs play video games and just get a bit lazy. Generic cialis soft tabs All this rain (it is pouring as I type this and I’m trying to explain to a newly hired inspector that part of his initiation is to go get a veteran like myself his lunch when it’s raining)  not only has me looking at 5 games to make up but I haven’t got them out to practice either and it bit us last night as my  archenemies, generic cialis soft tabs walks and errors came back to haunt us, generic cialis soft tabs and was the prime reason we dropped a 13-4 decision to a team coached by a guy I can’t stand, generic cialis soft tabs umpired by a real dick head and played at a facility that is a shit hole. Generic cialis soft tabs So how was your evening?

Generic cialis soft tabs  

Generic cialis soft tabs Looking at the box score and reading the game story it seems Tim Redding was well, generic cialis soft tabs Tim Redding , generic cialis soft tabs back to his sucky self.

Generic cialis soft tabs  

Generic cialis soft tabs  I was surprised that J-Man brought in Bobby Parnell in the 6th after he was ordained the set up man. 

Generic cialis soft tabs  

Generic cialis soft tabs J-Man can you please play Daniel Murphy play every day at first base? How is that Fernando Martinez who is clearly a not ready for prime time player but gets to play every day and Murphy who was all the rage coming into the season gets buried like he was Ryan Church’ twin brother?

Generic cialis soft tabs  

Generic cialis soft tabs Today is Dave Schneck’s birthday. Generic cialis soft tabs Who is Dave Schneck? Schneck played outfield for the Mets back in the early to mid 70’s. Generic cialis soft tabs He showed some excellent power in the minors but it never came together for him in the bigs. Generic cialis soft tabs His claim to fame is batting clean up in his first major league game sandwiched between Willie Mays and Rusty Staub. Generic cialis soft tabs But Schnecks greatest contribution was to the country as he severed in combat in Viet Nam. Generic cialis soft tabs Happy and Healthy birthday to Dave Schneck.

Generic cialis soft tabs  

Generic cialis soft tabs The best part of this video from The Mets Police is the music. If I were the closer for the Mets this would be my entrance music.

Generic cialis soft tabs  

Generic cialis soft tabs No need for Omar to make a panic trade for as long as the Phillies continue to suck at home and now with Raul Ibanez out for 15 days due to a groin strain the Fucks From Filly are not going to get a big lead and 3 games out in June is nothing for Mets fans to get their balls in an uproar over.

Generic cialis soft tabs  

Generic cialis soft tabs If I’m Jose Reyes I’d be trying to get back as soon as I could because the “As Jose goes, generic cialis soft tabs so goes the Mets” is starting to become an urban myth. Generic cialis soft tabs If I could only have one guy back from the long line of causalities on the DL it would be Carlos Delgado as his power and run producing has been the missing ingredient while Alex Cora has played a stellar short stop and his been getting on base at a better rate that Reyes.

Generic cialis soft tabs I could never tell which one was Mlli and who Vanilli

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Viagra injectable I’m running out the door as my son is marching in the Memorial Day Parade in Staten Island today with his Boy Scout troop but I just wanted to make mention of the 5-5 roadie the Mets just finished

Viagra injectable I said 6-4 would be th emark to hit and with the melt down in LA and players dropping left and right winning 2 of the 3 series is encouraging.

Viagra injectable Looks like F- Mart will join th eteam as early as tonight. Viagra injectable How about we Mets fans let the kid breathe before we put Willie Mays aspirations on him?

Viagra injectable At what point does Omar DL Jose Reyes? Reyes is not getting any better and now Ramon Martinez is hurting and from reading Fernando Tatis words in the paper this morning he is not looking forward to playing short.  Either bring up Ruben Tejada or Jose Cornado go try to get Omar Vizquel from the Rangers   

Viagra injectable Picked up a nice 30 in Louisville Slugger at the flea market yesterday and a huge poster of the NY Football Giants winning the Super Bowl XLII for my office wall for 5 bucks oh and a nice sun burn as well

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