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Pfizer viagra canada If anyone is going to $iti Field tomorrow night, pfizer viagra canada I’d suggest that when Carlos Beltran comes up for his first at bat, pfizer viagra canada you stand up and give him a hand. Pfizer viagra canada Beltran backed up the talk last night as he tried to 7-10 split Chase Utley and Wilson Valdez in the 7th inning. Pfizer viagra canada Beltran’s only regret is that “he didn’t hit anyone”. Pfizer viagra canada Too bad this didn’t happen in August as the incident has seemed to give the club a little spark. Pfizer viagra canada It’s also a shame that the manager wasn’t fired in August and another voice brought in to challenge the manhood of the players as Utley and the Phuck Phaces have, pfizer viagra canada the second half of the season might have been much different.

Pfizer viagra canada I posed the question on Twitter last night, pfizer viagra canada other that Ton’s O Fun Sabathia, pfizer viagra canada what starting pitcher on the Highlanders would you take over any of the Mets starters? The only pitcher who got any mention from the Bronx side was Phil Hughes but would you take Hughes over Big Pelf? Hell to the No! Someone mentioned Ivan Nova which tells you the state of the Highlander rotation when Burnett and Vasquez got nary a Tweet. Pfizer viagra canada By the way Mets fans, pfizer viagra canada it may be time for us to get into full Tampa Bay Ray mode as the GP Stu Steinberg, pfizer viagra canada of the Canarsie Steinberg’s, pfizer viagra canada  grew up a full blooded  Mets fan and I believe is still a Mets season ticket holder. Pfizer viagra canada It won’t be a total loss for the Bronx Bastards if they go one and done in the post season, pfizer viagra canada it will give the maintenance crew enough time to set the Jerry Kenny Memorial in Fossil Park for an April unveiling.

Pfizer viagra canada What makes this September easier to take over last September is the fact that, pfizer viagra canada a new GM and manager will be hired, pfizer viagra canada that Ike Davis and Josh Thole have certainly shown they belong in the big leagues, pfizer viagra canada that the pitching staff has the potential to be good to solid next season as RA Dickey should be back, pfizer viagra canada Big Pelf continues to mature mentally, pfizer viagra canada Jon Niese continues his progression and the emergence of Dillon Gee as a solid 4 or 5 in the rotation. Pfizer viagra canada The team will miss Johan Santana for sure and hopefully they can add another vet arm in the winter (money permitting and a savy front office man to boot) so I’m getting a bit more optimistic about the future than I had been say a month ago. Pfizer viagra canada It all depends on who get the GM and managers spot if my optimism will bloom into down right excitement.

Pfizer viagra canada Steve Popper says it’s time for Mets ownership to go all out and hire Bobby Valentine as the next manager of the Mets. I have to say with all the young talent and the need for a much needed shot of enthusiasm both on the field and in the stands if the Mets don’t go full bore for BV it will be a big mistake. Pfizer viagra canada This team as it will be loaded with young players and veterans who need to be challenged and no one does that better than Valentine.  This whole Utley incident has shown a light on Jerry Manuel that proves he’s not fit to manage. Pfizer viagra canada Instead of saying in his post game presser that “ well that’s how we played back in the day” and “I would think the players would respond” He should have closed the clubhouse door after the game and told his players that the Phillies have played you guys for chumps for four years now and will keep playing you for chumps until you fight back. Pfizer viagra canada No one is saying to clear the benches (although that would be fun) but there comes a time when the manager had to challenge his player’s manhood, pfizer viagra canada their pride to tell them it’s time they stopped squatting to pee and stand up like men. Pfizer viagra canada That’s not Jerry Mnauel’ style and that’s why we’re also rans again in 2010.

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Cialis sales I’m sure you all heard by now that Jose Reyes will start the season on the DL and could be out till the middle of May. Cialis sales The thyroid condition that he claims the doctor told he didn’t have will have him sideline from any physical activity for awhile as doctors check his thyroid gland and blood for the next few weeks.

Cialis sales This not a woe- is- us post or a bash Omar and management post as we will have all summer for those, cialis sales no this one is let’s get on the phone and find a shortstop post because even when (if ?) Reyes comes back, cialis sales the days of him playing 150+games look to be over.

Cialis sales So who is out there for the Mets ? First off, cialis sales forget about getting a replacement for Reyes, cialis sales the Mets are going out and getting anyone close to what Reyes brings to the table, cialis sales so the player you need to go after has to be a defense first shortstop and the first name that pops into my head is Paul Janish of the Reds. Cialis sales Janish is a terrific defender and makes just $435K which fits into the Skill Sets budget. Cialis sales Jed Lowrie of the Red Sox could be had for a song (and maybe a dance) too bad Wilson Valdez has let go to Cleveland as he had a slick glove as well.

Cialis sales Who I don’t want to see is Alex Cora or Anderson Hernandez. Cialis sales No knock on Cora, cialis sales once or twice a week is ok for him to play but he is no longer an everyday player and Hernandez shouldn’t even be in camp as he’s as done as a Christmas ham.

Cialis sales It looks though as if the Mets will go with Ruben Tejada and I guess Cora twice a week. Cialis sales But I would still try to find a guy like Janish or Lowrie to spell Reyes this year once a week at least. Cialis sales It’s not like I’m nailing Cora to the bench, cialis sales he can play some second base when the Tree Stump needs a day off.

Cialis sales 25 days until opening day YIPPEE-EYE-O-KI-A  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You think J-Man was doing a rain dance yesterday? If a team ever needed time to step back and access itself it’s the Mets. Mail order viagra The good news yesterday was Carlos Beltran abdicating the porcelain throne to going back to being the everyday centerfielder. Mail order viagra The bad news was Jose Reyes took himself out of an extended spring game (how long are these extended spring games and who plays in them besides the handicapped major leaguer ?)


Then to top of the day, mail order viagra the Atlanta Braves send a message that they ain’t going anywhere by pulling off a deal for Nate McClouth and telling Titan Tom Glavine to go home and make brownies. Mail order viagra


The Reyes situation is a puzzling. Mail order viagra I never question a guy who says he’s hurt but at some point, mail order viagra which hopefully is today when Reyes comes back to NY to see the quacks, mail order viagra a determination needs to be made on how this injury affects the team for the rest of the season. Mail order viagra If this is going to be a chronic problem all season, mail order viagra then I’d expect Omar to quietly but out feelers for a shortstop (Miguel Tejda?) who is major league caliber. Mail order viagra It’s ok that Omar has found some putty players like Wilson Valdez, mail order viagra Ramon Martinez, mail order viagra and Angel Pagan (before his yearly injury) but the fairy dust wears off quick with players like this. Mail order viagra The Braves see this and look at the NL East landscape and say why not us? So out goes Titan Tom Glavine and in comes the young stud Tommy Hanson. Mail order viagra As for us? Welcome the newest dumpster dive prize, mail order viagra Emil Brown.


Heads up news from upstate, mail order viagra top prospects RHP’s Bradley Holt and Jennry Meija have been promotes to Bingo and both will start this weekend. Mail order viagra Keep you eye on Holt as he may just bypass Buffalo and go right to Flushing to offset the suckitude of Tim Redding.


Tonight on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL we will discuss today’s Mets-Bucos game, mail order viagra the injury epidemic with the Mets and a look around the minor league system. Mail order viagra We will be joined by Bert Sugar, mail order viagra who will be talking about his new book, mail order viagra Bert Sugar’s Baseball Hall of Fame: A Living History of America’s Greatest Game, mail order viagra (Running Press) You can listen live at Blog Talk Radio or listen to the podcast at PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL. Mail order viagra   

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Sam Hollbrook almost did what the NL has not been to do all year, viagra britain get the best of Johan Santana. Viagra britain Hollbrook was embarrassingly inconsistent last night calling balls and strikes to the point that either J-Man or Old School Dan Werthan should have gotten themselves tossed out of the game going after the inept Hollbrook. Viagra britain It’s not a question of not giving Santana the inside of the plate as Santana is savvy and knows if your not getting that part of the plate move on to something else but when an ump gives you the call in the first and second inning then doesn’t give it to you in the third and fourth, viagra britain that’s a problem.


Maybe it was poetic justice that crew chief Larry Vanover ruled Daniel Murphy’ hit in the 6th a home run as I ‘ve seen the replay so many times I have a serious craving for a hero sandwich (SUBWAY got there money’s worth for that billboard ) and I still can’t say for sure if Murph’s hit was a homer but it was defiantly good to see him break his slump. Viagra britain Hopefully J-Man doesn’t sit him Friday night.


It’s just two games so I am really really restraining myself with young Fernando Martinez as first impression has been underwhelming. Viagra britain It is inexcusable for F-Mart not to run out that pop up in the 6th . Viagra britain He should be busting ass on a foul tip no less a pop up maybe it was the starry night, viagra britain maybe he heard some distant drums? Or the sound of a bugle calls from a far? I don’t know was there something in the air last night Fernando?


Mets Police Chief, viagra britain Shannon Shark has a must read piece about the scam job that is being perpetrated on Mets fans buying tickets to Mets games in advance. Viagra britain The Skill Sets look like they picked up some tips from Bernie Madoff with this scheme.


Wilson Valdez gets to wear #4? Are you fucking kidding me?


Sure we all know that Carlos Beltran is having a career offensive season so far but did you know that when it comes to facing a pitcher for the second time in a game he is the best hitter in all the land?


On this day in 1957 the NL owners voted unanimously in favor of the Dodgers and Giants move to Cali. Viagra britain


Don’t forget tonight there is no Mets game but there is another edition of PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL at 9PM EDST. Viagra britain Tune in and call in at (646) 595-4462. Viagra britain If you can listen live then catch the show on our podcast here.



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Viagra sale Obviously I’m extremely happy with the win last night especially with Livan Hernandez pitching like a prehistoric pitcher actually finishing a game, viagra sale who does he thinks he is Roy Halliday? But we all need to remember that the opponent was one of the worst baseball teams to call it’s self a major league team since the Mets played in the Polo Grounds. Viagra sale I really didn’t want to piss on the parade here as I really enjoyed watching Livan Hernandez pitch as he couldn’t break a pane of glass with his fastball but his breaking ball had so much movement it looked like the ball was made of J-ELLO so it was a real pleasure watching that performance but it was the Nationals.

Viagra sale Hard to rate the first appearance of Fernando Martinez as the kid went from Buffalo to a plane trip to NYC to $iti Field in a matter of hours so you can just imagine the type of out of body experience he was going through but at least we know that he will be stationed in right field for at least the next two weeks so we can gauge him better by then.

Viagra sale From what I ‘ve read about Wilson Valdez he is all glove no stick which is fine as the Mets need to shore up the middle of the infield and all he cost was money. Viagra sale Being that it’s Johan against the Nationals tonight does Valdez get the start over Ramon Martinez tonight? I’d say so.

Viagra sale I better see Daniel Murphy at first base tonight. Viagra sale The kid can’t get out of his slump sitting on the bench.

Viagra sale Ollie Perez did nothing in Buffalo last night that would rush his return back to Flushing. Viagra sale The one thing in OP’s favor is that Tim Redding has been underwhelming to say the least .Interesting that the Mets have not announced the starting pitcher for Sunday game in Florida as with the day off Thursday they could skip Redding and go with Livan.

Viagra sale Great post by Ken Davidoff on his evaluation of Omar Minaya. Viagra sale I don’t want to say Minaya is an enigma but my mood on him changes almost weekly. Viagra sale Omar handling the DL infuriates me. Viagra sale Omar the talent evaluator is a plus in my book. Viagra sale Omar the public speaker makes my ears bleed. Viagra sale Omar the dumpster diver is without peer. Viagra sale When it comes time to seal the big deal, viagra sale even the most anti Omar detractors will agree he has always closed the deal which brings me back to Daniel Murphy.

Viagra sale I really like Murphy and I want him to show what’s in that bat of his and the fact that he looks so comfortable at first base has me hoping he will break out with some big hits . Viagra sale J-Man and Omar need to sit down and decide to either let Murphy play everyday at first for the next two three weeks and then decide if he stays at the big league level or goes to Buffalo. Viagra sale As I say I like Murphy a lot but this is the big leagues and if it’s a question of the league having caught up to Murphy or the fact that he has been scared by playing left field then the brain trust has to make the determination if Murphy is THE GUY for first base or if he’s not and go out and make a deal for a big bat.

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Viagra affects on women word out of Queens is Jose Reyes and Ryan Church have been relegated to the DL (finally!) and Fernando Martinez is in the ball park and the lineup hitting 6th and Wilson Vladez (yes THE Wilson Valdez) has been obtained from the Cleveland Indians for cash and will play short most likely tomorrow when he reports

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