Just would like to take the time to wish you all and Happy and Healthy New Year in 2012. I hope we can get back to some important Mets on the field news in the coming weeks but for now I’m watching Sunderland try to pull off a second stunner in the EPL this weekend (Man U’s loss to Blackburn Rovers a SHOCKER! but good for Blackburn’ under fire manager Steve Kean, us Steve Kean(e)’s got to stick together) trying to beat Man City while waiting for the big Giants-Cowgirls game tonight and then the Rangers-Flyers tomorrow in the Winter Classics. In between that we have a couple of invites from friends so I’ve told my wife to coordinate this as one sitting for the 1PM games and the other for the 4 PM games.

For the Giants-Cowgirls I have to be here at the Kranepool Society World Headquarters and not a neutral site.

I also informed  my family if they ever trot me out that way Dick Clark has been put on display the last few New Years Eve’s since his stroke, I will haunt then for eternity. I wish Clark’s family would stop ruining his legacy and his dignity like this every year.

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Busy morning for me as I Have to finish empting out the contents of the Kranepool Society World Headquarters (a/k/a my basement) as renovation of the command center will take place next week. I need to get a lot done this morning so I can head downtown to St George to watch the Brooklyn Cyclones take on the Baby Highlanders. The Cyclones clinched the NY-PENN League wild card spot last night and will play the Baby Highlanders in the 1st round of the playoffs starting Tuesday.

Check out this great post that Shannon of The Mets Police has today about bringing back the traditional Banner Day celebration they many of us grew up with as Mets fans. This may be the pet project of the off season writing posts about what should be included in the 50th Anniversary celebration.  No matter what the Mets do the Mets blogging community needs to get together to let the Mets know, NO BANNER DAY, NO PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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With the Eddie Kranepool Society World Headquarters (my basement) under some renovations (nothing better than waking up on your day off to the sounds of jackhammers attacking your basement floor) and some family issues that have come up the last couple of days, I haven’t had time to post on the site, I hope to have some stuff up tomorrow

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There has been a take over at the World Headquarters of the Eddie Kranpool Society. I’m texting this as my hands are bound. The Phill-A-Nista Party has invaded my lair. In trying to listen to their conversation (they speak a strange dialect) they think I’m part of the Mets front office and have called Jeff Wilpon to pay the ransom for my release. Something like 4 season tickets in the Delta Club Silver seats and membership to the Delta 360 Sky Club. Oh shit they’re back gt 2 go!

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I’m having my living room renovated next week (my wife has some Highlander in her DNA as most people are cutting back on spending we are tearing apart our whole living room from the ceiling to the walls to the floors and remaking it at a cost that will have me strolling downtown Staten Island in hot pants and high heels to make extra dough) and I have had to move a lot of stuff down to my basement a/k/a The World Headquarters of The Eddie Kranepool Society. One of the items I brought down was a stereo receiver, turntable and speakers. I didn’t use it must upstairs because my family is not a big fans of the music I like which runs from Heavy Metal/Punk/ and 60’s Rock n Roll. But now that I moved all of these components downstairs I’m spinning vinyl like I’m Murray the K. So as I type this post I am enjoying DERRINGER LIVE with Robin Trower VICTIMS OF FURRY on deck. Now on to the post:


I’m coming to the realization that when spring training begins late next month in Port St. Lonesome, Manny Ramirez will not be walking through the clubhouse door. So it looks like the Mets will go with a Dan Murphy/Fernando Tatis platoon in LF which still makes me a bit queasy. I love Murphy and would love to see him play everyday at first base (Trading high on Delgado will come back to bite Omar in the ass this season ) but Tatis really has to prove to me that he is not a deal with the devil player. I still say losing him and Damien Easley was the most overlooked reason for Collapse II  but that doesn’t mean he will pick up where he left off plus right now the 6-9 spots in the Mets lineup scares no one but Mets fans:


Tatis-toss up






Pitcher-automatic out


Mike Silva posts today that with the Dodgers restructuring the contract of Andruw Jones that it could be a sign that the Castillo-Jones deal is alive and what Jones would mean to the Mets especially if it means the Mets sign O Hudson. I just wonder what Fat Andy has left in his ample tank and could he co-exist with Carlos Beltran in CF? Remeber the last time the Mets played two centerfielder’s it was a Headbanger’s Ball.


Speaking of Manny, Henry Shulman of the SF Examiner has the Giants-Manny scenario laid out here.


Metsmerized Online has a Q & A that Larry Jones did with the Sporting News and Larry is not shy about his feelings toward the Mets, Phillies and Highlanders. I’ve always had a healthy respect for Jones even though he is an all time Mets killer but he’s a no bullshit kind of guy and I like that.


Last night I went to the Prudential Center for the first time to see the Devils play the Montreal Canadiens (a Christmas gift from Mrs. Kranepool Society) and I have to say it is one spectacular venue. I love the wide open concourse with plenty of room to walk around and how it connects right into the seating area which has plenty of leg room. I loved the organ music before the game and between periods intermission as it gave that old time feel to being at a hockey game, plus the urban setting is something I love in fact I may have been the only one in my family that was looking forward to going to Newark. The atmosphere in the arena was so much better than any time I’ve been to the Meadowlands, which always gave me a feeling of being in the middle of no where because I guess it is in the middle of no where. There were loads of Habs fans at the game most of whom were on a package trip to NYC for New Years, and they were loud and raucous. 


There were a few annoying things though. They have this guy who runs around the arena and dances and carries on like an real asshole between play stoppage. He has on about 30 t-shirts that say “Jersey’s Team” on them and he whips them off while he dances in the aisle and throws them into the stands. My wife said if one of those sweaty t shirts come near her she would kick his ass. My wife is my Dave Semenko. Then they have these “cheerleaders” who dance in the concourse. It’s real cheesy and the ‘cheerleaders” are all way to skinny (I like my ladies with some junk in the trunk) and should have a funnel cake or two. They don’t open the doors to the arena until an hour before game time I guess I’m so used to Madison Square Garden (I’ll be there tomorrow to see my Boston Celtics and to plead with Doc Rivers not to let Stephon Marbury anywhere near his team) where there is lots of people and you can hang out at ice side and chat with Al Trautwig or John Giannone and watch warm ups. You can’t do that at The Rock as you have to have a ticket for that section to get in but you can hang out on the lower concourse and watch the warmups/game from there while having something to eat or drink.


The best part though, from my garage to the front door of the Rock is just 17 miles. Easy to get to and back from. I’ll be making more trips there I’m sure.

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