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Viagra non prescription drug I’ve got to tip my Mets cap to Tim McCarver for stepping up for Shannon Forde during Game 1 of the World Sereis with his Stand Up For Cancer shout out. Viagra non prescription drug Remember to vist Hope Shines For Shannon  

Viagra non prescription drug So whatever mechanical adjustment Madison Bumgarner made (he wouldn’t share his thoughts with Erin Andrews after the game as Bumgarner seems to be like the rest of us, viagra non prescription drug wondering why Andrews has been asking to FOX’s  World Series coverage) it sure helped him gain command of his slider as that pitch gave the Tigers fits last night.

Viagra non prescription drug As far as Jim Leyland’s playing his infield at double play depth in the 7th inning, viagra non prescription drug I agree that he made a mistake in judgment there, viagra non prescription drug that situation called for infield in play get the out at home . Viagra non prescription drug If it were one inning earlier then Leyland would have better argument for playing for double play.

Viagra non prescription drug Same with Gene Lamont sending Prince Fielder home from 1 st base on Delmon Young’s double in the 2nd inning. Viagra non prescription drug The only thing I could think that ran through Lamont’s mind is the fact that Buster Posey has been told by the Giants not to block the player anymore and the sight of a freight train sized Fielder would reinforce that line of thinking but if Fielder had made his slide a bit more outside of home plate he may have gotten a hand across the plate before Posey’s tag.

Viagra non prescription drug Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins were in Las Vegas to officially announce the Las Vegas 51’s as the Mets newest Triple A team.  Alderson was up front saying that the marriage between the Mets and Las Vegas was made out of necessity  but he hope that it’s fruitful for both sides. Viagra non prescription drug Honestly I can’t see this affiliation lasting for that the two season deal both sides agree to. Viagra non prescription drug Having your Triple A team stationed on the other side of the country is truly one big pain in the ass.

Viagra non prescription drug By the way, viagra non prescription drug maybe some in the Mets fan base have overstated how great a manager that Wally Backman has become. Viagra non prescription drug With no interviews for the few openings we’ve seen so far, viagra non prescription drug and no prospects of any in the near future, viagra non prescription drug Backman has agreed to be the skipper of the 51’s for 2013. Viagra non prescription drug Still, viagra non prescription drug it’s safe to say if the Mets have a rerun of last season, viagra non prescription drug or the season before that or the season before that…..Wally Ball could be at Citi Field in 2013.

Viagra non prescription drug I don’t know what has me more in panic mode Hurricane Sandy or the fact that David Wright and R.A. Viagra non prescription drug Dickey have not signed contract extensions yet?

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Viagra high blood pressure

Viagra high blood pressure Trying to write something creative this morning and it’s just not happening so I’ll just throw some shit on the wall see what sticks:

Viagra high blood pressure If Jose Reyes is 100 % healthy then why not let him start on opening day? Why is it even a question? His legs don’t seem to be any problem so if his thyroid levels are fine then why wouldn’t Jose be at shortstop on Monday?

Viagra high blood pressure I would love to be in the room when soon to be Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z sit down and talk to LeBron James about joining the Brooklyn Nets. Viagra high blood pressure Mr. Viagra high blood pressure Prokhorov is going to be the most newsworthy sports owner this town has seen since a big blowhard ship builder from Cleveland rolled into town.

Viagra high blood pressure This Monday has been renamed Monumental Monday. Viagra high blood pressure Opening day at $iti Field. Viagra high blood pressure The NCAA Final and two hour episode of 24. Viagra high blood pressure  I’m busting sweat just thinking of how the Jack Bauer, viagra high blood pressure Dana Walsh  interrogation scene will play out.

Viagra high blood pressure Major tip of the BLUE Mets cap to Shannon Shark over at Mets Police for uncovering the Fanwalk faux pau naming Sid Fernandez the winner of Game 7 of the’86 World Sereis when it was actually Roger McDowell who earned the win. Viagra high blood pressure At the time that game was over, viagra high blood pressure we really didn’t give a rats ass who go the winner to tell the truth all I remember is pandemonium in the streets of Queens and that for one on the dozen or so times in my life I woke up the next day in my bed having no recollection of how I got home.  Ahhhhhh good times. Viagra high blood pressure Also Mets Police is recruiting for the Blue Cap Army to meet up Monday at $iti Field.

Viagra high blood pressure It’s a three man race to grab the 25th spot on the Mets roster. Viagra high blood pressure The candidates are Mike Jacobs, viagra high blood pressure Frank Catalanotto and Chris Carter. Viagra high blood pressure Very tough choices. Viagra high blood pressure The first one I’d dismiss in Jacobs who is a hit a home run or miss guy and a not very good first baseman. Viagra high blood pressure It was commendable of Jacobs to put on the catcher gear and volunteer to be the emergency catcher. Viagra high blood pressure How often do you need an emergency catcher? Carter has earned the name The Animal for Jerry Manuel and Catalanotto is a savvy vet who can play just about any position on a baseball field. Viagra high blood pressure If I had to make the choice, viagra high blood pressure I’d take Frankie The Cat.

Viagra high blood pressure Who? Raul Valdes Who? Raul Valdes Who? Raul Valdes

Viagra high blood pressure Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the new and improved LMILLZ

Viagra high blood pressure I don’t look at Darryl Strawberry as being a quitter for leaving The Apprentice, viagra high blood pressure it’s more like he was bored and tired of the stupid tasks he was asked to do. Viagra high blood pressure Whoever signed off on making this show two hours should BE FIRED! Thank God for TiVO. Viagra high blood pressure By the way as soon as Cyndi Lauper and Summer Sanders are fired I’ll be done with The Apprentice.

Viagra high blood pressure So long Chris Coste, viagra high blood pressure Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

Viagra high blood pressure It looks like the new McFadden’s at $iti Field is going to be THE place to be.

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